Trek XI Update: No Confirmed Cast – Some Shooting At Universal

Things are still pretty quiet on the Star Trek XI front. As JJ Abrams said in his recent message to the fans they were in ‘pre-pre-pre-production.’ However, has learned that they are getting ready to move into the pre-production phase soon. The script is complete, however the budget is not (so there may still be some changes based on the final budget). The production office should be opening up on the lot by mid month, and hiring for various behind the scenes people has already started. Although some ‘nuts and bolts’ Paramount people who have worked on Trek in the past (like in construction) are being tapped, for creative work it appears that the Abrams team is sticking with people that they have worked with in the past. Production designer Scott Chambliss is still filling out his art department, but some artists are already at work (primarily at their homes). They should be moving into offices on the lot this month as well. Set construction is set to start in early July.

Shooting on historical sets and some place new
It has now been confirmed that Trek XI will primarily be shot at Paramount, however there also appears to be a tiny bit of truth related to the rumors that the film may be shot off the lot. A source close to the production tells TrekMovie that they plan to use one stage at Universal. Apparently they needed a very large stage for some ‘planetary shooting’ and there wasn’t a large enough stage available at Paramount. This would be the fist time a Trek production would be shooting on indoor stages at another studio. At Paramount they plan to use 6 stages – all of which have been used for Trek in the past. The stages planned for use are: 8, 9, 11, 14, 15 & 18 (click links for history Trek history on each). Shooting is tentatively scheduled to begin in October. 

Not The Rumored Cast…think younger
Probably the most persistent casting rumor is IGN’s report that Matt Damon will be Kirk, Adrian Brody will be Spock and Gary Sinise will be Bones. Of course before IGN announced that list those names were on many people in the media’s ‘wish lists’ (including mine). IGN have stuck with this rumor to the point of saying that some are in final negotiations, but then again they also stuck with their report that Abrams would be directing Dark Tower and not Trek XI (when was saying Abrams was still likely to direct). has not been able to find out exactly who is being cast in the film, but multiple sources have said that the IGN rumors are not true. "He [Abrams] is looking younger" says one source close to the production. Adding credence to this is that it appears that neither Sinise nor Damon would be available based on their other filming commitments. We have got conflicting reports on if casting deals have already been done, but it seems likely that they are currently ongoing. It is of course possible that IGN’s sources know something ours don’t in this instance. Regardless this will all be straightened out this summer. Paramount are planning some kind of Trek XI announcement or presentation at Comic-Con (end of July), but hopefully the primary cast will be known by then.

Plotwise there is nothing new to report. We have been told by multiple sources that the script has gone through significant changes from the first draft to the current draft, however it still appears that it covers various events in the life of James T. Kirk. One thing is for sure, security and secrecy is very tight around the film and the script. In addition we are also cautioned by one source at the studio that many things are still fluid with the movie and so things can change. 

As always will monitor things.


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I look forward to any news each and every day….. First

Now, first of all thx for the news!

I still hope Damon and Sinise rumors will become true!

Second! :D

You know, this new movie represents such a shift in the Trek status quo, that one (meaning at least me) can’t help but be excited by this new production. Regardless of how it goes, it’s new, it’ll be different yet familiar, and hopefully it’ll be absolutely fraking great! I’m just waiting…

Still waitiing…

Still waiting…

Doug L.

I actually could see Damon doing Kirk. Sinise… absolutely as Bones. Brody? Ummm…. Can they write it in the contract that he never turn full profile? He was distractingly miscast in “King Kong” and seemed ‘off’ in “Hollywoodland.” There’s a Marc Singer quality about him… and I don’t mean that as a compliment to either actor.
Anyway… love that we could know more soon and that the hammers go to work in July.

Is Paramount going to wait and see how Trek XI does and then decide to do a new Trek TV series? Or will Paramount do a new Trek TV series when the new Star Wars series comes out?

Keep up the good work. Great site for Trek news. TrekMovie will also keep Trek fans informed of any new Trek series right? Do you read all the other entertainment sites for Trek news? If so Trekmovie would be the one place to go for all Trek news.

2000 Quatlunes that it won’t be Brody, I like that guy from Heroes as Spock more and more …. Zachery something or other.

4000 Quatlunes that Desmond from Lost will be Scotty (though he looks alot like younger Nimoy)

100 Quatloos on the New Comers!


Zachary Quinto!

He’s my number 1 Spock choice also.

I wonder what setting can be so huge they need Univesal’s help.

I don’t know but I’m excited to find out.

I say get some unknowns. For one, guys like Matt Damon don’t really need the work, and if there’s one resource America has in over-abundance, it’s aspiring actors. (many of them probably have talent, too!)

I guarantee that somewhere out there, there are talented actors who would do better than Matt Damon (?!) and Gary Sinise.

I’m betting that the leads won’t be “bankable” A-listers, but they will be established young movie actors known to many. Think MacGuire when he was cast in “Spider-Man.”

I wonder if they’ll cast a Trek alumni from one of the other series in a cameo role, like they did with Mark Lenard in TMP or Ethan Phillips in First Contact.

I would kill for more news.

I’m tellin’ ya it’s going to be Kirk and Spock vs. the lesbian dinosaurs from the planet Lickalottapuss! This has EPIC written all over it!

#8 & #10–Zachary Quinto would be an awesome Spock! Please not Adrian Brody.

Sinise is probably too old for Bones… and Damon might be getting almost too old for Kirk….

Damon=Kirk Routh=Spock Sinise=McCoy as for Uhura no idea adn we don’t even know if Chekov adn Sulu will be in this film so don’t even bother goin there yet lol.

Richard Gere looks like a Vulcan Ambassador

There is opportunity here if they cast young and the Movie goes really well. The studio would be smart to sign all cast members to options for a second and third movie, allowing a story arc and consecutive filming like Pirates of the Caribbean.

Whatttt? Honest Enjin! WTF?

Darth”LOWBALL” BallZ

How about Chris Evans (Sunshine, Fantastic 4) as Kirk?? – I saw him in sunshine and he was pretty good…

While I can see the plus side to the A-Listers, I tend to think that relative unknowns who screen test well would be the better choice. Because these are such iconic characters who have yet to be reportrayed by other actors (new voyages notwithstanding), I think some similarity in appearance and mannerism is called for, but the key ingredient still must be good acting and good story-telling, then let the new actors help redefine the characters from there.

The other thing here, particularly where the big 3 are concerned is that these are likable characters. I’m hoping they keep that charisma and positivism alive, unlike how all the characters in the recast BSG bore little or no resemblance to their predecessors. The BSG’ers are all very dark and flawed, and miserable. (Although I do like BSG)

Doug L.

Note to J.J. – please TRY to get actors with some VOCAL gravitas. The main original TOS actors had that in spades. Great voices are needed.

Oh, and agree strongly that Adrian Brody was severely miscast in “King Kong” and would be miscast here too, if the rumours prove true. Get someone from Leonard’s part of the world with a somewhat similar accent…please?

Thanks for the update, Anthony.

I’m intrigued by the use of a sound stage for the ‘planetary shooting’. I’m hoping it means we’ll get a planet that doesn’t look like southern California for a change….

This is definitely getting exciting. Has there been any news (that I missed) about who might be doing the special effects? I kinda wish they’d go back to ILM.

As good or exciting as this movie may be, it will still only ever be “pretend” Star Trek to me. As I watch it I’ll have to pretend that these people are the original actors and characters. They will never seem to me to be the real deal. Maybe if I squint when watching, it will help….

Jeff Goldblum for Sarek – Think about it

If older ‘A-list’ actors like Damon, Brody, and Sinise are cast, Paramount is already limiting the future of the franchise. Most of the film(s) budget would go to pay the actors, and availability for sequels would be difficult (i.e. – Indy 4). I would push for younger talent and get them signed for sequels. Just my $0.02

a head of purple cabbage for Provider Number 1

Definitely agree with #19
Go with young, good and affordable (thus saving the budget for sets, effects etc.) actors that can carry these roles off and if possible, that they possess at least a slight physical resemblance to the original characters. Although I guess some of that can be done with makeup. Being able to sound somewhat similar would also be a bonus…..

Then tie them into a ten picture contract.

Alternatively, use the slingshot effect to go back to 1966 and ‘borrow’ the original actors, bringing them back to make a bunch of new TOS films and episodes. Of course remembering to take them back afterwards so as to not muck up the original timeline….. (yes I know they will have aged whilst in our time, but just go with me on this)

Don’t want much do I? :)

Oh yes, forget to say
31st and 32nd!!

How about this guy as Mr. Spock?

I find it funny that the actors touted as possibly playing the younger versions of characters are virtually older than the original actors who played them.

William Shatner was 35 when he started as Kirk. Matt Damon is already 36 years old.

Deforest Kelly was 46 when he played Bones. Gary Sinise is 52.

Only Adrian Brody is younger, but not by much. He’s 34 years old, Leonard Nimoy was of course 35 when he was in TOS, but was 33 when he did the original pilot, The Cage.

While I’m not saying this prevents them from playing the roles. It does seem rather funny that they are using actors who are older than the original cast were when they started.

That is if the movie is a prequel and not a reimagining.

“they plan to use one stage at Universal. Apparently they needed a very large stage for some ‘planetary shooting’ and there wasn’t a large enough stage available at Paramount”

am i the only one who thinks that sound cool , if it true anyway,
i mean the stages are paramount are big, but if they need an even
bigger one for a planetary shooting , we might actually get some
kick ass speical effects and some real alien worlds, man i never thought i whould be so hyped about start trek again. not ever enterprise was canelled. This is going to be brilliant !

This movie is a disaster waiting to happen, and I can’t wait to see it go down in flames.

i wish there was more news, but glad things are still moving forward. When will they actually do the casting announcement?

to 36
i do not understand this. why would any trek fan want a trek movie to bomb? I didnt like Nemesis but i really hoped it wouldnt bomb…that film almost killed the franchise, another bomb surely would

I absolutely agree with casting a younger unknown ‘echo’ of the original cast. The original cast is so iconic that only unknowns who are not already established in the public’s mind through other famous roles can give the characters a ‘rebirth’ that is untainted by past roles or the public personas of the actors involved. It makes great sense to cast younger less expensive talent that can carry the franchise forward for many years.
On a selfish note I would like to see more space battles and high tech technology sequences and less heavy handed preachy dialogue. I remember watching the original series as a kid in the sixties. It was on a black and white tv and I was 8 years old. I don’t remember the dialogue the same way I remember that black and white futuristic (remember the times it was created in) starship in action. I will never forget the first time I saw that ship flying toward me in all its (black and white) glory. A light went off in my head and it is still lit 41 years later. It truly was magical.

The question on my mind now is if the movie succeeds, does JJ Abrams continue with the franchise or does he move on. If he moves on, Who then? This is a franchise that needs attention from someone who understands what TREK is about. JJ has a pretty full plate most of the time and while I see him as the choice for the future of Trek, would he continue on.

I really hope they audition Tobias Mensies. He was born to play Spock.

Tobias Menzies (Brutus in HBO’s Rome) would indeed be ideal as Spock. I’m glad that Brody seems to be out of the frame. Damon would have been a good choice though as Kirk but probably too expensive. Younger normally means cheaper too! and if they intend churning out a few films they wont want actors that can demand hig fees.

I hope the casat arent too young. I dont want this to be a teen film! menzies or Quinto would be great as Spock. I favour Menzies a little more as he has that perfect lean look.

Evans would be a good Kirk.

#27 Diabolik

Stanky will be proud of you… :D