AICN Interviews TOS-R Producers

Dave Rossi, Denise Okuda and Mike Okuda were interviewed by Aint It Cool News’ Merrick. They talk about the upcoming episodes "Tomorrow is Yesterday," “Errand of Mercy,” “Patterns of Force,” and "Shore Leave." It includes shot of the "Tomorrow is Yesterday" Ent doing the time warp around the sun. Go read the whole thing at AICN

Highlights for those two lazy to read or click:

Tomorrow is Yesterday

  • added timewarp around the sun
  • the surface of the Sun started out as unused version of “hammered titanium” texture of the planet killer from "Doomsday Machine"
  • Kept stock footage of F-104
  • Added digital F-104 into some shots of the Enterprise

Errand of Mercy

  • Add unseen ‘Klingon Fleet’ (seen in trailer)
  • No changes to smooth forheards (duh)

Shore Leave

  • no changes…not even to the old style antenna

Patterns of Force

  • new V2 Rocket


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That is awesome!

Wow, what an interesting angle. I bet “in motion” it will really be cool.

Thanks for posting the link!

These guys really seem to have hit their stride now. Hopefully there’ll be some tidy-ups of earlier remastered episodes, followed by the actual DVD/Bluray/HD-DVD release.

I wonder if Robert Justman’s remarks in favour of their work has emboldened them.

This one could rock our world more than any other. It needed the effects more than most, and will be the best opportunity for replacement effects.

This shot is more than I could ever hope for in that scene!!! Not just a sun in the distance, but a CLOSEUP slingshot!

The AICN link to the big image doesn’t work. Here is a corrected link that does:

Wow!! That shot is simply amazing! And you know that if the producers of the original could have afforded (or could have technically achieved) such a shot, they would have included it in the original episode. Just extrapolate from comments made by original producer, Bob Justman, in various media places (including interviews here on Trekmovie) and you know that the original producers would have included such a shot.

I can’t wait to see it in action (although, I’m not a fan of the “hack and slash” job on editing for syndication… but the DVD will be spectacular).

Way to go, CBS-D!

This episode always did need fixing, it had that vanishing nacelle strut as the E left orbit. The slingshot is nice, just like STIV, what I’m more interested in is what they do when the ship is braking to reach the 23rd century. That’s dramatic footage as the ship rocks back and forth with the overdone — but very entertaining– shots of the crew being shaken about (the ship looks heavy in the existing shot but there is no apparent movement).

“Sulu reports that the Klingon fleet has just appeared, and we cut to the Enterprise facing off with the Klingon ships. It’s a short shot, but it really shows the Enterprise outnumbered and out-gunned.”

So it is the E alone against the new car smell Klingon fleet?

I AM NOT saying this is an error. It’s clearly a choice. But, all these years, in my mind I saw two great out-of-budgetary-range fleets.

Am I alone on this? (If so, my phasers are blue with occassional flashes of red and green at Christmas.)

I would say it depends where in the episode we see the “fleet shot.”

INCREDIBLE!!! Just gets better and better…

Amazing work, CBS-D…even better than I could have hoped for!

AICN is an awsome site run by a big genre fan just like us. It has also become a HUGE player in that hollywood defers to and places a lot of stock in it’s opinions and often leaks movie scripts, casting, outlines ect. just to get a feel of the fans reactions. It is prob the number 1 MAINSTREAM site/blog in that regard. Star Trek is a hot topic there and one of their Contributors, Merrik, is one of the driving forces. Many on this site worry that Star Trek is not mainstream enough to drive a blockbuster franchise. The defense rests.


At the beginning of Errand of Mercy, a Klingon fleet pops into orbit while the Enterprise is there alone. The E warps out and returns at the end of the episode with the fleet. The shot referenced above is from the start of the episode and so perfectly consistent with the story.

Hope this helps.

Sulu radios Kirk that several Klingon ships have just appeared, whereupon the scene cuts to an exterior the Enterprise being hit. Kirk tells Sulu to haul ass until the odds are better. What is so hard to understand. Have any of you people ever watched Star Trek? Also, with respect to photon torpedoes and phasers, in the opening sequence Kirk orders “phaser banks lock on – return fire” and the effect used is the one from Balance of Terror, only with the pho-torp sound. If any of you grew up with Star Trek, you will remember that in the original airing of BOT, there was no exterior sound effect when the weapons were fired, but that is for another day. Finally, the color of the Klingon energy bolts (magnetic pulses I have seen them referred to elsewhere were not green, at least not on my TV>

14 & 15. Yes, this would fit. Again, I’m not saying this version is WRONG. SOMEHOW, I got the impression that the Enterprise leaves undetected (hence, not fired upon) or else Kor would know to keep an eye out for Fed spies. Spock’s alibi wouldn’t last long if Kor were tipped off.

I see this space battle playing as part of the end of the episode. When the Organians step in and raid the game, they could stop a blue/green/red/magenta disruptor/magneto-energy bolt/fart in mid-space.

I will watch and find out. This is a case where the new FX could subtly change the events in the episode.

This episode is where Spock says “Pure Energy”. That was played over and over in the 1980’s techno song by Information Socieity “What’s on your Mind (Pure Energy). I think Spock screaming in that song was from Devil in the Dark. Anyone remember that? I was a D.J. in radio back then and it was cool to hear Nimoy in a song.'s_On_Your_Mind%3F_(Pure_Energy)

I was talking about the episode “Errand of Mercy” not “Tommorrow is Yesterday”. Pure Energy hit #1 on the U.S. music chart in 1988. I wonder if Nimoy get residuals from that?

That shot looks fantastic.
Well done guys!
: )

“Shore Leave

no changes…not even to the old style antenna”

I’m sure they said the surface of the planet would be different.

Why would they keep the original grainy and crappy stock footage of the F-104? At least give us some better looking stock footage…….

Let’s hope they cleaned up the stock footage. Anyway, I’m thrilled because I got my wish and more. I really really wanted them to include the sun in the episode- and they did. I wrote this in the fall of 2006 here, how this wast the one correction I was really dreaming of. Tired of the E racing to the sun only to show black space. And a closeup of the slingshot! How wonderful, and thank you CBS.

A TrekGasmic week. Thanks SpockBoy for another Fantastic video. Dukes of Hazzard in Space, but a some Jessica Simpson would have been sweet. I don’t recognize that Backus and Rooney film. From early 60’s maybe.

#23 – The movie was “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” that starred just about every major and minor star in Hollywood. A great big treasure hunt of a film.

Hmmm… considering the E is that close to the sun, shouldn’t she be a little brighter?

#23 That’d be great if they re-did that one with a whole bunch of b-list stars

The sun looks terrible and totally unrealistic. How hard would it have been to use REAL pictures of the sun to create the texture?

The sun is a giant ball of extrememly hot gas (mostyl hydrogen.) This sun looks like it has a surface. Totally wrong. The sun is composed of layers of increasingly dense matter. The Enterprise is in the middle of where the corona would be. I don’t care if it has shields. It’s still not realistic for it to be that close.

The erupting prominence looks wrong. They almost never form a perfectly symetrical arch with such evenly distributed matter. The one in the Voyager intro sequence looks much better. However, it is completely absurd for a ship to fly underneath one.

Perhaps it will look much better animated, but I am dissapointed that the CBS team did not consult a solar physicist.

It’s not that I’m too lazy to click over to AICN, I simply refuse to add to their hit count by visiting that site. Anytime someone goes over there inflates the ego of Mr. Knowles that much more, leading to more profanity-laden rants masquerading as reviews and lending more credence to that site’s “legitimacy,” which is bought and paid for more often than not.

#27: There are many ways to photograph the sun. The sun does indeed have a surface that is (relatively) cool – only about 6,000 degrees. The core of the sun, where nuclear fusion occurs, is around 16 million degrees.

I’ve seen pictures taken by real solar observatories that look very much like it does in the CBS-D’s shots. I do wish they had shown the seething movement of the surface, but that probably wouldn’t have been realistic for a short shot.

Also, looped prominences are quite common.