Yee Haw – It’s Star Track!

This weekend’s episode "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" got me athinkin’…

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we’ll dang bang it Spockboy that was slicker than snot on a brass door knob.

At the end, my favorite soundbite of all time…”wait for it!”. That is bloody brilliant! I love it in any action movie when the good guys are about to open a whoop-ass on the enemy when suddenly, at a critical moment, their commander mutters the line, “wait for it!”, as in “wait ’til you see the white of their eyes”. Classic, just like TREK!!


Only 601 days until Christmas 2008. I guess we need as much entertainment until then.

Keep’em coming Spockboy!


Who does your Enterprise (or is that the Master Replica) ?

You know, the special effects were pretty darn good.

Damn, That is some funny stuff!! I love it!!!!

Paul you are not right in the head son…and for that I am glad. Please keep them coming.

Spockboy-comin’ from a hick in Neebraskay, not too darn tootin’ bad!

lol …i just dont know what to say anymore but keep them coming


I got down on all fours and squealed like a pig! That flyby of the Big E over the barn just fixes my grits!

Finally… a version of Star Trekkin’ I can personally relate to. I’m sure my laughin’ woke up the whole trailer park.

Golly bob howdy, that was HYSTERICAL! “Nuke-ular” — priceless.

(And I hope CBS-D’s POV shot of the Enterprise looks as good as yours!)

Spockboy, I’m having trouble playing this on my computer. Will you have a YouTube version available? I’d really like to see this!


Steve Johnson

Well DANG! That wuz purty durn amazin’!

(Seriously, where did you get that model? It was gorgeous!)

That’s pretty cool! Fitting in the footage from one of the best comedy movies (It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) EVER was priceless!

I really like that and watched a dozen times! I wanna see more of it! Yee Haw!

Holy mother of crap that was funny.

Spockboy, I bow down to thee once more.

That’s funny stuff right there, I don’t care who ya are.

LOL!!! It was sad to see Enterprise destroyed though!

Firefly/TOS crossover movie on the cards? :D

Love the RAISING ARIZONA music in the background…


Your Big E was amazingly good!
The ridiculously low altitude of the Big E had me laughing so hard…perfect way to break up the tension as the hours click by to the showing of the remastered episode!
Thought I saw my neighborhood in the video of where they flying over!!!
And the use of the It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World footage was perfect.
Thanks!! Keep up the good work!

Wonderful! I can’t stop to laugh, especially when I heard the voices of the captain and his crew. My God, you are an artist !

Well gall dang I am laughn up a storm here down at Cow Hallows. Man that Spock Boy has my dadburn respect. Hell I goin git a box of Moon Pies and some Lone Star brews and watch 20 mere times. Hee Yaw!!!!

Well Sheeet!

Now we’ve got to see the Big E’s STILL and some NASCAR action!@!

Jed’s bright boy …Jethro Bodine wood’a ben proud of it!

yeeeehaaaaw! (as you say indeed!)

Dag Nab it!



Is there ANY way to save these videos to my hardrive? I love all of them, but if they are ever taken down from online I’ll never see them again…

eeeee-doggies… dam good Spockboy!
Me and Uncle Jed appreciates the fine Teknolgical fineries y’all puts together for ours entertainment.

Jethro…. You see this? Why can’t you do as good as your brother Spockboy?

SpockBoy… you have fans in Atlanta. Love the rebel flag in Spock’s spyrograph generator. All you needed was naked lady mud flaps on the nacelles.
Good stuff!

lol, that is a different version Star Trek. Good job.

Spockboy, the lip-syncing was perfect. Extra credit for “Raising Arizona”.

I remember some comedian doing a red-neck Star Trek bit where they beam down to a planet and encounter some alien creatures.

Spock says to Kirk, “Captain, them’s good eatin’.”

Just wish there was a youtube link for this, too. LiveVideo is blocked where I work, youtube is not. Go figure!