Remastered “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” Airs This Weekend

The Enterprise runs into a ‘black star’ and is sent back in time to party like it’s 1969

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Trek’s first time travel episode set the standard of that whole ‘don’t interfere with the timeline’ thing. For CBS Digital there was a surprising bit of work for them. Although they left the F-104 stock footage, but added a CGI F-104 in some shots. Plus new shots of the Ent in orbit and a slingshot around the sun (ala Star Trek IV).


…Traveling back to 1969 inspired Rick’s new video (PLUS he announces his new podcast)


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That was cool Rick. You gonna do a sequel using ’99’s second season theme? Scotty’s whiskey versus Tony’s beer???

I love that Space:1999 theme song…and to have a little SCTV mixed in at the end doesn’t hurt..

Ok, so this one wasn’t really “funny” but it was “fun”. Very cool! Took two of my favorite Sci-Fi shows. BTW-Thank you for using the REAL Space:1999 theme!

4: Dang that takes me back a decade or two! Nice. dl

Very Cool Video Rick, I haven’t heard the 1999 theme in years – – and a “wild” podcast it truly would be!!

I also wanted to thank ‘Steve Johnson’ and ‘Josh T Kirk Esquire’ for adding dimension to this episode in the previous thread discussion regarding the Captain Mantell Incident (BTW ‘Josh T’ are you located in Ky or across the River?).

As to “Tomorrow is Yesterday”, the expectations are high for the remastered effects and Anthony has done a wonderful job keeping us updated. It’s a short wait for me today to see it – – 1:00pm. Can’t Wait!

Nice work Rick! And a tip of my cap to the KY Trek Connection UFO discussion as Greg mentioned.

Someone should use the UFO theme and intercut them firing on the Enterprise, which would be a UFO to them.

Graet, Great, Great!

Uh… “Tomorrow is Yesterday” wasn’t Trek’s first time-travel episode, that title belongs to “The Naked Time” (albeit only back in time three days.)

That was awesome, you and Spockboy are making some really fun video’s to watch. Keep it up!!

Have just seen the episode – – Not a Homerun I’m afraid (IMO).
There are some very nice effects pulled off, the “Real” Earth orbit shots are terrific and the Jet Fighter was well done.
Other shots had a problem conveying mass and movement (final slingshot sequence) and someone correct me if I’m wrong – – but isn’t that the “old” CGI model being used in places (left to right open space pass).

Anthony: Small correction. It’s an F-104, not 105.

I thought the slingshot sequence was great.

#1 – The second season titles are done and in the can, just waiting for the episode I cut them to, to come up the list.

#5 – Don’t know how wild the podcast will be, but in 25 days we’ll all know for sure.

#7 – UFO is a cool title sequence as well, and is consideration for another episode, the hard bit is taking out the teletype text and putting in new text. Oddly there are no actor’s names or really anything except the titles. But it’s on the list!

We’ll also be revisiting Trek Impossible for another episode but this time there will not be a Tholian ship, but well… you’ll see.

If you want to get an idea of how similar the Space 1999 & Space 1969 titles are, here is a little side by side action of the two, I tried to get the feel of the space shots, the other shots not so much.

Glad you folks enjoy the videos. Spockboy sets the bar pretty freaking high.

I always dig that funky Pinewood Studios music (“Spaceteen-88” as we called it, along with “Battlestar Galunktica”… and all those other great English soundtracks. Ah to be young in the 70s!)

It is SO GROOVY MAN! Great work Spockboy!!

Kelvington — didn’t mean to slight you man. GREAT WORK!

Barry Gray hit the right note with that theme: epic funk.

By the way, which Flash script is embedded in these vids that stalls Safari until it prompts me to abort it?

I’ve noticed some stalls too on Firefox from time to time. LiveVideo gives a much better picture than YouTube. But here it is on YouTube for you as well..

#16 – Didn’t feel slighted in the least!

I just watched the start of the show, and was really disappointed. I know the unedited version will be better, however whoever edited this episode for television broadcast this weekend completely BUTCHERED the fighter in pursuit of the Enterprise sequence. It’s abrubt, and frankly doesn’t flow. This WAS one of the best sequences of the episode, and should have been left INTACT with the new footage inserted. What were they thinking? I know commercials need to be inserted, but I can think of a couple dozen areas to be trimmed without hacking up a crucial “action” sequence….

This wasn’t a home run because there were a few “plastic looking” shots again but MOST of all, FIRE THAT DAMN EDITING COMPANY!!! Cut other stuff that wasn’t nearly as important. Didn’t even get to see Nebraska like in that still shot they sent the site! GADS!

#19 & 20 –
I agree, I would have cut the “Chicken Soup” and other scenes before “shaving” the episodes the way they’ve done lately. I wonder if the final HD treatment will resolve those “plastic” shots as well.

I doubt it about the plastic shots. Not many of them, just the one around the sun, as far as I’m concerned.

Excellent job RICK!
The whole idea of mixing the Space 1999 credits and Star Trek is brilliant. The editing flowed perfectly as well.
You’re setting the bar pretty hight yourself buddy.

: )

Just saw it. I have to agree with other posters….

Worst editing yet for a remastered episode. Especially the first 10 minutes of the show. Damn commercials!!!

However, this episode will great on DVD, uncut and in HD.

Wow, the shaky enterpise in the clouds looked really bad. Like Land of The Lost bad. Haven’t seen the end yet but oof…

Hmmm, I have to say it was good and bad. Some great shots in orbit and fly-by’s as the Enterprise heads to the Sun.

Weak shots of the ship in motion and wobbling while exiting the clouds. Worse yet is the shot as the Enterprise is braking. The shaking and sudden stop looked on a par with early New Voyages effects. The ship just didn’t move smoothly, I am surprised, the ship lacked the weight it had in past show’s effects.

This was a tough one. It was great to see a first Season show again. Agree al the editing took some great stuff.

#25–I agree! IT look so fake! And the edits—must have been bring your daughter or son to work day when they edited this mess. They really should hire someone who knows about TOS to edit.
The break away at the end reminded me of the scene in Star Trek V when the
Enterprise goes into warp to avoid the Klingon torpedo–cheap-o still of the Enterprise-A slid across a star field by some poor old animator. The ship looked and moved so unnaturally—hmm I am getting way to into this. Yikes !all my Trekkie-ness has returned.

I’d be more into it if it looked better.
It seems like they finally have it, they’ve found their stride, producing very good work and then they have ridiculously bad shots like the wobbly one in the clouds that look far worse than the original FX, and actually look like someone too an art asylum model on a string and photographed it against the sky.

It sounds like once again this episode was broadcast on someones Lite-Brite, I thought it looked fantastic.

Ultimately disappointing. Where was the screen shot with the Big E facing camera with the jet behind posted here a week ago? That was what got me excited, then it wasn’t even in the broadcast. Plus missing dialogue of Captain Christopher, “Whatever it is it’s big…two cylindrical…” Blame that on the syndication cuts, though.
Agree wobbly horizontal shot of the Big E in the clouds was poorly done, as was slingshot around the sun. Dare I say it, like a cartoon? Mark Altman, please rescue me.
Liked the brightly lit Enterprise in higher orbit, though…and the new chronometer by Sulu’s station.
Smaller bridge monitor screens looked worse than usual, with obvious wrinkles in the panels. These are 1960s imperfections. Why not CGI these with new readout displays? And bridge wall near Spock had a dent. Easy to fix digitally.

The wobbly Enterprise was laughably bad. Looked like it was on strings….
I dont believe they showed the E orbiting with the moon in the background like the still shot showed.
Stock footage of pilots scrambling to jets shows 2 jets prepping
for take off..if they wanted to edit something that would be a start.
Whats with the ultra extreme close up of the E going by in orbit?
Pull back a little, geesh.
Good acting by Nimoy and the Shatman.
Nice seeing the E over a realistic Earth.

Did anyone else notice the big hook shaped hair thingie at the very top right of the screen when Kirk and Sulu beamed down to the base? It was on screen for at least 10 seconds, until the pair entered the room with the film spools. I was very surprised to see something like that in there! Maybe it would have been too difficult to fix, since it was a long, moving shot.

Also, I wonder if they gave any thought to changing the “200 years” that the guy says he’ll put Kirk away for to “300 years.” Unfortunately the actor (Ed Peck) isn’t with us anymore so they would have had to use a sound-alike, but it would have put it more in line with current canon.

Okay it’s up!!!

Damn! I prefer sound versions

#30: This episode is indeed marred by some very lousy-looking upper bridge monitors. I had to laugh when Uhura was pointing them out to Capt. Christopher: “In the future, our displays are so light and thin they wrinkle!” But those monitors appear in so many shots in this episode, probably with people moving past them, that I sincerely doubt full-scale replacement would be simple, instead requiring lots of time-consuming rotoscoping. (In the same vein, an opening pan in the briefing room also caught highlights from the briefing table monitor showing it to be a cheap piece of white plastic with a marred surface.)

I enjoyed the new effects overall, but also wish the ship would shimmy and shake less and move more slowly, especially in the abrupt opening cuts after most ship systems seem to be back online. However, in the slingshot and braking sequences I must bear in the mind that the bridge crew gets thrown about a considerable amount, despite inertial dampers, so the ship should be bucking quite a bit.

Long distance “in the clouds” shots looked bad, closer up looked good, super close “E” in orbit looked bad (it was Amok Time shot with a planet slapped in the bacground), orbit shots were very nice, sun slingshot pretty well sucked (my wife said, how can they be THAT close to the sun and not burn up), return to Earth shot very nice with sun in background, braking was FAIR (but I honestly like the “concept” of the braking shot as they did it in the original). 50% good, 25% bad, 25% in the editor’s trash can (what do you bet they are the most breathtaking shots?).

Josh, much did look great, but NOT all, sorry friend.

The biggest improvement, in my opinion, has to be the scale of Earth in the orbit shots. I’d love the planets to look this big every week, rather than seeing a huge Enterprise orbiting a comparatively tiny world, which spins far too quickly.

At least we can see the unedited version soon in itunes.

Chris-Like when? I downloaded a few of the early episodes and now THEY WON’T update! Always the same 11 (or is it 12) episodes.

Anothony-Any chance of finding out why they won’t add any other season one’s? I am SO GLAD I did not get a season pass, I’d be even more upset.

eek. A step backwards on this episode. BTW, would a ship of that size and aerodynamic (or lack thereof) capability really be able function below the cloud level?


Yeah at postage-stamp image size…yay.

I’ve already knocked on the episode in #12 & 21 but I did want to also mention the nice job done inside the Jet. While Captain Christopher is looking up into the sky you can see his reflection in the glass cockpit. (Also note a full field of white clouds)
However close shots of the Captain show him and the cockpit (as in the original) photographed in front of a solid blue field. How difficult would it have been to “blue screen” sky & clouds giving a sense of movement? Help me out here.

WHY OF WHY!!! Why did they make the Enterprise wobble as if on strings while in the clouds? It would have looked 100 times more real if they had simply glided it accross the screen. Isn’t making it look “more real” the whole point of doing CGI effects? I got so excited during the week when I saw the release of the stills from this episode. But after seeing the actual footage, I was very let down. This is something that MUST be fixed before it’s released on DVD.

I hope CBS-D is given an opportunity to enhance the already remastered effects before they are put on DVD. I hope the powers that be are wise enough to see these initial broadcasts as trial runs for the final DVD editions, and thus allow additional time and dare I say money to get them up to snuff.

I hate to say this, because in general I think the remastering decisions are good, but I agree, the wobbling as displayed in this episode doesn’t work. I realize they are trying to convey that the Enterprise is struggling, but this technique, like in Immunity Syndrome, doesn’t work. It was also noticeable as the Enterprise was slingshotting around the sun.
I think the problem may be that they have to fit the shots within a certain time frame and feel obligated to show some kind of motion during that limited time, so it becomes exaggerated. With more time, the wobbling could be more gradual and maybe convey the sense of bulk and scale better. They don’t have that time, so they should not do this.

I thought the stock footage looked OK, all things considered. Most of the new effects shots were well done.

I won’t comment as so many do on syndication cuts, because it is just a fact that that is going to happen. Ultimately the full versions will be available.

just looked at the video…what happend to the moon that we saw in the preview when the E was in Orbit?

Also I have to say the wobbly side on, Enterprise in the clouds wasn’t to hot, shame!

When the E is struggling to leave the lower atmosphere, the wobbling was terrrible. The original was a horrible shot as well. Why would CBS D try and re-create this poorly executed shot so faithfully?? While I think the FULL version will be better. This one was a step back IMO.

The shots of Earth from Space were spectacular and I did like the “slingshot” sequence.

I would agree that all planet orbits need to be at this scale. Much further interior enhancements need to done before the HD-DVDs are released as well(viewscreens, etc). One E extreme close up for the entire series is enough. Don’t reuse any shots-making new shots should be the goal. TIY’s script after leaving orbit doesn’t live up to this level of EFX Now TVH’s EFX look kinda dull

The moon was seen during one orbitng shot as the ship is flying away from camera.

Agree, the scale of Earth while the ship is orbiting was very nicely done and looked great!

Holy Sh*t looks like we are all more or less in agreement!!!
I think we all agree the shots in orbit were again beautiful.
The integration of the actual nasa orbit shots of earth were stunning.
The one big forward shot of E over the clouds was beautiful
The wobbly shots were all terrible, inexcusably so!!
Wobbly in clouds bad
Wobbly around sun bad (The real shame is they had a chance to do something really special with this- Superman spinning the earth backward was more convincing)
Wobbly braking bad
Coming to sudden stop -terrible – even the model didn’t look up to par

I hope they fix those scenes with something more special before HD DVD

I didn’t like the opening in-cloud shot when Aint it Cool posted the picture, but I really didn’t like it in motion. It’s the same hand manipulated look that plagued the fx in Doomsday Machine and Immunity Syndrome. I think a cooler shot would have been to show clouds hovering peacefully above the Nebraska farmland, when suddeny the Enterprise bursts out of them toward the camera. Once I saw the AICN shot, I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

I thought the slingshot was pretty good, so-so, but the Earth orbit shots with the Enterprise coming toward the camera were simply gorgeous, although I didn’t see the close-close one eveybody is talking about.

Hated the braking effect (New Voyages description was accuate), but loved the previous shot after the slingsht with the Enterprise backlit by the Sun. Beautiful.

It’s always a F***ING mixed bag, ain’t it?