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TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week

Trek XI:

  • We reported that the Trek XI production team are gearing up to move onto the Paramount lot to begin pre production. Plans are for construction to start in the summer and shooting in the fall on six stages at Paramount an one at Universal. We also reported that the IGN rumors of Damon, Brody and Sinise being cast in the film cannot be confirmed and have been denied by some sources.
  • George Takei opined that John Lim of Star Trek New Voyages would make a good Sulu for STXI
  • TOSR producer David Rossi discusses Trek XI in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine, details here
  • DS9, VOY, & ENT science advisor Andre Bormanis told Sebs Raw Takes he is not interested in working on Star Trek XI

Trek Merchandise:

  • TV Shows on DVD reports a rumor that CBS is working on a special box set for all 7 seasons of TNG DVDs to be released in September (which happens to be the 20th anniversary)
  • IDW have issued a press release for Star Trek Year Year Four, their comic book continuation of the TOS 5 year mission. 

Where are they now:

  • The 1979 series Jason of Star Command featuring James Doohan is being released on DVD this week
  • It appears that George Takei’s role on the hit show Heroes is a bit more than a couple of cameos. Tomorrow (5/7) NBC launch a new site, which will appear to be a research foundation run by Takei’s character Mr. Kaito Nakamura. [NOTE: the site currently just goes to a NBC 404 page]. Takei appears in two more episodes of Heroes later in May
  • TNG geekboy Wil Wheaton has been announced as the keynote speaker for the Penny Arcade Expo, a gaming festival in Seattle this August.
  • Alexander Siddig discusses his post Trek success as a muslim actor on the Al Jazeera program Hollywood: Casting the Enemy, details and clips at SidCity
  • The LA Times is reporting that Paramount are so happy with the Transformers movie (written by Trek XI scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman) that they are already working on a sequel. However Orci and Kurtzman have told Transformers fans on the official site that work on Star Trek and other projects will probably keep them from being able to write it.
  • JJ Abrams comes to the defense of his M:I:III star Tom Cruise in the latest People magazine.
  • The family of the late Gene Roddenberry have launched a new revamped update for their site at
  • William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy appeared at a con in Minneapolis this weekend, has a report and pictures.  Here is someone asking them a very silly question

Trek Link of the Week

Live Grenades Blog applies the strange phenomenon of LOLCat to Star Trek…and this is what they came up with

bonus link:

TrekWeb takes a look at Star Trek II as it approaches its 25th anniversary…with some deleted footage 

Trek YouTube Clip of the week

Well this isn’t exactly about Star Trek, but is a demonstration from Microsoft of something they are calling ‘the desk’ which is a voice controlled computer display very similar to TNG’s variable designed control surfaces 

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Nice to see Trek making news.

C’mon J.J., be sure to read this post, so you know what the hardcore base of fans really WANT!! First?



Okay, is “O RLY?” supposed to mean “Oh, really?”. Well, if that’s your idea of a rebuttal in a debate, that’s PRTY SD (pretty sad)!

That LOLCat makes me want to die of a Mugato bite just for looking at it.

Ok, I don’t normally like to correct possible spelling errors in a post, but it’s a Star Trek actor’s name. Wil Wheaton, not Will Wheaton.

In regards to the new look at, for the most part I’m liking it. Perhaps a little bit too corporate looking, not enough fun. Gene Roddenberry always struck me as a fun-loving guy.

Don’t know if this belongs in this thread, but it’s cool.
Hey, where else can you geek out on Supernova’s and antimatter?


There’s video out there, too.
Since I’m the guy who opined that no one had ever seen a nova (meaning none of us have gotten as close as the E in All Our Yesterdays) now I can gladly shaddup!