Shatner and Nimoy: Still Interested In Trek XI – Still No Contact

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy appeared at Creations Star Trek Convention in Minneapolis on Sunday. TrekMovie has received a number of reports from attendees regarding how Shatner and Nimoy started out by saying they had no real news regarding Star Trek XI, with Shatner even joking he was "out of the loop." Both actors did express an openness to appearing in the film (especially Shatner). Nimoy was more subdued; noting (as he has done previously) that he would only be involved "if they had a meaningful role" for him  However, they said that they had not yet been contacted by the Trek XI team regarding appearing in the film. Shatner did talk up his upcoming novel Starfleet Academy: Collision Course, noting how it also tells the story of Kirk and Spock’s early years.

As recently as January Shatner seemed certain that there would be roles for the pair, but recently he has become less certain. TrekMovie has already reported that the script has gone through significant changes since its first draft so it is possible that roles for the original Kirk and Spock were taken out. One thing is for sure: with shooting set to start in 5 months, time is running out to work all this out.


Thanks to Richard, Alexis, Julio, Scott, and Troy for their reports. Image courtesy of Pioneer Press. See article for more info and images 

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what are you current thoughts about them in Star Trek XI?


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They need to get on it and work things out!!! It wouldn’t be the same without Shatner and Nimoy to pass the torch….First.

So it looks like they might not be in it unless they are in it, which they may be, if they are offered roles in it, in which case they may or may not be in it. ;|

Wish I could have been there. I’ve never been to a convention, but if I were to attend one, those are the guys I’d want to see.

Okay, purists. Time to smell the coffee: this film is not being made to either ‘fix’ Star Trek: Generations or to give you one last fix of that admittedly wonderful duo of Nimoy and “The Shat.” Rather, it will be an entirely new take on the subject matter, filtered (for better or worse) through the sensibilities of one J.J. Abrams. For all the talk of “respecting canon,” in the end Star Trek XI will bear about as much resemblance to TOS as Dr. No bears to Casino Royale. If that means “fake Star Trek” to you, plan on saving your money and find other things to look forward to.

(And don’t bother wasting your bandwidth or postage with demands to Abrams or Paramount about your favorite stars. He’s a busy man these days, with lots of stuff on his plate, and won’t be reading them.)

Just as well if they aren’t in it.

3. Michael Hall – May 7, 2007 – Wow and no posts yet from Purists. If there is one thing I want to see in the movie and that would be recognition of ST: Enterprise, season 4 went to great lengths to explain alot of continuity problems in Trek (klingons for one!). I agree, this Trek probably will not resemble the original TOS, I have no doubt that some of the sets will in some way echo that show but it will be a departure. My gut tells me that they may merge the set designs between Enterprise and ST:TMP/WOK, which would be logical. Either way Trek is in for one shake up and re-invigoration, I can not wait!

Time to move on, yup….

I’ve learned long ago if there was gonna be another TOS era film even if it took place after ” The Undiscovered Country ” that there’d be new actors in it as both De & Jimmy are no longer with us anymore, let’s face reality for a moment here…..

Someday Bill & Len will be dead as well, would you rather wait ’till they were gone to recast or do it while both can still say something about it ?

If it were me, I’d do it while I could get some input from the folks who are still around that matter, 40 years is a long time after all….

Now if the recast happened after they all were gone you bet that folks would scream ‘How dare they disrespect the original actors by doing this after they were gone !”

Namely we’d be having the same arguments only without Bill & Len around ‘nor any of the others for that matter….

– W –
* Just my $0.02 *

re: 4. Dennis Bailey
“Just as well if they aren’t in it.”
I agree with Mr. Bailey, though maybe not for the same reasons. :)

re: 3. Michael Hall
“…in the end Star Trek XI will bear about as much resemblance to TOS as Dr. No bears to Casino Royale. If that means “fake Star Trek” to you, plan on saving your money and find other things to look forward to.”

I doubt it will bear even that much resemblance. Thank you for including the phrase, “for better or worse.”
It’s interesting how Mr. Abrams is generally regarded by many who post at this site as being almost god-like in his Trekspertise, despite the fact he has shown nothing yet. I am not even really that familiar with his work, but I’m guessing that if his shows are popular with the “modern” viewing audiences, I probably would be wise to save my money for something else, even if I could overlook the recasting elements.

Curiosity, no doubt, will cause me to go to the thing when it comes out, and it will be impossible for me to be disappointed by it, since I don’t look forward to it. Just one of the fringe benefits of being a pessimist. :)

#3 – Hear, hear, Michael Hall! Exactly right, and I hope all us fans take it to heart.

We all need to go into this movie with open minds, and not base our opinions about it based on just whether or not our favorite stars or favorite canon references appear in it.

Agreed, Anthony, Bailey, et al. Job 1 is to sell tickets, and make sure there are few or no regrets from the people who buy them.
Job 2 is to live up to someone’ s expectations. This is new ground, as it should be.
Can’t wait til Christmas 2008.

Stanky, I think you probably understand that J.J. Abrams doesn’t have to be “god-like in his Trekspertise” to make a good film, or even a great one. Harve Bennett knew very little about Trek, and Nick Meyer almost nothing at all, when fortune passed the baton into their hands, and while people like Gene Roddenberry and myself had our reservations, I think it’s safe to say that most of the posters here would be very happy if Abrams wound up producing something as critically and financially successful as The Wrath of Khan.

What’s most important to me is that he gets the ineffable fucking spirit of the thing right, whatever that may actually be. I understand completely your inability to get past the recasting. Hell, I was there in the audience years ago when Gene Roddenberry would joke at his lectures about the studio pressuring him to recast the roles (“Dustin Hoffman as Captain Kirk and Robert Redford as Mr. Spock”) as we obediently hissed on cue. But truth be told, at this jaded juncture I’m more intrigued by the possibilities than not. One thing is almost certain: Trek XI will either be a grand success or a total failure. If it fails, the franchise will be handed to the booksellers, merchandisers and its fans for safekeeping for the next few decades, if not forever. If it succeeds, Star Trek still becomes. . . something else. What? We’ll find out next December, and in the meantime, your low expectations are probably not a bad way to go.

These two actors have enough cash but obviously not sense or pride or just common sense to call quits and say enough. What do these two honestly want and expect anyhow? Star Trek in order to start in a new direction MUST leave Star Trek (as it was) with them in our memories. Why look back at something that can’t be changed for the better? These two first whine then they complain about anything under the stars – its all quite silly – at the best.

Get these two signed on already.

I for one would wish ST XI well, but would have no interest in the film if Shatner + Nimoy do not appear as Kirk + Spock.

re:11. Michael Hall
“Stanky, I think you probably understand that J.J. Abrams doesn’t have to be “god-like in his Trekspertise” to make a good film…”

Yeah, I understand. My point is just that some people are so ga-ga over the fact that it is Mr. Abrams that has been chosen to do this…and maybe he is the right choice for those people who support the idea of this type of movie. Who’s to know? There’s just so little known about what the movie will be like, I just find it curious that there is that level of excitement at this stage.

I do remember being very pumped for Star Trek-The Motion Picture when that was announced, but basically from the start we knew it was the original cast and that the ship, though updated, was very recognizable as the Enterprise. For this movie, it is all complete speculation to this point.. I guess some people get excited by pure speculation. So be it.

Whether it becomes a hit or not makes very little difference to me. I do believe that no new Star Trek is better than bad new Star Trek. What it will be remains to be seen.

re: 12 Duane Boda
Not sure what whining or complaining you are referring to in regards to Mr. Nimoy and Mr. Shatner. I got no sense of them whining or complaining from anything that was written in this article. They merely mentioned that they didn’t know if they were going to be offered to be in it. Maybe you are referring to Mr. Nimoy wanting a “meaninful role.” Well, why wouldn’t he want a decent role? He’s basically retired from acting and it is well within his rights to accept or decline a role (if offered) for whatever reasons. Apparently, the only reason they would be offered roles in it would be for the speculation that it might sell more tickets. Personally, I think they would both be wise to just stay out of it. Let it sink or swim on its own merits, or lack thereof.

Anthony or Dennis:

What is your gut feeling about Shatner + Nimoy being in this film? Are you hearing anything behind the scenes that we have not heard?

Shatner is difficult to read. At the start of the year he sounded like he was convinced that they were going to be in the film + started neogotiating in public “If you want us it’s going to have to be a major role” which means he wants a lot of money.

Now it seems Shatner is out of the loop + is asking to get back in.

Or I could be 100% wrong. Shatner on a good day is impossible to read with his seemingly endless contridictory statements on the subject.

Do you think they will appear in ST XI?

I know that’s a tough one to answer with so little being known about the film.

The lines are drawn again….

Oh well… I’ll go if they are in or out… but they are not a nesessity for a good story. I can go one movie without parallel universes, time travel, space /time nexi and even some flashbacks.
Let’s see Captain Kirk,Commander Spock and crew deal with the universe in a good tale and note that I said Captain Kirk in a SINGular fashion.
One Kirk per movie please.

#11 Michael Hall…

I don’t know you at all, sorry. Your comments seem to indicate you are affiliated with Gene R and Trek.
How so?


I think Generations was the appropriate time to pass the torch properly. That boat was missed. Its too late now to try.

I think the whole thing needs re-invigorating and should start fresh with all new cast.

Personally I’m doubtful they will be in the new film..It really comes down not just Abram’s but also how much Paramount is willing to spend to bring both actors on board. Money does talk. Hollywood does frown on age.
Not very many pictures can do that anymore these days . Which is unfortunate. Because the cost of living as you get older goes up. I’m rather doubtful Paramount wants to flip the bill for that.

Harrison Fords role in Indy IV for example maybe will be out-shined by someone who is younger ( I heard a rumor its his son) and more relatable to the audience. So yes you go for that younger demographic that group they can relate too. With Star Trek It would make sense. Wont be popular but what else can they do?

You have already enough people complaining in some shape manner or form before the film is even shot. They are so used to this by now they put us on mute a long time ago. Its turned into white noise already…. And people will continue to complain till next year…Its like beating a dead decomposed horse. People have a right to their opinions.

So those people are gone and planning go see the next best thing…. Whatever that might be..

After The Motion Picture the films were never really high risk movies..ever. All of them did very well or we would not be discussing STXI. Until Nemesis nothing was at stake … Most film series are way over. The logic of any studio is a good movie can act on the merits to cost very little and they get more for its buck and its true even with a Star Trek movie. If its worth the 8 bucks sure I “might” go see it but it might wait and see it as a good 4 buck DVD rental six months later.

I would go for it more If it wasn’ t for the pop and flair by Par amounts PR department. After Nemesis should I believe anything they say? Not really. Saying it will be “The best movie event ever!!” doesn’t fly with me anymore. They don’t want just a movie that’s financially successful, they want it to be a critical success for its fans that never ever left and critics which are so hard to please so it reflects the “fast food and utterly obese” franchise very well. All I can say is good luck with that.

I hate using the term franchise. Just once can they call this something else but a franchise? It makes Trek sound like a fast food joint. No one gets it there way so why the heck should they call it that?

If there is a completely valid dramatic reason for them being in the movie, then so be it. Otherwise, it shouldn’t matter. Personally, I feel no connection to this movie, other then I hope it will do the original series proud in a fashion that is star trek.

Issues with consistency with what has been established could easily be addressed by just starting over. For me, Star Trek is an established body of work encompassing only the original series, the first six movies and a few select episodes of TNG and one episode each of DS9 and Voyager.

In that universe Kirk is still alive. If the present generation of movie makers want to set up everything anew, then that’s just fine. If it coincides with what has gone before, then great, if it doesn’t and it’s a good movie then I’ll categorize it mentally as it deserves.

But I hope it is succeeds wildly and surprises all of us.

14: I was referring not to this article as it was but rather to their history with Star Trek.
Two examples: Mr. Shatner…Well…jokingly telling Star Trek fans to get a life. I believe this was when he appeared on Saturday Night Live? Not certain. And on course having numerous clauses in his contract to either get this or have the script changed in his favor – all the while getting tons of cash. I mean the guy wants us to pay him to wipe his backside IF you know what I mean….must be nice to have a life where everybody is at hands and feet.
Mr. Nimoy: His book….I am not Spock….Fair enough….you’re not. Thats plainly obvious But all the while he gets what he wants also with fringe benefits up the wing-wang. IF I could only be him for a month then I’d be set for life yet he wants more. He should go ahead….be choosey and enjoy his old age that he worked so hard for. I know I would.

Let’s face it, the opportunity to “pass the torch” was way back when Paramount wasted the brilliant “Yesterday’s Enterprise” script on a mere T.V. episode. THAT should have been the first feature film at the theatres, having Kirk and crew meet up with Picard’s group in that very dramatic storyline. When Kirk’s Enterprise went back into the rift to restore history in the original timeline, there wouldn’t have been a dry eye in the house! It would have been a wonderful farewell to the original crew, without having to see them actually perish in the battle with the Romulans! They would have had their “swan song” by once again saving the universe, while sacrificing themselves for a purposeful cause!

Oh, and when I say “first feature film” I, of course, mean for TNG!

re: 21
Well, they aren’t getting as much as Roger Clemens. :)

I really get the impression that money is not the main motivating force for them to be in this particular movie, it is whether or not their presence in the movie makes sense to them . Of course, there is a certain amount of money that could swing just about anyone, but I’m sure Paramount is not really that interested in paying them all that much to be in it, if they are even considering having them in it at all.

I personally thought that SNL skit was brilliant and was not offended in the least by the “Get a Life” statement. Heck, I SHOULD get a life instead of spending hours on this site every week.

If Shatner did indeed have these clauses in his contract, I guess it is because he could. Who among us would not want a little leverage if we could get it?

It has been awhile since I read “I am Not Spock” but the title was the most negative thing about it. I don’t remember Nimoy really doing a lot of complaining within the book. To the contrary. It was just a catchy title to sell some books.

Those guys have for the most part been smart enough to realize that Star Trek has been a goldmine for them, and I guess if I were in their positions, I would take advantage of that as well. :)

Re 22:

You know, of all the suggestions I’ve heard for the way Generations _should_ have gone, that one is the only one that sounds like it could have made a great movie. Too bad they already used it in Yesterday’s Enterprise–but then, I’m sure back during the third season they weren’t even sure they were going to make seven seasons, let alone get a feature.

#24 : Thats true….I have no right to say anything about Mr. Nimoys book since I never read it – let alone picked it up. These guys had everything passed on to them on a silver platter….now its time for them to enjoy their golden years.
#22: Yeah…’re 110% right. That would have been a good episode for them to pass the torch. Actually….those at Paramount IF they really tried and developed a good series (like a monthly or 6 week) episode could have both Kirk and Spock serving (working) for Starfleet in capacity where they could serve (and shuttle) among the planets – nearby galaxies as Ambassadors and Advisors.
Earth or some Science Based StarBase could serve as their homebase maybe even using the moon or Mars? Nothing is too far fetched. All they need is the positive cash flow. Will it ever get done….No…

25. Sleeper Agent X – May 7, 2007
Re 22: – I agree fully. Yesterday’s Enterprise would have been fantastic but agree they may not have planned for TNG to be such a sucess.

As for Shat and Nimmoy been in it? I am not keen, though I love the pair of them in Character, them been in it would lead to either time travel or flash backs………that equals predictable Star Trek. This new movie needs to be edhy and fresh and make people go wow, I remember after the Premiere of ST: Ent – Broken Bow alot of people went wow, anf 14million people or so watched it, just ashame the first season realy fisled and the show did not pick up until Season 4. The movie needs the wow factor again, and needs to hold the audience captivated and on the edge of their seats.

All Shatner needs to do is rub the script all over his ass to bless it and the film will be fruitful and multiply.

Stanky isn’t going to get his original cast reunion,

I’m not going to get my two hour film of Shatners face close-up staring until at the two hour mark Shatner utters Sp-ooooooooooock,

Xai isn’t going to get a TNG continuing adventure,

Michael isn’t going to get, oh hell, I don’t know WHAT Michael is clamouring for hah hah.

We are getting Star Trek- the X generation Baby!

The Starship EMOprise!

No ice cream in the rec room tonight unless Shatner and Nimoy are in the film.

If Nimoy and Shatner are not in the film, I will not go and see it. If Nimoy and Shatner are not in the film, my mother will not go and see it. If Nimoy and Shatner are not in the film, my father will not go and see it. If Nimoy and Shatner are not in the film, my grandfather will not go and see it. If Nimoy and Shatner are not in the film, my 8th grade science teacher will not go and see it. If Nimoy and Shatner are not in the film, a large number of baby boomers will not go and see it. If Nimoy and Shatner are not in the film, a large number of Gen X-ers will not go and see it.

This ain’t “James Bond” or “Batman” people. This is “Star Trek: The Original Series.” You want to butts in the theatre, and make alot of money, you make it a proper passing of the torch. Without Nimoy and Shatner, this movie will be lucky if it turns a real profit.

It has to look like and feel like TOS, otherwise it can’t be. This is the line I have been stressing for a long time. If will be set in that time period then star trek canon is set and must be respected. As for “Enterprise” I don’t recognise it at all. Major roles for Shatner and Nimoy would make the movie wonderful. Please stay true!!

When the new movie comes out shatner/Nimoy fans will probably be able to get thier fix when the two do promos and clip shows etc.

Funny ideas here. People just hope that by including 2 of the biggest cast members of TOS that it will put butts (as he said it) in theater seats but that must be 21st Century Math or something as it makes no sense at all.
How so? Well….look at all of the previous films that had the TOS cast. How well did it do? More accurately….just look at the receipts at the end of the day. They never did any good. Its the STORY and not the old cast that will make or break the future of Star Trek as we now know it. Bringing back the two main Stars with a decent picture would be ideal but I’ll gladly settle for a well balanced and thought out story instead. Time to brush out the old and bring in the new.

Easy way to do it, not that I advocate this at all:

Opening scene – Kirk & Spock are together, either on the bridge, in Yosemite camping again or better watching something exciting as spectators. Kirk (Shartner) turns to SPock (Nimoy) and says “Remember the time at the Academy that you & I…..) and that’s the last you see of the icons until the very end of the movie.

Either that or another time warp but the Temporal Police are much better organized and won’t let that happen ;-)

I saw Casino Royal and loved it. I don’t think it would have been as good if it featured Sean Connery as well, as 007’s older self! So I can see that with TrekXI it might work out better to let the new cast have all the screentime. BUT! From a purely selfish point of view, I really would want to see Bill and Leonard, one last time on the screen. And I also wish I didn’t have to spend so much time thinking about this and visiting this website so much! ;) What a tourture this is becoming!!!!

The writers have pretty much said this will be a restart in interviews. Being ‘respectful’ to continuity will mean they won’t radically overhaul the status quo. Kirk’s not going to blow up the Enterprise in the film and take command of the Excelsior for the sequels. McCoy’s not going to be shot dead at the start of the film. Spock’s not going to turn into a woman from Earth.

But I perfectly accept this as a Casino Royale or Batman Begins for Star Trek. I like series such as Lost and Alias, which have a certain ‘old school meets new school’ quality about them. If it’s a relaunch that takes Trek back to its basic characters and concepts, I can’t see a problem!

The new Kirk is going to have a lot to deal with. Having Shatner and Nimoy in the film will only make the transition easier because it would be an onscreen endorsement. More important, it translates to dollars.

It would be a waste if they aren’t involved. But then again, pretty much every frame of film in Star Trek has been a waste since Generations.

Star Trek “Classic” was at its best when the beloved characters reacted to each other in comfortable and familiar ways…we felt at home with these old friends. Once you connect with these stars you are in the piece. Heck even the awful ST5 was saved in part by the friendship and familiarity of the cast members. Friendly banter and cojoling made me feel I was sitting around the campfire singing row-row-your boat.
I for one do hope JJ will respect us old Trekkers who have loved and supported Star Trek (and Paramount) over these 40 years. Yes we can let go and follow a new trek (STNG, Voyager, Enterprise) but please while some of the original cast members are alive and still kicking, lets use them in some capacity. After all had it not been for them and their likeability, all these blogs, marketing and merchandise would be mute.

I wish Trek would just end, I don’t want to see TOS remade, seems sacrilegious and just wrong. Berman already did enough damage.

This film shouldn’t need the old school to ‘verify’ the new team on screen. If Shatner and Nimoy give the thumbs up to the new cast in interviews and appearances, that should be enough for the old-timer fans.

The film needs to be good enough to stand on its own! Besides, there’s a whole generation of kids now who’ll say ‘William who?’ The man won’t have played Kirk in a Trek film for almost 15 years by the time this film comes out and there’ll have been no regular new TV episodes for almost four years.

That should be enough time to make a fresh start possible. Remember we fans are an interest group and are already keeping tabs on the casting and production team already. In spite of the occasional stories in tabloid newspapers, this film won’t start registering seriously on casual cinemagoers’ radars until the beginning of next year at the earliest when, possibly, teasers start appearing in the cinema.

re: 28 Josh T.
“Stanky isn’t going to get his original cast reunion”

Stanky has not called for a cast reunion in the movie. Stanky has at times suggested the cast decline to participate if asked. Stanky simply prefers that no roles be recast. Stanky reviles “modern” “filmmaking.” Stanky does not support “Fake Trek.” :)

Stanky has left the building. Thankyouverymuuuuch.


Couldn’t agree more with you brother.

How can Shatner + Nimoy being in this film be a bad thing?

This film will be just another paint by number prequel w/out them in it. With them in it the film takes on a historical note in franchise history.

I think that if (and granted it is a big ‘if’) Star Treks return to the big screen is all that it can be, surely it is worth it.

I for one would love to see more stories with the characters (note I said ‘characters’) that started everything off. As that involves a necessary recasting of all the roles, then I am, reluctantly, prepared for that. As long as the new actors interpretations of the characters are faithful to the original and Trek history is honoured as much as possible, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the results Christmas 2008.

Who knows, we might even end up with an entire ‘new’ TV series.
IMO it will be good to have well written and well acted new Star Trek than to just reminisce about what we have and bemoan the fact there is no more new movies or episodes to look forward to.

For sure I would love to see Shatner and Nimoy reprise their roles once more in a way that is integral to the storyline.

Just my opinion, what’s yours?

I love Star Track!

heres why,

With Shat and Nim it will be a bonus!.. cuz all the old ones will flock back to the theatres for the first time since 1992 and trek6, but also now at long last the new fans will git their wish by having new kirk and spocks and big -e to take over and be da bosses!!!

yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaw!

I’m guessing that The Shat and Nimoy have been lead down the garden path and all that was really required from them was their blessing, which they gave under somewhat false pretences.

I vote for Manny Coto as the new franchise helmsmen, as the men who really like and know Star Trek, not a few episodes of TOS (like Abrmas, Kurtzman, Orci and Co.)

OK, I know this is slightly off topic, but I must parlay this. I have been touting a certain actor for the role of Spock in Trek XI. I’ve posted about him being the perfect choice for young Spock months and months ago. I even went as far as posting photoshop manips of him as Spock. To be honest, I really haven’t heard his name from anyone else, but he would be PERFECT. He can act, and while he doesn’t look like Leonard Nimoy, there is just something totally Spock about him. His name: Eric Balfour… why do I have to post this today?

Be warned – those of you who watch “24” and didn’t catch last night’s episode, ****SPOILERS**** to follow:

Last night, Eric Balfour, who plays CTU analyst Milo Pressman on fox’s hit show “24” appeared with a slightly different looking hairstyle (I immediately thought how “Spockian” he looked), and was killed off rather abrubtly. I know this doesn’t mean anything for sure, but it seems that Eric Balfour’s work schedule is open for a fall shoot.

I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again – I’m calling this one well in advance and out of left field – Eric Balfour will be the new Spock. Anthony, feel free to ridicule me if I’m wrong – but be sure to remember who called it when I get it right. What do you think?

Here’s a link to one of the photoshop images I comped:

Hi John Cocktoastin.

Bear in mind Shatner and Nimoy have contracts for this film. We don’t know what these entail precisely. Also. any ‘blessings’ will be needed nearer the time of release!

I think we’re all missing an essential (if subtle) point to this particular post; the individual reactions of Shatner and Nimoy to the question of whether or not they will be be in Trek XI.

Nimoy’s response was described as “subdued,” and he stated he’d only appear if there were a “meaningful role” for him. The man is retired and apparently enjoying it. I don’t really think he gives a damn one way or the other if Trek XI gets made or if he’s in it.

Shatner, on the other hand, has been very vocal about the project since it was announced. At one point is almost seemed as if he were working hand-in-hand with Abrams. Now, as the start of production gets closer, Shatner’s involvement in the film is not as certain, but (by complete coincidence) he does have a new book coming out that deals with subjects that might be similar to the events that may or may not be in Trek XI.

Shatner is a self-publicizing powerhouse, and he will ride any wave that might put a spotlight on his own various projects. The announcement of Trek XI got people banging down his door to get his impressions, which he was more than happy to give. Now, with his actual inclusion in the film more nebulous, he’s using it as a chance to talk about his new book instead.

Now, I’m not knocking Shatner for any of this. He’s a keen, savvy businessperson who knows when to grab an opportunity and milk it for all it’s worth. But I think we all have to take anything he might say about his involvement in Trek XI with a sizeable grain of salt. I’m not saying that he’s deliberately trying to deceive Trek fans, but for him the publicity machine comes first, and if that means he has to “exaggerate” somewhat, then so be it.

My suggestion is to wait for official announcements from Paramount. Until then, anything heard is simply fanning the flames for the sake of publicity.