New TWOK Figures For Comic-Con

For the past few summers, the presence of Star Trek items at science fiction and popular culture conventions have been favorites, especially as exclusives.  This July’s San Diego Comic Convention continues the tradition with action figures from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. This is pretty exciting for the action figure collectors because there has not been feature era action figures for about 10 years. However getting the figures is somewhat of a chore

How to get these exclusives? 
Visit each of the following booths at ComicCon, Diamond Select Toys for Sulu, New Force Comics for McCoy, Action Figure Xpress for Scotty, and Toy Rocket for Chekov.  At each booth, get your Star Trek card stamped, then return to the Diamond Select Toys booth for the free, limited Genesis Khan.  Earlier this summer, fans could collect Admiral James T. Kirk, "Double Cross" Kirk, Captain Clark Terrell, and Khan available from various websites and retailers.  Joining the TWOK celebration is the feature version of the Enterprise 1701 ship, available from the New Force Comics website.  With hoped for news of Star Trek XI at ComicCon, where last year the movie poster design was provided, there is much to look forward to regarding Star Trek.   



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Wish they’d not used the disfigured face version.

#1 – These are exclusives to go along with the main set of 4 figures: (Kirk, Kirk with Bloody jacket, Captain Terrell, and Regular Non-Battle Damaged Khan.

Scotty’s looking unusually slender, isn’t he?

Lee @3:

And Bones is looking a bit on the buff side.

I remember in the good old days when the Trek Franchise was at the height of its popularity and everytime I went to a toy store they would have a lot of Trek action figures. I collected a lot of them but now they don’t have them there anymore.

5 – That’s when I’ll know that there’s real interest in STXI… when the Trek figures reappear… and push some of the $%#$ing Star Wars junk off the shelves.

their penis’s are missing….quite jarring

7# Thats what I thought! Hopefully the finished toys don’t look like that in that… umm… particular area.

And for the record, my favorite Trek figures are still the Playmates toys from the 90’s.

They have… odd crotches.

I’m just amazed nobody has made the obligatory “Comic-Kaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhn!!” pun yet….

I basically got tired collecting when Art Asylum basically swapped heads and put them on an already existing body, that’s why you get Slim Scotty, or Buff McCoy, because the Tops and Tails don’t match. Showed me it was nothing more than a money grab, In fact I made alot of my own figures by pulling the head off of one and attaching it to the body of another (I know I was a geek)

These days I have a lack of room for any new trek figures.

Yeah, I’m really not that impressed by these at all. The first thing that really jumped out at me was the lack of attention to the bodies. Oh well…that’s business.

Scotty has slimmed down a bit too

it simple economics….an accurate Scotty would use 2-3 times as much plastic….they gotta watch the bottom line (forgive me Scotty)

All I want is a refit ENTERPRISE (1701, not 1701-A, on the hull) from TMP or TWOK. No battle damage, please.

hee hee… Comic-Khaaaaaannnnn….

I’d love to see some other ships from the movies: The Reliant, The Grissom, the Klingon Bird of Prey, the Klingon ship from ST:TMP, the Excelsior, not to mention all the ships from the other shows and TNG movies. Instead, we get the same couple of ships and handful of figures repackaged over and over, ad-infinitum. I also miss the playmates days, they were the last company to really flesh out the product lines.

I wonder who will be distributing the exclusive Spock figure for this set….I mean come on there has to be one, the whole impact of the film was about Spock’s sacrafice. Whose up for 2 versions……regular Spock and radiation/dying Spock.

I have many of the Micro-Machines. I didn’t bother with the pewter (aka silver paint) edition or the clear (aka no pigment) edition and I’m missing 2 of the boxed series. Still… I’ve got dozens of the suckers stored in a crate. Alas, marriage makes us all grow up a little… especially when we don’t have a basement. Don’t know if these puppies are worth anything. They don’t seem to be, according to e-bay. Thing is… I could still be persuaded to buy a new GOOD Enterprise or other ship. Last two Hallmark years have sucked.
As for these… they all have the same legs and Checkov and Sulu have the same bodies. Plus… Sulu looks funny. They’re all OK, but not great.

17 – Does radiation/dying Spock come with Mickey Mouse gloves?

#17…hahaha that would be funny.

in general i am tired of the “limited editions” or the “exclusives” just a b.s. way to get people to pay more for crap…and often this stuff is crap. these figures look cheap and not accurate. PASS!

they look like they’re holding hands….