Images From ‘Errand Of Mercy’ Remastered

CBS have released 3 images from "Errand Of Mercy " (airing this weekend)



From CBS’s description:

When acting captain Sulu informs Captain Kirk that a large number of Klingon vessels has just arrived we now actually get to see, although briefly, this fleet. The idea for this shot is to effectively convey the fact that the Enterprise is in great danger, being outnumbered by a foe they know too little about. As there is no original shot, this comparison shows the Enterprise being hit by one of the ships right after Kirk is informed of the fleet’s presence by Sulu.




From CBS’s description:

For Star Trek continuity spotters, this effectively changes everything to do with Klingon vessels! For starters, it means that the first sighting of a Klingon vessel is now in this first season episode and not the third season episode "The Enterprise Incident," which was actually a Romulan vessel modeled after Klingon technology following a brief alliance between the two powers. A more detailed Klingon battle cruiser was later seen in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture." The original shot, such as it is, doesn’t exist as we never saw a ship, only an empty star field with explosions around where the Klingon vessel was supposed to be. .




From CBS’s description:

When the Organians finally reveal their true form they are seen as pure energy. The main difference here is that the remastered version has more clarity and modernizes the effect.


Hopefully CBS will send over some larger versions of these shots so we can get a better look, so keep an eye out for an update


Image courtesy of CBS and


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And now for something completely different! First?

Each week, this project shows his true intention: Give a general luster in the masterpiece called Star Trek. The new generations more than never will be interested itself for it.

Have you ever notice that you can see the table that the strobe is mounted on for the explosions?

#2 Marcio

Pardon me, what?

I always thought the original blobs of light were weak. The remastered blobs of light are SO much better. ???? Kind of a what the heck, the machine was on anyway change.

If CBSD does the same job on this one, that they did on “Yesterday” I’ll be a happy man! This is yet another of my favorites.


I do like the shots of the Klingon fleet… gives it the sense of urgency that there actually is a space fleet up there doing battle, just like Kor says. I wonder if they’re going to replace the rainbowy Klingon ship in “Friday’s Child” with a D-7, or leave it as a new rainbowy thing.

Whoops, there it is.

John Colicos is one of my ALL TIME favorite villians! Whether as a klingon, or as Baltar on the original BSG, he just oozes evil!!

Can’t wait to to see the remastered version. The preview effects look coool!

Until Next Time,


They already did “Friday’s Child” and replaced the rainbowy ship with a D7, albeit from a distance.

I never realized that you never saw Klingon ships till they were flown by Romulans in the third season. Sad that they couldn’t throw together that model when they started the series. I’m all for using your imagination, but thats ridiculous. Huge battles consisting of the Big E vs far-off explosions = not very exciting. I’m eager to see how they can change the few second shots of the E getting hit to something that gives the viewer a better idea of whats going on.

Despite the graininess of the shots the original effects of the energy bolts hitting the underside of the Enterprise saucer are really terrific for the time–lense flares, interactive lighting; I hope some of the aesthetics of those shots are retained.

Star Trek XI – The Search for Scotty

It would seem that James Doohan’s ashes were not, in fact, launched into space after all. According to the article on MSN, the rocket somehow (the article is vague) dropped its payload in the New Mexico desert.

Read for yourself:

10 – Agreed. And I never realized until this remastering project that The Enterprise Incident is the introduction of the ships. The eps have played out of order for so long, that I hardly can remember ‘firsts.’
At the same time, I’m can imagine NBC or Desilu looking Roddenberry in the face when he explained the scope of an alien star armada. They were still paying off the light bill on the Fesarius.

12 – I don’t think Scotty et al were meant to STAY in space. It was a sub-orbital dip into the cosmos with a planned return. Problem is, they have the same luck finding their rocket payloads as I have with Estes models.

#14 is correct (as usual). The small capsules containing the remains will be mounted on a display then given back to the families. This was the plan per the Rocket Service website which I don’t know right away.

. . . the website address that is.

Let me be the first to say the new FX look like a cartoon.


#17-Hey, does that mean I should put away the crayons? LOL

Looks gorgeous. Let’s hope the live action matches the beautiful pictures. Also Lost rules.that is all.

OK guys the first person poster competition or bragging of whatever you call it is just plain stup…. uhh silly. Don’t want to get deleted. This time the person posting 1st didn’t even post about the article! Anthony I think you should set the auto deteter to delete anyone posting first who uses the words 1st, first, or anything like that. This is just silly.

I love the pics I don’t think they look cartoonish at all… Especially compared to TOS previous… I would have liked to have seen an actual being of light in the eppisode similar to the next gen eppisode where the guy morphs into an energy being and all you see is the translucent humanoid shape glowing intensely… Anyone know the epp I am talking about the guy is a love interest for Troy or Crusher I think??????????

Aaron R.

Speaking of cartoonish… Isn’t it funny how there are malicious posters out there who never post positive only negative to try and rile things up? Or are they really anti Trek people? I don’t know.. … ..

Aaron R.




ooops…wrong link…heres the one…a episode from season five of the original series (1974) Paramount-Filmation Production.



(more laughs please?)

Aaron R: “Speaking of cartoonish… Isn’t it funny how there are malicious posters out there who never post positive only negative to try and rile things up? Or are they really anti Trek people? I don’t know.. … .. ”

….or perhaps the so-called malicious posters just see things in a different (and honest) way than the members thinking the FX are soooooo wonderul…..

I’m actually wondering if they have a full detail model of a klingon yet. The ones shown here look like little toys.

translation of 25….
@Quotation of chrisblair and exact that the problem is. Why one does not make it vern?? Too little money? Desintresse? Missing motivation? I cannot understand it. All together. Too little money and time f? Concern effect people, obviously too little interest of the “waiters” the project vern? to before the sequences are hurled on the envoy market. Is the organization simply only st? aft, the results sometimes embarrassingly. If one already remastered, then also before the DVD-Release one should really yet once each sequence? beiten. Can it not yet be, simply not made become that necessary things out of lack of time k? n, badly look or that one first after soundso many episodes a vern? it CGI-Model of the Enterprise has, with which one can work. BTW: Screenshots to the Klingonenflotte in fight for Organia: Images From ‘Errand of Mercy’

Re: #’s 25, & 27

(From the Geico/CNN Caveman commercial)

Reporter: “Response’?

Caveman: “Yeah, I got a response.” ” What”?

It seems like it’ll be a good episode. I don’t know how much time the staff actually has on an episode, but they seem to be improving and being creative. For instance, the previous episode “Tomorrow is Yesterday” the only thing I can imagine I would have liked to have seen was a shot of the Enterprise returning to 23rd Century Earth and there be space stations and starship drydocks orbiting, but no big deal, maybe one day. Perhaps, they can be added to a Federation planet in a future episode. Or perhaps they haven’t the time, and nevermind.

oh come on cant i tease anyone without a bum rap anymore???

im a just a cavegirl Spock loved.

……Whatever happened to my tranyslvania twist!?….

Are all the battle scenes flat and static like they appear on the topmost picture? I don’t fully understand why they can’t make a DS9-style battle scene, with ships flying every which way, from all possible angles. The Klingon ships look like they could have been cut out of cardboard and tacked to the background.

A different question: why are none of the transporter and hand phaser effects remastered? To me, the hand phaser shots, for example, look no different than those in the original – sudden, thick, and translucent, comparable to the beams from the Ghostbuster movies. In addition, there is a serious continuity problem, since the beams look different not just from the beams of the 24th century (TNG, DS9, VOY), but also from those of the 22nd (ENT). My displeasure with the transporters is similar. Surely both these problems could have been easily fixed by CBSD, at least to make them look similar to those used on ENT. What a wasted opportunity to tie everything up — without these “leftovers”, it would have been quite possible for someone to watch ENT, TOS, TNG, in that order, and not feel too significantly the severe gaps in production years between these series.

it’s funny how they make the “old” shots of the enterprise look as bad as possible on this and many episodes, and we can’t even blow them up size wise to compare them side by side.

that is not right….Anthony?

someone please explain about the lack of new hand phaser FX for most of the shots…
I don’t have the energy, (pun…)
Original noncomposited footage of actors WITHOUT superimposed phaser FX long ago gone…

I don’t know about the transporter, but I do know that I want the hand phaser effects updated. However, this is not top priority.

Now, I wonder how CBS Digital will do the ships in “The Enterprise Incident”. The original reason for the Klingon model in this episode is that the Romulan “Bird of Prey” had gone “missing” from the studio.

It would be too revisionist to cut Scotty & Spock’s lines and insert “bird of prey” ships. But perhaps now they can do Klingon style ships with Romulan markings, a la the Polar Lights model released a year or two ago. Kilingon markings are clearly visible in the orignal version of the episode.

Not a doos sayer…I liked last weeks cgi outting for the most part…but….

The klingon ships do not particuarly impress me in EOM, however!… Trefane and his lover/friend from Errand look ALOT cooler in the new version as they become…Pure Energy!…


I for one am hapy that we see any Klingon ships AT ALL, considering there is very little space (no pun intended) to put them in the episode without leaving out shipboard footage. There’s just nowhere to put big sweeping space battles. The image we see in the pics released probably represent two or three seconds, max. I have no problem with them being at the distance they are, it’s natural considering the scripted setup.

Although we might have wanted to see a fleet shot like on DS9, etc., there’s just no footage to replace where it could go.

#18 Set crayons to STUN!!!


I think the hand phaser effects and transporter effects from TNG to Enterprise are the FX that need to be fixed. After all, they are the one that got it wrong, not the other way around. :) And the Klingon ships look fine. I hope those wanting huge fleet battles don’t bust a gut when this scene appears for about 5 second with no acrobatics.

And one last thing, John Colicos IS the definitive Klingon. Devious, back stabbing and arrogent…we’ll have none of that “honor” and grunting nonsense from the spin offs. Just a good old sleazey worthless bully…a real KLingon through and through. No “k’plaa” crap or howling at the moon here, just a nice stab in the back when you least expect it. Glorious.

Jon Block is right (and so is Howard Johnson)

re: 39. jonboc

Agreed on Colicos and your other comments regarding Klingons. I much prefer the way Klingons are portrayed in the series over any others…and the farther into the spinoffs and movies the worse they get.

The original non FX composited shots used for any phaser bits probably don’t exist anymore. That;s why you don’t see many tweaked hand phaser FX shots. They only have the finished composite shot to work with. They would have to digitally remove the old phaser beam, substitute appropriate backdrop and then add newer, preferably thinner beam. Rotoscoping is very time consuming….

#42 dm

What you say is true…but couldn’t the team instead ADD to the existing phaser shots throughout this project that seem TOO hokey now? For instance, give any of the “plainer” ones an “inner core” and a touch of outer edge “haze” just to liven them up a bit…

I can’t wait ’till the do the new TOS episodes with the computer generated Kirk, Spocks, and the rest of the Star Trek cast!

I don’t understand why different federation ships were not at least seen at the very end when the enterprise would be shooting out of the system. Instead of one ship leaving…make it a fleet..with some other ships.