Keri Russell A Klingon?

Keri Russell got her big acting break in the 90s as the title character on JJ Abrams first show Felicity. Abrams also cast Russell in a supporting role for Mission Impossible III. This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly has an extensive feature on Russell as part of the promotion of her new film Waitress. The article includes some quotes from Abrams regarding working with Russell and concludes with speculation on their next collaboration…

Though Russell hasn’t decided when she’ll return from maternity leave, she can be confident that there will be at least one person waiting for her. "I love working with Keri," says Abrams. "There’s hardly any project that comes around that I don’t wonder if she would do it." What about his upcoming Star Trek reboot? Would he consider casting the former Mousketeer as a hot Klingon? "That’d be awesome!" Abrams says laughing. 

It might take a little convincing, though. [Russell] wrinkles her nose at the idea:" I’m not that nerdy!." 

Russell would indeed make an hot Klingon (or hot anything) and is actually talented. Abrams clearly likes to work with people he has worked with before so maybe he can convince her to go nerdy. Also lets not all get worked up over the phrase ‘reboot’. That was put in by the article’s writer and not actually said by Abrams. Plus in Hollywood lingo ‘reboot’ only means a ‘reinvigorate’ for aging franchises.

Keri Russell & Tom Cruise in JJ Abrams’ M:I:III

Full article here


Thanks to David (my brother) for tipping me to the article 

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How about her as a hot Vulcan

She definitely has the bumps for it.

The writer of that article is a complete moron for suggesting such a thing! Taking a beautiful woman like Keri Russell and burying her under all that ugly latex make-up is a crime against nature! Let her be the babe that a young Kirk bags in the flick, while letting some other actress play the hag/Klingon!!

The movie would be AWESOME with Keri in it !!!!!!!!!

As Woody Allen would say, “I’d sell my mother to the Arabs for this woman!”

#3. Michael Appleton

With all due respect… the notion of Keri Russel as a Klingon… with all the inherent and implied possibilities of luxurious pain… well, it is too much to resist. :)

Nothing but asses and elbows and a heavily armored chastity belt… C’mon… I have perspiration on my lip just thinking about it!

I am not in favor of Keri Russel as a Klingon. Now if she were to play an Orion slave girl, that would be a different story.

How about her playing Janice Rand? She’d look pretty hot in the short skirt uniform, and be a real temptation for the Captain?

Until Next Time,

**** Taking a beautiful woman like Keri Russell and burying her under all that ugly latex make-up is a crime against nature! ****

Fortunately, Klingons look a lot more human in Kirk´s era, if I´m not mistaken… :P

O.K. guys, let’s take a moment….now look up at the picture where Keri is wearing the low-cut dress. Don’t rush this,…. take a good long look. Now, while gazing at her gorgeous image take a deep breath in….hold it….now exhale slowly. Now, picture her NAKED with Kirk doing the “mattress mambo”. ‘Nuff said!
p.s. anybody got a cigarette?

Dear lord, what is with you people? Anthony, ya gotta watch what you post, the doggies are barking!

What can I say, I’d rather be a doggie than a pu…aw, never mind!

Wow I already see catsuits making a comeback if she is cast. I was trying to read the article myself but I couldn’t get pass the utterly obvouis cleavage..

I’d like to slide my hands over those puppies..

Doggies, puppies….what the hell? Why do we have a canine theme going when discussing the physical beauty of Ms. Russell? Are you gentlemen trying to imply that you’re into “ruff” sex? Especially you #6, with your “the notion of Keri Russell as a Klingon…with all the inherent and implied possibilities of luxurious pain”. Boy, talk about “barking up the wrong tree”! Now, if we’re talking POSITIONS, then that’s a different…a different…oh, hell…I’ve lost my train of thought!


That would be kinda lame, she was fine enough on Felicity but she brought very little to MI3. JJ, please resist the urge to make every project with the same group of actors… Greg Grunberg is already more than annoying enough in all things Abrams.

#16 “Woof”
Woof indeed, sir!!

I could see her as either Rand or Nurse Chapel.

Why not blend the two characters into one and have her be a randy nurse?

20#… Hahahaa… that sounds like a good idea!

Worried about box-office returns? Have Keri get up close and personal with the “captain’s log” and you’re guaranteed blockbuster!! God, I’d love to butter her muffin!

She should play Jane T. Kirk!


Stop it, or I’ll have a BORGasm!

Keri Russell is a dead ringer for a young Carol Marcus.

I’ll try to raise the discussion (and my gaze) a bit and appeal to the dramatic possibilities of casting Ms. Russell. I could easily see Keri as the girl Kirk must reluctantly leave in order to pursue his career. One thing we haven’t seen in a Trek movie is a really heartbreaking romance (to go along with a lot of fightin’ of course).

“Ol’ Softy” Scott B. out.

“Keri Russell is a dead ringer for a young Carol Marcus.”

That’s the best sugestion i’ve seen on here, goes nicely with #26 as well.

Thank you Mark…go back and look at pictures of the late Bibi Besch…Russell bears a sharp resemblence. Not that it matters (in a re-telling)…but it is still pretty cool!

By the way…I have a GREAT idea as to how Scotty, Spock, and McCoy all end up with the much YOUNGER Kirk. They were all exposed to some bizarre radiation while working together on the Enterprise, and have to be treated on Earth while they recover. They end up teaching at the Academy (especially SCOTTY!) where they meet and befriend the brash Jim Kirk. Wouldn’t it be great seeing McCoy and Scotty grilling a young Kirk in his biology and engineering classes?

Bravo to you two for the suggestion of Keri Russell being the love interest for Kirk and making it a heartbreaking romance. Scott, you old softie, who knew? Her character being a young Carol Marcus, all the better!

I say dump the broad! If she thinks of Star Trek as “nerdy” she obviously doesn’t belong in the movie. There are plenty of other actresses that are easy on the eyes (Jeri Ryan anyone?) and have the intellectual capacity to pull off something other than the typical empty headed sexpots typified by the Keri Russells of Hollywood.

I dunno, you guys are pretty rough on her! She does bear a resemblance to the lovely and demur character “Ruth”, Kirk’s true lost academy love, and mine, in my dreams :-)

Da dadadum, dadadum… da dadadum, dadadum. Dee,didledee, didledee, didle deedadum… dadidledee, dadum! (On flute, of course.)

Carol Marcus, BLAH. That nasty ass character was a cheap shot, typical of the “antiheroes” so common during the 70s and 80s.

Best to forget Paramount &Co ever tried to foist that whole scene on us.

BLAH. GAG. Kirk wouldn’t touch her no matter how drunk he was. Hell, no self-respecting frat boy would, either. And I don’t care how late it is!

Really? Most frat boys I’ve met would do it WITH A SNAKE if they could hold it down!

^34 Michael

Funny you should say that. I’m a Sig Nu and the snake is one of our symbols :-)

Nope. Never saw anyone get that personal with our mascot, Esther the 18′ Bermese python. She’d just suffocate and eat the man silly enough to try anything!

“eat the man silly”
Why am I getting excited from that soundbite?


Don’t know Michael, but it took six guys to get Esther off the last guy she captured when I was on campus, way back when!

Even better, get Jennifer Garner and Keri Russell to depict Carol and Ruth having a three-way with James Kirk! No wonder he was heartbroken to leave! Hey, Trek has never depicted that before. Have it make Last Tango In Paris look like 101 Dalmations in comparison! Lick, slurp! Ticket sales through the roof, I tells ‘ya!

I was rather hoping we wouldn’t get yet ANOTHER movie featuring Klingons at all…keep them for a sequel if you must. ;)

I’ve always thought Carol Marcus was the “blonde lab technician” Gary Mitchell mentions. Ruth always looked about 30-35 years old in “Shore Leave,” which makes it possible that the young (about 20 — he says, “it’s been 15 years”) Kirk had a romance with an older woman. Areel Shaw is another love from Kirk’s past (and another passable look-alike for Keri Russell), though it’s the fairly recent (four years prior to “Court Martial”) and the break-up doesn’t appear to have fazed them much.

As for Klingons in this new movie, that’s exactly what I’d have Kirk to leave the girl for — to go fight the Klingons in a knock-down, drag-out war. I still sigh when I watch Star Trek IV, and think that the scene with John Schuck as the Klingon ambassador addressing the UFP council was a set-up for a kick-a$$ war with the Klingons in Star Trek V. And then to know the horror and disillusionment that Star Trek V actually was.

A big ol’ war with the Klingons would sure beat Kirk and Co. outsmarting another Earth-threatening mysterious space anomaly…or having another time travel escapade.

Scott B. out.

#40 Scott

Hmmm…it depends on the mysterious space anomaly, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be Earth-threatening… But absolutely agree that ANYTHING is better than another TIME TRAVEL escapade!

I’d love to nail her and make her squeal like a targ!