We Have Ways Of Making You Watch The ‘Patterns Of Force’ Preview

StarTrek.com have put up a preview for next weekend’s "Patterns of Force" Remastered.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

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No upgrades in this one?

I heard we we’re getting a new V-2 rocket insert, but they must be saving it for the broadcast…

I hear they’re replacing all the rifles with walkie-talkies.

Anyone know what became of the actress that played Daras? IMDB says that she’s still in the S.A.G., but now works under an alias name. So who did she become?

This isn’t one of my favs. I UNDERSTAND why they took on the story of the evil Nazis. It was popular fare in the 60’s and 70’s, before morphing them into comic book villains and sci-fi half-breeds. (Really, how many different aliens have sided with Hitler now?)
What this episode IS is an attempt to tell why Nazis are nasty.
What this episode is NOT is a mega-budget miniseries with sweeping storytelling and compelling characters. Unfortunately, it’s also not very good Trek. John Gil contaminates the planet… and dies. SO?
The new V2s are about as important as a shinier shower curtain for Melvin Belli.

Oh… and while I’m on a rant (always)…
The space-Nazis have V2 rockets with interplanetary range, as well as tracking systems that can detect the E at a distance, and big screen TV on every street corner. So… why do they use flash cameras, 1940’s-era machine guns, and 1930’s-era radio equipment?

~ Waits for Spockboy to do “Patterns Of Farce” ’cause you know he will ~

– W –
* Smirks *

*** The new V2s are about as important as a shinier shower curtain for Melvin Belli ***

Well, I’d be happy with anything different from the Orion ship from ” Journey to Babel” which was used as the missile here… ;)
But what really looks bad in the original is the cartoonish (literally!) nuclear explosion after it´s hit by the Enterprise. I don’t get it, they could not reuse the “white flash” from many previous episodes but had the time to make a new and crappy animation? o_o

6#: Same questions could be asked about the new “Battlestar Galactica”…

#3–hahh I love that! Worst remaster ever for that walkie talkie/gun blunder on that classic movie.

I like this episode. I’m not sure why mess with it ( CGI wise). A good Trek really–showing what happens if there is contamination. Interesting the war is based on an interplanetary scale with the lack of advanced technology.
Although I am enjoying most of the new effects, The crappy syndication cuts just ruin the show for me. Again proving that just flashing effects only can’t make an entertaining show. The music, pacing, dialog, visuals, all work together to make the episode whole. Chopping them just makes for a senseless mess.

The Parody is well in hand on this one. While I came up dry this weekend. I had Patterns of Force in my sights for weeks. Not sure what Spockboy will do, but I suspect if it’s anything as good as “Star Track” it will be well worth watching… wait fur it…. best line ever!

I always enjoyed this episode, but I have always had a question from an actors stand point. If your a Jewish actor is there any conflict in putting on a Nazi uniform, even if it is to portray them as bad guys? Even the Stooges put on Nazi uniforms, but I always wonder if there was a decision on their part about the why and how of it. Just curious.

And Nimoy saying to Shatner that: “You should make a very convincing Nazi.”

Mister Kelvington, will the theme from Hogan’s Heroes be heard anywhere in your parody?


In these type episodes-where acting is dominate- we can only rely on the phasers. When that is not- there are possibilities, CBS showed us with a blinking Gorn. It’s up to them. Sooooo?!?!?!?!?!?

What we need is a Hogan’s Heroes” parody show open with scenes from this episode.

#13 – Nope, no Hogans, but you are warm, but not hot. I had thought of doing a title parody, but something much better came to mind.

I just wish one of you folks would have come up with something for this weekend, because I’m dry on Errand Of Mercy. Next week’s I had in the bag as soon as I saw the title in the list.

^^^Keystone Cops?

Great Uniforms!!!! Great Episode

I like the episode a lot.

But one thing I thought was pathetic and moronic was when Spock says something, early in the episode, to the effect of:
“What impressed me the most (about the way John Gill) taught History was the way he emphasized underlying forces and trends instead of memorizing mere dates.

John Gill must have been quite an unusual and brilliant historian!

“20. Gary Seven – May 11, 2007”

That was probably reflective of how classes of History were taught in the 1960s (and still are today) . As dates and events.

That represents the OLD SCHOOL lectrure

Every teaching historian today takes the “Gill Approach.” The focus is on eras and time periods with key events highlighting the acvitivy.

omg we’re breading Gills…run for za hills.

#15 Anthony

Agreed…though it’s a pity they couldn’t have even “smudged” up some of the smaller “crinkled” Bridge screens while they were at it…

#17 As far as a parody for this weekend “Errand Of Mercy” I’t would be nice if you to use the song “Pure Energy” by Information Society since this is the episode they got that famous line said by Spock and was a huge hit for the english group in the 80’s Keep the parodies flowing guys, they’re great . Love em.


Although I am yet to see this episode (haven’t seen the original) I do wonder why such a society would have discrepancies amongst varying technologies (as pointed out, why are they using antiquated machine guns, if they have the capabilities to produce nuclear armed V-2 rockets, or why use primitive 20th century radio, if they can track the Enterprise in orbit, let alone guide a V-2 rocket at a specific target on the rival planet Zeon)

Anyhow that aside, I hear they’re replacing the shot of a V-2 rocket launching (if they are indeed doing so, not really sure, the original was mere WW2 footage) By the looks of the trailer, they have not replaced the military parade footage (of course it would have been very costly to film such a scene in the original version, but now surely they could have implemented a new color scene for the remastered, maybe a colorization of the original WW2 footage? Acquire new color WW2 footage? Or even go the easy way and merely take several scenes from a WW2 Paramount film!)

That Nazi headquarters was located on the Paramount lot. Here’s what it looks like today (hope this link works)…

Just a bit of trivia…

As many know, the Nazi headquarters building that was used in “Patterns of Force” was located on the Paramount lot…Here’s what it looks like today. I hope this long link works…


I like the …'”OOOOF!” ……..LOOK, Dr Sevrin/Melicon has his face… when he’s shot near the end!



Was this meant as part of the pilot for Hogans Hero’s…along w/Stalag-17?

it’s just a question….


I don’t place this episode high on my list. Why?
This is one of the episodes that involves torture of the Enterprise crew.
In this case Kirk’s back was whipped by a Nazi b*str*d.
I think Spock got the same punishment. It isn’t fun to watch.
The subject matter and premise also require an extreme suspension of belief. Who in their right mind would emulate ANYTHING originated by Nazi Germany???

Well it’s not only the fact that Nazism is put into place, but also as I have stated the numerous errors, likewise a Fascist type like society could be indeed implemented without the negative effects created by Nazi Germany, nor is there any need for the use of the Swastika as a national symbol (in the manner that Nazi Germany did of course, not unlike other societies or cultures) Likewise, wouldn’t the Ekosians have had their own symbols prior to contamination?

Anyhow, the main problem (aside from it Nazi tones) as most people see with this episode, is the discrepancies amongst varying technology… unless of course John Gill happened to *really* like WW2 era weapons and vehicles…

#29″The subject matter and premise also require an extreme suspension of belief. Who in their right mind would emulate ANYTHING originated by Nazi Germany??? ”

Wake up and look at the scary world around you. There are still factions of this kind of thing all over the place.


Thanks for the Nazi HQ photo!