Errand of Mercy Screenshots [UPDATED with SFX Video]

SFX Video


Side by Side Video



New and Old


En route to Organia

Being fired upon

Klingon Battlecruser firing on the Enterprise

Firing back

The Klingon fires again

Firing a barage

Only debris left of the Klingon ship

In orbit of Organia

The Klingon fleet pummels the Enterprise

Phasing into pure energy (1)

Phasing into pure energy (2)

Phasing into pure energy (3)

Heading on to the next mission




Kirk and Spock in Organian garb

The council

The Klingon army marches into town


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I am impressed.

well done matt

i think its great that those Klingon ships are now working their way into all these episodes

i’ll second that – good work, matt

Good work, CBS-Digital!

I haven’t seen the ep yet (2 hrs to go), but I’m curious about the Organian transformation scene, particularly what they did with that flame. It’s kind of looking like the flame isn’t the same in the two shots — did they freeze frame, paint out the old flame, and then CG a new flame to go alongside the new effects?

You know, it’s not just the effects, but damn doesn’t the soundtrack sing as well. I’ve loved the reverb when Kor was announcing over the town speaker sys and the distant sound of thunder, like wash, after the explosion Kirk and Spock set.

Just gotta get these DVD’s. As long as there are more TAS like eps. EEEWWW .

Good stuff for the short amount of time they had to fit it in. I really liked it this week.

Totally lame battle scenes. The openning battle never shows the two ships at the same time. Its like they spliced together shots from different shows together to make a scene. At one point the Enterprise is hit and the next shot the Klingon is turning towards the E. Shouldnt they have been facing them already? Too disjointed. CBS digital really is a hack operation in every way. I feel zero love for the material here. They’re just doing what’s expected of them.

I’m impressed as well – at least with battle scenes. Organians left me somewhat underwhelmed.

Come on, there was nothing bad with the look of “transformed” Organians… in fact they looked like they have some structure, like cells made of energy. Not unlike evolved human from B5 episode “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars” (which were inspired by Organians no doubt).
While those new transformed Organians just look like something from TNG.

i totally disagree about the Organians’ transformation. i thought it looked great, very much expanding upon the original shot.

“CBS digital really is a hack operation in every way.”

i haven’t been happy with several things they’ve done, but i think calling them a “hack operation in every way” is really over the top criticism. they haven’t been perfect and they’ve dropped the ball a few times, but the care and respect they’ve attempted to show and pay to the original show is so obvious, it just seems disingenuous to describe their work as “a hack operation in every way”.

Those crazy cuts strike again! This time editing out extra battle footage such as the firing of photon torpedos as seen in the preview.

I was REALLY hoping that they would have digitally greenscreened in 40 or 50 more Klingons. When the Orgainian says that several hundred men have just appeared I pictured throngs of Klingons which would have given Kirk and Spock’s struggle against them a HUGE amount of scale instead of the 6 or 7 guys in the courtyard. People would have lined up in droves and done it for free(with their OWN costumes)just to be in the show.

Missed opportunity.

I thought the same thing.

A few times? Get real, folks. Yes, some of what they do is impressive. But I’ve never, ever seen a show with this many problems. If you look at other trek shows do you see, pound for pound, this many errors? This many lapses in judgment? As a whole this project is a failure. The successes gave me so much hope, some of it I would gladly throw away the original for, but I wouldn’t own this as a dvd set nor would i sit through the series in this condition again.

Missed the very begining, but saw the fleet shot, and it was not that great looking. I mean they were just too close. And I think a real missed opportunity was the brief shot at the end, that could’ve shown us the Enterprise with the Federation fleet heading back. Everyone wanted to see the 23rd Century fleet, and if they felt the need to show us a few Klingon cruisers for a half a second or so, then they could’ve given us a look at the Federation Fleet as well.

I know this ep didn’t have much, but it seemed like back in the day, when eps didn’t have much, they’d try to sneak something cool in, like Normans new circuitry or such. Now it seems like in some of the lesser FX eps, they can’t even be bothered to give us anything but the same reuse of orbit shots instead of some new angles or something to make up for the lack of FX.

Now that they’ve done all of the biggest FX driven eps, it feels like they’ve peaked and are just coasting. I’d like to see them push the envelope a bit more. I really hope to see some incredible city shots in “Cloudminders” to offset the lack of space stuff. Look at the Special Ed. of Bespin to see what I’m talking about. Make the city bigger, add some windows etc.

Some of the stuff lately has been really mixed bag. They need to get some quality control guys to ensure consistent quality. I mean some of this wobbly stuff couldn’t have had the CBS guys going “Man, that looks cool!”

I would have liked the Fleet. I mean, teh Enterprise is not the only ship in the Star Fleet and this was supposed to have been a full scale war. To which both sides knew it.

Why isn’t the CGI as convincing as was done in “Jurassic Park”? Fer cryin’ out loud, we’re tallking about spaceships, not animals!! I wouldn’t buy these on dvds even if China quit putting melamine in pet food.

Whoops, one too many “l’s” in “talking.” Must have been that last beer. But, the CGI project is a big disappointment.

The first shot must be the very first one where the recreation is actually brighter than the original shot! So seems there is hope for these guys…

@ Spockboy

I too would llike to have seen more klingons added in this way. They already did it, in a small sense, for “The Menagerie”, but what I would like to see even more would be several Anthropoids shaking the Galileo 7 when it is trying to take off, CGI’d of course.

#15 – Don’t forget “The Ulimate Computer”.

I can’t wait to see TOS(R) on British TV!!!

Wasn’t it well timed with ‘Blood will Tell’………….

#15. The Lensman – “a real missed opportunity was the brief shot at the end, that could’ve shown us the Enterprise with the Federation fleet heading back.”

That would have been a good shot showing us that the Federation had committed to All-Out-War thus increasing the “scope” of the story. In the limited FXs this would have been about the only place for us to see it.

Thanks for the Screenshots Matt. I always thought one of the really great still images of Captain James T. Kirk lay at the very end of this episode. Here’s it is with credits overlaid –

If they had added the Federation Fleet leaving at the end, all they would have had to do was show five ofrsix ‘Enterprises’ from behind. Pretty easy shot to do, and I could see them changing that in the future.

The Klingon fleet, from what I see here, looked fine. Sure they where close to each other, but it’s not like they where all in a straight line. How else are we going to see that many ships? I’m at a loss trying to think of why some people are not happy with that shot.

As for adding all those Klingons.. interesting idea, but I would worry that the new shots might look ‘tacked on’ when next to the old shots. Would have been a good way to show a few ‘bumpy’ Klingons, but I can live wirthout it.

Should have mentioned earlier – –

Happy Mother’s Day to All.

I thought aside from adding new effects, the purpose of this “Remastered” was to also fix audio flubs. Example: The missing chirp noise when Kirk flips open his communicator after excusing himself from the Organians. I would’ve thought for sure that the signature sound would’ve been added in, but not so.

It was cool to see the Klingon fleet but what does it add really? We already KNEW there was a fleet out there. It was stated in the dialogue. Basically we get a lot of time and energy put into a realized Klingon fleet but no thought put into a small continuity detail like a missing chirp sound. Kind of odd, in my view.

I love what they have done with the episode (One of my favorites).
Showing the Klingon Fleet certainly was a great thing.
But I also think they should have shown the Federation Fleet at some point.

Somehow I think it’s because they would have been unwilling to show only Constitutions, but also afraid to include other, basically conjectural, ships (Although a Miranda with Constitution nacelles should be okay in most peoples’ opinions).
And while showing only D- Type TOS battlecruisers was okay for the Klingon fleet, having two fleets consisting of one type of ship each would have been somewhat underwhelming.
A mixed ship Fed fleet shot would certainly have been the high point of the remastered episode, still great stuff.

They know what we want, they are trying to push the envelope often, and they have the will to make it true to the original.
If only budget and time restrictions weren’t holding them back so often.
Please CBS add some effects for the DVD release. I bet there was quite some stuff that couldn’t be dfinished in time, but would have been great.

Damn, I probably have too high hopes for the DVDs…

Just watched it. Very nice all the way around. I think the effects all look great. The one thing I wish they would have done is add more brightness to the effect of the transforming Organians. As it is, there just isn’t enough “light” eminating from the effect to warrant the reactions of Kirk and Kor. They look like they are watching a nuclear detonation but the effect is just pretty swirly purple things. Other than that, everything else was indeed, “glorious”.

27. Damn, I probably have too high hopes for the DVDs…

Speaking of the DVDs. I read somewhere (this site, I believe) that the remastered DVDs will be available in HD/Standard DVD flip-disc format. Anyone care to speculate about pricing? I suspect they’ll retail at around $120-$150 per season.

Ok…I like some of the ideas here BUT:

1.) Building CGI starships and animating for a two minute (at most) shot — although creating a fanboy orgasm — would cost WAY too much money and for what? A blink and you miss it FX shot?

Not practical. Sure, I would have loved to have seen it too…but please.

2.) Klingon troops. Yes, would have been nice to have seen more of those Klingons on Organia — but again — you have to make costumes, setup the shots…spend time and money on filming them.

Not practical. Keep in mind not only are these remasters low budget, but they also have a VERY limited window (currently) for completing these new shots.

This isn’t Jurassic Park — both in terms of budget and turnaround time.

Keepin’ it real.

LIked the new “Pure Energy” effect! Nicely done.

Did NOT care for the shots of the Klingon weapons hitting the Enterprise shields…not good.


You know what gets me? People who sit there and call people hacks because they don’t like their creative decisions. Most of their decisions are based on the mandate that they are to stay within what the original effects intentions were.

Here’s an example: my wife got chewed out by some guy who thinks he’s a big shot (because he works at a bank) and is an elder in our church. He took the time from HIS job to call my wife at her job to notify her that the paper she is editor for is basically a “hack operation” and a pile of crap.

His basis? Hmmm…maybe because she decided not to put in an article he gave her that was all about him bragging about himself?? Hmmmm…now her paper is trash because he disagreed with her decision. Then he scrambled to find other little things to try to support his decision to rip her a new one.

Their attitude is: Ta hell with people!!!! If they get paid, they oughta do their jobs and get ripped by us since they don’t have feelings anyway. Heck, if they are in charge, they aren’t even human, right?

The human race is in the mess it is because of people like that. I see it on this message board all the time. Now, I just got forced to stoop that low, myself. PATHETIC! The Organians were right!

Oh, I forgot….did anyone notice that in the original effects, the nacelle caps look all wrong? YEAH, THAT’S WHAT i THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think some people are being a little too picky. I thought the new FX were way better than the original, especially the Organian transformation scene. I’m not sure what people expect. CBS Digital is trying to replace the original scenes, in the amount of TIME that the original scenes take place. I suppose if they expanded the time to allow for something more dramatic, that would be fine, but I don’t think they’re going to do that.


The scenes and FX on the other Trek shows were all filmed before the show was aired. This is different. For this, the new FX are REPLACING the old FX, in the time given. So your comparison doesn’t apply.

Thought everything looked beautiful, would have liked to seen a shot of the Federation fleet. I too was puzzled why we didn’t see the entire fleet leaving with the enterprise at the end. Missed oportunity but on whole an excellent episode with nice remastering.


Want some real trivia? That is film composer Basil Poledouris (Conan the Barbarian, RoboCop) as a Klingon in the next-to-last photo (the six Klingons marching), he is one of the ones in back, fourth from left. No kidding.

Overall I liked it. This episode was in my top 5 already. We all seem to agree that Kor was a great adversary for Kirk. The Organian transformation looked terrific and gave more of a sence of being so bright that everyone had to shield their eyes. The Klingon fleet was a nice touch, but I agree that I would have liked to see a Federation fleet. We’ve seen plenty of 24th century fleets, but I’ve always wondered what a 23rd century fleet would look like. Of course, for myself I have to shake my head every time I see a phaser beam that is not fixed. Overall, I’d say for the work they did it looked good, as usual though, I often hope for more.

Some funny things I noticed last night: The orders Kor holds in hand to be posted around are in English. That of course makes no sense since neither the Klingons or Organians would use English. When they throw Kirk into the dungeon, you can see the mat that Shatner falls onto to break his fall.

I thought it was well done. Nothing I could complain about here.

It was very well done. There have been some misses however overall they have done a fantastic job! Keep up the good work CBS-D!

Great job overall.
The initial combat with the Klingon ship knocked me out of my socks! I hadn’t seen that in a while. The new special effects amped it up.
There’s one elment of the show that puzzled me. The “barking dog” heard when Kirk and Spock are sneaking up on Kor’s headquarters at the dead of night..hmmm, didn’t know there were Organian dogs.
Wished that a whole fleet of ships were around for the Big E to join at the end, but at least we got more Klingon ships!
And Kor’s more than a match presence for Kirk is very refreshing! They should have pit Kor up against KIrk a second time..that would have been a great episode/movie.
Keep up the good work CBS-D!

I’m tired of the “time and money” excuse. Time and money doesn’t effect the decision to make a ship wobble or to create a disjointed battle sequence. That’s a creative error that would have been equally easy to do correctly. Plus if you don’t have enough money to do something correctly hold off until you do. Don’t restore something this important in a half ass way. These guy are just bad at what they do. I think Okuda’s team all graduated from that art school where you have to draw the bear and the turtle to get in.

Mark, that’s a pretty unfair comment about the Okudas….and a real cheapshot.

The Okudas are fans like you and I ….but even more have worked on Star Trek for years and years now.

I don’t think the work done on Remastered so far is “bad”. There are certainly things that could be done “better”…those shield effects were pretty terrible in my opinion. I wasn’t happy with the wobble either in TIY. But even that can’t be laid at the Okuda’s feet.



I think you misunderstood me. When I said “time”, I meant IN THE EPISODE. They have to keep the LENGTH of all of the scenes the same, unless they changed the background music. That’s really the only way I can see them EXTENDING the FX scenes. But who’s gonna do THAT?


At least there were Klingon ships AT ALL. They didn’t even show them in the original version.

#17 – Melamine? The Chinese are putting the plastic they make counter tops out of into our pet food? How low can they go!

Great to see the shield effect when the E is hit. A first?

I also liked that they showed the debris from the destroyed Klingon ship, like they did with the Orion ship in “Journey to Babel”.

The only suggestion I have for this before it is put on DVD is the addtition of the federation fleet in the last shot. Other than that it all looked fine to me. A signifigant improvement over the original.



The remastering team stated in the very beginning that they were not going to touch sound effects, though I think they should in some places.

# 46:

I too liked the debree from the klingon ship. I nice and much needed addition.

It’s funny some people were expecting to see a Klingon-Federation faceoff, when the CBS crew was struggling to find a place to shoehorn in a two-second effects shot of the ships. If they had cut some actual bridge footage to put in more effects, more would have screamed in rage.

#42-I’m holding my tongue.