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  • Michael Dorn (who is a pilot) is to serve as master of ceremonies for the National Aviation Hall of Fame’s 46th annual enshrinement dinner and ceremony on July 21
  • Scott Bakula is currently appearing on stage in the play "No Strings" at the UCLA playhouse, he is interviewed by the LA Daily News.
  • Kate Mulgrew is playing the actress Lara Keene in the play "Our Leading Lady." She, along with the play’s director talk about the play with Theater Talk.
  • Leonard Nimoy has a show of photographs of obese women on view at the R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, Mass., through June; a larger show at the gallery is scheduled to coincide with the November publication of his book on the subject, “The Full Body Project.” The New York Times has an interview with the original Spock to discuss his photography.
  • ABC has cut a deal with JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof to run their show Lost until 2010, when it will have a ‘definitive end’

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Still nothing really concrete… though Shatner and Nimoy should be in the movie, I think at this point they won’t be. :-(

i dont think they should be in the movie, just in the production or direction, imo.

winter 2008, yeah!

Vin Diesel as Kor? Puh-lease.

A) Vin can’t act his way out of a paper sack.
B) Kor had never met Kirk prior to Organia.

Obviously, Wizard’s just having some fun.

Ryan Gosling as Kirk? NO, NO, NO, NO!!! Worst actor EVER!! Highly over-rated. It boggles the mind as to why Rachel McAdams is with this drip. In his acting he comes across like a wooden mannequin and that’s on a GOOD day! This guy is so lacking in personality it’s amazing that he can cast a shadow. Besides, men with weak chins shouldn’t even think of portraying “hero” roles! This dweeb shouldn’t be allowed in the theatre with a ticket!!

(best Eddie Haskell tone:) Hello, Mrs. Pascale. Is that a new dress you’re wearing. Why yes, I’d love to stay for dinner…

I have no intrest if Shatner + Nimoy are not asked back.

It would be yet another slap in the face of TOS fans.

Nimoy and the Shat man should be in the New film… not sure how they would do it, maybe it could be a “When Kirk met Spock” film to follow on into the next Trek film, where the USS Titan with Spock on board travel into the Nexus to find Kirks Echo and bring him home… then the Klingons show up, and just as a battle seems to begin Kirk appears on screen shouting “You Klingon Bastards!!!!!”

what a film….

oh and i saw Star Trek III earlier… anyone else think that film was more like an episode and really did blow??

#8 “Star Trek III…really did blow”
Well, let’s see…it’s a dramatic story of friendship, loss, honour, sacrifice and redemption. It has Kirk sacrificing everything he has ever known in order to save his best friend. It has the destruction of the original Enterprise and Kirk fighting a foe to the death. No, I can’t say that I thought it “really did blow”.

Agree with you 100%. Its the most archtypal of the Star Trek films, and it really defines Kirk and Spock’s relationship. Even Bones and Spock’s. OK, so Kruge wasn’t Khan, and Nimoy was just getting his directors legs… but still it was a better film than people give it credit for. And a nice lynchpin between TWOK and Voyage home.

Interesting hobby, Mr. Nimoy.

#9 “nice lynchpin between TWOK and Voyage Home”.
Thanks, I agree that it was indeed formulated to be a trilogy. Too bad that II+III were great, with IV turning into Circus With The Stars! Whaleshit, indeed!! Ah well, two out of three ain’t bad!!

I’ve always loved Star Trek III. The destruction of the Enterprise was a big deal back in the day and Commander Kruge (Christopher Lloyd) was the most evil Klingon in ST history.

Re: 8. Jay – May 14, 2007
“oh and i saw Star Trek III earlier… anyone else think that film was more like an episode and really did blow??”

Being like an episode would be a good thing.

Yeah, that way it could be EPIC in proportion, like Spock’s Brain! LOL

#6 Ivory
“It would be yet another slap in the face of TOS fans.”

Contrary to what you might think of me, I am a fan of TOS, but also the other series too. Do we need another dose of Kirk and Spock.. sure. Another dose of Shatner and Nimoy? That’s debatable. I think Trek and it’s fans can survive a change in cast now without a “hand-off” that would likely be confusing to the casual movie-goer.
Frankly, it’s time to take the training wheels off and let the new cast do a good movie.

Vin Diesel’s name should NEVER appear in the same sentence with Star Trek, unless the words “…will never appear in…while I’m alive” make up the rest of the statement.

“Leonard Nimoy has a show of photographs of obese women on view at the R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, Mass.”


Vin Diesel in star trek = the end of star trek , end of films and movies and mankind as we know it

thats all i can say never ever ever ever ,

I don’t even know who Vin Diesel is, but I really don’t care who they cast in Star Trek XI. They can cast Barney the Purple Dinosaur. They can cast Katie Couric. They can cast a Shirley Booth impersonator or Don King. It just doesn’t matter.


At a convention I went to, he said that his intention was to fight the trend towards anorexic models, and show that there are many different types of women, which made most of the audience cheer. I don’t think that one sentance up there really does justice to his intent.

Please please please, not Matt Damon. Oh, please, please, please!

I know that Paramount and Abrams probably don’t give a rat’s ass what we, the fans, want in the next movie. But, just on the off chance that they’re willing to consider input, why don’t we (with Anthony forwarding it) compile a DEFINITIVE list of who we DON’T want cast in the film? Maybe there’s a slight chance that we could head off an impending disaster that’s heading down the pike (and I don’t mean captain).

re:23. Michael Appleton

Just let them do whatever. They are going to anyway.

Okay, I understand. As my dear old grandmother would say, “if you’re going to be raped, and you can’t stop it, just close your eyes and think of England!!”

#26 Appleton…
Where did you get the analogy of anyone being raped? Good lord..
If you feel strongly about something, find a channel to Abrams for your own comments.. I don’t feel there’s any impending disaster regarding XI. The only gloomy one we have on a consistant basis on XI is Mr. McFibberich.

re: 27. Xai

I don’t mind being referred to as gloomy.
You must not notice, however, the growing number of people who are not that excited about the movie that have been posting…so I am not alone in my gloominess. :)

re: 29 Anthony Pascale

I hope I am not somehow getting lumped in with the “rape” comment mentioned above by a different poster. I have nothing to do with that and I assume that was not your intent to mix us up in your opening statement…but just to be clear. Please do not mix me up with Mr. Appleton. I have no list of demands nor any desire that such a list be made or sent. Nor have I made any such comments. Different guy.

I really have noticed in some of the other threads that there are a number of posters who have indicated that they are not all that excited about this movie for whatever reasons…and more lately. Hence, the ‘growing number’ statement. Merely an observation. It seems, however, that if anyone is not ga-ga over the whole thing we should just go away.

Seriously, if people want to be all excited about it, that is just fine with me. I don’t understand why they are that excited, but they can go ahead and be excited.

I am not in marketing, but I do know that if there is a product I like, and significant changes are made to that product, then it is basically no longer the same product…and I don’t want it. Quite obviously, that works out for the marketer sometimes, and sometimes it fails to work out, but either way, I don’t use that product any more. I’m not interested in Star Trek regaining or maintaining popularity when it has been changed beyond what I like. I guess that makes me a bad person.

Whoa, let me make something clear; I suggested we could send a list of actors we wouldn’t like to see cast in the movie. At no time did I use the word “demands”. What I actually wrote was, “just on the off chance that they’re willing to consider input, why don’t we compile a DEFINITIVE list of who we DON”T want cast in the film”. That’s a recommendation, not a demand.
I do, however, apologize to anyone who was offended by the subsequent “rape” comment. I was simply using an old line I remembered, trying to put a sardonic spin on my reaction to the response that nothing could be done in regard to providing feedback to the Trek producers. It was a clumsy attempt at wit and I’m sorry if I stepped over the line of good taste.

re: 31. Anthony Pascale

More like, “the needs of the MONEY outweigh the needs of the few” :)

That’s the way it goes, like it or not.

The definitive list of actors we don’t want to see is a terrible idea. How would the list even be compiled? It would feature every actor in the known universe, especially since the purists are dead set against anyone not named Shatner and Nimoy.

It’s time for us to realize that the nature and direction of Trek XI is pretty much out of our hands. Nothing to do but wait for Christmas 2008. I for one will be looking forward to the event…

Let’s hope we don’t get Carrot-top playing Spock!!



Saw Fracture last night… alright film, Goslings abit wooden alot like Keanu Reeves…. therefore he would make a crap kirk and doesnt even look like him