Peer Through The Looking Glass At The “Shore Leave” Preview have put up a preview for next weekend’s "Shore Leave" Remastered.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT also have 4 non FX images from the Remastered version.




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Great episode, but not much in the way of fx. I’m almost afraid to see what the syndicators cut out… all the lines are good. Ah well. It’s nice to remember the whole episode.

Watch for near the end of the episode, after Kirk has beaten Finnegan. As Spock comes up to talk to him, Shatner’s “hair” is sticking up all over the place like a $2 wig! Let’s see the FX boys try and fix THAT!!

They didn’t wemaster the whascally wabbit?

this episode really boring, i didnt like that kind of umm halloween custumes

god himself ! ( no not the real one the one who need a bloody starship) could not fix shatners hair !

Can’t wait for this one…not so much because of the FX but because all the location shooting outside should look absolutely gorgeous remastered. And as always, the fight with Finnigan alone is worth the price of admission.

Even prior to re-mastering, this episode has perhpas the finest image quality of any of the originals on DVD. This is perhaps due to the fact that this episode was largely shot outdoors and thus may have been photographed using “slower” speed, higher-resolution film stock than the show typically employed. For whatever reason, the original photography of this episode is noticably sharper than that found even in most other “outdoor” TOS epsidoes.

not much for those hacks at cbs digital to screw up..erand of mercy was a joke and so was tommorow is guys truly are coprorate stooges..may les mooves shit in your mouth..

Ah… yeoman Tonia Barrows (Emily Banks)… :-)

My, my #8. Your mommy kiss you with that mouf?

Wascally wabbit wooks wonderful!

I sure wish they could make the rabbit look like something other than a guy in a giant bunny suit.

#12 Isn’t that Bill Blackburn (Lt. Hadley) inside the Rabbit Suit?? I believe I remember him saying he did that part. It would be great if he had some shots from his “behind the scenes film camera” which he kept with him.

more posts like #7 and #13, less posts like #8 and whatever mine ends up being numbered

Oh bitter, bitter #8…I agree about the look of this episode–even in the original remasterings done for the Sci Fi Channel “Shore Leave” looked amazing so I’m really just looking forward to seeing what the new pass reveals…


What’s wrong with it? To be a nerd about this episode, the Planet creates objects taken from a man’s imagination. Those of us old enough to remember those things called “books” actually READ “Alice in Wonderland” and, I dare say, most if not all of us imagined the Rabbit jsut as he is shown here.

Why would anyone wish to replace him? No doubt, were they to do so, he would be replaced by a CG monstrosity reminiscent of the Planet of the Apes “remake”. That was so unbearable I walked out in the middle of it. Just couldn’t take any more insults to my intelligence!

Maybe the can dub out the word “bridge” in the line , “someones beaming down from the bridge”…

Yeoman Barrows.. . grrrrrrrrrrooooowwwwllllll!!!!!!!

# 16 ……. Damn them all to hell !!!!!!

#17–I never liked that line about beaming down from the bridge. Maybe Sulu knew that only bridge personal could beam down? Eh, I think this episode isn’t that good. I never really liked it and what happened to Angela? She got shot by the plane but never returned. Oops.

oh , and maybe they can CGI the collar off of the tiger’s neck.

#20… From what I recall reading they kind of shot this episode on the “fly” ( definitely not story boarded) which would explain the anomalies like Angela, and how may shots were fired from the gun.

#8- Seems you need that vacation Kirk was advised to take, or at least McCoy’s two women at the end! lol

For some reason I really enjoy all the orginal TOS episodes that were filmed outdoors, and not just on sound stages. To me it adds realism and makes the story more believable.

Mike :o

I think I’m wrong, but in the preview, the Japanese Zero close up as it is shooting it’s machine guns looks a bit CGI. Particularly the wing and gun barrels in the wings.

-the original never had a zero. It was what appeared to be a WWII German plane. The whole close up is new.

#20, yes Lieutenant Angela Teller was returned to life. Look carefully at the end and you see her standing with Lt. Rodriguez.


I never liked this episode, I don’t know why…..I mean basicaly it is a solid episode but I just don’t like it. But I have to say I agree with everyone saying this episode looks beautiful remastered or not, the colours are beatiful and the whole thing was perfect. I think I will sit down and watch it again, as it has been a while. And #8 tone it down, you may hate it biut that is a bit strong They are doing their best with what little they have.

I never liked this episode, I don’t know why…..I mean basicaly it is a solid episode but I just don’t like it. But I have to say I agree with everyone saying this episode looks beautiful remastered or not, the colours are beatiful and the whole thing was perfect. I think I will sit down and watch it again, as it has been a while. And #8 tone it down, you may hate it biut that is a bit strong They are doing their best with what little they have.

This episode is a lot of fun, and the cast seemed to enjoy being free from the soundsatges for a change.

One scene which I’ve always liked is the tracking shot of Kirk as he hauls ass across the glade reacting (if I remember correctly) to the pistol shots fired by Sulu. Shatner’s in a full-out sprint and the camera moves across the glade with him from a wide shot to a close up as they converge. It’s an extremely cinematic scene, very rare for television especially in those days, and it very effectively conveys a feeling of urgency and speed. It’ll be fun to watch this episode again.

Oh and a quick message to “i hate cbs digital” before Anthony kicks him from the site: If I’m a “corporate stooge,” where the heck is my paycheck?

They need to make all the alien planets with moutain sceens look less like Vazquez Rocks. And I agree with #12 and make the rabbit not a giant fake suit. This eposide was the so weird that I never liked it anyways.

Just as they show the plane along with Kirk and Spock….you see the plane first approaching. But look just down below it in the distance…not that far away you
can see another small plane or some kind of aircraft. I noticed that on TvLand
yesterday morning.
Anyone else ever notice this before?

What is wrong with you folks? This is one of the very best Star Trek episodes! What’s not to like? Like #30, Buckaroohawk, I really enjoy that dolly shot with Kirk sprinting toward Sulu’s gunshots. There’s a short piece of music during that scene that I don’t think was used in any other episode, sort of an off-key, urgent version of the Trek theme. In fact, the entire score for this episode is fantastic. Barrows was a doll, McCoy gets the girl (several of them), there’s that cool, creepy “cellular casting” dummy in the knight’s costume, the prolonged fight with Finnegan, the location shooting, hints at the character’s lives — Sulu the gun nut, Kirk’s lost (older woman?) love Ruth and his Academy nemesis Finnegan, Spock’s philosphy of “rest,” a Zero, a tiger, a samurai…and a fun and clever ending to all the madness. This is a top-twenty episode for sure.

Ah well…to each his own.

Scott B. out.

#16: Old Timey Fan:
You said it! No need to CGI the Rabbit.
I read books when I was a kid as well. Still do now.
I hated the Planet of the Apes remake too. I remember watching the Original movies when they were shown on TV in the 70s. Fond memories of the Original movies always, they always had something to say about the human condition, whereas the remake said NOTHING.

All you need to know to love this episode is McCoy falls in love. He’s so charming and sweet that you enjoy it. Unlike say when Scotty falls in love and smothers the girl to death.

8. I think that’s supposed to be Les “Moonves” … dohhhh!

Boy, we get taken to task for any off colour remark, and yet #8 is allowed to make such a disgraceful comment and….NOTHING! Go figure…

Thanks Anthony, I appreciate the explanation.

12 & 16

The rabbit is fine and it doesn’t need fully replacing because if the computer was reading McCoy mind I can imagine he might of thought about it looking that way.

I was hoping they would have maybe done something to the face though. Maybe they could have had the rabbit’s eyes move and nose twitch?

#35: Scotty was as bad as Geordi LaForge from TNG when it came to smothering women. Must be an engineering thing or something (good with ships / not with ladies.)

Shore Leave (Original) is on TvLand Now……

Slighty dubious timimg of the voiceover “Where dreams come true” Then McCoy sees the little girl. :D

Ughh. Anthony, I hope you ban #43 as well.

…And pass his IP address along to “To Catch A Predator” while you’re at it.

Make the Bunny blink!

I agree with 46 – MORE BLINKING!

Great, now we’ve got people with BUNNY issues! It’s enough to make the HARE on the back of your neck stand up!!

One of my favourite episodes as a kid. Just wanted to say. :D

Ah, the classic and hilarious Kirk/Finnegan fight (“C’mon, Jimmy-boy!”), with Spock’s follow-up:

“Did you enjoy it, Captain?”

LOL. Still makes me laugh after seeing it multiple times the last 30+ years.