This Week In Trek

TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week

Trek XI:

Trek Merchandise:

  • The first season of Star Trek Voyager was made available on iTunes last week, but today it was removed due to technical issues. We are told it should return soon.
  • Trek Toy distributor Diamond Select has purchased Trek Toy maker Art Asylum

Trek science:

  • Stanford University scientists have developed a ‘Star Trek style scanner‘ to detect cancer, however currently it is the ‘size of a garden shed’.

Trek in the real wold:

  • Carnagie Mellon’s Robot Hall Of Fame has inducted Commander Data.
  • The British Lottery announced the ’10 strangest requests’ for money grants, including one to build a  replica of the Starship Enterprise. The fan felt that it could provide a safe place for "lonely people" to meet
  • The Canadian Press ran a feature on the town of Vulcan, Alberta which has added a number of attractions to bring in Trekkie tourists

Where are they now:

  • Patrick Stewart is preparing to play Mac Beth on the English stage. On the Parkinson talk show he said he was happy to be back home and felt his work in Hollywood ‘lacked substance’.
  • ABC has announced they are picking up the sitcom Sam I Am, starring Christina Applegate and featuring Tim Russ. Russ’ VOY co-star Robert Duncan McNeil directed the pilot.
  • The long strange journey of James Doohan’s ashes is finally over; UP Aerospace announced the payload shot into space recently has been recovered.

Trek YouTube Clip of the week

a trailer for Trek XI?

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Overall, kind of a slow week in trekdom…..

Can’t wait for some real Trek XI news!

Until Next Time,

Hey, I’m first for a change, whaddya know!!!

Welcome Back, Scotty!
How was the trip?
Personally, they can blast my ashes into space, but I wanna stay up there. At 44, I’m still planning on taking a trip to the moon whilst still breathing.

lol love the trailer…. would be cool no?

Last week there was a rumor that Ryan Gosling was interested in playing Kirk…

I saw ‘Fracture’ last night… it was an OK film id give it 5/10 however if it wasn’t for the brilliance of Anthony Hopkins then that film would have hit a mere 3/10… the Gosling was like the name suggests, about as good as a baby duck and more wooden than a ducks nest (if they have them) he reminds me of Keanu Reeves.

Point being, he would be rubbish as Kirk, Shatner was and still is a great actor… Gosling has a different style, however that isn’t what does it for me with Gosling, yea ok, maybe he could be given the benefit of the doubt with his acting on STXI but lets face it, the guy doesn’t even look like Kirk!!

If you imagine the difference between the original BSG series, and the new one: NONE of the actors chosen actually looked like their original counterparts. Hell, one black character was switched out to be a white guy and the lead character “Starbuck” was a man in the original series, and turned into a hottie chick in the new series.

Bottom line is: Don’t have to necessarily have identical looking actors to fill the shows. If it’s a reboot of TOS in the same way as the new BSG is a reboot of the original BSG, you don’t need the same exact character line-up, or the same ship etc, as long as try and follow the general principles and stories of the original.

Slooooooooooow….. … … .. .. .. … … ….. …… Is an understatement for the news this week. Perked my ears up about art asylum being bought out though… They made some really good ships.

Aaron R.

That fan trailer was pretty cool. A great job of editing all those clips together. Pretty darned exciting!

“The Canadian Press ran a feature on the town of Vulcan, Calgary which has added a number of attractions to bring in Trekkie tourists”

I heard that NASA was looking for Vulcan. It could take a while if they’re looking for the province of Calgary though. (Calgary is the major city nearest Vulcan… both are in the province of Alberta)

#4 “Ryan Gosling…would be rubbish as Kirk”.
Absolutely right, Gosling stinks as an actor! Having him cast as Kirk would be a travesty! How Rachel McAdams can be involved with this dweeb loser is beyond imagination! This guy has zero charisma, zero talent and zero screen presence! This waste of skin shouldn’t be allowed in the theatre with a ticket! Oh, by the way, did I make it clear that I can’t stand this walking mannequin? Christ, what’s wrong with Hollywood these days?


the writers have promised to stick to trek canon, this means that the characters will be the same characters, therefore they must share the same likeness and familiarity… Battlestar is amazing as a reboot (which is what it is) Trek XI isnt a “reboot” its just a new angle of the story in canon form… so your comments although well thought out, have no real meaning here.