Remastered “Shore Leave” Airs This Weekend

The crew find an idyllic planet for some R&R, but get more than they bargained for

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A fun zany Trek adventure with yet another trip to Vasquez Rocks where Kirk takes on Finnegan. Also has one of the more memorable scores (by Gerald Fried who also did "Amok Time"). The TOSR team have just a handful of ship in orbit establishing shots, but a lot of colorful scenes should benefit from the new transfers. 

No new video this weekend…but here is a repeat of ‘White Rabbit’

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bueno no es de los mas vistosos en cuanto a efectos especiales, ademas es uno de los episodios mas aburridos de TOS, por lo menos para mi, aunque eso si tiene sus momentos divertidos.

Errare est hominum escogere est divinum. In vino veritas cogito.

Since we are on the subject of fantasy related episodes, ok, everyone knows how Kirk always grabs the lift mechanism in the turbolift when traveling the shaft, suppose, on any given occasion, whilst holding the mechanism, Kirk literally pops Spock in his jaw in mid-sentence for absolutely no rational reason whatsoever. I mean drills him. Hard.
Then blankly stands there without any expression.

How would Spock have reacted?

You lying bastards know you have entertained the same notions! Sorta like looking over at someone while driving, and thinking what would happen if you shoved them out of the door at 65 mph.

It’s 4:10 a.m., give me SOME credit here sheesh.

FishDS9 & steve623 (perhaps Steve Johnson & Josh T Kirk Esquire)
Plus WDKY-56 Lexington, Kentucky Viewers – –

NASCAR & MLB combine to “Pitch a Shut-Out” for this weekend!
“Shore Leave” will NOT air at all. Must wait for the repeat slot next Monday morning (June 4th) at 4:00am.

Note: Next Saturday we will return to the 1:00pm time slot for “Bread and Circuses”.

“Italic” ?

Posts #1, 2, & 3- HUH?????

…Jim, na’dev Ital’ngan putulu!

The “Shore Leave” Planet is sort of our first hint at a Holodeck system only planet sized. Plus it’s tough, with the “Safety Features” turned Off! Obviously the Caretaker’s people liked it rough. Perhaps the Director Robert Sparr did too – – the cast objected to him ever directing again and he never did.

The White Rabbit’s Footprints are reused later in “A Private Little War” for the Mugato. Wonder if the Mugato prints will get a remastering later on?

Greg, thanks for the heads up. Thankfully Tivo has also informed me of the change. ;)

#4…have you considered moving to a more trek friendly town?

Where TOS is concerned, I prefer bold episodes to italic ones ;)

#8 Greg — do you know the reasons for the cast’s objections? Interesting trivia bit…

#10 brady – This is the first time WDKY has not shown an episode and we hope it’s just a one time thing. I’m not ready to move yet, they’ve treated Trek Remastered Great. We normally see it Saturday’s at 1:00pm long before the vast majority of this community. So we’ll cut’em some slack for now.

#11 Spirit – I’ll agree! So it’s SHORE LEAVE for today!

#12 Lao 3D – Nope, I don’t know specifics other than the cast disliked working with him. I’d be interested too in finding out exactly what situations caused him to be “blackballed”. Perhaps another Community Member here knows some details.

I think you mean an idyllic planet, sted italic planet.
Glad I’m not the only one who does things like that.

Indeed, Josh, wine does make you think you’re God.

#7-Once again, I say: “HUH?”

Thanks for the heads up, Greg! You rock the casbah!

8 – Greg. Does that mean the Mugatu jumps and hops like a big Bunny?

ps- Yeah! Idyllic.

A question for Anthony-

As we are over 3/4 of the way through Year One of the Remastered Star Trek, and the year ends in September of 2007 of the first batch of remastered shows, I have a question about Year Two.

One of the flaps that occurred early was that Star Trek Remastered is in high definition with the intent to broadcast in hi-def. But there was an issue with the syndication stations, They wanted hi-def material, but the way Paramount CBS was sending the files to the stations, the stations had no way to store them. So they had to broadcast in standard definition. This is one side of the story as I recall it. I believe Paramount was saying the stations weren’t ready.

Whatever the case, I am curious if Year Two will see them fix this and broadcast in hi-def? Recently, the San Francisco CW station that broadcasts Star Trek has updated equipment and begun broadcast of hi-def material during prime time.

Thanks if you have any info for future stories.

Alas, the hi-def DVD’s will appear at year’s end for the first season shows. Shore Leave must look incredible in hi-def!

#17 steve623 – No problem, looks better for us next weekend.

#18 CmdrR – Does that mean the Mugatu jumps and hops like a big Bunny?
You know as a kid I kinda wondered about that seeing the prints. He does seem to hop around at times even when he’s attacking in the episode.

#19 Nelson – Good Question

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