Shatner Woo: The Remix

A clip of Shatner on Conan is becoming the latest hip thing for a mashup….here are four from YouTube. The Shat cannot be stopped!

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I swear, if Shatner has one more facelift, when he blinks his knees will squeak!

I saw that episode of Conan and Shatner was so funny! You gotta love the Shat!

Mike :o

The first clip is actually a pretty good mix.

I’m surprised.

Love the shat…. boom-da-boom-pat. Love the shat…boom-da-boom-pat…Love the shat…. boom-da-boom-pat. Love the shat…boom-da-boom-pat..Love the shat…. boom-da-boom-pat. Love the shat…boom-da-boom-pat


Anyone notice the Shat seems to be slimming down significantly, and colored what hair he has remaining.



If you have watched Shatner’s close ups on Boston Legal you would see that the man clearly hasn’t had any facelifts. Kenny Rogers and Burt Reynolds…well, that’s another story.

I definitely vote #1 as my favorite, then #4, #3, and #2 at the bottom. Da Shat is STILL da man!

7. I think he is getting ready for november….. they ask him to loose a few pounds i think…..

#8 I wouldn’t say NO work has been done — I think there may have been at least an eye-lift somewhere in there. But you can say the same for pretty much 99.9 percent of Hollywood. And I should look so good or be so vibrant at 76, driving race cars for pete’s sake. Ya gotta love it…

Nature Boy Shatner!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is the Captain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did you compose all those clips together!?

Only when he starts carrying a phaser in public, pointing it at people and yelling “Wooooooooo” will I believe he’s in the next movie.



He has had considerable face-lifts! Look at home the wrinkles on his forehead are stretched out for instance.

Is he slimming for the return of the Captain I wonder?

Urgh. Look at how I mean

Man… That first clip is a really good mix. Terribly funny though.

Very, very annoying.

Shatner is the bizness.

I think he actually secretes cool from his palms the way maple trees ooze syrup!

I guess he doesn’t dye his hair so much as change wigs

Al, did The Shatner date your mommy???? What’s your problem with him???

#19 Oceanhopper,
He may secrete “cool” but I think it’s from his scalp… thus making the native hair slide off.

SHAT= Synthetic Hair Atop Thespian. Well, what do you think? As to the debate on whether the Shat has had a facelift, are you kidding? I clearly remember a photo of him (being published) attending some movie premiere back in the late 70’s, and he must have just had a major nip+tuck because he looked friggin’ Chinese!!

#8 I would bet my next paycheck that “The Shat” has had at least one face lift, if not a few.

I think you have to give his toupee maker and plastic surgeon alot of credit because unlike Kenny Rogers and Burt Reynolds, Shatner doesn’t look like a circus freak after his facelift! Reynolds and Rogers look downright creepy to me now!

A good facelift is one you barely notice and looks natural. For a man in his mid seventies, I think he looks pretty darn good! Too bad he can’t take off the extra weight because he would look even better!

Go Fat Shat Go!

Mike :o

he’s slimming down for the flash foward scenes for Star Trek XI

No one wants to see a fat Kirk

Man I am all Shatted out after watching that stuff!;) So wild at 6 AM in the morn. Go Shat go break out beyond the sound reality!!!

The persona and aura of the Shat will be a huge void to fill for the new actor. I SO wish the Shat could do it himself (and I’m sure so does he). Damn aging….

But still, I agree with above posts, he looks awesome for 75 (76?)….

all i can say is: thank god i live in an age when people can do such nutty things: use affordable technology to waste time in the most hysterical pursuits. god that was funny. just think, in the 70s the most fun you could have was with a mimeographed fanzine of ineptly drawn fan art!

re: face lifts. well, the guy is like 75, right? if you ever seen an actual, natural, non-hollywood 75 yr-old, THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE SHAT. sure he’s got good genes. and he is the shat after all. but come on!

Pudginess also stretches out those wrinkles (although I am sure he’s been pulled, lifted, nipped and plenty of other things, and good on him). and i still think he’s moved from the realm of rugs and into the land of plugs. they do wonders with hair transplantation these days. and ye gods, yes, we should all be so lucky to look so good, be so active, and enjoy such health as Mister Shatner when we are 76 years old. He is a colossus.

and the first clip was absolutely hilarious. i had to bite my tongue not to laugh out loud in my office yesterday when i watched that. i actually saw the Conan interview the night it aired, and *that* was also hilarious.

All hail King Shatner.

WOO-ing certainly is less embarrassing then his ‘singing’ is ;)

– W –
* The Shat does seems to be slimming down *

he is right UP THERE with Bruce Campbell!


I cant get this fucking thing out my head

for the past day or so I been going ‘WHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ THATS THE KEY! THE RELEASE OF ENERGY etc etc




I tell ya i gonna upload this shit on to my MP3 and hit the gym…I’ll be built like Arnie in a few weeks.

Yes, let’s hope that he’s slimming down for the movie.
Conan appearance was one of his best ever. The “In the Year 2000” comedy bit was also the best. Conan’s band member who sings out the phrase looks a bit like The Shat.