Bread and Circuses Remastered Screenshots and Video

Trekus Maximus

SFX Video



Comparison Video

Original vs. Remastered

Headed in
  Beaming down
In orbit..
now with bullet holes
Leaving orbit

watching viewscreen
Headed out


Kirk and Claudius

Merik goes native


hubba hubba

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Matt has the week off…so Rick was kind enough to step in…thanks very much Rick! more video stuff from rick coming soon….check back

Sweet. I like the new topside angle of the ship from orbit.

yep i like the hubba hubba one :)

Ok, what is that flying past the Enterprise in the opening shot? Is that supposed to be wreckage of the Beagle?

#4: I agree, that “wreckage” shot was horrible. If not for the dialogue, I’m not sure if anyone would have known what was flying by. Definitely could have been much better.

Has anyone else noticed that they added two moons to a lot of the exterior and space shots? Sort of an interesting decision to make… If this planet followed the same evolution as earth, having two months would have totally screwed it up. They should have stuck to one. But hey… artistic liscence. It’s cool to finally see some other planetary bodies.

OK, I’ll play my usual contrarian. I liked the moons very much. I don’t think adding them changes the logic of the script, while it shows that a conscientious artist can make decisions without ruining the work of an original artist. (Yes, you could put the Mona Lisa in a new frame as long as it’s a nice one, not a Wal-Mart cheapie.) Unless someone who was on the original team objects, these changes seem to be the kinds of things they would have done if they had been able to in 1966-69. Ditto for the Beagle wreckage. That worked very nicely with the seque music and the concerned look on everyone’s face. Have you seen the script story treatments? There’s a lot of “everyone looks concerned” in them, leaving the whole plot sometimes hanging on the facial expressions of Shat and the gang. No wonder the scenery gets gummed.

While the above video is okay, it’s missing one of the coolest shots, a top down view of the Enterprise. Fortunately, *this* video does have it:

#8 You know your right, I missed that top down shot in the FX reel, but I caught it in the side by side which will be up shortly. Sorry about that chief!


Didn’t they say in the episode that the landmasses were different shapes than that of Earth? I would think that THAT would have as much of an effect on society as having two moons.

So they could bullet holes in the wall, but couldn’t change the personnel records of Mitchell and Dehner in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”?

(I did like the bullet holes. I noted them when I watched, but forgot there weren’t there in the first place…)

well Fred that may seem inconsistent, however look at the episodes as a whole. For an episode like this they have just a few establishing shots and that gives them time to do some ‘extras’. For WNMHGB there was a lot more going on…like the galactic barrier and so they just didnt have the time

My favorite shot is looking between Chekov and Sulu at the planet rotating and moon on the view screen. Great looking shot!

Again I ask is today the anniversarry of TWOK’s opening day?????

Aintitcool’s Merrick had a very poingant major headline about it

Bullet holes? I always thought the only reason Kirk, Spock and McCoy survived that machine gun blasting was because the transporter field has some kind of inherent protective capability, otherwise a bug could enter that sparkling energy and we’d have The Fly in space. Yeah, I know the “Day of the dove” warmonger energy pinwheel appeared to jump into the beam. But wouldn’t bullets rob somebody of their liver or something? Seriously, if Kirk could transport off that vampire cloud world during an anitmatter explosion, the transporter must protect crew in transit somehow. I suppose you could argue for some quantum level effect, purely pie in the sky. The hole pattern didn’t even match the back and forth movement of the guard’s gun, anyway. I think maybe they should just leave a little mystery on film sometimes.

Re: #15

I thought about that too. I rememer in Voyager, Carey was killed off by a phaser blast thru a transporter beam. I wish it was consistent as to whether it shields them or not. If in fact it does, then why did B&B revert it back to a more primitive form that doesn’t? C’mon CBS-D -a lil’ consistency please.

Regarding bullet holes, I believe that Carey was killed prior to the transporter engaging, or in the very early stages of it. As to *this* episode, the bullets either had to (a) go through them, (b) be beamed up with them, or (c) deflected and bounced back somewhere. Since there were never any ricochet sounds we can assume it was (a) or (b), and (b) would be a mess as the landing party materialized only to have projectiles penetrate them. So (a) seems the most reasonable given what is there. (Plus it was a cool touch.)

Frankly the bullet hole scene is something I never noticed or cared about. Its a nice touch though. The Exterior Shots are pretty much to perfection at this point. Its just a shame they were not consistent beforehand. I like the idea of the moon shots for the reason not every planet on the TOS has to be so generic looking. Taking the artistic liberty seemed to work in this case.

I liked what CBS did here. The Moons were a welcome change and we get a new orbit shot of the E. Keep up the new orbit angles CBS. I love the “classic” angles but there are plenty of opportunities to put new ones in. The bullet holes were a surprise as well, I think our heroes don’t get hit by the them because they are “in transit” and therefore are not solid, in theory the bullets should go right through them!! :D

Trekdude: Yeah……I like the Hubba – Hubba one too. That could have been easily called Kirks Babe…or perhaps: (The one that got away) since I’m certain he didn’t score with her.

I like the moons too. But something doesn’t look right in the first orbital shot — we see the moons as crescents, but the planet itself looks to be (as far as we can see) fully illuminated on the side facing us. Since they’re both lit from the same source, the planet should be “crescent” too, no?

Otherwise, nice.

So what happened to the other two communicators, three phasers, and two tricorders that are still in the Procounsel’s possession?
You can’t tell me he’s not interested in what makes them tick.

#23: Just wait until you see the new features in the Jupiter 9!

I like what CBS has done this week, although why is it that when the Enterprise is in orbit around the Planet there isn’t any land mass to be seen? I can only make out blue sky and clouds…

Yet on the approach shot through the main view screen (Seen on the video below) you can clearly see land mass on the planet?

Is it just because of the heavy cloud we cant see the land below it? Anyone got any other ideas?

Minor fix for this webpage:
The link to the old “In orbit…” shot is currently
comment image
but should instead be
comment image

#20…. re: hubba hubba.. I think he DID bag her… wasn’t she the “gift” slave that he had for the night? I don’t think they discussed the politics of the Empire…

Cuts or pans to flaming objects (fireplaces, candles, etc.) ALWAYS imply sex…

nothing wrong with having the moons…
interesting to have the wreckage flying by…

I wish I had one of those Boo HIss Catcall machines :)

Well , I’m Obviously late on joining this forum, However I can’t wait to see what CBS does with ” The Enterprise Incident” Will we see Romulan ships or Klingon ships? Will spock’s dialogue ” Romulans now using klingon design” be cut? And I have not seen boldly go Remastered.. Does the tombstone still say “james R Kirk ? or has this been fixed?somebody help me on this?


#29: Reportedly within CBS Digital they debated whether or not to fix the tombstone. in the end it was left unaltered. It probably appeared in too many tracking shots to be fixable within their allotted time/budget for the episode.

The add-ons this week really enhanced the otherworldliness for me. I’m glad they are pushing the envelope a bit on “FX-light” episodes. Especially liked the topside view others have mentioned.

On a semi-unrelated note, let’s give a shout out to fellow poster Jeff Bond on the release of the special edition “Fantastic Voyage” DVD today. I see he’s provided commentary for the film, even more reason to rush out and buy one. As if Raquel Welch in a wetsuit wasn’t enough!

In the “In orbit” comparison shots, why is the new deflector dish smaller than the original? If this has been explained in another thread, I missed it.


The reason for this is because the original Enterprise model from the first few episodes of the series was used for this shot. This is obvious not only because of the size of the deflector dish but because of the type of nacelle caps used as well. The original model’s deflector dish was slightly larger than the model used for the rest of the series and the nacelle caps were a solid dark red with some sort of long needles coming out from their center.

#29…I’d think if they wanted to keep the Klingon design, it would be another optical where they could change a detail, but stay with the original spirit of the shot… in showing the underside with the ‘bird of prey’ paint scheme as in “Balance of Terror”.

Or they could drop the dialog and create a new Romulan vessel.

I’d hope for the former.

#29 “…with ” The Enterprise Incident” Will we see Romulan ships or Klingon ships? ”

Why couldn’t there be both?

…..or both!

Back to Bread- The opening E shot was spectacular!
Planet & moons- I approve. Nicely NASA-esque, lending a touch of realism.
Rear nacelle balls. (Yes again.)
Will someone at CBS-D please LOOK at the proportions?!

#9…. lest I seem ungrateful….your work is very much appreciated, and the side by side kicked ass (as always)

I very much enjoy the side-by-side comparisons. Thank you.

Huh. It looks like my attempt to post didn’t work, so I’ll try again.

re: #29 and #34 — For me, the entire TOS-R project will be worth it if I get to see those Klingon-designed warships decked out with proper Romulan bird-of-prey markings, as any self-respecting Romulan would demand. Keep the dialogue, but make the ships *Romulan* in character despite the Klingon design.

“Have you seen the script story treatments? There’s a lot of “everyone looks concerned” in them, leaving the whole plot sometimes hanging on the facial expressions of Shat and the gang. No wonder the scenery gets gummed. ”

I’ve think you’ve got it exactly backwards. They didn’t have the money or the technology to do the effect very well, so they relied on dialog, mood, and music to get the point across.

33. That could also explain why the Nacelles sometimes had domes on the back and sometimes they didn’t.