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What a total mishmosh of pure and utter nonsense in every conceivable concept possible!
Oh yeah….FIRST!


Sorry, I don’t get it

what is not to get? it is clips of Star Trek 7 (Generations) mixed into the trailer of Pirates 3. seems straightforward to me….and pretty funny. I must admit i always loved that scene where worf gets promoted and seeing them all in those outfits. so what other summer movie mashups are in store. come on transformers and borg are a natural fit

Ha Ha the ugly Enterprise blew up. Ha Ha Ha. Seriously though cool and creative stuff, nice job. A shipload of fun and badassed pirates and a shipload of pansies in a holodeck.

Seeing the clip after the “And William Shatner” name is flashed on the screen had me in stitches.

Dangit! A captain like Kirk should die on the bridge, not off of one!

*sigh* I just want my Spockie’s Brain preview!!!

this would have been better than either movie actually was.

Totally loved it! Two of my favourite movies united…I don’t care what people say…I love both of them…

Great! :-D

Noticed for the fencing scene, you culled the entire first season of TNG for one of the perhaps 3 or 4 good episodes.

That’s also the ep where Data the no contractions android yells out loud and clear: “It’s me!”

I wish I had as much time on my hands as the peeps who make these joke videos.

#8 My thoughts exactly.
Something tells me no one is going to do a spoof for this weekend. Spock’s Brain is a joke in itself so why bother spoofing it.

#8 & 14-Agreed on Generations, totally off on Pirates 3. Rick-All I have to say to you is: “What ARRRRRRRE ya doin’?” LOL

Yea i agree with Redshirt , i always thought spock’s brain was the spoof

“Brain…Brain…What is Brain?”

“Left forefinger”…”Correct”

I enjoyed the video, except the shot of Harriman left a bad taste in my mouth. He just doesn’t get it for me as the epic hero type. More of a wus, if you ask me. Kinda like Sesame Street’s “One of these things is not like the other…..” LOL

“Yo Ho Cap’in…Warp 5”

What fun! Thanks RK

We need a parrot on the bridge of any Enterprise. A,B,C, even the bloody D!

Nice mash up! Captain Jack versus Captain Jim — now that would be a pirate movie worth seeing…

#15: I would have to disagree with you on Pirates 3… I didn’t like it as much as I liked the first one, because they lost the delacate balance of humor and action. “Thankyee Jack… No, we named the Monkey Jack…” I think that ballance was what made the first movie so great. And Generations didn’t quite have the ballance either… it was either all “end of the world” or all slapstick.

#22-Interesting, because I found myself laughing at many things in this one, just like the first one. Frankly I think one of the strengths of Pirates 1 & 3 was G. Rush & J. Depp (Barbossa & Jack) and their comedic chemistry against each other, heck not just comedic…..acting chemistry. Generations didn’t have balance because the Kirk character was only about 50% of his real personality, then there was that other guy who didn’t act like James T. Kirk at all. POOR WRITING from that dude named Braga and that supposed God of Kobol-R.D. Moore!

That was too funny. Good one.

Pretty neat , pretty neat!!!


added a new ‘side by side comparison’ link (see below the video)

Nice work…both films were never better…