Steam Trek

Ever wonder ‘What if Star Trek was made in the silent era?’ No? well watch it anyway

Background on this at the Steam Trek site

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That was hilarious!

Where can I buy the soundtrack album?

Though I haven’t watched in its entirety what I seen of it was excellent.
This was a pure gem and one the primary reasons why I come here.
I can only hope to see more in the future.

Four **** stars. Better than the first movie.

Cool stuff. Sooty deserved a Special Guest Star credit at the end.

I love the transporter technology — just lower a long friggin’ rope!

One other comment. This is actually a really clever comment on the fact that the future, as viewed from the past, always looks silly. We tend to envision the future as pretty much like now. Even with huge technological advances (like space travel), we still tend to picture — or portray — future societies as pretty much like ours, but maybe with different hats. (Just like we show aliens as pretty much like us, but with pointy ears.)

Not an original observation, I know, but nicely executed.

Very clever! The ship design was awesome as was the music. Méliès would have been proud of that one!

I thought is was a little bit long, but beautifully done and what a fantastic and original idea. A lot of great moments which is what ANY good film is all about.

More please…
: )

I know what I think…get her back to jail immediately, where she OUGHT to be.

Oh, and great video by the way.

Very clever, very well-made short film. There’s a newly re-edited version available on

Pure genius.

“Mind the step” indeed!

Pure genius.

“Mind the step” indeed!

sorry for the double-clicky
Now I’ll make it worse with this message.

A breadth of fresh air! Thanks for the heads up on this.

Love it. ST -XX.

I gotta get me some friends with a camera… or just some friends.

That was funny.

I saw this at Michael Hanscom’s website (see link 12). The part that struck me the most was that Ensign Expendable HAD to have a target on his back…since the moving picture was (naturally) in black and white, he couldn’t wear a red shirt…

I applaud this effort.

Somewhat reminscent of “Space:1899” — “ah, the classics…”

Shatner wasn’t in this?

What Fun!

So good, so great. Spock’s antennas, Kirk’s torn shirt (as usual), the mind meld etc. etc.

#10 Myself!

Is it me, or was this video originally attached to the Ron Moore’s “thoughts”article yesterday?…and Stanky McFibberich made a nicely sarcastic comment along the lines of “maybe we should ask Paris Hilton her views!” Now re-read my comment on post #10 for it to make some kind of sense, seeing as Stanky’s post seems to have vanished…
I love a mystery. ;)

Stanky…you DID post something along those lines here didn’t you?…

I loved the piano version of the classic TMP theme, and the how they took the bass line from that movie (probably it was most prominent during the countdown to launch scene in TMP… that bass line that’s played here on the piano). And THE KLINGON THEME… brilliant!

What a class act.
It looks and feels like a silent movie in every way…and the coal angle is just perfect. Coal furnaces were widely in use in the early 20th century. I’ve seen them up close and they can be huge. They had to be to warm the buildings of the time.

… that was completely awesome beyond words.

This should get the “Spockboy” award

You can’t show a Redshirt in black & white, so of course it has to be a guy with a target painted on the back of his shirt… fabulous!

This has got to be the best string of reviews of anything I’ve ever worked on – many many thanks on behalf of the whole team!!
Being a professional animator now, I’m up for doing an animated sequel – if I can get the funding-!