Star Trek Wins At Spaceys

Star Trek may be off the air and still a year away from being back in theaters, but it still manages to show up at award shows on Sunday. At Canada’s Spacey Awards Star Trek The Original Series won an award for Favorite Classic TV show, beating out Batman, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica (Original) and The Twilight Zone. George Takei accepted the award on behalf of the show in a taped segment where the award was ‘beamed’ to his home. Veteran Star Trek make-up designer Michael Westmore also picked up a Special Achievement Spacey for his lifetime of work. Star Trek XI director JJ Abrams’ movie Mission Impossible III had five nominations and his show Lost had three, but neither picked up any awards.

At the Tony Awards, also held Sunday night, Frank Langella (DS9: Minister Jaro) beat out Christopher Plummer (STVI: General Chang) for Best Actor. There were some other more tenuous Trek connections, detailed at TrekToday.

Full list of winners:
Tony Awards

Image courtesy of SPACE

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YAY… Star trek is still the best!

Wait, they made musicals out of Deep Space 9 and ST:VI ?!? ;)

And if not, WHY not?

Of course don’t you remember the 1969 broadway hit musical of Trek “The Savage Curtain”? It starred Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. It had hit tunes at the time, “I’m such a lonely piece of volcano rock” and the “Ballad of Colonel Green”!

Wait, mebbe I’m confusing it with “Some Like It Hot”

If they made a musical, it would probably combine two episodes so they’d have enough plot to fill two hours.

So, I present to you…

“The Trouble With Spock’s Brain” – where not only is his brain removed, but it multiplies and gets into the air ducts all over a space station, threatening a critical shipment of grain.

Instead of CGI, think “Starlight Express” with dancers dressed as spaceships, gliding on skates around the “galaxy” that surrounds the audience.

And everyone would just be waiting for the big scene at the end where all the cloned copies of Spock’s brain fall out of the overhead door onto Kirk. Plop! Plop! Squish! Boing!

I think I get some backers lined up for that.

Let’s do lunch!!

Yippee, we beat Batman!
(I always wondered what it would have been like if Shatner and Adam West had gotten the opposite roles.)

“Star Trek may still be off the air…”

Waitaminute. What about Star Trek Remastered, which I’m watching every week ON THE AIR? I think Anthony reports on it occasionally, too.

TOS: Greatest TV show of all time.

I swear by the IDIC introduced in episode 63 that Trekkies are not pedantic!

I’m surprised Lost in Space or Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea did not make the cut j/k lol

I love the SPACE channel. The awards show was so funny, and Takie was such a clas act. I really hope SPACE starts airing Star Trek Remastered soon!

What about The Invaders starring Roy Thinnes as arcitect David Vincent? Next to star trek that was my fave 60s SF show…

Season 1 is out on the 17th Sept btw

Star Trek is teh rulez.

Frank Langella beat out Christopher Plummer??

Canada’s Spacey Awards? Well, it’s the SPACE Channel’s little awards show. Let’s get some perspective here.

The SPACE channel isn’t exactly watchable, unless endless reruns of VOY and ENT are your thing (as far as I know, SPACE doesn’t even run TOS right now and hasn’t for two years). These awards prove that. And if you’re still getting your sci-fi from crappy little cable channels I suggest one invest in this new technology called “The Internet”. ;p

It might seem like a fun promotion of sci-fi shows, but when an award isn’t about doing superior work or moving drama and instead gives awards for superficial reasons, you’re left with the MTV Movie awards. A celebration of being shallow trash.


Lighten up! The Spaceys are fun. TOS has been playing on SPACE weekday afternoons for as long as the channel has been on the air; I believe it’s playing as I type this comment. Their programming isn’t great, but it’s not that bad either. They play almost every new sci-fi show produced in the North America (BSG, Dead Zone, 4400, etc) and have a TOS-era movie marathon once a year (at least!). Re: your internet comment, are you advocating piracy?

From what I’ve heard, I’d trade the SPACE channel’s lineup for the “Sci-Fi” channel’s incessant bug movies anyday.

Yeah, what is it with Sci-Fi…they have WCW wresting and a ton of cheapo horror movies on all the time. Here and there you have Eureka or The Dresden Files, but those are the exceptions.

That’s true Maab, well put. :)

But, well, you know, the Spaceys are fun but then there is sci-fi out there that really is top stuff. The ‘awards show’ as game show thing makes me wonder if real talent is being rewarded.

Don’t wanna be a Canadian idiot. ;p

I never watch SPACE unless Battlestar Galactica is on. :D