Premise Choices for Kirk v Picard Revealed – Include Khan and Guardian of Forever

The official site for the ‘fanisode’ writing contest ‘Kirk v Picard’ when live this afternoon. ‘Mission Director’ Andre Bormanis has laid out four choices as a possible premise for what has brought Captains Kirk and Picard together. One has Kirk appearing in cryongenic chamber in Picard’s time, another has Kirk and Picard both meet in present day Earth, another has Picard discover Khan (from Star Trek II) has destroyed the UFP in an altered timeline. The most intriguing (and the one leading the polls) involves the Guardian of Forever (from TOS "City on the Edge of Forever") malfuctioning/going crazy and sending out time quakes that bring Kirk and Picard together. The conflict rises from Kirk wanting to destroy the Guardian before it causes more damage and Picard defending it because it is a sentient life form. This set up is clearly made to show character differences between the action oriented Kirk against the cerebral Picard. For more details and voting check out the official site, or watch the premise videos with Wil Wheaton and George Takei. The winning premise will be chosen by June 19th, leading to the first ‘mission’ for potential writers.

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Hmm……I wonder why their not putting some these excellent story ideas to film?
Oh yeah – First – once more!

#1 Duane
Because Kirk is officially still dead and I doubt Stewart will ever wear the chevron again.

everyone who reads this, pease vote for the Guardian on the Edge of Forever storyline. I signed up to submit material for this contest and that story arch supplies the greatest potential for writing.

Just a sample: take the possiblity of the circumstances of Kirk and crew being sent back to the Guardian soon after the events of “The City on the Edge of Forever” with the death of Edith Keeler still fresh for Jim. Now, say that the source of the Guardians malfunction may be the “change” in timeline that has occured because of actions taken by Kirk, Spock and McCoy due to their journey back in time – perhaps this will lead to the realization in the story that the the Guardian was only meant as a window to go back and “observe” time as it was; but if circumstances are altered the Guardian, now aware of multiple timelines co-existing and attempting to balance itself is thus driven “insane” by them (think of it this way- imagine if u had 2 versions of the same day; both seem as real as the other yet you do not know for sure which one actually took place).

After Picard and Kirk take their sides on whether or not to destroy the Guardian (and I look to Kirks motives in the episode “Arena” to show themselves again here) they realize that the orignal crew may be responsible for what is happening and the only way to help the Guardian will require a great sacrafice by one of the two captains to make sure both timelines for each Enterprise is preserved.

I keep it vague slightly because, hey who wants to tell the whole story now but what do u guys think. And again, please vote for the guardian storyline – I want to participate in some quality writing material while at the same time telling a kick ass Kirk/ Picard story arch that is true to Trek.

# 2 : Correct….He is dead (and getting old also) but with a excellent storyline (unlikely!) and enough bucks to be made we all know that ANYTHING is possible. They could come up with a better (NEW) younger bad guy but lets be serious. That would take time and we all know that the new film couldn’t be out by Dec. 2008 IF they took the time to do that.
I’m certain that Patrick Stewart would come back but ONLY if the storyline was of the very highest quality and not of the dribble that they been putting out and calling quality.
We can only hope that the next film is good or that perhaps IF its better then the current script then maybe they could/would ditch the storyline they have now and actually come out with something worthwhile and decent for us to spend on time and money on.

Pain…waves of pain spreading throughout the Galaxy, sweeping worlds at random, rearranging stars, shifting balance, changing paths…

Thoughts…dark and lonely thoughts…forever changed, forever… The Guardian was not alone, not anymore, but that presence, so powerful, so dominating, so intent on shaping, molding, sculpting, replacing.

So much pain…too many had to cry, it had to call for help…but where, on whom to call? When? Time no longer flowed, no longer understandable…Who will answer? Who will understand?

HE! He would understand, he with whom he had already melded. He who knew so much about pain, who knew how to take it away, to make it silent again, to quiet the darkness…

The Vulcan would understand…he’d help, he’d make sense of the new presence, he’d help him make “forever” flow again, make time flow again…help weave the strands of infinity as he had done since…since he knew of himself..

But the Vulcan was dead, taken away…removed…that presence! That voice! Changing everything! He couldn’t fight it, not alone!

He had to call out, yes, through time, through space, he had to change everything so he could make it all fall into place once again. He’d need his help to quiet the angry voice that came from far away, yet felt so close…

The Guardian of Forever cried out in pain, through time,, through space….


The Guardian of Forever is in danger. A new presence is felt, changing the flow of time, shifting eternity on paths unknown… He had to call for help, for someone to take his pain away and help him stop the new voice from ending everything. He calls for Sybock, changing time as it was written, undoing death…

His call was heard, but would he get the right answer?

In different places, in different times, Kirk, Picard, Spock, hear the call in the depths of their minds, in the solitude of their thoughts.

The Guardian is danger…

He needs someone to sense his pain and share it!

Would his cry for help be heard by Sybock? Would he answer?

Kirk, Spock and Picard all hear the call, all set on different pathc to help…

Separated by the walls of time, they search out for means to help the Guardian put time back in the proper order. But the Galaxy is different, changed…there is a new voice…a new entity that wants to mold it to his liking.

Will they be able to help? Will they be able to face this new presence and live? Would Sybock answer the call for help from within the depths of time forgotten?

I wrote this just now thinking of that Guardian of Forever storyline. I may write something based on the above concept later on, right now I’ll let others do their best, since there are many better than I at writing.

Please keep in mind that my story does not involve Kirk and Picard being in the same time and meeting, maybe only once…

Dude… been watching too many Soap Operas.
Oh….? You’re not a guy? Then….you go girl!
Bag Of Potato Chips and all that…..

If Duane Boda is referring to me, then let me make an attempt to explain the idea behind my little story synopsis.

There is something, a new presence in the Galaxy, this presence wants to reshape things, all things, time included and the Guardian is in its way.

So it wants to remove the Guardian, kill it telepathically.

The Guardian is in pain. IMMENSE pain.

And Sybok, from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier knew how to understand pain and then take it away…make you live with your pain and control it.

Sybock is dead. So the Guardian is forced to change the flow of time to go before Sybock’s death (and before Star Trek V) and get him to help him.

Sybock and Guardian have met before. That will be a part of the story (it hasn’t actually been mentioned in canon).

So the Guardian calls for help THROUGH time! Spock, Sybock’s half brother hears the call and so do Kirk (who came into contact with the Guardian), Picard and McCoy.

They all set out IN THEIR RESPECTIVE TIMELINES (no timetravel) to help out the Guardian.

That’s the explanation. What I wrote above is nothing more than a synopsis of sorts that I wrote in under 1 minute, so it’s definitely not the best I can do…

And, I am not a girl, although there would be nothing wrong with being one.

All the best to all of you!

True – it wasn’t bad at all just a bit over the edge if you ask me. And certainly nothing bad with being a girl….frilly panties and the whole bit – Sweet!
BTW…..I was kidding – half joking with you when I said you watched too many Soaps.
Whatever works for you – after all creativity should be deeply encouraged throughout ones lifetime. Right?


Kirk being dead is irrelevant. It’s Star Trek, sci-fi, and anything can happen. The idea of a Kirk/Picard confrontation over the Guardian is outstanding. It doesn’t have to be 5 year mission Kirk either. The premise works no matter what the age of the characters are. But doing it justice would require a professional writer that does NOT have a Berman tainted background.

If all else fails Picard can try to put Kirk to sleep with an extremely macho reading of Canterbury Tales

Whatever happened to Kirk meets girl alien… Kirk bags girl alien… Kirk loses E… Kirk bags girl alien again and gets E back?
Simple. Classic.

I don’t get why people are always trying to get Kirk and Picard to fight. Sure, they’re both different types of captains, but they both are on the same side, they’re both heros.

Picard’s greates conflict scenes are in his ready room, when he’s yelling at someone. Kirks are on a planet when he’s kicking butt. Think about Generations: Kirk battled the bad guy, Picard tried to talk him out of blowing up the sun. A true Kirk and Picard conflict would have to be extremely well written, because otherwise it will be a missmatch. Kirk wins physical conflict. Picard wins diplomacy.


You also forget that some of Kirks greatest scene’s and conflicts involved him talking the perfect computer into destroying itself. Picard can do diplomacy, but Kirk has got to be a bit of a smooth talker to blow up the perfect computer again, and again and again….

How about Kirk being in stasis on a frozen landscape under ground for 10,000-20,000 yrs only emerge and find that there are millions of him now and he is being hunted by the alien race of Picards.

Oh wait.

That’s Alien v Predator.

#10 StillKirok
“But doing it justice would require a professional writer that does NOT have a Berman tainted background…”
I am not defending Berman or condeming him, but if he chooses to participate (highly unlikely) it’s his choice.
My point is… no one person is responsible for the state of the Trek franchise, good or bad… and you are the only one bringing him up in this thread. Why?

Wasn’t the Guardian of Forever time travel already done in DC Comics Star Trek 25th anniversary edition? Was that Kirk meets Picard or Kirk meets young Kirk?

I want to see the scene where Kirk hurls his bloated self in the air, locks his ankles around Picards neck, and brings that boy down to the ground on top of his chrome dome, shattering bone and flesh. As Picard lay dying, Kirk rises up slowly, tunic appropriately torn, extends his magnificent belly out fully, and with a magical upward thrust of his hands palms up, bellows to the heavens “SP – ooooooock.”

I’d pay the two bucks, wouldn’t yousa?

Kirk whips Picard’s ass in any physical matchup as well as any battle of wits. No contest. I’d be much more interested in Kirk Vs. Captain Sheridan!!! Now that would be a cool matchup.

John “Nuke em” Sheridan would take Kirk out.


Oh hell, let’s invite the Thundercats, Herculoids. Transformers, Power Rangers, the Green Lantern and Robin the Boy Wonder too.

Xai – the defender of Next Genie integrity. Lighten up, this doopey premise is supposed to be fun and actually i think many genre fans would rather see an interestly done Trek vs. B5 scenario than the forgone conclusion of Kirk beating the teasippers butt .

Who’s not having fun, Lord Garth?

… oh, I forgot the Green Hornet and Kato.

Kirk may be”dead” outside of the Nexxus, but there is still a “shadow” of him still in there. Remember as Guinan explained it to Jean Luc about her presence in the Nexxus? Kirk , in a Star Trekkian way can be pulled out of the Nexxus and be revived again.

Arrggghh…. Let’s not bring up the “Kirk’s in the Nexus” thing ever again! Not even if you spell “Nexus” with 3 or 4 x’s… :)

Actually, one person is responsible for the state of Trek. Rick Berman. His incompetence took a billion dollar franchise and flushed it down the toilet. The buck stops at the top. Idiots like Braga may have done major damage too, but Berman was the man in charge that kept Braga around and kept increasing his role. Those morons killed Kirk. Those morons played fast and loose with continuity, and those morons put Trek in the almost dead state it is in today.

Fortunately, although about 10 years too late, Berman’s association with Trek is over, and we can focus on someone who brings some hope to the franchise.

And yeah, any story that has Picard either being right or beating Kirk in anything except boring speeches is not true to form. There is nothing Picard can do that Kirk can’t, except maybe play the flute.

Kirk’s “Echo” is still in the Nexus. Just as Guinan pointed out. Go find the Nexus and you find Kirk.

#27: I hear Kirk doesn’t play the flute, but he lets the ladies play with his…

Has anyone ever read any of the Shats recent books? I’m pretty sure he’s covered all the kirk meets picard scenarios…and if books are canon then Kirk is still alive due to Borg regeneration covered in The Return and Avenger by Shatner….oh yes and Sheridan would beat the hell out of Picard…

Plllppppt. The books aren’t canon. I thought everybody knew that!