Card Trek

Last week we found Trek as a silent film, now Trek as told by…cards?

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Let me be the first, or second to say, “HUH????”

Um… that was lame.

# 1… My sentiments exactly. That’s 1 minute of my life I can’t get back!

better than star trek xi

Wow. Of all the spoofs and clips we’ve seen, that was definitely one. Who’s the joker who dealt that wild card?

I cracked up at the bit, “my mind to your mind…” with the response of, “oh, shut up sparky!”

Captain Jean-Luc Pick-a-Card

The Youtube description says this production was an entry in the
Card Animation contest at

I hope it won. ;-.

I’m surprised it wasn’t called STAR DECK!

thanks for the warning………..i didnt watch it..that wassssssssssssssssss closeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

That was interesting. I love how they warp out of the way at the last second.

What absolute rubbish. How many hours did someone waste on creating that dren?


Hi everyone, that was made in Cinema 4D 3Dsoftware, for the contest “Card Animation” on the last year, This award the second place. you can get more info in:

thaks for your coments.

Maybe could made a second part, (maybe).

The Nacelles were wrong… too squarish… Plus there wasn’t one pip joke in the whole thing.

OK let this end –
Geordi La-Flush
Lt. Tom Pair-of-Aces
Stop me now…

Are there 52 cards on each deck? …
Is there a shuffle-craft? …

Hmm … the ship’s registry number NCC-68723
is borrowed from the Freedom-class ‘USS Firebrand’
which was one of the ships destroyed at Wolf 359 in BoBW2.

That made about as much sense as people who rush to post “First!” and nothing else.

Eh. . . . .what?

Look on the bright combined elements of TOS and NG without Kirk dying a sensless, non-heroic death and the ship being destroyed for the umpteenth time.
If that doesn’t work, repeat after me: “I came. I saw. I chuckled. I moved on with my life.”