Happy Father’s Day From TrekMovie.com

Based on Trek demographics there are lots of Trekkie dads out there and we solute you. Here is a great StarTrek.com documentary on one of Trek’s famous fathers.  

And here are some touching moments from last weekend’s FedCon with the (on-screen) father and son team of Cirroc Lofton and Avery Brooks (DS9: Jake and Ben Sisko).

Sarek video courtesy of StarTrek.com, FedCon footage courtesy of TrekNews.DE

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That was very cool. Who put that together?

Very nice. I liked it.

I think Avery pretty much established the father-son thing when he called his on screen son “cute!” LOL

Captain Kirk is my “daddy” since I grew up without a father. Happy fathers day you best Captain in the universe you. ;) I can’t think of a better role model for a child.

infinate gratuitous sex
drop kicks
shoot first ask questions later policy
disrespect authority
honor friends
read books
double axe handle chops
neck chops
zero tolerance for bullshit
physical fitness
pursuit of truth
mourning the loss of subordinates
defending the little guy
uneasy truce with technology
and finally most importantly of all, always, ALWAYS question farce and bold claims, require proof before belief, and think for yourself. Think independently. No group conscious.

Shat Kirk, you Sir are da man.

* consciousness too

yea, let me copy that down and send to my Dad…. at least the good parts.

Capt Benjamin Sisko, arguably the second best Star Trek commander after Capt. James T. Kirk.

Long live TOS and DS9. My two favorite flavors of Trek!


That documentary of Sarek was amazing. Very professionally done. Who created it and did the voice-over work? I’m astonished how well it encapsulated the long life of a very interestng Star Trek character.

Great documentary of Sarek. I will have to check out the other ones at StarTrek.com. This was a very nice Fathers Day Present, Thank you very much!