The Preview For Miri Remastered Never Gets Old

This preview of "Miri" (airing this weekend) has been on since last fall. However, "Miri" was a ‘bonus episode’ only seen in a few markets. do have new "Miri" desktops.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

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That girl rising up from the floor is from babesville….thats for sure.
Certainly a pushover for Kirks manly charms and bedroom eyes.
Needless to say….but I shall.
Who’s the HE – MAN now?

Miri is with them…why?? They’re grups!!!
Did Parmamount/CBS improve the CGI effects since the first airing??
Bump on the head…bad kid!

Such a classic. This really freaked me as a kid.

I’m still holding out for re-remastered effects. I’ve never seen the original or the original remastered, so this should be a treat in any regard.

That’s my question, too, Jeffrey. Are the effects the same from the first airing, or have they been improved to be in line with the later remastered episodes?

# 2 & 5 : Easily answered:
Why is Miri with the Grups? Or Kirks landing party? Because like all children they naturally gravitate out of curiosity and wonder – guidance to all (most) grown ups….their new to them….their life’s and stories and so on.

IF you mean….why is she with the children on the planet….
Its because she has bonded with them over the years and has a natural tendency to go back to her roots of who she once was. She feels caught between the two worlds of being a child and that of a adult….what a plight!
Of course this is only TV and Sci-Fi at that so what do you expect?

Blah Blah Blah. Bonk Bonk on the head.

Classic episode.

#2 and #5: “Did Parmamount/CBS improve the CGI effects since the first airing??”

I’m wondering this too.

I’ve always hated this episode, with Michael J. Pollard’s whiney little nasally voice going, “Miri, Miri….” Yuchh!!

I love Michael J Pollard, hes a fine actor and not plays elf like characters in his elder years…oh wait..he did back THEN…lol!

and a happy ” bonk bonk on the head”. to you too as well as a “nya nya nya nya nyaaaa¬!!!!!!”


That big dumb monster with his broken trike is still one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

“Somebody fix..???”

Yup…this ep used to scare the bejezzus outta me as a kid.

There ain’t no shoestrings on Louise. Bonk! What a fooley.

Is there any reason, other than sheer hope, why some of you are expecting that the effects in the first re-masters will be re-re-mastered? Seems pretty unlikely, given the minimal effects work that has gone into even the most recently aired episodes.

Also, I noticed that the re-mastered Miri generally looks much better than most of the other re-mastered episodes (the film footage, not the new CGI work). I wonder if they went through a more expensive/time-consuming process for the first episode(s) and then cut corners as time went on.

They replaced the CGI model. But we never did get official word that the earlier version shots would be replaced, did we?

If they have to edit this, one of the best things they could cut is the initial planetary approach where it’s an exact duplicate of Earth, continents and all. That detail really strains credulity here and removing those couple of lines and just making the planet look “earth-like” would really help the story.





they should update the models/effects, but they probably won’t

Oh well, maybe they’ll remaster it again for the DVD release.


Blame the writer, but Kirk’s observation was that the planet IS an exact duplicate of Earth, continents, blah…blah…blah… I thought this was an interesting mystery that bore more scrutiny… maybe Trelayne was in his planet making phase.

^2 Miri is with them… Why??

Becasue Miri is already the hottie and Kirk is, well, “Macinthepants” Kirk! Chicks of all ages and planets dig Kirk!