Rossi Talks Upcoming TOS-R Episodes

In the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine (out now in the UK and elsewhere, in the US next week) TOS-R producer Dave Rossi talks about progress on the project. He says that the team are ‘really proud’ of the work and jokes that ‘the mini skirts look really good’ in HD. Rossi acknowledged that the biggest challenge is time, but noted that now that they have a ‘cache’ of 90 new shots of the Enterprise they can re-use (more than the 17 TOS used), they can focus on episode specific shots. Regarding those he talked about a number of episodes (some of which have already aired), but also gave some hints at what we can expect in four unaired episodes…detail below.

Rossi on various unaired episodes

"Court Martial" (unscheduled…on TOS-R HD-DVD)

Will show USS Intrepid in orbit of Starbase 11

"Return of Archons" (unscheduled…on TOS-R HD-DVD)

Did something amazing…It’s an orbital and establishing shot Star Trek has never done before and it’s really beautiful.

"Operation: Annihilate!" (unscheduled…on TOS-R HD-DVD)

…will do something that demonstrates how versatile starships are designed to be as they confront the mysteries and dangers of the frontier.

"Ultimate Computer" (unscheduled…2nd season…probably Fall 2007 in syndication)

…trying to figure out how to get the most of the war games battle into existing shot times while respecting the intent of the original work of the editors. It’s always a daunting task to use the original cut times and requires a lot of thought, but ultimately is very satisfying for us. Poor Excalibur…I love a good starship battle and we’ll be trying to squeeze as much out of this one as we can!

Some HD-DVD Details emerging has learned that CBS-Digital have now completed the episodes for the first year of syndication as well as additional unscheduled TOS first season episodes for the upcoming HD-DVD. They are currently on a Trek hiatus with some on vacations and others working on a film project. Work on Trek should recommence in a few of weeks. CBS have still not officially provided a firm date for the TOS-R HD-DVDs but sources indicate it will be released in November (US, Japan and I believe Europe). We have also learned that they are creating entirely new special features for the disks including ‘pop up’ extras related to many of the episodes. As we get more details we will bring them to you

For more from Rossi pick up the new issue of Star Trek Magazine

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all i care about for now is the Ultimate Computer…so it better be good

No mention if the put the newer Enterprise model in those earlier episodes (Balance of Terror, etc.)?

I sure hope they replaced the Enterprise in the early episodes, such as “Balance of Terror.” When I watch those first few episodes, all I can think is I’m watching a cartoon.

I think it would be really lazy not to go back and replace thsoe shots, when you have so many new shots to choose from!

I wish they would try and work around extending some of the shots out of the original time frame, especially for episodes like the “Ultimate Computer” just so they could hold on the shots of the fleet and the battle scenes just that little bit longer. I just hope they make the most of showing off their new visuals.

I still hope they don’t rush out these episodes for HD DVD. Surely CBS Paramount can give these guys a bit more time and money to get this right?

I have started to lose my initial enthusiasm for this project because a lot of effects haven’t been touched and the series as a whole hasn’t been getting the make over I had hoped for. But I still look forward to see what they come up. I still live in hope that more will be added to the episodes after these stupid time restrictions that have been placed on the team have finished. Just giving the team one week an episode is not enough time to make the most of this, it’s a crazy waste of an opportunity!!!

I love what you do CBS Digital, I just want to see a lot more of it, plus please at the least fix those early episodes!!!

#4 – I agree about extending shot times. I respect the notion of fitting within the constraints of the original edit (as well as that being easier, because it doens’t require any soundtrack modificaiton), but I wouldn’t mind them stretching things a *little* bit, if they use it judiciously. I think The Ultimate Computer is a great example — they original folks would’ve surely shown more of the battle if they could, and it can be downright jarring to see half-second glimpses of full-fledged battles in progress (as opposed to simple establishing shots, which is pretty much all that’s in TUC).

This especially goes for the DVD release, where there’s no broadcast time constraint.

CBS Digital “currently on a Trek hiatus”…”some on vacations”…WHAAAAAAT?

Get back to those computers now, and get on with making this project of a lifetime as good as is humanly possible…the holidays can wait! ;)

Can’t other effects talent not take over in the meantime? This somewhat undernourished makeover needs all the work possible done on it, and I hope this doesn’t mean there’s even LESS chance of the earlier “Enterprise” work being brought into line with the superior update. If the first CGI model ends up going out on the DVDs, then this project will have really been a let down in my eyes.

And can WE suggest some of the questions to them this time Anthony, if you CAN provide another interview? Thanks.

When they say HD-DVD do they actually mean that format or do they just mean High-Def discs?

I’m wondering if they will be released through Blu-ray.

If it was Paramount doing the releases then they would be out on both formats, but I dont know about CBS.

I believe the initial release is on a hybrid combo HD-DVD / DVD disc which will also play on NORMAL dvd players as well as HD-DVD players.

So you can at least still watch them if you have favoured a BLU-RAY player, or are planning to do so, until eventual BLU-RAY release. Hurray!

Here we go again.

Where again?

Just had a thought Anthony, along with another CBS Digital interview, what would ALSO be great would be an interview with the money “suits” involved in the FINANCING of this remaster project…again with some of the questions from US… ;)

my guess is “The Ultimate Computer” will be last so they go out with a huge bang

re: 10

Here we go again with the:

“They must go back and redo the early episodes with the newer model and fix anything else we didn’t like, etc.”

Ahh, okay. Yes, that would be a help.

I’m against a re-edit of Ultimate Computer… they built that episode around the acting… not around the space sequences which is why there are so few. Perhaps this was because of the SFX budget limitations. It doesn’t really matter, because the show is done and unless you’re going to make it longer than an hour – which they won’t – then the CBS_D team is obligated to limit the number of exterior sfx shots to those already in the show.

If people want to see the battle in more detail then they should lobby paramount and the sci-fi channel to start making new episodes of TOS and earmark some episodes to be remade entirely. Doomsday and Ultimate would be two that should be re-done.

Questions question, will the new Enterprise model be used to replace some of the early iffy shots? And please say they’ll go back and add the new more intense cores to hand phaser shots which they didn’t bother with earlier on in episodes like Devil in the Dark. I really hope they have enough to go back and at least make all the remastered episodes up to the same standard.

Do we know if the DVDs will make use of the widescreen effects shots, it would be kind of weird jumping between 3:4 and widescreen, but I’d feel we’re missing out if the edges weren’t included, maybe have an option to toggle black bars on the side on and off for those who don’t like it flip back and forth.

#14. ZtoA

I am only asking for a few extra seconds here and there, not a prequel Stars Wars type endless battle scene it will take nothing away from the acting. Surely it can only enhance the drama of this episode by seeing more clearly what Kirk and co went through?

I was thinking more along the lines of what we saw in The Wrath of Khan type shots

I agree that the reason the effects shots were so short in the original was the budget contraints. I’m sure no-one said, “We must be careful to keep the human drama and not let the show be given over to mere effects.”

It was probably more like, “Can’t we get some more ship shots and battle effects in here?” and the budget supervisor said, “Are you crazy?”

But, we’re stuck with the effects lengths as given, dictated by the music and existing soundtrack. All we can do is enjoy the brief snippets of better effects.

I think it’s easy for us to say that they should slightly “extend” the CGI shots, but given the pacing, the music, the feel of the action, it’s probably a lot harder in their shoes to try this. I am glad Rossi is aware and mindful of keeping with the original timing.

The Doomsday Machine for example had altered the shot of Decker’s shuttle leaving and the sound effects don’t match. It worked, but if you’re a diehard, you’ll notice it. So it’s a tricky fine line to walk. Rossi and team have done a great job so far.

So many keep asking about the DVD’s. That information was posted here. But what I am wondering about is what influence the recent news that Blockbuster has decided to focus all new rentals to Blu Ray. Will this news effect not just Paramount, but other studios to reconsider what the releases format will be? In the case of Star Trek TOS-R, will they still stay with HD-DVD hybrid discs first out. Or will they push up the Blu Ray release instead of the current un-specified date down the line, perhaps it will day and date with HD-DVD.

If the shot lengths were changed too much, it would sacrifice the pacing, editing etc. of the episodes.

Keeping to the original shot times and intent (for the most part) is the right thing to do here.

I do wish they could get the time to redo some of the early shots of the Enterprise with the newer model.

On the whole, it is simply a matter of replacing the model, tweaking the lighting and hitting the Render button.

Of course, this takes time and resources.

#19 – a voice of reason. I agree 100%.

I hope they are going to do The Next Generation also, the first few season’s affect really looked like cartoons


form me, a real MUST have feature would be the possibiltyof seamless branching, so that I could decide to se the original episode, unchaged but restored, OR the remastered one.

because, the celluloids have to be restored, cleaned and digitalized before changes are made, so they are also in clear hd, although the effects are not prepared for hd, but that doesn’t bother me.
so i would get the old AND new version on one disc. and it woul dbe also effieient, becuase not all shots are different, so they just could take theoriginal restored version as the “main file” and the few changed one could be played in by seamless branching and if you had chosen themo play. in that way, thy don’t have to put the movie twice on disc, but only one complete version, and som few mino files with the altered scenes, perhaps just using 150% of the space, instead of 200% for tow complete versions.
THAT would be my killer argument for it. nothing will get me to by seperated hd-dvd versions, one tos-hd and one tos-r-hd. I want them both, contained on one disc without having to change the media and just pressing a button to change between the versions.
dvd was also able to do that, but with hd-dvd (and blu-ray) it will be easier to author it and to play it in our players, because these new medias are designed for it.

So, I really hope, that a responsable person is reading this and they will implement it!
anything alslike this pop up is just secondary ;)

I have to confess, that I am more into ds9 ;) , but tos and tos-r on hd-dvd with the wished seamless branching would drive me crazy and would make buying this ;).

With all due respect to the esteemed posters here, I for one am happy just to get TOS on DVD in whatever form or another. I don’t have TivO, they air the episodes at inhumane hours, all the video stores in our area don’t carry ANY Star Trek of any kind any more, and I lost my VHS’s in the divorce (she doesn’t even like Star Trek!!!). I know, I know, go to e-bay or amazon or right here on this site and satisfy your fix, but honestly, I like to buy my stuff AND recieve it at the same time. I grow impatient when I order my collectable stuff online and have to wait or pay too much for shipping. Don’t F up the FX too much and like pablum for the masses, I shall salivate when I first see that glorious first season of remastered episodes on the shelf at the video store. Yeah, yeah, yeah, do it right, of course. JUST GET ME THE DAMN SERIES ALREADY!!!

Despite the hokey title, I really liked “Operation: Annihilate!”. I look forward to seeing the remastered version.

They could have altered the HORTA. I’d like my Horta with a little less pepperoni slices on its back, and more gooey chese!

#21 I would only hope so. But different companies need to step in and take the reigns away from CBS-D.

Whats in the picture?

Okay, since I happen to read Anthony’s comment, I’ll bite. It’s an easy one, c’mon….starts with “m” and ends with “5”.

Hey, my problem is I only have the 10 movies on DVD as they’re all dirt cheap now. I saw TOS (all 3 sets, complete) on DVD for under 140 bucks!!

Is this sudden drop in price because of the imminent HD-DVDs which I am certain will be overpriced?

It’s shame they aren’t releasing these on normal DVD. Rather than HD-DVD/DVD Hybrid. Seeing what the sales figures are for HD formats, surely a dedicated separate DVD release would sell more and make a lot more money? I mean, these hybrid releases might confuse people and they might not realise that they contain normal DVDs. Plus there’s the annoying issue of double sided discs.

What happened to “Obsession”? Is that scheduled?



ans: M-5

(with reused pieces of the Beta 5 computer from Gary Seven’s office)

I thught the M-5 came first

I’m interested in purchasing these remastered ST TOS episodes once they are released, but only if they are offered in standard DVD format.

I don’t have a HD DVD player or HD television, and I”m more than happy with the quality of my present DVD collection and my present TV and sound system.

I don’t plan on purchasing any HD movies or equipment for quite a long time, and definately not until the format war is resolved….

Mike :o

Wow, can’t wait to see how versatile a rubber model on a string wobbling from side to side can be. It should be totally awesome!

Odds are good the HD release will be in both formats simultaneously, just like the rest of Paramount’s HD releases.

Anthony… you know of any reason why iTunes is not updating the season 1 remastered episodes? Great job with this site, btw….it’s become THE source.

I am also excited about the DVDs, although I’m still too much in the ‘Dark Ages’ to have HD. :) I’ll just have to stick with regular ol’ DVD. Anyways, I’m curious to see the new shuttlecraft shots for ‘The Galileo Seven’.

I must also chime in with the others on this board that I hope they fix some of the early Remastered FX. I can’t imagine it would be too difficult, now that they have the new CGI.

I think one thing that the CBS-D team can do for Ultimate Computer would be to show us close-ups of the other ships on the view screen… a nice close up of the fatal shot delivered to a plasma-venting Excalibur would be a very cool upgrade… another cool shot that could be done within the confines of the orginal EDL would be make the group shot of the 3 star ships break formation and head off in different directions.

Another possibility would be to show the E and the other 4 starships participating in the war games all depart from the space station at the same time… the other ships can break off in different directions… this could also be do-able within the confines of the original EDL.

Cool things can be done with this EP… CBS-D is just going to have to dig deep into its imagination.

So we’re not gonna see all 79 episodes remastered on TV? This is a ploy to make us buy the freakin’ dvds??

No, they’ll all be on TV eventually, but some remastered first season episodes won’t have been shown by the time the first DVD set is released.

Not that there’s anything wrong with getting the DVDs.

This is all very good news, I’m looking forward to the first season on DVD. I can even listen to the title music without a screaming over the band opera singer! Cool!


My bad. The Ultimate Computer was 2 eps ahead in the production order.

Like I said:


(pretty please?)

Oh… haha, look at that. I thought it was some sort of crazy new space shot, or a new ship. I was just looking too hard at it. Its only M5… thats kind of a let down…

What is the point of releasing them in standard definition on DVD. They were meant to be in HD.

I think the point is that not everyone has the money to plunge into HD players and televisions straight away. Does that mean we should miss out?
By all means release on HD DVD and BLU-RAY but don’t forget the (probably majority) rest of us that only have poor old DVD players and SD TV

I am pretty certain that CBS-D will go back to the first couple of episodes and replace the Enterprise model with the more up to date version.

Also I wish they would tweak some of the set backgrounds as well, like at least add some clouds in the sky in some or all of the shots and replace the hand held phaser fx with a CG one and make the beam in/out fx like it is in the movies (ST II, III etc).

#49 Andrew F

Some of us here are pretty UNCERTAIN, but fingers crossed.