Miri Screenshots and Video [UPDATED]

EDITORS NOTE: Miri was actually one of the first episodes to be remastered, as such it uses the older CG model.

SFX Video




New and Old

In orbit of an example of Hodkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development
North America
Zoom in on the mid-west
Orbiting "earth"
Orbiting North America…
Orbiting again…
Leaving the ‘onlies’ behind



The mutant tricyle boy

Spock and the security team are taunted from above


Kirk works his charm on Miri

Creepy man-child Jahn

The children circle Kirk

You’ll all end up just like me

McCoy ponders the untested cure

The dosage is a bit too high

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Still love this ep, despite any flaws. It works on an emotional, gut level. A dead planet populated by children and a landing party stranded by disease. (Yes I know they had easy options that weren’t used by the script writers, but hey… it still works.)

FIRST!! ;-)
I´ve heard that TOS-R will be released on DVD in November. So are we going to see different CGI models or will the previously remastered and broadcasted episodes be updated!?

This was mentioned in an earlier thread… it was a family affair:

Kellie Flanagan (Blonde Girl), Steven McEveety (Redheaded Boy), John Megna (Little Boy), Irene Sale (Louise (uncredited)), Scott Whitney (Small Boy (uncredited)), Darlene Roddenberry (Dirty-Face Girl in Flowered Dress (uncredited)), Lisabeth Shatner (Little Girl in Red-Striped Dress (uncredited)), Dawn Roddenberry (Little Blonde Girl (uncredited)), Phil Morris (Boy in Army Helmet (uncredited)), Scott Dweck (Boy Who Stole Phasers #2 (uncredited)), Jon Dweck (Boy Who Stole Phasers #1 (uncredited))

ps- Paramount called, trekmaster and said the only thing that would keep them from fixing the early CGI model would be if someone was rude enough to claim “FIRST!!” when he was actually SECOND!!!

Notice the contrast here from the newer shows as to how they were so slavish to recreate the original effects shots, camera angels and motions while the new shots are a lot more open and try new things.

post #2- That is the 5 billion dollar question that everyone has asked ad nauseum here. Hopefully, the good folks at trekmovie will have an answer at some point between now and the release of the discs.

Upon watching this episode again, I too noticed how much has changed and improved regarding the work CBS Digital has produced. If you look at the CGI vs. original FX screenshots above, it was obvious that early on in the game CBS-D was slavishly attempting to reproduce exact replicas of the original FX shots. The earth is tilted the same way and the viwescreen images show the same land masses.

It’s nice to see that they’ve moved away from that mandate somewhat and given us some new compositions for the FX. They certainly have come a long way in a short amount of time.

As for the episode, while the story sideswipes some technological issues for dramatic impact, it still works so well on an emotional level. The fact that the landing party never forgot that they weren’t just trying to save themselves, but the children of this unfortunate world as well, says a lot about how the characters were to develop as the series went on. Also, it’s as close as TOS ever came to a “zombie” episode, and I love zombie stories!

By the way, is Miri’s planet really an example of “Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Development?” It isn’t an Earth-like planet (like in “Bread and Circuses”); it’s another Earth, possibly created from some weird time-space anomaly that Earth passed through during it’s history. I thought Hodgkin’s Law only applied to Earth-like worlds, not actual copies of Earth. I know I’m nitpicking a bit, but this has always confused me.


What fun!

I look forward to caling a future number also, and thus bringing more meaning to my existence.

Isn’t it strange that the labs and “life prolongation” experiments took place in Miri’s little town and then wiped out almost a whole planet? One thing about TOS that has always been a little irritating to me is that most episodes took place in a area the size of a sound stage or a back lot. Oh well, I still love TOS!

By the way, regarding the other “Earth” seen here – no extension of any Hodgkins law could explain a parallel Earth that had the same continental shapes. Of the theories that I’ve heard, I liked the one that the entire Solar System at some stage passed through a giant version of the “quantum schism” later encountered on a smaller scale by Voyager in “Deadlock”. The system was duplicated, but one of them remained stationary whilst the other floated on in the galaxy until a large gap between them was achieved. This could have happened millennia ago.

Load of nonsense of course, but it’s convincing Voyager technobabble, which is my favourite kind of nonsense.

RE #2
i have yet to get an answer…last i heard was that they ‘wanted to’ do it, but I have a feeling they did not.

RE: the extra earth
that is something that always bugged me about the episode…it was such an amazing coincidence that it seemed worthy of some explanation…but it is left to fanon to come up with it.

As for duplicate Earths, well… all Petri dishes look the same, too. So what makes you think our planet is unique? No sane scientist would conduct an experiment with just a single specimen – in this case, a single planet. :-)

Maybe God accidentally hit the enter key twice.

Maybe God accidentally hit the enter key twice.

Ok, ok, ok – I was not the first, BUT….the last will be the first, for example last night at zero hour, 9 AM etc…. ;-)

That’s Africa and the Arabian Peninsula in the “Zoom In” shot, not the Midwest.

Just my browser, but no video?

If they didn’t get the opportunity to fix those early episodes, that’s gonna be a sad shame. I don’t care what SOME people say on here, they’ve gotten their space-legs now and really are doing a fine job overall. It pains me to see their early work intermixed with their later and vastly superior work. Well, in season one it’ll be about a third to a fourth of the episodes with the “old model”, season 2…only 2 episodes or so…and season 3 none. I guess it’s just like when the show first came out. The effects got better and better even if the stories didn’t.

I think that early CG Enterprise got a bit of OTT flack.

17: In terms of the CGI work, I really don’t see the “vast” differences between the earlier and later shots. Then again, I haven’t really seen a side-by-side comparison. Any chance someone can pick a couple of representative screenshots to compare the different models?

For some reason, I had always thought the humans did something to the land masses to make it look like Earth.

Maybe the planet was created by the Q.

Not bad..Wish their was more to do in this one. unfortunately their really isn’t.

I liked this episode but the new CGI enhancements are pretty weak…

The original Earth looked just like an office globe, but the remastered earth is not a whole lot better. Not showing any cloud cover over North America, especially in the bridge monitor shot, looks almost as bogus as the original shot. I wish they could have made that look more realistic…

Other than that small flaw and the lackluster original CGI enterprise, this episode was really not improved much by the remastering process.

As others have frequently posted, I do hope the CBS/CGI team has time to go back and make improvements on the earlier episodes before the DVD release. But I’m not holding my breath on that!

Mike :o

I think some of the cloudless earth is so that it’s recognizably earth, at least that was the reason in 1966

The differences in Earth between remastered “TIY” and “Miri” is a space station photo in the former and a CGI model in the latter

Did anyone notice that the Earth didn’t rotate? It remained frozen while Enterprise was orbiting the planet.

You know, if they dont get a chance to re-do the earlier episodes with the new CGI model, there will probably be yet ANOTHER DVD set where its eventually done. I’m tired of buying TOS so many damned times. I’ve got the episodes on VHS, the original single volume DVDs, and then the season box sets. Now I plan on buying the TOS remastered sets….how many times do I have to buy the damned things?

Matt (#23),

Wow! Those comparison shots really highlight the improvements CBS-D has made since they started the Remastered project.

Thanks for posting those. They were a real eye-opener.

#27…I guess I’m one of the lucky ones that never purchased TOS when it was marketed as two episode VHS tapes, or two episode DVDs. Back then I knew I couldn’t afford to buy all three seasons one disk at a time, so I just never bothered.

But once Star Trek TOS was available as season box sets, I jumped at the chance to finally own all three seasons! Unfortunately, I was one of those fools that had to purchase them when they were first released, and I paid almost $100 per season!

I do plan on buying the remastered DVDs but only if they are released in standard DVD format. Of course I will be keeping my original TOS seasons box sets too. But this time I am going to be smart and in no hurry to purchase them. I will probably wait a year or two when the price will probably drop almost 50%, just like they did with the original TOS season sets.

So for me, the remastered TOS episodes will be the last versions I buy. I could really care less if CBS decides to “re-remaster” them all over again some time in the future. Two versions of TOS is enough for me…

Mike :o

23: Thanks – that helps.

I always imagined that Miri’s planet was a parallel universe Earth that somehow fell into our timeline… and somehow ended up light-years away from where it should be, just to make things that little more bizzare.

So everyone else can see video in this post but me?

Maybe all ice ages carve up a North America-like planet into Great Lakes? We have only one example so far, there may be more.

The Hodgkin thing reminds me of an Earth Hodgkin – Thomas Hodgkin was the first to discover that certain lymph system abnomolies may be cancers. These parallel cancers ultimately did prove a bit different and are now called Hodgkin’s Diseas and Non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

Nope, I get Coming Soon and no link on the WMP link.


Wow thre’s not really a huge amount of difference is there. Neither have managed to touch Dochtermans Enterprise.

Even as a kid, I wanted to know the origins of this duplicate Earth. I conjured up ideas such as the whole solar system being a duplicate with the planets being named Hermes, Aphrodite, Gaia, Ares, Zeus, Chronos, Ouranos, Poseidon and Hades and ultimately being a prototype of our solar system created by ancient alien deities . . . a failed experiment.

Then I wanted Kirk and the crew to try to prevent said deities from writing off Earth’s system as a failure, attempting to wipe the slate clan and start again.

That’s the thing with so much of TOS . . . it captures your imagination like few series ever do!

#10 Anthony

I have a feeling your feeling is correct… unfortunately.

#25 Matt

Oh, and thanks for posting those comparison pics. I DEFINATELY prefer the latest CGI model over the initial one, and agree it would be great to use the excellent ACTUAL Earth photos on “Miri” too, if it does get looked at again.

Well in Miri the altitude of the Earth orbit is much higher – presumably the “standard orbit”. In “Tomorrow is Yesterday” the altitude is, as was earlier stated, based on an ISS actual photo, but since the ISS orbits at only about 350 km, that is the height of the Enterprise’s orbit; which is probably quite low in comparison. (e.g. Geostationary orbit is 36,000 km and Kirk once told Sulu to set his orbit at 20,000 perigee) .

So I assume in “TisY” the Enterprise remained in an unusally low orbit during its stay – perhaps to better scan of what was going on down below, or to give petrified redshirts a nicer view of home out the port windows.

BTW, one thing I think CBS-D has still to perfect is the navigational red & green lights on the top of the saucer. In TOS FX these were big and very visible, but in these new shots the actual light seems extremely dim in comparison. This bugs me as these should, technically, be one of the birghtest sources of light on the ship, otherwise what is the point of them being “navigational” lights?

I loved this episode because it reminded me of the Tales From the Crypt episode “Forever Amborgris”

Now that I’ve seen the FX video for the episode, the new CGI effects look a lot better than I thought. The Earth looks more realistic when you see the entire segment instead of just a screenshot. Even the Enterprise looked pretty good, though not as good as in the newest remastered episodes.

I guess for now on I should hold back on my criticisms of the newly remastered effects until I can see the FX videos, and not just individual screenshots.

Mike ;o

This wasn’t in the effects video, I noticed that the scene when the blotches on McCoys face fade away was fixed. In the original you could the see the transitions as each blotch fades away The new scene is seamless.

The effects video is missing the ship and planet shots from the episode opening scene..

The effects dont look bad, actually. You know, for episodes like “Miri” with very few opticals, I dont really have a big problem with them not re-doing the CGI. But “Balance of Terror”….I hope they at least get to do that one again.

#39 Oceanhopper

One of the things that now stands out for me too, is how DIM the red and green navigational lights on top of the saucer are on the CGI model compared to the original miniature. I miss their colourful brightness.

Did anybody else used to find Miri attractive?


Yeah, I was wondering why those were missing too. For the video and the screenshots.

#46 John CT

Exactly – that’s what I mean. They’re barely visible in the new CBS-D shots at all – (only in the Immunity Syndrome” were they again noticable).

Seems so odd that they’ve not noticed this.

CBS digital is GOD!!!! I can’t wait to see them do The Cloud-Minders, these planet shots look fantastic, 1000 % better than the originals!

I agree about the running lights, the original effects made them WAY too bright, they looked fake! The CBS digital version is perfect and finally brings the running lights to life in a way the old effects never could!