Late Night Sulu Danceclub

This weeks Friday Night Movie: a TAS version of the Howard Stern Sulu Dance…enjoy 

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I’m first

Sorry about the “first.” Just saw your anti-first message on the other thread.
Actually, I think it is a given that people are going to be doing the ‘first’ thing regardless.
Nevertheless, sorry about that. ;)

In regards to the video, well, that was….something.

It’s certainly catchy!

I am quite disturbed.

Oh my…

Of course First is fun…..its like a little game. Its not like its a waste of space. It happens on pretty much every blog now.


Sulu is the real Casanova in the show.
Whie Kirk was romaning alien love interests he’d never see again, Sulu was off spending quality time with the girls he had in every port. “Generations” comes round and Kirk is like, “What – Sulu had a kid?”. Yes he did Jimmy – and I’ll bet Demora has ten sisters as well. I bet Rand invite dhim to all those yeoman’s parties on Friday nights. Hell-ooooo! :-)

Hilarious. Thanks, Anthony.

Did he say “balloon knot”?

What da’?

Oh My….

Oh My…