Actor/Comedian ‘Auditioning’ For Spock Online

Jeremiah Murphy wants to be Spock, so much so that he has created He has created 3 audition tapes for JJ Abrams…the third of which has a shout out to a certain website. I will leave it up to you to decide how serious he is.

The New York based actor actually does have some acting experience on TV, stage indy film and with the Manhattan Comedy Collective (he even has an IMDB page). Murphy says that he has always been a big fan of Star Trek and chose Spock because ‘he is the fun one.’ had a moment to speak to Mr. Murphy who about his plans. He did say that  he is not willing to shave his beard but feels that he represents the ‘younger more experimental’ Spock. He notes that compared to other actors auditioning for the role his work shows that he is ‘more ready’ for the role plus he notes that he has his own ears and more importantly says "I’m cheap." Murphy plans to continue to make videos including plans for ‘Spock Jokes’ and a ‘ask a ninja’ style answering emails segment. appreciates the shout out, but at this time we cannot endorse Murphy’s candidacy. However, he has put in a lot of effort so how about Dead Red Shirt #6?

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Its plain to see that this guy isn’t serious. Just look at the ears and emblem on his shirt. Then he talks about Spock leaving his wallet on the Enterprise.
Hello……the world of Star Trek doesn’t revolve cash transactions and so on.
In school its obvious that this guy was the class clown – at best. What a nut!

Duane, you act like you think he is serious. Of course he isn’t.

“Then he talks about Spock leaving his wallet on the Enterprise.
Hello……the world of Star Trek doesn’t revolve cash transactions and so on.”

You are as funny as him!!!

The man obviously knows he won’t get the part and just wants to have some fun with the website name he purchased. At first I didn’t find it very funny but he kind of grew on me. Anywho this guy will never be Spock completely wrong for the part however JJ should give him a bit part as a red shirt just for kicks since he is obviously trying so hard… Just don’t have this red shirt get shot by a phaser you saw the resultant squeel! Good luck bud hope you get a bit part for effort!

Aaron R.


Where’s Simon Cowell when you need him.

“Utterly Horrible…”

But I am glad he’s having fun with it

Duane is proof that some trekkies take things too seriously…i think the vids are pretty funny and it is interesting that Star trek XI is already worming its way into the mainstream

Well….perhaps I’m too serious but suppose you were watching Star Trek XI and all of sudden – spliced into the action of what we hope is a good film is a cartoon short of Bugs Bunny – or some other nonsense?
Granted…..that won’t happen but this kind of foolishness belongs somewhere else. I can’t believe that its in here. Maybe Howard Stern is in need of another stooge or wacky character? Thats where this guy belongs!

#1 “Its plain to see that this guy isn’t serious”
Really, do you think?

Actually, I think Star-Trek should really lighten up; a lot of you fans take it far too seriously. I don’t know about Spock but if Jim Carey played kirk it would be hilarious.


Obviously you have not seen a few Star Trek episodes….if you did you would find that many episodes are foolish…Spock’s Brain, the episode where the TNG crew is intoxicated….and on and on and on….

Humor is part of Star Trek….you take it so seriously it’s almost on the verge of fanatical.

You are almost acting as if Star Trek is real….

No….whats real and equally stupid is what Paramount is attempting to pass off as entertainment in most of their films. I’d love to be able to afford the wicked weed that the producers are toking up and then get paid for delivering what they consider good Science Fiction. Its Saturday Morning farce – Jason Of Star Command and Space Academy leftovers.
Honestly….how many times can Kirk save Earth from a unexplained Space Probe? With the exception of Star Trek II and First Contact all these stories were half baked at best….keep on puffing – pass the bong!

I’m sorry about the last rant and overstating the obvious to all here. Lets chill!

Lol, this guy is great (Not for spock obviously it is a joke clip), it made me laugh and that was the point of it.


I do agree with your post number 10 though….completely.

….if nothing else, these clips illustrrate the extreme , and very real, danger of mis-casting these iconic roles. I don’t think Abrahms is a problem, but the scary thing is there are probably MANY producers out there that would have no problem casting this guy as Spock. Thank goodness the movie is in good hands.

# 14 : Exactly what I was meant and should have said to begin with. With so many screwy producers who happen to have a semi decent story and the financial backing of a respected studio….they or anyone could turn any good film into something truly awful and does anyone want that?
That would be the nail in coffin of a otherwise promising film – etc.

How do i audition? I want to be spock. Im gavin harris.

Brandon Routh? Really? That would be good. I hadn’t heard that one before. I had heard the possibility of the actor who plays Sylar being Spock–which would also be good.

Eh, come on, we know the producers, suits, Abrams, already have somebody in mind, even if they aren’t telling yet… Thank god Star Trek won’t be cast in some misbegotten Reality Show atrocity. ;-)

come on guys dont you think he should at least get a bit part for trying his heart out?

I laughed at some of the bits, and, was entertained throughout.

If you go to his imdb page, he has some real credits.

That movie Urchin looks cool. I heard about it on

Good luck to him! Red shirt # 1.

I saw this guy in Urchin, then I ran into him on the subway and he was cool enough to reenact his scene with me. I am a richer girl for it. I say let him play Sarek if he wants to.

Thank God people still know how to have fun, especially regarding Star Trek.

Live long & prosper, Jeremiah.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that got the joke here.

My Spock has excema: A Spock with little green splotches on his skin…

Bones: Knock knock
Spock: Who the f’s there?

pshoo pshoo

Muriel, yuh pot roast tastes like crap roast

Also, gotta love the puffy shirt, “heh heh heh heh” blank stare… OW

So, does this all mean that Spock has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior?

I just hope that they don’t pipe in Phil Collins throughout the com system.

You know what, I would kind of like this guy as Finnegan.

“You know what, I would kind of like this guy as Finnegan.”
Hahahahahaha. Finnegan was clean shaven is the only problem. (And this guy won’t shave his beard.) But I would like to see the character in the movie.

Pretty funny stuff.

25 Jovan.

I dunno, you’d be amazed at what people will decide to do for a paycheck, even shave.

Yes, Finnegan should be in the movie. In fact, I think Finnegan’s defeats of Kirk should be addressed as one of the key motivating factors for him, and what made him the great figure he would turn out to be.