TOS-R Is Turning Japanese

The digitally remastered Star Trek The Original Series is about to take its first trip overseas. Starting July 21st TOS-R will be airing on the satellite channel BS2 (part of Japanese Broadcasting Corp. – NHK). The show will be using the same airing order used for USA syndication.  

The announcement (translated from the Japanese) on the NHK site describes the show:

Since it was first aired in 1966, Star Trek has captured the imagination of millions of fans around the world with its unique vision. For its 40th anniversary, the Original Series has been digitally remastered and will be aired in Japan from July 2007. The newly visualised USS Enterprise is a must see!  

The show will air dubbed into Japanese using the original dubbing voice work. It isn’t clear if it will be in HD or SD, but BS2 is HD capable and the HD TVs in Japan have a very high penetration. 

Beginning of more foreign markets?
The fact that CBS have sold the show to Japan shows that this is the beginning of making the show available outside the US. Last fall show producer David La Fountaine told that the show would not end up in foreign markets or on DVD until 2008, but apparently both of those have been moved forward. It is worth noting that the official press release for the DVDs only mentioned Japan and the USA for distribution so it may be that Japan is getting special treatment. However, we have also received an unconfirmed report that the DVDs will be available in Europe by the end of the year as well. will try and find out if Japan is a one off, or if Europeans and others can expect to see TOS-R this year as well.

This video on YouTube says it is the Japanese remastered opening

A big domo arigato to Keiko Saito for the tip, research and translation (poor Keiko lives in the UK and is lamenting that it has yet to show up there)

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FIRST! Sounds cool the Trek is making its way overseas!

I’d love to see it come to the BBC, but right now they’re showing TOS in the middle of the night, so I’m guessing they won’t be splashing out on Remastered episodes anytime soon. :-(

Sulu is THE MAN!

I’d love to see in on the BBC as well but with Sky poaching everything these days, I doubt we in the UK will get to see it untill a DVD release.–NUtHs

The opening to TOS Remastered in Japanese

Why is McCoy’s uniform the wrong color?

Cool. It’s especially interesting that Trek is popular in Japan. The Trek Enterprise was (I assume) named after the most famous aircraft carrier of the second world war, the only U.S. carrier to survive the entire war with Japan, while participating in all the major battles.

Do the Sulu dance!!

But seriously, what’s with the “ballon knot”? I needs ta know!

Sulu is known as “Kato” in Japan. George Takei tells a very funny story about that at conventions. He diidn’t understand why people were recognizing him and calling hime Kato-san!

The word “sulu” is not in Japanese, however “suru” is and it simply means “to do”.

heres a thought – why do the Trek films make like nothing overseas?

It’s airing at 1:15 Sunday morning! (and Thursdays at 9 AM). I’m here in Japan, but don’t pay the 3000 yen monthly few to get BS2. I might have to sign up.