Attack Of The Fan Made Star Trek (2008) Trailers

Last week’s rumors of a new Star Trek (2008) teaser trailer were of course wrong – we are still many months away from the real thing. However, that has not stopped many fans from making their own. Here is a collection…the first of which is from community member Buckaroohawk.

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Not bad, those are a nice collection. Need to see if Paramount can do better, hopefully without Don Lafontaine . :)


The 2nd and 5th ones were the best.
The 4th one was promising but was
way too busy. It jumped around too much.
IF someone – (somehow) could have added
elements from the first Star Trek TV pilot along
with the 2nd one and perhaps bit and pieces of
Star Trek TMP and TWOK….then that would have
been really unique.

I liked Buckaroohawk’s best. Nice, clean, uncluttered visuals, leading to a nice reveal of the Enterprise. That’s all you need for a good teaser trailer, really. I would have left out the voiceover entirely, though.

The one that threw TNG in really lost me. I was w/ it right up until I saw Data’s mug, & the ARGO cars. There should NOT be cars used as Starfleet tools. Damn B & B. We’re supposed to have eveolved past internal combustion, land based vehicles by the 24th century.

Who made the ‘reimagined’ enterprise in the second one?

Lukas i think that was Gabriel Koerner the worlds leading Star Trek expert and Zoic studios CGI artist it looks like his pics on Trekweb of the one he was working on. I’m Gavin Harris — I didn’t make any of these.


Thank you for including my little teaser along with the others. I am both touched and honored by your kind consideration. I’m also glad some of you enjoyed it. As for my voiceover…the only thing I can say in my defense is that Orson Wells wouldn’t return my calls. ;-)

Lukas (#7),
The re-imagined Enterprise is indeed from the mind of SFX artist Gabriel Koerner, one of Zoic Studios’ finest artists. Still photos of it and his re-imagined shuttlecraft have appeared on this site before. Some have even speculated that this is what the Enterprise will look like in the new movie. I don’t think so myself. It’s a beautiful design, but a little overdone or too industrial looking for Star Trek.

Thanks again for posting my teaser, Anthony. And thanks to everyone for their kind words. I really appreciate it.

I could watch trailers on Trek all friggin’ day!!! I got so excited watching those, all I can say is………anybody got a cigarette??

God those were horrible. All of them! You people are nuts! Come on now!!

Well….Yes one could easily call them horrible – forgettable and whatever IF they were professionally produced or if they were the actual teasers to the REAL FILM but their not – so taken with a grain of salt their not 1/2 bad at all.

Hey Erik,

fans did these! Let’s see you do better!

Wow, I just looked the name Erik up in the Danish dictionary and it means, “picky bastard”! My goodness!!!

Yeah Erik…If one feels a need to be critical then at least offer some constructive comments that one (a fan) or those who posted these fine teasers could say….well….thats a different way to do it or maybe I’ll try that next time. To go straight to the heart and not offer anything that makes one think and instead just rips up any artistic endeavor is cruel and pointless.

This is where they could use the original series actors. have them beam down and when they materialize they become the new actors.

#6 was incredible. LOL

I love the Star Trek XI – The Wrath of Khan trailer!

Already found that on youtube a while ago and it totally made my day back then… worked again today. This one looks so professional (at least the cuts – not so the font used). The idea of the first one is cool (though the v.o. really kills it xD) and I can totally see them doing something along those lines for the real teaser trailer… the montage in the third was also nicely done…
The others weren’t that good, mostly because they had no real trailer or teaser qualitiy to them…

Actually I’m kinda asking myself what they’re coming up with for the real first trailer? Sadly we’re surely quite far, far away from that point in time…

18: My bet is that you won’t see the trailer till late Spring or early Summer.

I meant to say Teaser. I bet the trailer will be out sometime between just after Halloween – BOO!

Gee…..will I ever get it to sound right? Anywho….just after Halloween (my guess) – No masks needed! Some leftover candy – crunch….crunch may work!

Made my night. Yeah, I know, the site is about Trek news… but we all really just stick around for Tony’s YouTube picks. :P

AWESOME! That updated Enterprise from the second trailer looked great. That’s what I’d expect the starship to look on the films. Adding all those technological details makes it much more real.

I doubt they’ll use the movie Enterprise already.

That Enterprise in the second trailer really looks cool. It keeps in the lines of the original, but makes it look fresh, modern, something you would expect in a modern Sci-Fi.

That Enterprise is Gabe Koerner did the Enterprise in the second trailer. That is actually his effects work.

The people in the thread below this one are having a cow about it.

I think it looks great.

LOL at the Wrath of Kirk one – pity Generations hadnt been more like that huh?

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz………… is it 2008 yet?

i know what you mean – this years films have been wack – and look to be for the rest of the year too

2008 has an amazing line up…not only Trek but Indy, Hulk 2, Rambo, Bond and Dark Knight and probaly a couple other great ones too

even if 2008 had only half of those it would be 1000 times better than this years piss poor excuse for movies

The first one had the right idea, though obviously it would be much better rendered if it was real. I like the way it emulated the TOS titles and its introduction of the 1701 was great.

Second one was okay until that overblown monstrosity of a ship turned up. Adding Matt Damon was a nice touch, even if it doesn’t seem likely he’ll be in it.

Loved the music in the third one.. seemed more like a compilation of Trek clips than a teaser for a new movie, but it’s understandably hard without new material to work with. Same goes for the others, really.

Yeah- #6 was FREAKIN GREAT!!

re: 25. Joe
“The people in the thread below this one are having a cow about it.”




Didn’t like any of them that much.

i like the 2nd one the best

I like the fourth one. Simple and to the point.

The fourth one with the engine noise is quite cool. The sound means nothing to non-trekkies of course, but to me it gets the old goose-bumps up.

But my favourite is unquestionably the third one, where the montage of Trek scenes pans out to show them outlined on the hull of 1701. That is just plain beautiful. Brought a tear to me eye and really makes you remember how much you love this show.
Having the TNG stuff at the end seems a bit off as it feels more apt to just keep it focussed on the characters we might see again in Trek XI. And the montage against the hull is more about the people, whereas the later TNG clips are all phaser fights and explosions. Still, I’d love to see the first half number 3 actually used in a teaser. Excellent work.

“We thought the legacy was over …

“We thought wrong …”

Absolutely hilarious.

The Wrath of Kirk one was all kinds of fun too. Very funny and also had the bonus of seeing Captain Kirk kicking tea-sipping ass. And I’m just immature enough to really enjoy that.

None of these are as good as my Brokeback Trek trailer I made a few years ago!

Maybe I should come out of fake trailer retirement and whip something up :)

I know your trailer was meant to be funny, but at the end when the full orchestra starts playing…it makes Star Trek look really good.

I think part of the problem with the most recent line of Trek films was that it was the same music over and over…..

I love Jerry Goldsmith, but it just was not epic enough for Star Trek….save the First Contact theme.

Are you talking to me Joe? I agree, they need some fresh music for the trailer and maybe even the movie. I could see them using some classic Trek stuff for the ending credits, but hopefully that is it.

The shot of Matt Damon, in the second trailer, was a nice touch. I enjoyed this one the most. The fourth was short and sweet.

The third and sixth trailers were insufferably long. The third was a 4 minute montage in crawling splices – overkill.

I agree that the first one has about the feel I’d expect for a teaser. I do think the Enterprise reveal was too late, though. Once you hit the familiar fanfare, you’ve given away your surprise. I’d have the Enterprise appear in orbit around that last plant as the third note of the fanfare is played, rather than a few moments later coming out of the sun.

Another thought I had as I was watching these: One way Shatner or Nimoy could be involved in the film without appearing in it would be for one of them to provide the voiceover for the trailer.

“I love Jerry Goldsmith, but it just was not epic enough for Star Trek”

Not *epic* enough for Star Trek? Have you seen Star Trek – The Motion Picture?

Hey cool. I did the ‘fourth’ trailer in a couple of hours a few months back. really just playing with an idea. amazed at how many youtube views its got.. I am howvere a huge fan of the original series, it really is the only one true trek.

that 3rd ones beginning is from the teaser trailer to VI btw

#42 steve623

What you said.

I like a lot the teaser n°2 cg enterprise.
I think it’s a good design idea. The old one revisited in contemporary style.
I appreciate whoever has done that design, really…

Uh, by the way… I had preferred a composer like Danny Elfman for the music score. I think he creates nice dark melodies.
Jerry Goldsmith did a very good job on Star Trek the movie but he was not so much inspired in the other movies.

Wasn’t one of them just a basic rehash of the teaser trailer for Star Trek VI?

Otherwise, it is obvious that a lot of hard work and love of the show went into these. Thanks everyone.