Take A Risk On The “Return To Tomorrow” Remastered Preview

The preview for this weekend’s remastered episode "Return To Tomorrow" is now up at StarTrek.com.

Preview for "Return to Tomorrow"
Courtesy of STARTREK.COM

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A fair episode

Evil Spock rules… “inject him with it…”

Just thought I would share my Star Trek models. I am working on an original 1701 too.

Take a look at the albums on the right hand side. All the models are illuminated.


Thanks much!

Looks good, from what I can see. The planet is now a scarred cinder. Cool. Always gotta wonder why they didn’t just build their own starships, since they had the blueprints for every other gadget in their collective brains.

I love Diane Muldar in this. She is very sexy. Spock is frightening. Im Gavin Harris, probably the most hated newcomer.

Hated? Get your head on straight. Who said you’re hated and why?
Sounds like you’re assuming as much and thats not so….
Perhaps….you’re young and somewhat foolish to make such a statement.
And lets just say you are for some strange reason? What does that matter here? Well anyhow.

Duane Boda i hope not. I love star trek and other people. People have mistook things ive said as nasty and ive not meant that. If its felt so im sorry. Im a big star trek fan. I love it. I want to see a great film. Im Gavin Harris.

Duane, Sargon hates Gavin as well.

This episode features the greatest Kirk speech, prob the greatest Trek speech ever.. Risk….. Risk …is …our business!!!!!

Ok….one question to those that have the Directors Edition of ST-TMP.
Even with the improvements. Didn’t the prints seem dirty – scratched
to those who either own it or have seen it? You would think they would
have cleaned it up some. It was and is a real poor copy. Would they be
able to fix it? Go frame by frame….and clean it up? Just wondering here.

Duane- that always bothered me as well. It is especially bad when viewed on my HD DVD player which upscales the image to 1080i. I remember they had some sort of explanation for the excessive grain, I’m sure one of our resident Brainiacs know. I would think/ hope that they do something about it for the HD-Blu-ray release.

Lord Garth! I’m humbled and honored by your response.
Yes…you would think they would correct this. I certainly think
that this would be possible from the Master Print – don’t you?
By the way….what HD player do you have? You happen to have
Star Wars in HD to view through – on it? How does that look?
Thanks and I await your answer.

OK…..I feel just like that Green Girl with the chain around my neck….
You have HD-Blu-Ray……right? Isn’t that the more expensive model?
I bow meekly in your presence…..don’t whip me Master! I’m but a slave girl!

Daren Dochterman is a regular contributor here and as the man who did the Enterprise for that project, would be a singular authority to put this to.

I’m given to understand that anamorphic DVD was the target for the project, and as much as it boggles my mind, the word on the street is that any HD remaster of that project would require a redo or at least rerender of all the new elements, as well as a revisitation of the film elements.

What with Bobby Wise being gone, I have to wonder what Paramount’s intention will be. I’m afraid we are much at risk of the theatrical release being HD transferred and reassuming its place as the definitive edition, which would be a tragic development, as Mr. Wise’s revised version is a substantial improvement in my view.

Given how these things work, I doubt we will hear bad news on this front; we’ll just see that a release is imminent, and pore over the specs, read between the lines and realise what we’re getting.

I believe this episode has one of my all-time favorite McCoy lines:

“I will NOT … PEDDLE … FLESH!”

And at the risk of spamming, I should also say that Jimmy Doohan was at his regal best as the voice of Sargon.

“Never fear – Sargon is here!”

Duane I have both the Toshiba AD-2 HD DVD player and the new Sony BDP-S300. I have watched my Anamorphic Star Wars on the HD player and it looks amazing. I got the HD player earlier in the year and I love it!!! It is a far better piece of hardware than the Blu-Ray. One of the problems with both formats is the need for consistant firmware upgrades which allow smoother operation and the ability to play certain disks. With the Toshiba however you can hook in an ethernet cable and download upgrades directly with a self check. The Blue-Ray has no such connection (I don’t believe any of the models do) so you have to routinely check the manufacturers website and burn a cd of the updates. However, Blu-Ray has a wider selection of films. Hence this whole stupid format war thing Blu-Ray many more movies, HD DVD better and cheaper players. Both make standard dvds look gorgeous though, especially on a superior HD TV. From what I understand the great George Lucas has no plans to release Star Wars on either format. Star Trek should be available around the holidays on both formats. The HD palyer is pretty cheap at $299.00 plus you get 4 or 5 free HD DVDs with your purchase. The new Sony Blu-Ray I bought was $499.00, a relative bargain for Blu-Ray. Combo players are a rip off and are plagued with many bugs and cost about $1200.00 and don’t play music cd’s. The coolest Hd films I have viewed was definately the Matrix Trilogy on HD DVD but The Fountain and Casino Royale on Blu-Ray were pretty stunning too. Have to say though I enjoy TMP on my standard progressive scan player much more, as we said that heavy grain is really disturbing on the HD player.

All 10 Trek Films need a re master. The first 6 cleaned, the latter rescanned.

Lord Garth: I’d like to discuss this more with you. HD – Sony Blu-Ray and etc.
Would you like to chat via my E-Mail address? I wouldn’t never ask except that you seem to know what you’re talking about and have the same interests as I do. I’d like to chat with you…..sometime this Friday. So…write IF you want. Ok?

Looks fantastic! Love this episode except for the future Dr. Pulaski. Ughhh!

“ENGINEER!!! Stand by to beam up three recepticles!” Or ,whatever he says! lol

the ps3 has an ethernet jack.
PQ is just as good as the Toshiba.,..,

I guess no one noticed that the announcer says “The Enterprise uncounters…” Ugh.

Happy Independence Day! ;)

Great job with this particular planet’s look CBS Digital.

Agree with the sentiments that ST:TMP is deserving of a BETTER transfer for it’s High Definition disc debut.

Not a bad ep… again not a lot of SFX in this one either.

“In contrast to what we are, you are a prancing, savage medicine man. You dare defy one you should be on your knees worshipping? I could destroy you with a single thought.”

Some good over the top dialog…

Hmm…..its news to me. Star Trek – TMP is having a HD debut? When?
And in both formats?

That’s news to me as well. I would like to know more about this!!

Duane I’m not much of a chatter but if need HD help I’d be happy to do so.
I have heard the Star Trek Ultimate Movie collection in HD DVD this coming X-mas. Amazon has it listed but with no release date yet. Don’t know if the individual films will be available. Paramount is not exclusive to either format so i can’t imagine a Blu-Ray release is not also forthcoming

Tfuv- PS3 is indeed the only Blu-ray player with an ethernet jack but DOES NOT upscale standard dvds to HD resolution. A real drag. Nor however does the XBOX 360 add on HD player but XBOX 360 marketplace DOES have widscreen (special effects scenes) Star Trek HD episodes. XBOX 360 wins hands down.

Risk, risk is our business, that’s what this Starship is all about….That’s why we’re aboard her!

I love that line.!

@ Light~Year Models:

Your 1701-D looks absolutely gorgeous. It really shows how beautiful this ship is.

I’m Josh T. ( random diatribe) Kirk Esquire’ , the most BELOVED poster on this here site, no self esteem issues here! ;)

I wonder if the Remastered team will change/”improve” the flames around Dr. McCoy.

Lord Garth,

I must point out that the PS3 does upscale DVD’s with the latest firmware release. I’m still debating which format I should convince my wife to let me buy… I’m leaning towards Blu-ray, because thedigitalbits.net thinks that it will be the winner.

For now, I sit and watch DVDs on my xbox through s-video inputs on my 32″ 720p HDTV… *sigh*

005 – I owned xbox 360 already so PS3 didn’t make any sence for me in addtion in my mind the ability to download Trek HD and other media from Xbox Live makes it a no brainer. As far as which one to choose I still say that HD DVD makes a superior player while Blu-Ray has a better selection of films. The solution- Buy both!!! The Excellent HD player at $299.00 plus 5 free HD discs is a steal!!! And the New Sony BD P1000 is also a bargain at $499.00 (and likely to drop further in price by the holidays) and is a better unit than the more expensive ones prone to bugs, glitches and the need for constant firmware upgrades

Can’t wait to see how they treat Thalassa’s mind ray on McCoy, if they do. Otherwise, looks like the usual assortment of ship orbit shots for this episode.

Btw, the film grain in all of the new frames in TMP was intentional to match up to the rest of the movie. I don’t agree with it, personally. I too think they should have really did some frame by frame restoration.

#32 — eewwww, you don’t have to pick a next-gen HD format to enjoy your current DVDs in quite a bit better quality then the xbox via s-video can do, a nice upscaling DVD player like the Oppo 981 would make your existing DVDs look quite nice on your 720p flat panel.

That Muldaur chick does nothing for me.

Really? I think she was gorgeous, especially in this episode. If the show had gone into a fourth season, I would have loved to have seen her guest again as Trek’s first female starship captain. She had the gravitas to pull it off.

Hello from Germany,

we’re used to watch dubbed versions of foreign movies and tv shows here and that german tv trailer reminded me that the german actors who were dubbing Captian Kirk and Mr. Spock für nearly 20 years died 10 years ago, one of cancer and one at a car accident. I identified the charakters since childhood with these charakters and was very upset wehn they changed Shatner’s german voice in Star Trek II + III. It was changed back to his original voice in Star Trek IV by initiative by some fans woho contacted Mr. Nimoy and complained about the somtimes very poor quality of the translations.
So let’s remember Mr. G.G. Hoffmann (Kirk) and Herbert Weicker (Spock) and K.E. Ludwig (Scotty; who attended german Conventions and even became close friends with James Doohan), Manfred Schott and Randolf Kronberg (McCoy), Rosemarie Kirschstein (Uhura) and Fred Klaus Sulu. For the reconstrcuted DVD soundtrackthey had to use partly other voives voices. Star Trek will vever sound the same in german.

#39 Pasty

I sympathise. That must have been really jarring for you all.

And Star Trek will now never sound the same again in English either as far as this new Movie goes… I would love the casting agency to pick actors with VOICE accents somewhat similar to Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy et al to help to “sell” this transition better. The original team’s voices exuded gravitas.

I thought Muldaur looks HOT in this one…

re: 41. THEETrekMaster – July 8, 2007

“I thought Muldaur looks HOT in this one…”

Well, hotter than Nurse Chapel, which is not saying much…