Cloverfield Trailer [UPDATE: + Official Sites]

Here a leaked trailer for the JJ Abrams produced ‘Cloverfield’ monster movie. It is bad shaky cam footage of a trailer which itself is supposed to be like bad shaky cam footage.

UPDATE: Official version of trailer now online!

It appears that this film will be the first Abrams/Bad Robot film released (1/18/08) under his multi-pic deal with Paramount, and Star Trek will be second (12/25/08).There is an official site tied to the release date so that appears to be set. Nothing there but an image for now.

From the trailer it is now known that the film is directed by Matt Reeves (another long-time Abrams collaborator from his Felicity days) and is being co-produced by Bryan Burk (an exec. producer on Lost as well as the new Star Trek).

Online Game link?

There is one of those Internet games out there at the site along with a blog It isn’t entirely clear how this all comes together, but Abrams and Burk have done this kind of thing before with The Lost Experience last year. As we learn more we will update. If anyone works their way through the game let me know (tipline on the right).

UPDATE: Game link confirmed…now with video! + more details (Cthulhu?) 


NOTE: It is unclear if this is all part of Paramount’s viral push or if they will shut this down and have the trailer removed from the net. So don’t be surprised if this disappears soon.   

Thanks for the link tip Rick Kelvington 

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I pointed this out as being on YOUTUBE in the “Cloverfield” thread, yesterday. It may turn out to be an interesting little Movie…on the other hand, it may not…

What the hell?

Is this Godzilla 2?

Whatevever it is, I’m sure audiences are generally getting bored with continuous New York devastion. Can someone please set it their disaster Movie elsewhere for a change?

devastion? That of course should have been devastation. Thankyou.

so is the entire film gonna be done in that Blair Witch shaky cam style of just the trailer?

maybe its LOST: The Movie??

This looks like a disaster movie from our point of view, no super hero or action guy to save the day, just what would happen if this really happened in your town…. it’s about survival and running as fast as you can, hope its not a godiziila movie though

Yeah I know War of the Worlds did it first but apart from the ending I quite liked that movie too

What is this? A monster destroying a small town?

The question is, WHAT IS destroying New York?

a giant lion?


At least there is no doubt that if anything really bad happens in the world, it’ll be in New York. I can rest safely.


how did people think this was the trailer for Star Trek?? LOL

Good Grief.

It’s pretty well known that J.J. Abrams is working on the lastest Star Trek movie while his other movie project “Cloverfield” is not so well known. So it is just assumed this is a preview for the next Star Trek movie. I thought so too at first when I saw the Bad Robot title thing…..but after watching the clip…it just didn’t seem like a Trek movie.

That being said, the trailer caught everyones attention and there was a lot of “What movie is that?” “Is that the new BLAH BLAH BLAH?” “They’re already making a Transformers 2!”

We’ll just have to wait and see

Can we PLEASE stop destroying New York and LA? It’s gotten old.

Maybe a movie could burn Phoenix to the ground for a change? (Hey, at least a huge fire here might make it a little cooler, what with it being 119° in town yesterday!)

Besides, where the hell’s the Star Trek trailer? And for that matter, where’s ST: of Gods and Men?


#16 : “Where’s ST: Of Gods and Men?”

In Tim Russ’ pants.

I hope that never gets released.

Siskel’s Dead Thumb

Unfortunately, there’s not much here to blow up, except for maybe Chase Field…but yeah, it was freakin’ HOT yesterday, and today we’ve got a pollution advisory on top of that! Awesome.

Yeah, somebody with common sense must have seen this shaky cam mess(OGAM) and threw it in the toilet.

The trailer looks cool. But, story-wise, it’s ALWAYS easier to set up the problem than it is to hang an interesting story on it. That’s why Spielberg’s ‘War of the Worlds’ sucked. Great premise, lousy resolution (and stupid scientologist in the lead role.) Liked it until the point where the dumbass kid runs straight into the fighting, because he doesn’t want to miss it. After that, it was a mess of frayed story threads and haywire logic.
This ‘Cloverfield’ trailer does its “made ya look” job. What comes next? Who knows. I’ll read reviews before I plunk down 10 bucks to sit through it.
But, I’ll also try to keep an open mind.
By the way, aren’t the French getting pissed that we keep trashing Lady Liberty? (Planet of the Apes, Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Ghost Busters II, X-Men… etc?)

(oh, and European Vacation and Abbott and Costello Go to Mars…)

(…A.I., Independence Day, Escape from NY, Men in Black II…)

I must admit, I read the description of the trailer previously but it looked pretty damn good on the screen, and for a so-called small indy movie, the effects looked very nice indeed.

Q: Why is it that NYC is the target of choice for mass destriction, devastation, and carnage?

A: Because the studios got bored with trashing Tokyo.

It’s not viral. The Movie Blog had a version of the trailer up at their site and Paramount legal emailed them to take it down.


Anthony, is broken or something?

Thanks. i’m a fan. BIG SHOUT-OUT EVERYONE! Check out Surely, you disputatious and pedantic Trekkies can use your annoyingly political bent on Speed Racer or Thundercats!

it’s godzilla. listen carefully when they are goin on the rooftop. u kan here sum1 saying it’s godzilla

come on guys you know whats happening here , its a star trek movie, its either the start of the Eugenics Wars ( so its starting late ) or World War 3 ( so its starting early) . so i say thats most likey Colonel Green is destorying everthing ,………or maybe the borg came back in time again ! who will stop them !!!………or the Xindi came early ! ( actually no the Xindi where terriable )

The name of the movie must be significant… how does a cloverfield relate to NY being trashed?

Whatever the answer is, I wasn’t going to pay any attention to the movie, but having seen the trailer I’m quite intrigued.

The viral marketing has commenced!! Here are links to the game and blog that are part of this viral marketing campaign:



So, it’s a war of the gods with Lady Liberty’s head as a soccer ball?

…war came, no longer from the elemental nor from the star’s rain of fire. The world was again remade, and the glow was as the coming of the sun upon the Earth. The children of the gods were again too few, scattered and divided and among them walked the ancients and those whose thoughts were not as to the towers and the marvels, but to the End and the destruction of the Earth and to the fires from which nothing could escape.

The trailer looked cool. My 12 yr old boy was into it.

And BTW Transformers was pretty good, too.

I have no idea if Ethan Haas thing is anyway connected, but there’s instructions at this address:

Not interested. Sorry Abrams.


Now that would be something interesting! I’d love it if they made a Eugenics War Trek movie! But if that were the case then everyone would be arguing over who would play Young Kahn in stead of Young Kirk/Spock…

Wow this one is being talked about on several film sites. That is smart marketing in my book. It will be interesting to see if the whole film is from a camcorder point of view. It might fall flat on it’s face or be really cool. Sort of BLAIR WITCH type film meets a giant monster type scenerio. Well now I am intrigued either way.

wow… so it has no title but is “from J. J. Abrams”.

Nice way to market a director?

The YouTube trailer went just down, i wonder how long this one survives.

41 – yea its like abrams is the new speilberg…or at least the new singer… whedons been left behind..

39 – thats got me thinking …. maybe the new star trek will have a mad max 2 style intro showin how startrek came 2b…. Briefly in flashback – WW3, eugenics war & khan ‘as a prince….with power over millions’ (footage of a 1960s R Montoban of course)

Sure sounded like the big “G”. Seems to be the right altitude, too. He made an appearance in Godzilla: Final Wars and was re-christened “Zilla”.

BTW Godzilla killed him with one blow.

Just a thought, it could be Gamera also.

Ah, it’s related to the story “The Call of Cthuhlu” by HP Lovecraft.

We have never seen a big budget treatment of the Cthuhlu Mythos.

I uploaded all the movies from to YouTube. Here is the link to the playlist:

Does anyone else notice something odd between the two girl’s heads? Just asking. ;)

thats a link to your personal playlist, give us a link to one of your vids. please