All ‘Star Trek’ Producers To Appear At Comic Con – Somthing Will Be Revealed

Comic-Con has released their ‘sneak peak’ for this year and it includes some details of Paramount’s panel on Thursday July 26.

1:30-3:30 Paramount Pictures—
Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies present a bold new vision for the future of adventure. Join us for a one-of-a-kind presentation put together just for the fans at Comic-Con as we look at such highly-anticipated films as Beowulf, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Stardust, Hot Rod, Iron Man, and the next installments of Indiana Jones and Star Trek, plus a few surprises. Appearing in person: JJ Abrams, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, Neil Gaiman, Roger Avary and SNL’s Andy Samberg.

Abrams has company
Although the only person named in relation to Trek listed is Abrams, has learned that he will not be alone. Writer Roberto Orci tells TrekMovie "we’ll all be there." ‘All’ being the whole Abrams posse: producer Damon Lindelof, producer/director JJ Abrams, writer/exec. producer Roberto Orci, writer/exec. producer Alex Kurtzman, and exec proudcer Bryan Burk (or ‘Burky’ as Orci refers to him). Orci and others at the studio tell that they plan on making some kind announcement and possibly showing something (or someone?) at the show, but details are hard to pin down (shock!). The most likely big news will be casting news if that can be nailed down by then. will be there and reporting live! So be here to find out what is going on!

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Well… just 20 days to go…

Robert Downey, Jr.?
Hopefully his presence has NOTHING to do with ST.

I believe he’s on the IronMan project. Not all Comic Con will be Trek stuff

F- yeah!!!!

Andy Samberg is the new Kirk????

no the names up there are for the non Trek movie. Downey is the new Iron Man, Favreau is directin it. Gaiman is for Stardust, etc.

No names listed for the Indy film….I wonder if Lucas or Spielberg or Ford will be there?

Can’t wait!!

jnr’s ironman. hope 2 c the cast list revealed & an early the logo etc. its happin babies!..oh yea!

#6 – Indiana Jones might get its own day or something. Or they might be too busy shooting to show up at all.

Matt Damon!

#10, That reminds me of “Team America: World Police” :)

no shat? wasnt abrams at last years comiccon with the poster? this has been goin on fer a fuckin year?!

“Sounds like fun.”

Maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll finally reveal if Shatner is in the movie. That’s more important than anything else.

#3: “Robert Downey, Jr.?
Hopefully his presence has NOTHING to do with ST.”

They’d be lucky to get Downey or someone of his talent, but it’s not that likely – and as mentioned above, he’s actually there with Favreau for “Iron Man.”

16- yea thats right his talent 4 takin drugs , gettin caught & goin insidE hahahahahahaha..

well i think they will reveal something . lol cause the headline says , “something will be revealed” i mean talk about getting our hopes up , lol that could me anything ………..i for one hope that dont reveal it to have been a big very late april fools joke . oh and i bet Optimus Prime will be reveal as the new kirk !

I’ll be there. Fantastic !!!

i think theyll reveal that a 30 year old ‘shat-clone’ they have been incubating for the past year will play kirk. theyll wheel on the almost formed shat in the incubating chamber to the sounds of thunderous applause.

Whatever they do, it’ll be better than what they did for Nemesis. I’m a big Trekkie, and reasonably well plugged-in, but I heard NO hype on that one until a couple months prior to release. Just saw the trailer once.
This time, there’s a good, steady build. The hype, in this case, is good news. Now we just need a good movie.

All the hype in the world will not make it a good idea to have a fake Kirk.

has anyone actually said they r gonna recast? could it be a cgi tos shat? is that possible yet?

Stanky, we’re working on time travel as fast as we can, so you can sit in your livingroom in 1966 and see Shatner in a first run epon NBC on your 14″ Color Motorola with push button remote.

I wonder if they will show what the 1701 will look like? Or have they not even begun to design it yet?

I hope this enthusiasm holds once Abrams gets done there. Be careful what you wish for.

I wish for a return of Star Trek to prominence. I don’t know what Abrams would do or say that would quell my enthusiasm. Perhaps if he re-invisioned Star Trek as a romantic comedy. Or if he switched the genders of all the characters. Or if he decided to go the “Steam Trek” route. Or if they did it as a musical. In lieu of that, I guess I’ll be pretty happy.

#17: “yea thats right his talent 4 takin drugs , gettin caught & goin insidE hahahahahahaha..”

I’m sorry -what’s *your* talent “4”? :lol:

All right, I recant my snide remark on RDjr. Obviously, he has fans here… and at the studio. I’m not a fan, but if he doesn’t affect Trek, then my comments don’t need to be here.
You win, damn you!
Now, back to ST…

re: 24. CmdrR. – July 6, 2007
“Stanky, we’re working on time travel as fast as we can, so you can sit in your livingroom in 1966 and see Shatner in a first run epon NBC on your 14″ Color Motorola with push button remote.”

I don’t think Motorola made a 14″ color set with remote during that era.

I can see it now. Paramount, in their infinite wisdom, decided to clone Shatner 30 years ago (from a hair follicle), and have his younger double ready NOW to assume the mantle in a series of new movies. Unfortunately for them, the klutz they had sneak up on Shatner from behind, yanked a hair from his WEAVE, and NOW they’ve got Kevin Pollack desperately trying to teach some 30 year old Korean guy how to do a good Shatner impersonation! Jeez, the best laid plans…….

Snake Vs. Hulk Dennis in a no holds barred cage fight. Amok time theme playing in the background

re: I don’t think Motorola made a 14″ color set with remote during that era.

Weren’t most televisions still of the black and white variety in 1966? Only “early adopters” would have had a color set in those days. Oh, I’m David G. and this is my first time posting here.

GE then. (Though I think Motorola was up and running then.) There were remotes back then… but, they were huge and only had a few huge push buttons. Color existed… Star Trek was in color, of course, but several choices were made because a good number of Americans had B/W (notably Spock’s make-up was green rather than dark red because Roddenberry was afraid people would think Vulcans were Blacks.) As for 14″… I don’t recall the max sizes on the console models. 14″ or 15″ (whatever) was on the big side. The tabletops were rare. I watched the first Moon landing on a Sony tabletop.

#26 Shadow6283…..
Your optimism is overwelming. Thank you.

You might as well not buy your tickets now. You won’t be happy.

#23 Snake
….CGI Shat…. I doubt it.
But even if it were possible, he’d still want paid.


Try Zenith or RCA… they both had large color screens. And don’t forget NBC was the “peacock” network…in living color.

Batman was another series that I enjoyed that went with the broad, bold colors at the time. Odd camera angles too.

Batman and Kirk in an all out TV brawl… the drop-kick vs the “Pow!”

re 35 and 36 Xailaphone

“#23 Snake
….CGI Shat…. I doubt it.
But even if it were possible, he’d still want paid.”

I don’t think Mr. Shatner will appear in CGI form. I hope not. I hope he refuses to appear in any way. But I still think they should have to pay him.

I have this recollection of watching the premiere episode of Star Trek on our new RCA color set. I also remember my mom putting the kibosh on watching much Star Trek after that. She did not like it.
Later, when it went to syndicated reruns she kind of just stayed in the kitchen and let me watch it.

What will they “reveal”? I’m guessing it’s going to be some casting — either Kirk or Spock. But I think I’m more interested at the moment in seeing the Enterprise, which they’ve surely got designed (at least mostly) by now. That’s what will give us the best sense of the look they’re going for in the movie, which might also hint at the overall approach (conservative vs. lots of changes).

#38 Treklog

For those interested this is the computer translation to #38, via Babelfish.

[… ] Abrams society although Abrams the only person is, who is listed regarding Trek, has the experience made that he will not alone be. Author Roberto Orci divides TrekMovie with “we all will be there”. ‘ everything ‘ stands for the complete Abrams crew: Producer Damon Lindelof, producer author JJ Abrams, author implementing producer Roberto Orci, author implementing producer Alex Kurtzman and implementing producer Bryan Burk (or ‘ Burky ‘ like Orci on it refers). To Orci and other persons of the studios report TrekMovie that it a kind of announcement flat and at the demonstration possibly something (or someone?) will show, but the details are heavily unterm carpet to hold (shock!). The large pieces of news most probably which can be expected will be pieces of news to the Casting, if selbige can be up to then held back and/or specified. will be and live there will locally report! Thus are here on the side and finds out, what will happen! (notes: that is the direct translation of the original article here. Probably I will take over this job soon for the German version of the Trek Movie of report!) […

No. 38 is the translation of this article. Don’t use babelfish or similar programs, because that translation doesn’t really make sense.

#41 trekmaster
I have seen the german posting in here before and wondered what it was about. Not knowing what it said, I used babelfish to get a clue… knowing that it would NOT come out completely correct. My intent was not to make you (not knowing who was doing this) or anyone look bad. I posted it as a service to my fellow readers. If this wasn’t the right thing to do, I apologize. Perhaps your translated posts should have a note in english for those like me that don’t speak the language?

No, it’s ok, no reason for apology! But as an english speaking person you don’t need to read this german posts, because the content just mirrors the information that Anthony postet here on this site.

Germany may, in fact, be the world center of Trek fandom – but us Americans are too proud to admit it. :lol:

#43 and 44,
I HAVE been nice to the Germans.
Trekmaster, As an english speaking person I didn’t know what it said, thus my attempts to translate it. If I knew, I would have left it alone.

Hello fellow Trek-lovers in Germany…. enjoy my blunder.


I seriously would hate to be a BBS moderator at that time they announce everything. Bans, prebans, Warnings for trolling flaming etc..I can get loads of entertainment just from that lol . Of coarse that never happens here but still..

Anthony and Trekmaster annexing Germany and Austria. A Trekmovie Anschluss. God damn if there isn’t a whole lot of unintentional funny in these forums. Seriously though how exciting that each and every week the worldwide fervor grows more and more with our little Trek.

can’t wait to find out!! woot!

I bet the “casting secrets” will leak out to the public in the next ten days or so.

They will just be confirming what we will have already heard.

When contracts are signed, the folks around the actors have a tendency to talk. You know what they say, the only way to keep a secret is if only one person knows it. ;)