‘Cloverfield’ Viral Campaign Video + More Details On The Movie

It is now confirmed that the ethanhaaswasright.com game site (and blog) is definately part of the Paramount marketing campaign for the new J.J. Abrams horror/monster movie (code named ‘Cloverfield’). Community member Markus has been playing the game and has collected some of the payoff videos (unfortunately Paramount have taken some down but there are still two up).[UPDDATE: OK we were wrong….the EthanHaas site is not part of the movie, but we still cannot figure why Paramount were removing videos from it off YouTube]

A few more details have emerged. According to The Hollywood Reporter filming began in New York last month. The cast includes Michael Stahl-David ("The Black Donnellys"), Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel (Supercross) and Lizzy Kaplan ("The Class"). Still no word on what exactly it is about (AICN speculates Cthulhu), but if you follow the game site you will get more answers on August 1st. More info and clues on the game here and here.

Cloverfield mania is sweeping across the internets…here is a video where a guy analyzes the site and trailer for clues (btw the woman is not saying ‘its a lion’)

Hint of things to come?
This very much has the feel of Lost and its mysteries and online game experience (which is no surprise coming from Abrams and fellow Lost exec producer Bryan Burk). Paramount also created the sectorseven.org (PW: DECEPTIBOT) site/game for Transformers and so maybe we will see the same kind of viral marketing for Star Trek…we can only hope.

MORE: Click for ALL Cloverfield coverage 


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am i first?! am i first?! Oh jesus I think i might be!! oh ma ghad! I can’t believe it…FIRST on trekmovie.com!!!

Um…This Cloverfield is beggining to annoy me now.

And as said in the other news, I uploaded them to Rapidshare: http://www.rapidshare.com/files/41300138/ethanhaaswasright.zip

I’m curious, Markus, how’d you cap these? I was trying to figure out a way, but I can’t seem ti.

I grabbed the videostream, when the site send it. With the right program it’s no deal.

I grabbed the videodata, when the site send it. With the right program it’s no deal.

It is apparently the custom here to put up anything related to Mr. Abrams whether it has anything to do with Star Trek or not.

Maybe we should have some photos of his dog.
Or baby pictures.
Or copies of his grade school report cards.

Sorry, but to be franky, this Cloverfield stuff makes Stanky cranky.

My opinion.

And yes, I know, “Don’t read it then.”

I have to agree with Stanky… I know it is a slow news month… but maybe the site should be called “AbramsMovie.com” ? :)

I did see the teaser trailer, and thought it looked interesting… but, it’s not Trek news.


Cloverfield is beggining to annoy me 2.

keep upto date on Garrett Wang(ker) here:



“here is a bone….I promise there is some fairly big news coming down very soon….hopefully today. But I am still waiting for it to get released ”

wonder what it could be? the actors? Enterprise ship design? new bridge pics?

Its gotta be the actors surely

Bone? I love bones. Or do you mean Bones? Either way. I’m salivating.
(And I think it’s valid to see what Abrams is up to. Cloverfield’s got his name on it. It may show us some of the work from crewmembers he’s using on XI.)

“keep upto date on Garrett Wang(ker) here”

Keep up? The latest entry is six years old. Not that I’ve been wondering about Garrett much…

“some fairly big news coming down very soon….hopefully today”

Is it about the fact, that JJ will appear at Comic Con? ;-)

Hint please.
Is it bigger than a tribble?

My tremendous scope and vision will allow me to focus on many different things at one time. Mortals call it multi-tasking. Feel free to indulge me with news of cloverfield as it pleases me.

Seriously, though I’m interested for one, so I would welcome a site with info.

Another photo has been added to 1-18-08.com

And seriously, what’s with this Ethan Haas thing? Supposedly he was a character on a TV show called “The Class” and now someone from that TV show (Lizzy Caplan) is going to star in the film according to comingsoon.net. And now one of the WhoIs results from one of the websites leads to Santa Monica Airport, which used to be called Clover Field according to Wikipedia. Weird and fun stuff.

Re: 6, 7, 9 – i agree. And I know, “don’t read it”. i actually didn’t. i just wanted to complain. After all, i am a Star Trek fan.

“Cthulu’s barber” That’s CthulHu with an H. Mr. C. is very touchy about.

I stand corrected. And possibly eaten.

hate to say it, but my guess is Godzilla 2, been under wraps for years and 5 years behind schedule. Same noises from trailor were found in the 1998 Godzilla…….

There are more than a few Lovecraft Mythos connection to Star Trek – two of Robert Bloch’s episodes make references to the ‘Old Ones’ as an extinct or distant race of powerful beings.

If it is a Mythos movie I’d be very interested. If it’s Godzilla I’d rather watch the original Japanese films.

Check out http://www.ParasiteMovie.com. I think that’s it!

what are they talking about ” its alive ” was it supposed to be dead or something some secret expirement or what?


that’s the site for the breakdown of each puzzle and how to solve it

Definite Lovecraft, it was only a matter of time.

I saw the trailer today in the theater. So cool. The audience was riveted, but afterwards I heard remarks like “looks stupid”. It was a Jersey movie crowd who are generally not geniuses themselves, especially the vocal ones.

More “Cloverfield” news.

Ok well the Ethan Haas stuff is actually advertisement for a PC game of some sorts

Ok well the Ethan Haas stuff is actually advertisement for a PC game of some sorts Alpha-Omega