Return to Tomorrow Screenshots and Video

SFX Video

New and Old

On patrol
A dead planet

In orbit

Gazing on the old planet

In orbit

On to the next adventure




Doctor Ann Mulhall

Sargon transfers into Kirk

Adjusting to having a body

Thalassa remembers what it’s like to have a body

Henoch tries to seduce Thalassa with the sensations of the new bodies

Henoch plants a suggestion

The crew listens to Sargon’s final words
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Whew, that opening shot of the Enterprise approaching the planet. Talk about up close and personal with the ship!! We should be so lucky that they get it THIS right in the new movie!!

Is this really necessary?

Finally a non-M-class planet and they are AGAIN unable to keep it’s color.

Why are they making the universe so hopelessly void of any color?

great job Matt

so the zappy attack of McCoy in sickbay was unchanged?

and another colorful world wiped out of the Trek pantheon (I know I keep going on about that)…but I think in the end everything will be grey like the moon or blue/green like the Earth.

#2 Paul

lack of color emphasizes the fact that it IS a dead planet in my opinion

I do like the planetary approach shots…. nice.

4 Anthony

It seems to me that CBS have decided to do as little as possible with changing any other effects than the space shots. I am feeling very disappointed with this project. I think everybody can see now that its being rushed now. Its just such a shame! such a wasted opportunity.

I do enjoy the little CBS do but its what they dont do that drives me insane. I know they are on a tight time scale to turn things around and they are on a small budget, but i just hope that we dont have to wait another 40 years before TOS gets the update it deserves. I’d also love to see it in a widescreen format sometime.

The flame attack in sickbay seemed unchanged.

I liked the different perspectives of the Enterprise entering and leaving orbit in this one.

I like the different planets in each episode, but all the Class M planets are starting to look the same (as opposed to the original FX actually being the same).I guess this shouldn’t be surprising, since they all are supposed to be earth-like. Give me a purple or orange planet every once in a while!

I am frequently amazed how short the FX are in many episodes. This was another episode that clocked in at one minute.

“Return to Tomorrow” not a bad ep, but not a fave.

“Charlie X” (The Antares added!), “The Squire of Gothos” (some FX with Enterprise running away from Gothos and some Entities) and “This Side of Paradise” (just standard orbits of the Enterprise) will round out July. Then it will be at least 6 weeks before any new remasters are released.

I think there were very subtle changes to the “zappy” effect. It looked to me like there was a purple fog added between the “flame” effect that focused over McCoy’s body. In the original it looks like there is simply a bunch of flame around McCoy, now there is a slight purple glow added. It even appears to swirl a little. Nice touch!

Anyone agree??

Earth type planets are fine with me, if the view from the planet on the ground looks like Earth.

CBS-D will never please everyone. That’s has to be one thing everyone will agree upon.

Why are they always approaching a planet with the left side of the planet in shadow?

They could just as easily pass by the planet’s sun and see the planet fully illuminated as it usually was depicted in the original versions. They could even approach from above that planet’s solar system, or from below, which would show a the shadow cutting across the top or bottom of the planet.

Ultimately they always end up in orbit with the sun to their right, but the shot leading up to that, as they approach the planet from a distance, do not need to be so repetitive.

And I share the complaint that they’re sucking the color out of the universe.

i think we will have to disagree to agree that we disagree on agreeing to disagree…don’t you agree?

It would seem that some look at the screen and feel that CBS-D is delivering everything they want and everything that ought to be. Others look at the screen and may be pleased by some of what they see but, may come away feeling disappointed by what they judge to be rather mediocre overall standards, occasional errors in judgment (the Tholian ships) and the disappointment that comes of looking at the screen and seeing too many missed opportunities. It seems to me, however, that those of us who express our wants, criticisms and disappointments draw an awful lot nasty from those who are satisfied.

From those who are satisfied with the enhancements I seem to see quite a lot of snide sniping directed at those who are not. I don’t see so much of the reverse. I’m not seeing those who are unsatisfied sniping at the satisfied. The satisfied also seem to be doing a lot of demanding that those who are not satisfied with the work CBS-D is doing ought to change and become satisfied. Those of us who are not satisfied with the enhancements aren’t demanding that the satisfied must change and become unsatisfied.

Some point to the “original mandate” as if it mandated what I’m supposed to want and not want. But, in my judgment, the “mandate” has often amounted to nothing more than an excuse to give the minimum. To whatever extent possible, I wish that, not just the space episodes, but every episode was made fresh, new and exciting the way Doomsday was. I want, for example, the episode This Side of Paradise to include some measure of animation to those spore-spewing plants and I don’t want to be told that I’m not allowed to want that because it’s not within the auspices of that miserly mandate.

If CBS-D is meeting your wants, that’s fine. My wants for this project, however, often go well beyond what CBS-D is giving. I make no apology for these wants or for expressing them. I must admit, however, that my wants are selfish. My wants derive from having seen these episodes over and over till I’m frankly sick of them. I didn’t think I’d ever want to watch an episode of TOS again as long as I lived. Yet the remastered Doomsday was rendered so new again, I’ve watched it three times.

But my wants are selfish because they do not take into account the legacy of TOS and for some, that legacy is all that really matters. I can sympathize. For this reason I sincerely wish that cleaned up but un-augmented versions were made available so the purists can have what they want. Perhaps the naysayers would then cease their efforts to sabotage the more ambitious potential of this project and those of us who want to see maximally new and improved TOS can get what we want.

I commend CBS-D for their generally tasteful approach to the work. For those times here and there when they went the extra mile and gave more than they had to, I want to thank them. But I also want to spur them on to do better and give more. I think a little movement in those spore-spewing plants would enhance This Side of Paradise no end!

Well, I can dream can’t I?

My dvd recorder missed the first half of the show (thanks to me forgetting the electricity was out the other day). I missed the shot of the ship going into orbit with the episode title. No matter what other people may say about CBS-D or that scene…all I can say is WOW!!!! That was fantastic!

The only show I ever saw a ship entering orbit a different way was ENTERPRISE. The show even had the ship orbiting with the Ventral part of the hull towards the plant and the ship heading towards us going the “wrong way”!

And CBS is doing a good job, they have tight budget and time restrictions to get these episodes out, so keep in mind it is hard laborious work.

The flame attack on McCoy is subtly changed. It was also cut short in the syndicated version. The change is simply a blurring of the flames a bit. This has the effect of making it appear more enveloping. Simple. The cut occurs halfway through where the possessed Ann Mulhall realizes that she is wrong to attack McCoy and her close up is removed.

Some of you guys are too much and way over demanding! : ) CBS D is still fullfilling the original Prime Directive, to only update with CGI the space shots. Any time and budget that’s left is used to tweak any on screen images on view screens and weapons fire on live action shots. For the most part, the live action is left alone. I still think this is the right choice. Like preserving a fine old oil painting that’s getting a little worn on the edges, you fill what needs fixing and leave as much of the original fabric alone to preserve what was originally done.

I bet next week’s Charlie X will see no change to the girl who loses her face. She’s moving during that shot, so it would require some rotoscoping.

I really like the opening shots of the Enterprise this week. The planet stuff really doesn’t bother me that much. In this case, with it being a dead planet, it pretty much makes sense, like our good friend Xai pointed out.

What a beautiful opening shot of the E entering orbit! There will be another similar effects opportunity in “Return of the Archons.” The opening orbital shot in that episode is even longer than this one. I’m looking forward to it.

If anyone noticed, they did add an atmosphere mist to this planet. Not quite sure it works for a dead planet, but props to them for adding it nonetheless. Keep up that little subtlety CBS-D.

14 Spock’s Brain – I agree with you 100% and have noticed the same things.

I don’t mean to be offensive by saying this, but I think that you can really guess an approximation of a person’s age within 5 years in this forum based upon their comments on the special effects, what the line of thinking “should be,” and what the expectations are for special effects in general.

Anyone who has read what I’ve written in the past knows that I have made clear that I beleive the minimalist approach is not enough. I think ANYTHING labeled a special effect ought to be tweaked or changed, made to look more modern and more real. I like what has been done to ships phasers, but I thnk they need a bit more of the TNG-like texturing (they can maintain the blue color, that’s fine). I’m dissatisfied with the lack of consistency with hand-phasers, and the lack of changing vaporizations. I think if the dialouge says “tractor beam” then one should be shown. I think a warp effect should be added as well.

If you are going to keep the Star Trek franchise alive, and make it fascinating and relevant to a new generation, then ya gotta make these special effects absolutely mind-blowing.” I think you should go for the gold.

Also, to borrow a Mind of Mencia refererence, “EVERYTHING was better when you were 10!” Keep that in mind.

20 Hawkeye

I did notice the atmosphere and think along the same lines as you. Really, I think similarly to you about the project in general. I agree that more drastic things need to be done with the special effects: things that are easier to do because of computers. If we want a whole new generation of younger viewers to come to appreciate TOS, and any Star Trek for that matter, take that extra step. I don’t think CBS-D is always doing that, and that saddens me.

I am in great anticipation of Star Trek XI, but I wouldn’t bet the whole franchise on this one movie. If there aren’t changes to the vision of the Remastering project, and if Star Trek XI doesn’t live up to expectation, I fear that Star Trek is in danger of becoming irrelavent to the culture within the next 5-10 years. Perhaps I’m being melodramatic…

However, I’m not so sure you can necesssarily tell a person’s age by their comments and opinions. Someone in their 20’s might think that the original vision should be respected, while someone in their 50’s might want some beefing up of special effects. So I think you might have over-generalized a little bit.

A couple of things I noticed this time around:

Since it had no atmosphere, how could it still be class M?

Also, since she was an astrobiologist, Mulhall should have had a blue uniform. But she probably looked better in red, so they went with that.

re:20. Hawkeye

I suppose it would be nice if there was unlimited time and budget to do the things you want. I think, however, this project needs to be judged on what they have actually done within their time and budget constraints, and within that I think they have done well.

As for pleasing a new generation, I could care less. I really doubt changing the effects is going to make a big impression on them anyway.

No matter what they do to update the effects, in a few years somebody is going to say they are outdated again.

Star Trek was just fine to me with the original effects. I have had fun seeing some of the new stuff, too. What it boils down to is the characters and the actors that played them, the stories, and the style of the show. That, more than just special effects is what makes it great.

So…how old am I then, Hawkeye?

Class M planets by their nature would resemble Earth. Other colors would indicate incompatible atmospheres. As for dead planets, I don’t mind if they have color or not. I do agree with someone’s complaint about the monotonous left screen planet approach. CBS is pretty much sleeping their way through this project, with about five exceptions thus far. I’m not impressed, and it certainly isn’t enough to make me want to buy the series when these eventually hit DVD.

The Enterprise looks nice in this one!

Nelson wrote:

> The flame attack on McCoy is subtly changed. It was also cut short in the > syndicated version.

The sequence was not cut short over here.

> The change is simply a blurring of the flames a bit. This has the effect
> of making it appear more enveloping. Simple.

Reviewed with my store-bought DVDs and with the episode captured last night to DVD recorder, I find the flames to be elongated and now a gaseous purple haze between the 2 rows of flames, thus covering McCoy’s body.

While not a “space shot” , I do wish the CBS-D team had changed the plastic rock wall backgrounds as seen in the pics above.

Cheese factor eight.


re: 27 Xai

That’s not plastic. It’s solid limburgium havartate. Jeez.

Whether you call it cheesy or not, these things are part of the charm of the show and the era in which it was made. And without even a frame of film shot, I can tell you now, that Star Trek XI will be lacking in charm because it, too, will be a product of the era in which it is made.

When this project began, and I will remind those of you with short attention spans, there were lots of blokes here calling for this minimal effect. I recall people clamouring about how horrible it was going to be to alter the “live action” and some that wanted only “take by take, frame by fame” remakes/reshoots of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Saddly, CBS Paramount wet our imaginations with “Amok Time” and “Doomsday” and now people are calling for all sorts of extended shorts and new footage.

Now, we can’t have it both way.

The remastering as not been a failure…but, it is restrained by the original mandate. It is also loosing its novelty to some.

Let’s temper our judgement. It seems good to me…for what it is. And, yes, it does seem “rushed.” I pray to GOD that the DVDs will take it further.

I was showing TOS-R to a friend who has recently and for the first time, become interested in TOS. The trouble is, every time he became impressed with what he was seeing, I had to admit that whatever it was he was impressed with had been enhanced, which led to him becoming disenchanted with the whole thing. So I started showing him the standard versions on DVD. Now at least when he’s impressed he’s impressed with the real thing. For this reason the original versions are a legacy to be preserved and preserved looking and sounding the best they can look and sound.

The thing is, once you’ve changed these episodes a little bit, you’ve changed them entirely. So I see no point in only going halfway in some misguided effort to preserve the integrity of the original episodes. Once you meddle with them even subtly, that integrity is gone. Only the un-augmented originals are the real thing.

Given that the purists don’t like it when *anything* is changed, augmented TOS mostly serves two types. 1) Types like me who have seen the originals so many times that the enhancements, the changes, the improvements are just about the only means by which I can enthusiastically enjoy watching these shows yet again. And 2) younger types who are not concerned with the TOS legacy, they just want to enjoy the qualities of classic Trek but they need the visuals upgraded so they don’t feel like they’re watching Flash Gordon. Merely upgrading the look of the planets doesn’t exactly transform these episodes into something fresh and new and exciting again for us old timers. Enhancing two minutes of footage is not enough to take me through the other 50. And I can’t see so little impressing the younger crowd raised on Stargate and such. It seems to me that the halfway approach that has been taken with this project can only half-please the two types that this project best serves.

In my view the powers that be have blown it. They didn’t realize that for the mere cost of some *serious* enhancements they could have had, in effect, a whole new Star Trek series to sell, both in syndication and on DVD. Rather than give it away to syndication to be shown at 3:00 in the morning and sold on DVD to a few Trek obsessives, they could instead have made a fortune selling dazzlingly enhanced TOS. Rather than keep the whole thing a secret, they could have hyped it throughout the entire media, but they could only hype it like that if they’ve first produced something exciting enough to hype!

Like the approach shot. It’s very dynamic. Like the moonscape look of the planet as well. Not sure I’d choose groovy planets over these more plausible appearances. There’s still a LOT of color in Trek.

In addition, I just want to express the other side of the coin. I think CBS-D has done some fine tasteful work. A number of episodes have been substantially enhanced and made new and exciting again. I love that this project exists. I want more, but I’m grateful for the good work that has been done.

#28 Stanky,
How apt that handle of yours is on the subject of “limburgium havartate”.
I never discount the charm of the original FX because I know that whatever they do on the remastered versions, there are still treasured originals that the Stankys of the world may relish.
Sadly, I must halfway concur with your opinion of the “charm” of XI. It may lack it, but we’ll not know until it’s released. As you said, and I’ve been saying over and over again… no one can judge until the film is actually shot.
And btw, limburgium havartate isn’t that dark or shiny, but with the miracle of computer reimaging we can fix that, making it better, faster, stronger (the Six Million Dollar Man theme swells in the background)

BTW-What has happened to our side by side comparisons. I used to love those….Spockboy and Kelvington, where are you?????

I totally forgot to see this *lowers head in shame* thanks for posting the images. I would agree on the color issue to a point. Star Trek had a huge emphasis on color. Sets, Costumes and so forth… I hate to say this but they need to keep it bright…or its Berman Trek. Grey depressing and downright dull.
This is one of the few times Shatner really didn’t need to overact with the transference stuff. Feeling all over himself with the blood pumping speech always made me laugh lol

I always had a thing for Diana Muldar…………

I always had a thing for Diana Muldar…………

#30 Spock’s Brain “for the mere cost of some serious enhancements they could have had, in effect, a whole new Star Trek series to sell”
Amen, brother, I couldn’t agree with you more! Paramount, in possession of a BILLION DOLLAR FRANCHISE, could have launched a MAJOR initiative to totally retool all 79 original episodes. They could have kept all live action (acting) intact, while sparing no expense to virtually revamp/modify/improve the surrounding environment of every scene. When I heard the series was to be remastered, I initially expected nothing less. The half-ass effort currently underway is typical of the “suit/beancounter” mentality prevalent in Hollywood these days. The chief executives in charge are totally bereft of any vision or imagination in what should be produced. No wonder, in the last twenty years, they say the definition of Hollywood is that it’s where ART meets COMMERCE….too bad ART left town years ago!!!

Talk of Star trek (2008) being without charm because it is made in the current day reflecting current events? Why would it be without charm? The film has bot even started filming and people are saying it is lacking in charm, it will have a charm of it’s own to say it is going to be charmless because it was not made in the 60’s is not fair.

One of the turn offs for the current generation watching TOS is the cheesy rocks etc, I like TOS because of the chemistry between the shows leads and I do find the sets and SFX a bit distracting and would like to see the set’s “re-jigged.” I honestly don’t think the new movie will be lacking in charm, it will have a different charm, it will be a charm of its own and should be judged accordingly.

#38 Harry Ballz:
Indeed I agree with you and #30 Spock’s Brain and others of like mind 100%.
Tomorrow is Yesterday was shown again in my market last night, after Return to Tomorrow; and the Big E wobbling over Nebraska scenes left me knowing that so much more could have been done. If you don’t believe that then pay close attention to the special EFX on the new Battlestar Galactica.

This FX video really impressed me this week! Usually there is something that doesn’t look quite right to me when I view the weekly screenshots or the video, but I have absolutely no complaints or criticisms this week. Great job CBS Digital!

The close up shots and angles of the Enterprise looked spectacular and the shots of the planet looked interesting too, especially the final leaving orbit sequence.

The remastering process continues to improve. I can only hope that they will make needed improvements to the earlier remastered episodes.

Mike :o

Was that Dr. Polanksky(sp?)? I am completely satisfied that I will never be satisfied with the TOS-Re-Mastered effort… Indeed, some of the charm has worn off, and though, I loved the veiws of the Big E this time out… I somewhat agree with Spock’s Brain, that so much more could have been achieved. I’m too tired to be cynical; I’ll take what I’m given, at least for now. I’m not so sure I’ll line up for the DVD’s… getting a second hand set of unaltered TOS actually appeals more to me, at the moment.
Toodahloo~> ;-)

23 Stanky

I agree with you that the essense of Trek is in the characters, the chemistry, the storylines, and what it ultimately represents.

However, as a sci-fi space show, the special effects do make up a significant elment.

As for your age, I’m going to guess late 40’s, but if I’m wrong, eh…

I too am in agreement with a few people here that more could have been done for these episodes. Not only are there missed opportunities, but going from 2007 FX to 67 effects in the same episode is somewhat jarring. When the project started I had high hopes that not only space shots would be changed but that all phasers and computer readouts would be remastered. I’d hoped for enhancements to sound stage sets and matt paintings. Instead, we get a collage of FX that don’t match up. When I watch the originals I don’t get pulled out of the story or roll my eyes when I find something that should have been fixed but wasn’t due to time and resource restraints. With the remastered versions I do. I don’t even make sure that I watch all of these b/c of it. Unless some serious time is poured into these before they hit DVD to work on the stuff that couldn’t be done for syndication, I’ll just stick with the DVDs I already have. For the most part (though never enhancing the view screens around the bridge was a conscious decisions), I don’t blame the people closely involved in this project. I know they’d do more if they had time. The stuff they have done has been pretty good.

Back to the episode- How come there’s no comparison of the enhancement to the purple flames attacking McCoy?

30 Spock’s Brain and 38 Harry Ballz

I’m in your star system when it comes to this project. This really could have been (and to me, should have been) a TOS rebirth. You CAN keep all live-action non fx shots intact, while making live action fx shots and space shots something to behold. Amok Time and Doomsday Machine were great examples of the potential of this project.

So here is a question I want to pose: What do people think is the essense of Star Trek?

If the essence is not the special effects, than an “all out” change should be made. Why? Because the effects are 40 years old. There’s a new standard today of what effects should look like and a new generation of folks who may prioritize Star Trek’s elements differently. If the Star Trek franchise wishes to be profitable in the future, it needs to begin to market itself to younger folks.

If the essence of Star Trek IS the special effects, then the remastered project should stop right here and now.

For you purists out there, doesn’t the fact that you want a Trek suitable to play on your big new plasma screen HD really not make you a purist. After all, it was filmed and meant to be shown on a simple, color, analog monophonic tv.

“What do people think is the essense of Star Trek?”

That in the future, humans will be able to run around alien planets in their pajamas. (Perhaps that is mostly the essence of TNG).

Let me first say I didn’t watch this episode yet, so my personal views reflect what I saw televised through “The Omega Glory” as well as the side-by-side comparisons of “Return To Tomorrow” hung here…

Like Spock’s Brain, I have been less than impressed by many of the new effects, epecially the remastered versions of space ships. Look at the side-by-side comparison above labeled “On Patrol.” After all this time, they still can’t produce a rendering of the Enterprise that looks as convincing as the original. Bussard Collectors, lighting/shading, occasionally incorrect font on registry numbering/ship’s name… the same problems persist from week to week. And why are the background stars so dak??? Ever seen shots of deep space from the Hubble Telescope or the shuttle? Stars in space are BRIGHT. Too often, the remastered view of the Enterprise makes her look like she’s traveling through a black-matter nebula!

In all fairness, I do like the changes they’ve made with most of the planets, although too many look “Earthish.” (Don’t start with the Class-M excuses…). I loved the new shots on Vulcan. I loved the city created for “Wink of An Eye.” They did a darn good job with Starbase 11. I look forward to seeing “The Apple” to see how well the do with a red-skyed planet.

On the whole, however, I continue to be disapointed by the new effects. Perhaps the greatest disappointment lies in knowing what the effort could have and should have produced if CBS had dedicated the proper finances and tools to the effort. Nothing against the Okudas, whom I admire greatly for their work on various Trek incarnations for over 20 years, but we’ve been spoiled by great CGI work in the past 10 years of Trek, and these new versions of TOS don’t come close to those results. It’s almost like someone repainted the Mona Lisa on the cheap… how do you think that would look? Some might say we’re getting an idea every weekend.

All of the episodes I really looked forward to seeing redone have been disapointments to one extent or another. No episode has shown us a starship that looks as good as either the 11-foot or 3-foot production models from the original productions. I fully agree with Mark Altman’s review of my favorite episode “The Doomsday Machine,” which he said had less convincing versions of the planet killer and the Enterprise than the original, and had a Constellation that, while certainly better looking than an AMT model, was too damaged (as if the effects guys didn’t know when to stop, and ended up giving us too much of a good thing).

Then there was the wobbly, streching, green Defiant from “The Tholien Web” that made me snicker, which I’m sure was not the intention of the effects guys. And as many folks here have stated previously, the original staging of the Enterprise and Exeter in “The Omega Glory” is more visually striking than the new version… which simply shows us 4 cartoonish Bussard Collectors instead of two…

I know some of you are perfectly happy with the new effects, and may react negatively to my statements. Fine, you’re entitled to your opinions just as much as I’m entitled to mine. And I’ve made mine known, so I’ll call it a night.

The new FX don’t work for me either, and agree what set TOS apart from other Trek shows was its bold visual look which is lost with the new FX

and I also think the remastering has washed out TOS, looks too much like Jonathan Wests work now

I never noticed this before but…

At the end of their terrible war, Sargon’s race had the time to build a receptacle chamber 112 miles underground, yet they did not have the three days necessary to build android bodies for themselves?

Perhaps it is explained elsewhere.

BTW, Kirk’s “Risk is our business!” speech is parodied at length in the film “Free Enterprise.”

Off topic, but I cant wait to see what they do with ‘Return of the Archons’, one of my all time fave episodes, “It is Landru”.