JJ Abrams Speaks About 1-18-08 – Movie Sites Have Yet To Be Found!

It seems that JJ Abrams is frustrated that people haven’t found the hidden websites for the monster movie he is producing. He tells AICN that all this ethanhaas stuff is actually not his movie. This is a bit strange because it was Paramount that was taking down videos from that site posted on YouTube…so I guess they are for some other new mysterious Paramount movie. JJ’s message…

Regarding the online stuff you posted: yeah, we’re doing some fun stuff on the web. But, obviously, if the movie doesn’t kick some massive ASS, who gives a rat’s about what’s online? So as you can imagine, we’re focusing mostly on THAT. For what it’s worth, the only site of ours that people have even FOUND is the 1-18-08.com site. The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us.

OK TrekMovie.com readers…I want you to go out there and find those website and send them in via the tipline…your country needs you!

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I don’t get it. What’s this 1-18-08 site supposed to be?

It’s just two photographs of people I don’t recognise.

Darn. Second.

Cygnus, this looks like an ARG, not unlike ilovebees, or, more closely related, The Lost Experience. Most likely there’s something fishy in 1-18-08.com’s source code–or possibly even the images themselves, which can be analyzed in a variety of ways that are beyond my understanding.

Well, if those Ethan Haas Sites don’t have to do anything with the movie, maybe they’re for Will Smith’s “I Am Legend”. New York’s deserted there as well, and it seems to be another Zombie-flick.

Yeah, it’s an ARG, but many of us thought that EHWR was part of it. There’s nothing on the 1-18-08 site, at least we found nothing.

If you wan’t to be up to date, check this thread: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=19964

there’s a spy report on cinematical that says the movie is shooting in LA disguised as a fictional slurpee type drink called ‘Slusho’. I found site called slusho.jp, but so far I can’t find anything on it. Anyone?

there’s a spy report on cinematical that says the movie is shooting in LA disguised as a fictional slurpee type drink called ‘Slusho’. I found site called slusho.jp, but so far I can’t find anything on it. Anyone?

So, all this gay-ass Ethan Haas stuff with techno spheres and retarded cyphers has nothing to do with Cloverfield? Yikes. What a waste. Of course… there’s something to be said for selling the sizzle without the steak. Can’t get bored with something if you don’t really know yet what it is.

“I Am Legend” is a remake (reimagining) of “The Omega Man,” with Will Smith as Neville. That trailer looks cool.

Well, then there’s this “Invasion” Movie with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman, based on the crash of the Atlantis(?) Space Shuttle, well the last one that was destroyed on re-entry, I don’t keep track.

well i am legend is being made by Warner Bros yea ? and we are sure its our frieneds at paramount at taking down that videos from youtube. hmm i must be the work of Section 31 !

I doubt it’s with I Am Legend seeing as it doesn’t really deal with the battle of gods…but instead a virus that infects all of mankind except Will Smith’s character.


Actually, “I Am Legend” is based on the 1954 novel “I Am Legend” written by Richard Matheson. The book had already been turned into two movies: “The Last Man on Earth” in 1964 and “The Omega Man” in 1971. So, this one will be the third version.

#1: “I don’t get it. What’s this 1-18-08 site supposed to be? It’s just two photographs of people I don’t recognise.”

I believe those are snapshots from the movie. Notice that the date and time are at the bottom corner of each picture. One says: “01/18/2008 12:01A” (A meaning AM, I suppose) and the other picture says “01/18/2008 12:36A”, meaning that there’s 35 minutes between each of the two pictures.

if you right click and then click play…the pictures multiply!

you can also then click and drag the pictures around!

The most popular belief is that the movie is Rampage the video game. Slusho.jp history says that if you drink it you will turn into a whale to drink a lot. Rampage is a game about people transformed into huge monsters after consuming something, Lizzie, Ralph and George.

Go to http://www.abz3293.com. It is the next site to find.

last o' the timelords

“Actually, “I Am Legend” is based on the 1954 novel “I Am Legend” written by Richard Matheson. The book had already been turned into two movies: “The Last Man on Earth” in 1964 and “The Omega Man” in 1971. So, this one will be the third version.”

…And Schwarzenegger’s “End of Days” was also “I am Legend” but wandered so far off plot that it was renamed.

[…] Nachtrag: Der Trek Movie Report hat noch zwei Artikel zu J.J. Abrams’ neuem Horrorfilm Cloverfield bereitgestellt, der zu Beginn des nächsten Jahres starten wird. Lesen Sie ‘Paramount veröffentlicht Trailer für Abrams’ 01-18-08-Film (aka Cloverfield)’ und ‘J.J. Abrams spricht über den am 18.01.2008 startenden Film – Offizielle Webseiten zum Film müssen noch gegründet werden!’ […]

So, it’s like a scavenger hunt, using bits from some other movie that JJ Abrams is making?

Is there any relevance to Star Trek?

last o' the timelords


there’s your Star Trek/Cloverfield connection!


Uh, I think you’re wrong about that. “End of Days” wasn’t based on anything, except for the concept of Armageddon.


…Totally false. End of Days came about because Ah-Nuld wouldn’t lower his fee for the version of I Am Legend, nor could the studio film the devastation the script required for a reasonable cost. And it’s a shame, too, because I’ve read that particular script, and not only was it perfect for the Schwartz, it would have made a certain type of 3-in-1 tool that Chrisnukkah’s stocking stuffer.

…One thing I have heard is that the Fresh Prince version is going to be surprisingly faithful to Matheson’s original novel, but will also include many of the differences that made The Omega Man work. Whether we get to see Neville hunted down by the “semi-infected”, or crucified by the Vampires and become a new Christ, remains to be seen.

I still think the Haas site is related… all this evasion is all part of the game.

The Haas stuff is not related, although some would like you to think it is. All of the Haas stuf is leading to an Alpha Omega RPG game from Mind Storm Labs. The Picture that you get after completing the puzzles is almost exactly the same as artwork for that game. the comparison is at: http://www.ffxiresource.com/devel/ethanhaas/

I have been sucked in to this far more than I wanted to be. :-) Luckily, I had a slow day at work yesterday. hehe!

I do think that the Tribble Agency site is involved, and I do think that the ABZ3293 site is involved with Cloverfield…..And the slusho connection is very unusual indeed. But the Ethan Haas stuff seems to not be involved at all.

last o' the timelords

OM, thanks for the info on “End of Days”, I knew it was originally going to be “I Am Legend”

It was pre-internet days back then for me. And rumors were hard to confirm then.

End of Days was crap, too. Glad it doesn’t sully the Legend story.

i heard it may be a movie based on the video game ( rampage)

I still think it’s going to be a Cthulhu film http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cthulhu

And don’t forget what 1:18 means (Romans 1:18)


Romans 1:18 — God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness
“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness”

Gotta admit, this is some fun research.

I must admit that I am having fun poking around on the internets looking for clues to what might be going on with this flick. Is it Cthulhu or Godzilla or Voltron? Please explain the Slusho thing. What about the license plate site? What’s up with that? The Ethan Haas thing was fun, but it was only a puzzle. Thanks to my friends on the X-Box site for help with it. If the flick lives up to the mystery of the hype and that cool preview, this should be good.

It’s a handful of sites, all with linking clues. When I first watched the trailer, and heard the sound, I thought Cthulhu, but a girl named Angela on one of the boards was the first one to type the name and link to the Wiki page.

JJ is going for a horror film — and my blood goes cold when I think of Cthulhu and see that trailer — because it really would be a tale of hopelessness. This ain’t going to be Godzilla or Voltron or anything like that. This is going to be a horror film.

A few sites have started collecting the links; I’ll see if I can find one.

A new picture has been added to the 1-18-08 site.

http://www.slusho.jp and http://www.1-18-08.com are the only websites that are legit. Most of the rest are trying to cash in on the buzz.

One of the characters in the show is wearing a Slusho shirt in the trailer. Slusho also is one of the working titles used during filming in California. Slusho dates back to the second episode of Alias when Sydney is offered a Slusho.

The Slusho website was created before the trailer. Most of these other sites were created after the trailer and could be made by anyone.

I was messing around with the site and got a call. While I was on the call the images started to rotate. SO far the close up is moving quick, the smag scene is moving at a much slower rate and at this point the party scene has not moved. Maybe some kind of countdown. I had the party scene in the center of the screen, the closeup above it overlapping the top part and the smog scene on the bottom overlapping the bottom part. Let it sit and you should see the images rotate.

its godzilla2

1-18-08 = the date when it comes out 18-01-08!

I think it’s quite interesting and either way it turns out, it’ll be a good movie.. Let’s continue to look for more viral marketing sites though..

[…] Mittlerweile hat JJ Abrams die ganzen Ethan Haas-Theorien als unpassend erklärt. […]

Check the license plate from the SUV that gets hit by the gargoyle (or smaller SOL head)… http://www.abz3293.com

Is that a legit site or a fake?

fake. It was created July 10 after the trailer

what does the guy say in the trailer when asked what it is?? it’s alive and it’ huge or it’s a lion and it’s huge???

“It’s alive! It’s huge!”

the mindstorm labs website looks like crap for being a game developer. who’s to say that isnt the fake website? maybe they are doing the special effects for the movie.

I think 1-18-08 may be a puzzle in itself. I noticed that if you overlap some of the images the edges highlight. It’s almost like they fit together somehow.

[…] J.J. Abrams, Spiritus Rector hinter Alias und Lost, ist weiter in Hollywood aktiv und hat gerade mit Paramount einen Vertrag unterzeichnet, nach dem man wohl noch einiges von ihm hören dürfte. Nach dem durchwachsenen Mission Impossible III produziert er nun zunächst einen schwer gehypten Film namens Cloverfield, der nach einer Mischung von Blair Witch Project und Armageddon aussieht, eine Art Reality-Soap-Weltuntergangs-Film. Die Spekulationsmaschine ist im vollen Gange – wahrscheinlich wird wird der mit 30 Millionen Dollar recht preiswert produzierte Film sich um eine Art Monster drehen. Das HomeVideo-Konzept an sich ist nach wie vor relativ neu (obwohl natürlich prinzipiell als Idee seit Orson Welles Radio-Fake-Dokumentation von 1938, War of The World, bekannt… ), man darf gespannt sein, wie die Geschichte an sich wird.  Der Trailer ist jedenfalls einladend. Cloverfield an sich ist ein Beispiel dafür, wie sehr Abrams bei Lost die Kunst des viralen Marketings gelernt hat, der Hype um den Trailer und die Site erinnern stark an das wegweisende  Alternate Reality Game The Lost Experience, mit der der Sender ABC die Lost-Fans zwischen Staffel 2 und 3 bei der Stange hielt und in dessen atemberaubenden Verlauf entscheidende Elemente des Lost-Backgrounds, teilweise auch der Zukunft der Serie, preisgegeben wurden. The Lost Experience ist ein fast bahnbrechendes und vor allem hocherfolgreiches Interaktions-Experiment gewesen in seiner Mischung aus Online, TV-Inhalten und realen Elementen, mich würde wundern, wenn die Marketingmaschine Hollywood nicht davon lernen würde. Jedenfalls tauchen rund um Cloverfield, wie bei Lost Experience eben auch, bereits gefakte Websites und Blogs auf,… Read more »

1. go to the slusho site

2. decipher the code in the words “slusho making fresh improvements just for you!!” using letter displayed and discarded by the sunrays


Hey All . . .

I dinno if anyone noticed but you can flip over the images and look on the back by shaking them back and forth.

The two earliest photos have messages on them . . .

Hey All . . .

I dunno if anyone noticed but you can flip over the images and look on the back by shaking them back and forth.

The two earliest photos have messages on them . . .

http://www.youcantdrinkjustsix.com yo lo descubri….viva yo….

and you can figure out the shape on the Monster from this link from the phony Noaa page to CNN article….


I also read somewhere that the pictures can be turned over, Take note of all the names you can find on the back of the photographs, from one of them there is a descrip of whos in the photo of three faces, im guessing the message was written by Jamie, (the woman) then put jamie with lascano and go to http://www.myspace.com/jamielascano look at her top friends, notice faces from the trailer? look at rob hawkins, hawk, lil, and others, you’l notice they leave messages within each others pages, working out that hawk is robs older brother, look at the message on the 01-18-08 site, on the back of the photo with guy handing a drink, mesage reads who looks out for you or something… check out the myspace pages, and im guessing the camera man would be platt, the middleman in the photo of rob and jamie… such fun, but not making sense of it just yet…. Dann

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