Get Slapped By The ‘Charlie X’ Preview

Preview for this weekend’s remastered episode "Charlie X" is now up at

Preview for "Charlie X" courtesy of STARTREK.COM

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Cool, can’t wait to see this one.

And glad to see some new stories after those last 2 days!

Don’t laugh at me!

Preview looks good. This one has always been a favorite so will be nice to see remastered.

Yeah the last two days sucked with no news/postings.

Is it just me, or does Robert Walker, Jr. look like Patrick Duffy’s long long twin brother? ;-)

Bring on the Antares!

#4 – i guess i wasn’t the only one to see the duffy resemblance. eerie!

Cool front-top shot of the Enterprise approaching! NICE!!!

*Two thumbs up!*

Too bad Charlie couldn’t have come back to help fight the Borg & Dominion. It would have been a really short conflict!!

Not to nitpick, I noticed that in the thread title, “Charilie” is misspelled.

One of Trek’s best character-driven stories. . . and in this case CBS-D’s enhancements look to be all to the good. This one should really be a keeper.

Love the lighting in this episode. The show quickly found it couldn’t afford to spend so much time on setups, so I really enjoy seeing the first few episodes with deliberately composed light and shadow in almost every shot.

“My legs … they’re broken.”

God, TOS was the BEST, don’tchathink????

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I……”

TOS rules!

I remember watching Charlie X when I purchased the new DVD season box sets a few years back, and I was amazed and surprised to see so many new scenes that were edited out for syndication. I didn’t realize what a “hatchet” job many TV stations did to TOS, trying to fit a few more seconds of commercials into each hour

Anyway, it’s great to finally own all of TOS on DVD in it’s original, unedited glory. I look forward to seeing what the CBS/CGI team has done with this episode.

Mike :o

I am getting the DVD of TOS REMASTERED the very day they come out!!! The TELEVISION EDITS are travesties!!!

he really wanted to bang Rand didnt he…

cant say i blame him

i remember that the guy who played Charlie X also played a similar role in The Invaders with Roy Thinnes as David Vincent

I remember a scene where Vincent had a gun trained on ‘Charlie’ as he was driving somewhere and he says to Vincent somethin like ‘Well if thats the case maybe you should kill me’ and DV goes ‘I’ll do just that – I’ll blow your head off’ and cocks the revolver..

cool ep

I like the Antares, good work.
Still I wonder: If they are ready to do stuff like this, why didn’t they introduce new Kling ships in “Errand of Mercy”?

18 – they did didnt they? i thought they had the Klingon Battle Cruisers? unlike the 60s ep that didnt

Is he kinda like a Q? dont laugh havnt seen the episode yet :(

Isn’t Charlie being brought back in that big ST fan film that features so many of the cast? What’s the name of it… ?

I think the same actor is being brought back too.

4 – TOS Fan Forever

Forget about Patrick Duffy, this guy is a dead ringer for “The Flash”‘s John Wesley Shipp! It’s uncanny!

#20 Jay

Yeah, he was like a powerful “Q” junior… ;)

I’m thinking it was the Q that helped him and gave him his powers…. they did it for another human during TNG.

Of course, all this is retroactive continuity… like the TAS series freighter being put in.

Charlie is not the “Q,” anymore than Trelane. Likely influenced by very powerful beings…however, not the “Q.” Q could alter the entire reality of the universe and timeline, Charlie’s powers, though vast, could only seem to work in a linear fashion.

The Teaser for ‘Of Gods and Men’ (aka Oh God, When?) shows a shadowy figure searching for the ‘dead!!!’ Kirk and lamenting “he couldn’t save me.”
The shadow looks suspiciously like someone who doesn’t know Jim Kirk’s middle initial. Don’t think it’s Charlie.

Or it could be the other way… what do you guys think?

OK, I hadn’t see that, must be Mitchell.

Robert Walker Jr looks exactly like… Robert Walker

Jr died tragically young by the way

you mean Sr

Sr. was SOOOO good in Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train.”
Jr. is good, but hasn’t had the breaks. He was in “Ensign Pulver.”

“Aboveallelse…aGOD….nEEEEDS Compa-ssion!

But applies to any aspirant God too.

Recurring theme this. Charlie, Mitchell, Trelaine, Q…
I suppose Sisko too, but all he did with his power was sit in a white light speaking breathily to himself and listening to his heartbeat., so he was pretty uninspired at divine intervention.

Now if Jim Kirk had been given that kind of power – whooh yeah – imagine what the Shat could have made out of that!

“Robert Walker Jr looks exactly like… Robert Walker
Jr died tragically young by the way”

Hmmm…IMDB doesn’t mention him being deceased…

You must be looking at some other Robert Walker. He died in 1951 (born 1918).

ImDB says: “Robert had just finished principal photography and was making himself available for reshoots for director Leo McCarey when, on the night of August 28, 1951, his housekeeper found him in an extremely agitated state. Failing to calm him down, she panicked and called his psychiatrist, who, upon arrival, administered a dose of sodium amytal, a sedative, which he had taken in the past. Unfortunately, he had been drinking as well and suffered an acute allergic reaction to the drug. Robert stopped breathing, and all efforts to resuscitate him failed.”

Jr is still alive.

And yes, my mistake, did mean Sr. Sigh.

Charlie isn’t a Q, but he could be related to Valentine Michael Smith.

shat looked great in those red pants…no top. he really looked in great shape. not too musclebound or too thin or toofat. he was shaved too as i seen pics of the shat later with chest hair….imagine walkin in2 a bar lookin like a young shat… ud b fighting the chicks off

“Charlie X” is an instructive tale on how absolute power corrupts absolutely. This always happens, unless a person is surrendered absolutely as an instrument of the Supreme Being.
Charlie was not. I would tend to think that the Organians were instruments of the Supreme Being because, being infinitely beyond the childlike tantrums of Charlie and Trelane, the Organians prevented an all-out war between the Federation and the Klingons.

Too bad Grace Lee Whitney had personal problems that prevented from staying on the show.

(My regrets to my good buddy Robert Simmons, he really hates this episode…)

I wanna stay…stay..stay….

Ah, the glory days be here again…

Off topic

Where’s Stanky….

You got your pointed ears on, good buddy?

This is also a bit off topic, but here’s a cool timeline of TOS I found

It has the entire list of all the episodes with pictures.

I love how at the end of the episode they don’t bring back the wrestler guy.

It was too late… he’d been vanished too long! 8-) *ack, actually, I don’t recall if this was addressed or not! ;-)

As I have understood it, when Charlie makes you “dissapear” it is to another demension…thus they could all be brought back by Charlie’s benefactors, the crew of the ill fated freighter USS Antares were blown to bits in thsi demension…non-refundable.

snake wrote:

> i remember that the guy who played Charlie X also played a similar role
> in The Invaders with Roy Thinnes as David Vincent

Ooo, the Invaders…. great show. I’ll have to rewatch the episode again on my DVDs.

Hey bernardo – The Invaders aint out on DVD yet – series 1 is due for release on Sept 17th though