ST:TMP in 10 Minutes

For our Friday Night Movie we bring you the lazy man’s version of of ST: TMP…but first a commercial break.

…and now for our special feature…ST:TMP in 10 minutes (via the talking book)

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Thank you Anthony… that’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never have back. Grumble.

that was………..weird

Wow, I used to love those talking books. Anybody my age will remmeber them fondly.



Do I hear Peter Cullen in there?

Sounds like they got Persis Khambatta. The music at the start sent shivers down my spine. I never had TMP, but I had the Star Wars tapes by the same company.

Man I wish can back at time and get those Star Trek toys lol . Yeah those read a long books are just cool lol has the Kirk pauses too ..

Yeah… this is the movie where Spock chucks logic and embraces emotion… until the next movie.

I have all these for each Trek movie, in mint condition! The guy doing Kirk was aweome, but although he had the sound, he never had the intensity.

Hmm, I must be showing my youth here… I have no idea what this is.

That is so painfully 1970s early 80s~

“Sounds like they got Persis Khambatta.”

Persis Khambatta died of a heart attack at age 49 a few years ago.

That’s not the shooting model…note the bridge and the lower part of the saucer. Also the lost footage of Kirk and Spock in Space suits.

Saddly, this moves faster than the film especailly since it lacks the 30 minutes of “V’ger flyby.

Why did you do this to me??? Eeewwwww!


I had this damn thing!

I feel old now, damn.

Note to Younglings : This was when Star Trek was still Star Trek, before the Mcfranchise came about.


Apologies for this off-topic post, but I just noticed that the Starship Farragut folks just released a new trailer for their next fan film. It’s not bad for a fan effort:

I love the choral refrain for the toy commercial: “Star TREKKKK!” Now, THAT should be the theme music for ST(2008).

Yes there was a sequence filmed where Kirk and Spock explored the inner recesses of V’ger. This sequence was rejected, however, in favor of Spocks solo confrontation with the great probe.
The commercial break left me laughing so hard it hurt. I’m old enough to remember the talking books along with the viewmasters and all of those cool pre-video game toys of the 70s.

The actor doing Spock sounded a lot like Tim “Tuvok” Russ.

So Admiral Kirk was captain of the ENT already so no butting heads with Decker etc.

And he transported up instead, so no lingering loving shots of the big E!


Re Treknerd #10

“Sounds like they got Persis Khambatta.”

Persis Khambatta died of a heart attack at age 49 a few years ago.

You do know this was made in the 1970’s dont you?

I had Star Trek 1-4 in this series, I think I liked the read along versions better than the movies at the time.

#1: Nobody forced you to watch this.

#13: So Deep Space 9 counts for nothing? It’s probably the best thing that came of the “McFranchise” years.

The Vulcans are Russian! Kirk: That’s James Cawley, isn’t it? ;D

Hey: “If the engines are out, so are the phasers!” THAT didn’t take long, did it?

“The Enterprise entered the cloud – slowly.” You have NO idea.

To their credit, at least those scenes had (and still have) excellent special effects.

Wow those voices were so lame! Sounded like Yoko Ono was part of the cast!

I feel like such a Star Trek Geek for listening it this “talking book” from beginning to end. Gosh I need a life!!

Mike :o

“Re Treknerd #10

“Sounds like they got Persis Khambatta.”

Persis Khambatta died of a heart attack at age 49 a few years ago.

You do know this was made in the 1970’s dont you?”

To quote Optimus Prime, my bad.

By the way, Anthony, what do you think of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman’s work on Transformers and what that bodes for the new Star Trek movie?

Aaaaa gee that was ummm fun.;) I dig the part where Spock was helping in engineering and was showing up in the shuttle at the same time. Was the the Mirror Spock?;) Fun indeed. Later.

Ok, I have a pretty good memory but I don’t remember these Mego toys…did any of you have these?

Folks, please, don’t be too critical of this. It was a read along book story for kids. There will be simplication due to time restraints and such.

You will notice that, because of the above, the “My oath of celebacy is on record” was replaced with “Kirk, addressed the strange looking woman.”

Its what it is…a summary of the film for children.

Ha, that’s commercial.

“Staaaaarrrrr Treeeeeeeekkkk!”

#13: So Deep Space 9 counts for nothing? It’s probably the best thing that came of the “McFranchise” years.

It only counts for those who like it. I don’t care anything for this “Franchise” portion of Trek, and never have, never will., and it ain’t got squat to do with the Era in question.

If you like it, fine. Just don’t assume everyone else does, or that they must acknowledge it in any capacity.

29. Shadow6283 – July 14, 2007

I have always seen “Star Trek” in terms of “Greater Trek.” No matter your opinions about one particular series, they are linked. Sort of like history. Some folks perfer the WWII era to American Colonial Times, others prefer the ROMAN Rebulic to the Hellenistic GREEKS while others look at the Middle Ages as their favorite while the PAX BRITANNIA ERA is not to their general liking.

It’s a “Unified TREK Theory,” you accept it all as history…but cling to your favorites.

Thus, then someone says ENT didn’t happen or didn’t count, they are wrong to say that. Same for TOS people that discount TNG and vice versa.

Oh my god. I love that Star Trek toy commercial! Man, talk about using creative freedom when creating that Enterprise toy. Exploration Pod? Landing gear? Either way, I’m surprised Playmates never made their own movie version of the Enterprise. Despite it’s elements that aren’t a part of it’s capabilities, it would have made an awsome toy back than.

I’m surprised the Vulcan shuttle made it in. I wonder if they knew that the cockpit piece was infact the shuttle itself and not just the cockpit section.

Poor Klingon D7. No features whatso ever.

And what about that music! “Star Treeeek!” Star TreeEEEK! STAR TREEEEK!”


I hope people realize that that read along is sped up, and DS9 is a show I can’t get into mostly because it seemed like some weird mash up of Next Gen and Babylon 5.

#31, Actually the saucer section was designed to include the landing gear. There was an excellent cutaway view poster of the Enterprise that came out around the time ST:TMP did that shows the landing feet stowed inside the saucer section…and you can see the doors for them on the Enterprise miniature if you look closely enough.

So, this was a very intuitive toy feature on Mego’s part.


What’s sort of sad is that this talking books version is more exciting than the movie was. At least… it wasn’t half as boring.

Space ship

Reaction shot.

More space ship.

More reaction shots.

Still more space ship.

Still more reaction shots.

Ad infinitum.

The Enterprise Entered The Cloud S L O W L Y…..

Oh really ?

* Times the scene off the DVD….. *

Yup, good call, S L O W L Y indeed…..

– W –
* Yea it took only a good 30 mins of screen time for the cloud / vjer flyover *

I loved this book as a kid… It was really my first foray into Star Trek. The youtube version is somewhat more animated than i remember though. Perhaps it has gone through a Directors Cut Enhancement itself?

i used to have Trek II and III talking books before the books got lost and the tapes destroyed – ha ha – but never TMP

But they used the same music as II and III – i guess Horner and Goldsmith wouldnt let them have the rights unlike Lucas and Williams..(they used the proper music for Indy and SW)

i havent heard that rainbow talking books star trek music or those fake Shatner/Nimoy voices in YEARS…

at the time these were the closest things to getting the dvd…we’re really spoiled now in that u can buy the movie on dvd a few months after the cinema release..back in the 80s u had to wait till it was on the TV about 5 years later!

I’m sort of suprised they bothered doing a TMP one….U can imagine the disappointment of a young kid unwrapping his xmas or bday present from granny to find the ST TMP talking book instead of Star Wars LOL

any u tubes links for the talking books to Treks II and III?

Uh Snake…TMP came out in December 1979; I seem to recall the VHS being available in summer 1980 on VHS and Beta, along with a few of the TOS episodes (2 episode per tape).

yeah but VHS players were damned expensive

True. Remember the photonovels?

yes – those as well…

remember they did Wrath of Khan in b&w – that sucked

I had the record and book of TMP, Star Trek II and III, Return of the Jedi, The Last Starfighter, The Back Hole, and a few others, they are still around in a box somewhere… I loved ’em