Charlie X Screenshots and Video

SFX Video


New and Old

Meeting the Antares
Under way
Moving along
Warping at high speed
Another space shot
The Thasian ship appears
The Thasian ship fades out and off



Emo Charlie

The swat heard ’round the universe

Uhura sings

Spock uncharacteristically leers

Charlie melts the chess pieces

Charlie obsesses over Yeoman Rand

No laughing!

Let me stay… stay… stay…

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First post whoot!
The Thasian ship looks ok but could have been cooler. Otherwise good CGI work from CBS-D. Also wished that the person that had no face was fixed but oh well.

cool Matt,

I loved the new TAS inspired Antares. Don’t you get the feeling that Rossi and the Okudas are trying to give more legitimacy to TAS

What is amazing is how cool the Antares is and how incredibly lame the Thasian ship was….especially the way it movied. As Jeff Bond said in another thread this is like the Tholian thing wher they made it worse. But it is different than that time. With the Tholian ships they made some very well made ships and animations, but they just went down the wrong road. This time it just seems like a rush job.


Cool shots. You know from the other CHARLIE X message area it was brought up about whatever happened to Charlie. If I am not imagining it doesn’t the actor who played Charlie appear in the trailer or preview of the ST OF GODS AND MEN fan film coming out. It is not known yet if he is Charlie, but I get the feeling he is. Who knows. Anyway this was a great episode with a few minor flubs, but not enough to undue it. The end is so great with the emotion and music combined. I really want the new TREK film to take some of the style and mood of the first season of the original show so badly. Oh well I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much.;)

Great work Matt it is appreciated!

I don’t know…. when act one opened it would have been nice to see the Enterprise departing from the Antares. Didn’t want to see the old CGI model in some shots…. Don’t really understand all the horizontal lines on the Enterprise support pylon section as it passes by left to right. Definitely an improvement with the Thasian ship and with other Enterprise flybys. But not an episode which lends itself to stupendous new effects.

Nice, from what I can see. I didn’t get the chance to see the episode myself (grumble…local TV….), but from the still shots things look good. I know that a lot of people thought the animation for the Thasian ship was awful, but I think it looks fine just as a still shot — still evoking blobs of energy, but with more structure. Waiting for the clip reel to judge for sure though.

Ack — sorry, I didn’t notice the link to the clip reel was already part of the post (I’m so used to the heading being “Screenshots and Video” that I just assumed there wasn’t video yet.

So…yeah, the animation for the Thasian ship was pretty primitive. But I think the design was fine, and if nothing else the animation evokes some of the original 1960s effects in spirit….

Haven’t watched the ep in a while but looking at those pics it had plenty of color didn’t it. Something I noticed in the fx reel, the blinking lights under the viewer they looked like they were brighter or more colors than future eps. Am I imagining this or were they different (DON’T LAUGH AT ME! ::head tilt::)? The Antares looked very nice, it also looked like the impulse engines were lit differently…not as brightly as they usually have been (when on).

I know everyone complains about the CGI Enterprise but I think they’ve really perfected it now. Good shadowing & proportions. It’s really looking much less cartoon-y.

I do wish the Thasian ship had been handled in a different way. Sort of like they went TOO far trying to make it look like something the show would have done at the time.

That was a pretty cheesy looking effect with the alien ship. They should have just had it phase in and phase out in one spot, like a ship de-cloaking in space. That would have looked far more scary and impressive.

Everything else looked great!

There’s one thing I’ve noticed recently about the current Enterprise model that I really like. I particularly like the fact that they’re consistently treating the bridge ceiling dome as tranlucent, rather than opaque to match the rest of the hull. That one opening FX shot in “The Cage” (which, frankly, I didn’t think of for all these years as being a *literal* view into the bridge from outside, but rather an artsy way of letting people “see through” the walls in order to show them where the bridge is) has now given some nice additional texture to our understanding of what the Enterprise is like as a ship – the bridge ceiling is a (frosted) window!

Now, we’ll see if they ever have a top-down view of the saucer, with a fuzzy little bridge crew visible….

#8 Sean..I completely agree with you. The Enterprise looks great in this episode.

Unlike the earlier remastered episodes, the color, lighting and shadowing on the ship are almost perfect now and quite realistic.

Though the Enterprise looked great, I can’t say that about the alien ship and the viewscreen shots. Sorry CBS/Digital, but those effects looked rather lame and uninspired IMHO. Oh well, they can’t be expected to hit the mark with each and every newly remastered effect.

Mike :o

I liked it a whole lot better when the USS Enterprise alone occupied our imaginations and represented the image dreamnt of when envisioning outerspace adventures. Her lines and symmetry are iconic, and easily translated to imaginative renderings that occupied a many a childs thoughts. Clean, sweeping lines and definition with no monkey business, the Enterprise is sleek and functional, elegant yet business- like. Anyone my age will remember all of the various incarnations in probably Treks most fruitful and imaginative years, the 1970s.

Remember all of the coloring books, postcards, posters, AMT model kits, board games, novels, fanzines, MEGO toys, etc?

Now you have more starship designs than can be counted, and the universe is alot more busy of a place, making out of contact missions and a Captain relying on their own judgement and interpretation of law obsolete.
It was a horrible mistake making the Starfleet so numerous and vast. Thousands upon thousands of starships immediately strips the allure and prestige from obtaining starship command. Now Captain everyJohn of the USS EveryShip can show up at any time on a moments cue to save your ass, interfere, meddle, cause trouble, etc.
Kirk in his era had no such luxury.
A unified fleet of hundreds of Klingon, Romulan, and Federation ships didn’t magically appear to aid the Enterprise against the planet killer, or Nomad, or the giant single celled amoeba. Kirk had to rely on his own intuition, resources, skills, and experience to save the day.
Space was vast and cold, adventurous and dangerous, exotic and unknown. Star Trek was initially about exploring the final frontier, then later became about maintaining the status quo and regulating mundane and routine chartered space. Where is the fun in that?
I wish it was like it used to be and there exists only a plethora of these lesser vessels, and a handful of starships, with extremely skilled and professional specialists commanding these few starships on dangerous and exotic missions, rather than exploring holographic lovers or soap opera like drama of raising children. Or episode after episode of nonstop warfare and ship battles. Star Trek needs a serious resuscitation, it’s been on life support for entirely too long.


I think, the reason we see more ships in the TNG era is because Kirk and crew were literally on the frontier…exploring the Alpha Quadrant, by TNG the 1701-D was basically going from port ot port of explored and alligned space.

We really needed to see more ships in TOS, Starfleet woudl have to be huge…I mean really big if it was servinga s a Military force against the Klingons, Romulans and Tholians as being a hugh research arm for scientific exploration.

As I have always understood it, the Constitution Class was, at the time of Kirk and Spock’s Original mission, the “largest things in space.”

We can assume then that where were smaller support vessels. As I see it how, a Carrier Task Force has numerous support ships…should the Enterprise have has such ships?

I imagine if there were a full scale war ever shown in the TOS era, that a Consitution Class Ship would be flanked by two destroyers and maybe another ship.

We never saw Starfleet go…full military, save during Errand of Mercy.
Seems like Starships provided defense for entire sections of Federation Space. Sort of like a deterant.

I like the design and appearance of the Thasian ship. It is so TOS that I couldn’t remember at first if they had even done anything with it. It moved very awkwardly, though even that was pretty TOS, too.

And what a colorful episode. They were really lighting the ship like it was a theater performance in the first season. Look at Charlie swatting Rand … is it just me or does the chapel appear to be around that corner and to the left?

I agree that TOS, where the Enterprise was usually far out on its own with help unavailable for weeks, made for greater drama and tension. But if they were really that far out, it would make more sense (but a much more complicated drama) for them to be the leader of a task force.

I especially like the earliest episodes where they hadn’t cooled down the lighting and make-up, had the heavy uniforms, and the crew often appeared warm, worried, and uncomfortable – more like a submarine on patrol than the cruise ship the Enterprise became in TNG. There is an edge to The Corbomite Maneuver, Mudd’s Women, The Naked Time, and even Charlie X that I really like and which the show had lost completely by the time of Frieberger. I like the teaser in Charlie X where the Enterprise is again made out to be something large and special, not just another starship. That purple lighting on the wall in the transporter room really popped in the remaster, by the way.

Personally I am a big fan of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, where they fully embraced a post 9/11 and documentary aesthetic. I think a reboot of Trek with a darker tone would be interesting – something B&B tried with aspects of “Enterprise” but failed to pull off. They certainly don’t need a Galactica-style holocaust, but I’d enjoy them playing the story very straight with less gee-whiz technology and more dirt, grime, human conflict, ship size and quantity limitations, better ship and space physics, documentary-style effects rather than the same old beauty shots with full orchestras we’ve been seeing ever since Star Wars 1977, etc.

Back to the Charlie X remaster, I love the Antares and its obvious nod to the animated series freighters but agree wholeheartedly that a departure shot would have sold the show better. The new Thasian ship was better than the original blob with the still-ghostly chain-o-blobs but as others have repeatedly said, had pitifully fake movement limited to fading and sliding. If it had seemed to move in three dimensions, that would have helped. They clearly had very limited screen time for the shot and wanted to make it more dynamic, but the end result looks almost as cheap as the original.

anyone got any more pics of Rand?

#7 – Skippy2k: “Something I noticed in the fx reel, the blinking lights under the viewer they looked like they were brighter or more colors than future eps. Am I imagining this or were they different (DON’T LAUGH AT ME! ::head tilt::)? ”

I noticed that right away too Skippy. I don’t remembered colored lights being under the main viewscreen at any time. I’m going to have to pull my old Betamax tape of “Charlie X” out of the pile and re-watch it to see if those colors were originally there, or if this was an enhancement.

CGI Enterprise looked good… someone just needs to replace the voltage regulator on it and maybe the interior and exterior lights will shine a bit brighter.

I see Scotty has still left the light on in his very narrow room in the left pylon…

All the window lights are on, which is probably a mistake. The original show as well as TNG always had some windows dark. Some of the crew would be in sleep shift or stargazing.

Listening to Kirk’s log entries again in the EFX vid above, I have two questions:

1. Is the Antares a cargo vessel or a “science probe vessel?”

2. Is this the first episode to mention UESPA?


Saturday afternoons and ice cream spoons. All those worlds belonged to us, limited only by one’s imagination, framed by F. Josph’s Tech Manual, Bjo’s Concordance, FASA, Mego. Remember those old Gold Key comics? Photonovels? Filk songs? Phil Foglio? AMT Model Kits? Poster Books? The very first issue of Starlog that started out as a one-shot tribute to Star Trek, and became an institution?

Time marches on, and so did we. Things change, and so must we; but the dream remains.

#13 “We can assume then that where were smaller support vessels. As I see it how, a Carrier Task Force has numerous support ships…should the Enterprise have has such ships?”

I think the naval metaphor in play here is the nuclear attack submarine, designed to be utterly alone and self-contained for months or even years at a time. The Enterprise, as has been shown many times, required no support vessels whatever.

So the “making things go away” animations were identical to the original version of the show? I could have sworn they were tweaked. Oh well.

“Personally I am a big fan of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, where they fully embraced a post 9/11 and documentary aesthetic. I think a reboot of Trek with a darker tone would be interesting – something B&B tried with aspects of “Enterprise” but failed to pull off. They certainly don’t need a Galactica-style holocaust, but I’d enjoy them playing the story very straight with less gee-whiz technology and more dirt, grime, human conflict, ship size and quantity limitations, better ship and space physics, documentary-style effects rather than the same old beauty shots with full orchestras we’ve been seeing ever since Star Wars 1977, etc.”

I understand what you’re saying and I respect your point of view, but for myself, I have to say that I don’t really want to see darker, overtly and deliberately post-9/11-y Star Trek. Real life these days is depressing enough. I have no problem with a Star Trek that addresses the issues and concerns of the day, just as the original series did during the Cold War, but Star Trek needs to maintain a sense of hopeful optimism and “yes, we made it” for it to be Star Trek, at least to me. If I want a dose of dread and uncertainty about the future, I’ll turn on the news.


I agree. What I loved about the original series, and even TNG is that they lived in a time where the world truly was a better place. Humanity had sorted out its problems and moved towards working to nurture itself as a species. The latter part of the Berman era Trek became darker, and far more cynical. I never enjoyed Trek as much after that…it just became like everything else on the Television. Berman and co were lazy writers if you ask me…they didn’t challenge themselves, and it showed on screen in the scripts. I think Roddenberry challenged the writers to do better, and it translated into the characters…I think it allowed the writers to strive beyond the norm.

I hope the new Trek team realizes this and will challenge themselves in the same way.

I like the Antares… sure wish either they’d stop playing TOS-R at 3 AM on Monday in New York, or I-tunes would get it together and post new eps.

Agree with everybody. Hey we are all more or less in agreement!!!

Re: #26 – I just want to clarify my earlier remarks. I actually want Star Trek characters to have to make hard moral decisions. Deep Space Nine was terrific at putting its characters in thorny moral situations and forcing them to make not “the” right choice, but the best choice in a bad situation. That was a welcomed departure from NextGen, where there always seemed to be a completely and perfectly moral resolution to everything that was usually reached because everybody was just so inherently good inside. I don’t know if that qualifies as lazy writing or just a misapprehension of what makes good drama, but I much prefer characters have to struggle toward a perhaps less than perfect outcome. That’s true to human nature and it makes things interesting. If that’s someone’s definition of “dark” then I guess I’m for darker Trek. In my world, though, its just “real-er” Trek. What I don’t want to watch is a Star Trek set against some kind of quasi-apocalyptic backdrop of constant strife and struggle with the Federation teetering on the brink of collapse or something similarly BSG-esque. I get enough of that kind of “dark” from reading the paper every day.

I think TOS had a kind of pulpy exoticness that disappeared in later incarnations, whether from differing leadership, different ideas of political correctness, etc. Slave girls, mad captains, rebellious sociopathic teenagers, what have you. I think the new film could have elements of that without becoming too dark (or cheesy).

For that matter, Charlie X was pretty dark, with real human drama, conflict and a less than perfect resolution. Just give us REALLY strange new worlds, new life, etc. Not just funny forehead guys with border disputes, and you’ll have a formula for success.

The new Thasian ship reminds me of a ghost ship now, like a rocket fading in and out of reality. Pretty cool retro design, too. :)

I am tired of “dark” shows.

Let’s see a revival of pure action adventure that entertains with a dash of something to say thrown in.

13 – We really needed to see more ships in TOS, Starfleet woudl have to be huge…I mean really big if it was servinga s a Military force against the Klingons, Romulans and Tholians as being a hugh research arm for scientific exploration.

One of Roddenberry’s ideas was that the captain of a starship was ‘out there on his own.’ Originally, it was a huge deal to phone back to the base for orders. Later, the writers mucked it up with instantaneous subspace communication. That weakened the plot a lot, I think; made it less like a frontier. Also, Starfleet would need millions of ships to “patrol” space. Maybe Trillions! The logic in these eps is fine, unless — God forbid — two planets have a bad day at the same time. Some of the better episodes in TOS and TNG talk about how rare it is to visit any given world. (WNMHGB: “The ore ships only call here once every twenty years.” / FC: “We may not get back here in your lifetime.”)

REALLY like the first season eps.
They had that Outer Limits-esque quality which really sold the concept that the ship was “out there.” Not surprising really, since a lot of the production crew came from that show.

The Antares looks awesome, and I still hope they’re going to go back and replace the earlier Enterprise shots for hi def. The Thasian ship was, well, botched in the area of movement dynamics. Shame.

Bring on What Are Little Girls Made Of, another of my creepy favs.

I usually tout CBS-D’s work as fantastic. This week’s was fantastic too, except the Thasian ship.

I’m sorry to say this so blunty, but CBS-D: your Thasian ship SUCKED! You ruined all the rest of your work with that half-baked effort. What’s up with the colored viewscreen lights in that one scene, too? Weird! I liked it, but it was only for that one scene. Are you checking to see if we are paying attention? Guess what, we are! Fascinating!

No ones mentioned this yet. There is a big uniform goof. Somehow Kirk changed uniforms in the turbolift while heading to the bridge! When Uhura contacts Kirk about the Antares needing to speak to him, he is wearing the gold top. When he exits on the bridge, he is wearing the green wrap around tunic!

33. CmdrR. – July 17, 2007

I give (maybe too much) thought to these things. Star Trek is one of the msot elaborate “Universes” in film/TV francises.

I think that Federation worlds normally provide for their own defense. Sort of like a “Home Defense” force. Thus, Starfleet is the “Federal” Military force will each planet looks after it own domestic, criminal (law enforcement) and disaster relief. Thus things like “Vulcan Space Central.” The Star Ships seem to be called to provide extra ordinary service (Defense of the Federation from “Threats” like Klingons and Romulans, plagues and massive relief efforts.)

In the early part of April, Pike and Kirk’s time it must have been anologous to the 19th Century…maybebecoming more like the early 20th.

April and Pike likely were the first to explore outside of the established “Federation.” Making patrols of Andorian, Tellerite and likely Vulcan areas; like ships patroling the English Channel or Mediterranean sea. There were encounters on the frontiers of “The Known Universe” and occasionally forays of exploration (like rounding CAPE HORN or exploring parts of the Atlantic what were know, but largely uncharted)

The events shortly before “The Cage” are not unlike encounting native Pacific Islanders. There must have been a rush to explore in that time that by Kirk’s Time they were going back and making detailed serveys (Like System L375 in Doomsday). Likely they negotiated an “area” for the Federation and now had to go back and consolidate that expanse and see what is there.

Kirk and Co. likely are pushing the frontier forward. Federation Outposts like Cestus 3 are established, but not “legacy” places like those established during ENT or prior to thsi exporation.

I think that is the purpose the Constitution Class serves. Developing frontier areas…slowly coming into the fold through development….patroled by these major Starships. Likely there were lesser ships…cargo transports and minor starships patrolling as well; however, like air craft carriers of today, a Starship is a symbol of Federation strength that both provides a since of safety to colonists and deterance to Enemies.

So, if I’m on the colony on “Carrales V,” and we are running out of supplies. They can send the USS Potemkin, Constitution Class, and I feel as if the Federation has its best people one it. If I’m on the outpost on “Alpha Carralesia VI” near the Romulan Neutral Zone, and strange things are happening and we suspect the Romulans, dispatching the U.S.S. Faragut sends a message to the Romulans that they has better be prepared to do more than probe. A much bigger impression than sending a cargo ship quickly armed…or a “PT boat.”

and… If a certain Starship Captain receives a priority signal with orders to proceed to Altair VI to represent the Federation at an inauguration ceremony for the planet’s new president…it supports the idea as Starships as Diplomatic Tools.

By TNG, however, Starships are more plentiful in a section of Space that is no longer “Developing.” The Deep Space exploration is just that, way out there. There are now lots of Excelsiors and Mirada Class as the back bone of the sleet, with large Galaxy Class and later Super Starships.

Thus, the “19th Century Sailing Imagery” in TOS gives way to a Modern “Naval” analogy. The 1701-D is an ordinary sight, while the 1701 was a spectacular sight. Times changed.

37 – Major –
“Thus, the “19th Century Sailing Imagery” in TOS gives way to a Modern “Naval” analogy. The 1701-D is an ordinary sight, while the 1701 was a spectacular sight. Times changed.”

Exactly. One of the early themes of TOS is Starship Captains as shapers of destiny. Very much of the Horatio Hornblower mold. I would LOVE to see the new movie do away with ‘subspace radio’ altogether and let the captain (Kirk) be sent off on his mission with the fate of the galaxy soley on his shoulders. That makes his decisions tougher and more fun to watch. This also sets the stage for showdowns with mad/bad captains like Tracey and Decker.

Subspace Radio’s principles have never been truley defined. I can assume based on other things that mention “subspace” that maybe there is interference or maybe even sections of “subspace” that hinder the transmission.

The SUBSPACE relay may serve to boost the signal for direct person to person transmission. In ENT, they get their message almost like a telegram or e-mail…its a recorded message. Maybe, during the TOS era, they were setting up “SUBSPACE NODES,” like the “repeaters” in use in military and amature radio.

If we hold to the idea that they are “moving into and expanding the Federation” that makes sense. There simply isn’t any infrastructure in place. In the “Enterprise Incident” the Romulans seem to know that a message will take 2 weeks to reach Starfleet. Yet, we see Picard’s era people communicating from the Neutral Zone and even Romulus in Real Time.

There are wonderful scenes in some Trek and eslewhere where the captain reviews ‘cut’ orders and grapples with how to obey them or whether to disobey. (“Damn these order, I’m going to do that Green Slave Girl!”) Subspace is like going to summer camp and having to phone home to Mommy every night. It’s out in some eps and blocked by mysterious interference in others. I say leave it out… and slave girls beware!

Wow!! Some good comments.

Where to start. I think it’s safe to assume that there were more federation ships than what was actually shown on TOS, however, it was VERY clear that there were ONLY 12 constitution class starships in the fleet.. And since several of those were destroyed/abandoned over the course of 3 seasons, they were even more rare and important than ever in Kirks time.
In the Tech Manual from the 70’s, (and yes I still have a copy….somewhere??) they had all manner of smaller starships right up to the proposed dreadnaught class starship that would have superseded the constitution class, but was not (at lease yet?) built. (I always loved that dreadnaught class starship, I wish they would have built that one, the Klingons and Romulans would have been in trouble then!!)

I really hope that the new movie takes a page from the first season of TOS. More Naval/Military. A cross between a Hornblower book, and Run silent/Run Deep in space. The Capt (Kirk in this case) is essentially a old west Federal Marshal, travelling from town to town, oops planet to planet, and since he’s out of easy communication with higher command has the almost unlimited authority to police the frontier (watch out Klingons/Romulans etc) and impose/implement Federation policy at his discretion. This means all the big and hard decisions are his, and he’s better make the right one’s or Starfleet Command will bust him. This was the great drama in TOS. It’s what made Kirk an iconic figure. He wasn’t afraid to make the hard decisions (such as jettisoning the ion pod with his buddy Finnigan inside to save the ship or ignoring orders and taking Spock back to Vulcan to save his life etc). That was real drama. While the trouble with tribbles was a great fun comedy episode, it was generally out of character with how the show was portrayed. Please don’t do a comedy movie. I don’t want cornball trek. I want tension and drama and adventure.

Finally, I thought the Antares was great and the alien ship embarrassingly bad. I have TWO words for CBS-D: QUALITY CONTROL!!!

Until Next Time,

Hmm, just looking at the ep list to see what was up next. Looks like there are only two more episodes in the first batch of remastered eps (Squire of Gothos and This Side of Paradise). Wonder when they will put out the second list or have they?

Star Trek was truly great when Kirk and the Enterprise were out there all by their lonesome.

A truly outstanding episode from start to finish, made perfect with the new ship models.

#43 Skippy 2k –
Yes, after ‘Squire’ & ‘Paradise’ there will be a 6 Week Shore Leave for many Remastered Community Members before the Second Season begins [New Movie News should fill the void]. continues to post that the second season list will be posted “soon” but you know how that goes. We’ll just have to keep our eye on these links:

I loved seeing the cargo ship. Finally we get to see what another earth ship looks like.

The Thasian ship on the other hand….

It was called a “ship” on camera. I can’t imagine anybody seeing that will-o-the-wisp in space and calling it a ship. Maybe that’s what these advanced energy-beings used as a ship, but at first glance why would the primitive flesh-creatures recognize it as such? We all know the real reason it looked that way in the original: a blur of light is easier to do than a ship model. I don’t think there was sufficient reason for the ship to appear that way, and it was a poor choice to attempt to emulate that decision. I had actually not realized that was a new effect until I looked back on the original. I suppose some would take that as a compliment, but there’s a reason “the Corbomite Device” deviated from the original design, as did “Journey to Babel.” Those are the “ships” I want to see.

So what could have been done instead? First thing that comes to mind is something similar to the V’ger concept, with a ship in the center of an energy-cloud. Obviously much smaller, but seeing some mass inside would have done a lot for it.

Shot at 2007-07-17

Oh yeah, and as syndication cuts go, this one had some of the better ones. I remember groaning and wondering when Uhura would stop singing so we could get back to the show in the original. This time we got the essence of it with half the song.

The Antares is both a Floor Wax and a Dessert Topping!!

I wonder who will get this???

Original, vintage Saturday Night Live. Classic!