Details & Artwork for Captains Log & TNG Box Set DVDs

Besides the TOS-R HD DVDs, there will be two other Star Trek releases on DVD this year. The first release is another ‘Fan Collective’ called "Captains Log" with episodes chosen by each of Trek’s captains: Kirk (William Shatner), Picard (Patrick Stewart), Sisko (Avery Brooks), Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and Archer (Scott Bakula). The set will include new special features from each of the actors as well (details below) and is released on July 24th. The second release is a new complete box set for Star Trek: The Next Generation coming out October 3rd (just in time for the 20th anniversary). That set will include new special features as well



More details below 

Fan Collective: Captain’s Log (5 Disk Set) [retail: $38.99] [AMAZON: $29.19]

Disc 1 — The Original Series

  • Introduction to ‘Captain’s Log‘ with William Shatner
  • CAPTAIN PICK: "City on the Edge of Forever"
    • Introduction with William Shatner and Joan Collins
  • FAN PICK 1: "The Enterprise Incident"
  • FAN PICK 2: "Balance of Terror"
  • Bonus Features:
    • What Makes a Good Captain?
    • The Importance of ‘The Captain’s Log’
    • Captain Kirk’s Legacy

Disc 2 — The Next Generation

  • CAPTAIN PICK: "In Theory"
    • Introduction with Patrick Stewart
  • FAN PICK 1: "Chain of Command"
    • Introduction with Patrick Stewart
  • FAN PICK 2: "Darmok"
    • Introduction with Patrick Stewart
  • Bonus Features:
    • The Importance of ‘The Captain’s Log’
    • Playing a Captain
    • Looking Back
    • Star Trek and the Stage
    • Picard’s Future

Disc 3 — Deep Space Nine

  • CAPTAIN PICK: "Far Beyond the Stars"
    • Introduction with Avery Brooks
  • FAN PICK 1: "What You Leave Behind"
  • FAN PICK 2: "In the Pale Moonlight"
  • Bonus Features:
    • A Captain and a Father
    • Sisko as Emissary
    • Directing
    • Imagining the Future
    • Social Commentary
    • Aspirations
    • "Star Trek’s" Impact

Disc 4 — Voyager

  • CAPTAIN PICK: "Counterpoint"
    • Introduction with Kate Mulgew
  • FAN PICK 1: "The Omega Directive"
    • Introduction with Kate Mulgrew
  • FAN PICK 2: "Flashback"
    • Introduction with Kate Mulgrew
  • Bonus Features:
    • The Importance of ‘The Captain’s Log’
    • Captain Janeway’s Best Qualities
    • What Makes a Good Captain?
    • Janeway’s Future
    • Looking Back

Disc 5 — Enterprise

  • CAPTAIN PICK: "Judgement"
    • Introduction with Scott Bakula
  • FAN PICK 1: "These are the Voyages"
    • Introduction with Scott Bakula
  • FAN PICK 2: "First Flight"
  • Bonus Features:
    • What Makes a Good Captain?
    • The Importance of ‘The Captain’s Log’
    • Captain Archer’s Best Qualities
    • Looking Back
  • Closing Statement for ‘Captain’s Log‘ with Scott Bakula



Star Trek: The Next Generation Box Set [retail: $455.95] [AMAZON: $359.09]

Complete series plus one ‘bonus disk’ with new documentaries. Some details on those at Wil Wheaton’s blog.





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FAN PICK 1: “These are the Voyages”

fan pick???

The set looks OK, but I’m getting spoiled by this sight. I’d love to see collections with some of the extras we’re enjoying here.

Yeah I calls BS on These are the Voyages being a fan pick.

It’s a shame that Stewart went for an episode that he directed rather than one that best represents the character of Picard. I would have much preferred “The Inner Light” to “In Theory”.

Nice packaging on the TNG series box set. :)

FAV extras snarfed up free here on that I would like to see in the Remastered DVD’s:

*That British special “After They Were Famous”
*The Interview with Nick Meyers
*”Who Mourns for Mugatu”
*”Star Track”
*”Rocket Man” (any version including Stewie’s)

I thought the “After they were famous” was to be on the set? Thought I read that somewhere anyway. Allready have the whole series on DVD, why are they releasing it again rather than waiting/prepairing for the new format?

The Fan Picks suck…no Inner Light and These are the Voyages…What fans voted on that?

Gosh will this ever end?

How many more times will Paramount/CBS squeeze the “golden goose” named Star Trek, and repackage the same old Trek episodes? Why not just release a new DVD with the interviews and other extras, instead of making fans buy all the episodes again?

After I finish purchasing the remaining seasons of DS9 that I don’t own, as well at the upcoming TOS remastered DVDs, I won’t be purchasing any more Trek for a very, very long time.

Some trekkies have to own just about every thing Trek, but this Trek fan is finished given the stockholders of Paramount any more of my hard earned cash!

Mike :o

TATV? Seriously?!

Fan pick These Are the Voyages??? Which fans? Oh I know, the ones from the Mirror universe.

I believe it was the “Fan Pick……..for worst episode”. While I don’t have as big a problem with the ep as some (though I do have my problems with it…) I don’t see it as being picked by the fans.

These Are the Voyages!!!


I for one liked “These are the Voyages.” Sure! It was a poor series finale. But it was a nice sentimental franchise finale. It gave a nod all the way back to TOS and nicely skipped the baggage I might add (DS9 and Voyager). But the fact that the only 15 people that were voting for these episodes were the same 15 that liked the episode is hysterical.

These Are the Voyages!!!


I for one liked “These are the Voyages.” Sure! It was a poor series finale. But it was a nice sentimental franchise finale. It gave a nod all the way back to TOS and nicely skipped the baggage I might add (DS9 and Voyager). But the fact that the only 15 people that were voting for these episodes were the same 15 that liked the episode is hysterical.

I wonder…..Will The Balance Of Terror episode be the old original one or the updated one? Wouldn’t make too much sense to see or buy the original.

Just a suggestion to those of you who would like to own all the season sets but are put off by the cost, there is absolutely no reason to pay retail for new copies of any of these. I have 100% of all the episodes from all the series and I’ll bet you I paid total what they are asking for the TNG series set. If you go to Amazon and look at any given set you’ll notice that through Amazon Marketplace you can pick up for a fraction of the SRP used and sometimes new but overstocked copies and save a bundle.

This is not like the old days in the used record shop and optical media is not vinyl. Properly cared for discs are indistinguishable from the new ones except the shrink wrap is off. So what.

For example, the Series Set for Voyager is listed at $696.99 but through the market place you can get it NIB for $163. That’s all 7 seasons. If you watch eBay you can get even better deals if you are patient.

I buy and sell on the used market all the time. Unless you are one of those folks that absolutely must have it now, buying media online is the only way to go. Just be a smart shopper. Look at people’s seller rating. Only buy from sources that have sold in volume and have a 5 star rating on Amazon, a 99.7% feedback or better on eBay and by the way, check out (tied to eBay) they have great deals.

Don’t be a drone and pay full retail and through the nose just because you think NIB with the shrink wrap is the only way to go. For collectors, the used market is fabulous!

Hmm, is “City on the Edge of Forever” the CBS-D remastered version, by any chance…? I’m guessing not.

Still, I’d love to see the 2007 Joan Collins with the Shat, if they are indeed together for the introduction piece.

So if the Next Generation is suppose to get the remastered treatment then I don’t wonder why they are releasing the series again. $$$

#16 — No TNG isn’t going to be remastered, there really isn’t anything to get remastered, TNG is a product of the 80s and as such the final product was edit on video tape, effectively limiting it’s quality to no better then standard DVD can offer.

Collins and Shatner, is it just audio or a filmed interview?

But the have stated that the HD process will have the same effect the the Next Gen series effects as the original one. While no official word is out the are indeed talking about doing it.

#17- Has TNG or the rest being re-mastered been put down for sure? While I don’t consider it needing to be done I’ve read hints that it might and what would have to be done given the editing on tape (going back to the footage and recreating the cg I believe). I think I read that on the tvshowsondvd site in regards to the tos HD-DVDs.

Anyway can’t wait for the TOS-HD sets!

No thanks to both.
For about the first 5 years, I faithfully viewed and recorded the first run episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation every week. Those tapes (with rare exception) have not been viewed since and probably won’t be.
It really wasn’t a bad show. I like watching it back then. It’s just that none of the episodes really stick out in my mind as being rewatchable, not even the Spock and Scotty episodes.

I am one of those guys who has been running around to pawn shops trying to get even just episodes. As you can imagine, the availability and quality is dodgey at best. I am still quite excited to own the remastered version of TOS and don’t mind getting NIB shrink wrapped eps at full price because I do have to have them asap. But thanks for the suggestion, Michael. I’m going to do just that.

How any sane person can keep falling for the same crap over and over again by buying that ^%$#& junk they put out every couple of years, is way beyond my comprehension. But I guess somebody has to do it…


Stewart picked one he directed, but Shatner actually went with his “objective” choice. In one of Shatner’s books he says his actual favorite episode is “The Devil in the Dark”, not the finished episode but his memory of making it, because it was during filming he got the news his father had died and he felt how supportive the cast and crew was being to him while he worked to finish his scenes before leaving for the funeral.

Oh God here we go again.

CBS and Paramount are cheap asses when it comes to spending money for anything. They will not go back and rescan the film that TNG was shot on for a re-master.

Unfortunately, Matt is right.

The huge undertaking to get all the raw film elements out of storage (assuming they exist), re-edit them, and then recomposite all of the visual effects has to be insanely expensive. And don’t forget TNG, DS9, and Voyager would all need the process to be brought into the high-def era.

Unfortunately for us that want to see TNG HD, Matt is again right.

The only thing tat would make TNG-HD, VOY-HD, and DS9-HD possible is an amazing, gift from God, genius level, automated scanning system that could cut the production cost down to below reasonable levels.

Imagine, practically, repeating every step of every TNG/DS9/VOY episode’s post production, plus costs of research, reconstruction, and restoration. It could be more expensive than doing a new show.

CBS has to feel the analog version will no longer sell (in syndication), and that an HD version will sell enough to pay off the investment in doing it. I doubt we’re there yet. I predict we’ll see a few best episodes released in HD to test the waters. All the series’ premieres and “The Best of Both Worlds” would be something.

I hope they’re not too cheap to do at least 4 episodes. Al, that would be great. Maybe doing a best of HD set would be the answer. I’m up for that for sure!

After all of the blast posts Matt and I sent each other a few weeks ago I never thought of what #29 wrote. Maybe AL is magic after all. :)

TNG has aged WORSE than TOS. in term of tone, chraracters, that goes for the films too – ‘captain an alien vessel is about to destroy us.’……. ‘Confrence.’ Troi, annoying klingon, wheaton, etc. The days of TNG being considered superior to TOS (yes it really used to be) are LONG gone.

For now. The cycle will turn again.

And TATV does, indeed, suck.

#32 – No, sorry, those days are not long gone, overall, TNG is better than TOS. The best TOS are still not as good as the best TNG, and the worst TNG is still better than the worst TOS.

Anyway, I really wish that the TNG episodes were remastered, not for effects and so on, but for color. #17 what you say is not true; it’s true that the resolution cannot be improved, but color correction is still possible, and in the earlier seasons of TNG the color balance and saturation are off.

Well if TATV is included this could be evidence enough the fans should never ever be involved in the decision process for Star Trek.
Every message board I read hated this episode lol.
I got no problems over the fan sets… I have all of them because I didn’t like every episode of the spin offs. The ones that were selected were fine but TATV?! WTH? Well…at least none of these show up on the other collections.

No, it won’t.

Say what? I must’ve missed that.


In your opinion.

That aside…you’ll have plenty of time to rewatch them in reruns for a very long, long, long time.

People clamoured, discussed, debated, begged, lobbied, and prayed for a Star Trek film for 10 years after the cancellation of TOS. The first film was the first film in history produced because fans *demanded* it.

I don’t see very many people clamouring for a new TNG film. Granted, they immediately went from the tv series into their group of films without a delay, yet still the 20 million viewers per week neilsen ratings didn’t translate over to box office bankability or buttoxes in the seats. Generations, the introductory adventure for TNG crew, made scarcely more than Trek VI, 3 years earlier, whereas TMP adjusted for inflation is still 20 plus years later the highest grossing Trek film to date, as well as selling the most tickets.

The pendulum may indeed sing back to where people are at least intrigued by TNG again, but personal enjoyment aside, I really don’t see how people can say TNG made the sheer cultural splash and impact TOS did. There isn’t even a 20th anniversary TNG film adventure on the horizon like Trek IV.

Beside the nice artwork, are they going to re master TNG in Hi-Def?
Any good reason to buy this?

The first film was the first film in history produced because fans *demanded* it. 38. Josh T. ( Kirk is to Star Trek as Taco Tico is to texmex) Kirk Esquire’ – July 17, 2007 – josh as I understand a few thing lead to TMP. The idea of TMP was originaly an episode of Phase II and was changed and expanded to be a Feature Film, after paramount decided it wanted to go up against the Popular “The Star Wars” movie. There was plans for two other movies that fell flat before TMP. Indeed there was fan demand, but TMP was not entirely made because the fans wanted it, it was made because the time was finaly right.

Just a quick note on re-mastering TNG for HD. The original negatives could be scanned and re-edited and the original sound re-mixed to 7.1 in a fairly straight forward process. All the footage is timecoded and could be resolved in HD from the original edit decision list. However, recreating the effects is the problem.

Some of the blue screen Enterprise shots I believe were actually finished as film, so those are straight forward, but all the “video – ey” effects (phasers, glowing blobs etc.) would have to redone. I personalyl think I could re-create most of those shots in my NLE and in After Effects no problem – but effects like the crystaline entity and the like would be tricky.

Another option (and don;t laugh – I’m serious) is to use up-rezing software to bring the 720 x 486 broadcast origs up to 1920 X 1080P or 1080I. I’ve seen old video news footage treated this way for a an HD doc I’m cutting and it works really well – and it looks better than original. I would defintely consider buying TNG in HD if they treated it this way.

41. seangh – July 17, 2007 – Great points. I’m a sound engineer and remixing the sound to 7.1 is achievable and not overly hard, I could do it! As for visual effects I have less knowledge in this area, but this is where the costs would come in. The only thing that worries me is that yet again people are going to be in-undated with Trek. I

I agree for the most part that TNG can be easily brought to HD, However the entire First season needs to be seriously looked at as far as re-doing the special effects, Case in point the forcefield from encounter at farpoint and especially the creature from skin of evil, (Just the scenes where the creature is moving back and fourth from the crashed shuttle) Back in the day it was kinda cool , but these days it looks kinda lame. Why re-do any of the phaser shots? ??? I don’t see any reason to buy the new set unless of course, will wheaton had filmed behind the scenes footage using a betamax camera….hahhahahaahhahahhahhahahhahhaha….

AFAIK, with TNG being posted on tape, while they’d have the original timecodes, the new HD transfers would inevitably have variations, unless the tapes carry the original film markers.

Up-rezzing and restoration of the tape stock would really be the only sensible option at the moment. The audio-visual quality of so many shows from the 1980s really is dire, compared with both before and after.

Goes to show that, while the old TOS episodes might’ve been cut on slower, old fashioned film, the old-fashioned production techniques have really paid off in the HD era!!

I’m looking forward to seeing the TOS-R DVD/HD-DVD/hypothetical BluRay release: I bought season one of TOS on DVD a couple of years back and was so appalled at the picture quality, I didn’t buy seasons two or three!

Fan pick for Ent – Thes Are The Voyages???!!!


LMAO! More like Bermans Pick!

Surely fans would have chose the mirror universe eps or Twilight


Seeing the “huge” rollout of support from Paramount and fandom celebrating the 20th anniversary of TNG, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any HD attempts at that series anytime soon.

I just hope the HD TOS sets are coming in blue ray as well as HD. IF they are exclusively offered on HD, I guess I’ll have to pass.


#50 Price too high?

I hate companies that release the same movie over and over again. The Next Gen issue doesn’t seem to be the case. This is essentially a physical repackaging and a price cut. Those who both the series in 2002 paid well over $700. Now you can get it in one box for a little less money. And they through in a bonus disc.

And the Captain’s Log set. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars for the complete series. The Klingon Collection etc are nice packages for the more casual fan. They make great Father’s Day gifts.

As for the remastering. I don’t want to get into a long technical discussion, but I’m sorry many folks simply don’t know what they’re talking about. TNG was never ever on any format which would take any advantage whatsoever from HD. There are not, nor should there be any discussions at Paramount about HD masters for this film. It’s analogous to remastering a silent film to be shown in a movie theatre with sound.

Enterprise? Sure, they can make some high def discs, and I hope they do someday. But not TNG.

“Goes to show that, while the old TOS episodes might’ve been cut on slower, old fashioned film, the old-fashioned production techniques have really paid off in the HD era!!”

Brought a tear to my eye. I’m not alone!

I don’t care what any other cinematographer says, film still kicks ass!

24p baby, 24p