Quinto Relishing The Spock Rumors

We know Zachary Quinto wants to be Spock, and TrekMovie.com has reported that we have heard some buzz about the actor being in actual talks. Now it appears that the actor himself loves the attention. Quinto tells IGN "I love these rumors, I think anything we can do to keep these going is good." When asked straight out if he really was ‘in talks’ the actor wouldn’t give a straight answer, saying "I’m talking to you about it right now, my friend. I am talking to you about this role, right now." So there you have it…Quinto is relishing the Spock talk. This has some of the same feeling as the James McAvoy/Scottie rumors, which for a while seemed to be being perpetuated by the actor himself. Hopefully we will have this all cleared up next week. Remember that TrekMovie.com will be the only independent Star Trek site reporting from Comic-Con.

COMIC CON UPDATE: Quinto Confirmed (w/ photos & video) 

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Buzzzzzz is right – we’ll see what happens next week!


Yes he’s been cast as Spock.

ComicCon is just days after my birthday. XI is on Christmas ’08. Dang, I feel like a kid from all this fun.

Many possibilities for Spock. I supply this list because Spoke is more than the face… but also the voice…

David Schwimmer (Friends)
Jeffrey Wright (Angels In America)
Ben Shenkman (Angels In America)
Andrew Divoff (Wishmater)
Christian Bale (Batman Begins)
Adrian Grenier (Entrourage)
Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes)
Adrian Pasdar (Heroes)
Greg Grunberg (Heroes)

Kevin Connolly (Entrourage)
Jeremy Piven (Entrourage)
Matt Damon
Jack Coleman (Heroes)

Out of Left Field for Doomsday remake – Commodore Decker
R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket)
Ed Harris (Apollo 13)
Bill Paxton (Apollo 13)

David Schwimmer (Friends)?

Now, I think David is a great actor…but I keep seeing his friends persona.

Hmmph. I doubt I’ll believe it until the ink’s dry on the contract.

How about Edgar Buchanan?
Buddy Ebsen?
Norman Fell?
Gary Coleman?
Robert Donner?
Sammy Davis, Jr.?
Anson Williams?
Red Skelton?
Shirley Booth?

R. Lee Ermey’s one of my favorite all-time actors and sargeants from hell. I’d like to see him cast as old grandpa Kirk.

He is by far the best choice of all the SPOCK candidates.

I am so tired of rumors….

Only 7 days to go…

The comic con thing is on my birthday. So I’ll finally have some good news. And the film is due to be released on Xmas day 08 how fab.

I really like the idea of Zach Quinto as Spock

and there is always the option that they will cast an unknown.

Zach Quinto isnt an “unknown”, but he’s not exactly a “wellknown” actor either. Perhaps the rumours are true. Never actually seen him in anything, but i’ll try and catch a couple of episodes of Heroes next time it’s on. I’m a bit picky when it comes to new actors playing old familar faces.

Best bet is to have complete unknowns who actually know how to act in the various roles, or to have brand new characters entirely.

No Shater?

Who cares about Zach Quinto.

#7 Stanky

LOL, I know what you mean, but at least we will have Leonard Nimoy “transferring” his character role to whoever is chosen as his younger self in this Movie…which is more than it seems we can say for Bill Shatner with his Kirk character at this moment…

And James Crawley has already stated a few threads back too, that as a TOS “purist” himself, he currently KNOWS enough about the PRODUCTION DESIGN changes to be wary of what’s coming… Now that is a concern for me, although he hasn’t pointed out WHAT exactly he knows that makes him unnerved. So I will await concrete news on both the new cast and production design details before I give up on the LOOK of this “supposed” TOS-era set Movie, and look forward to hearing what comes out of the imminent “ComicCon” presentation. But I dearly hope that although TOS series fans will have to adjust to new actors in established roles, that a lot of the actual TOS imagery and colours is retained, without being OVERLY reinterpreted. Some may love change for the sake of change, but I am sure that a big screen incarnation that is CLOSER IN LOOK to the original TOS series, than what we got from it’s subsequent Movies in the past, will look fantastic if just given a bigger budget than what the series had, and a LITTLE tweaking and improvement here and there.

where exactly is the cawley post?

I don’t mind readouts and screen with graphics on the “new” old bridge, it has to have them to make it realistic. No more “buttons only” panels and paper backlit screens. Some purists carry things to far.

#17 brady

You will find the two relevant James Cawley posts #53 and #130 back on the recent topic on July 12th titled New Voyages “World Enough And Time” Premiers Next Month + Mini Review.

#18 Diabolik

I also do not expect, nor want, “buttons only” panels and “paper backlit screens”… but I do want TOS uniforms similar in top colours, black shortened flared trousers, with long black boots…colourful lighting…similar handphaser design props…similar transportation beamdown effects…similar “Enterprise” design overall…and similar Bridge layout (not necessarily with red rails) and Captain’s Chair design. These could all be done in a standard befitting a major motion picture, and still look wonderful.

I’ll bet he’s already been hired and they’ve sworn him to secrecy until it’s revealed at ComicCon.

He’s going to look a little pathetic if he’s NOT cast, after all the nudge-nudge wink-wink comments. Sounds pretty solid tho’.

I’m with Stanky holding out for Buddy Ebsen…

Cervantes, you make good sense regarding the design. (Except for the red rail thing, which I can overlook if this is close to “The Cage” era.

I won’t mention the stuff about fake actors and all that.


Two options:


I just love to cause trouble.
Are you really telling me that the layout of the bridge is immutable?
I love ST like everybody here. But, let’s think about it the way JJ may be thinking… the basic layout of the bridge was a 1960’s TV decision (including the position of the cussed turbolift.) It’s a procenium arch stage. If you were a starfleet admiral, would you really sign off on a bridge that sits atop the primary hull like a freakin’ bulls-eye? Wouldn’t it make more sense to bury the control center deep inside. And wouldn’t it make more sense to have at least some of the various stations facing the captain? I know folks in here hate BSG, but that CandC makes a lot more sense, if sense is what you’re going for.
I’m not arguing FOR this change, but I’m saying we should all keep out minds open.

Quinto is a fine selection as Spock. It seems that he can act and he wants the part. That’s important.

As far as the design is concerned, functioning readouts on the bridge are probably the wisest thing to do but communicators, tricorders, phasers, the ships, and for the most part, the uniforms, have to be the same. Otherwise, what’s the point?

If they’re going to do this movie as advertised, then new actors will have to be cast in the familiar roles. Sorry Stanky, that’s just the way that it is. This however does not make them fake actors. It makes them substitutes out of necessity. It’s a semantical thing.

On review, certainly you are correct, CmdrR, but we don’t have to worry TOO much about realism, do we? This is all make believe.

Proscenium .. yes, my spelling s**ks.

No, I like make-believe. I love Trek. I’m just saying, we know so very little beyond one poster showing the familiar badge and tunic colors. Nothing else has been promised. I gonna start calling the purists in here the velour and papier-mache crowd. If you really expect a duplicate of 1960’s TV production values, I think you’re gonna be shocked. I look forward to a wonderful new take on a favorite adventure.

#24, a freakin’ bulls-eye! well put.
i have thought the same thing, and if you take that logic to its proper conclusion, you realize the most logical design for a starship is a giant sphere, with the bridge in dead center. this minimizes appendages that may be damaged by stray weapons fire, indeed minimizes the surface area open to attack. tuck the engines inside too, cause you sort of want to protect them as well. and then the energy necessary to envelope the hull in a force shield is also minimized, or rather strengthened (no shape in nature is stronger than a sphere). and then what do you have? a movie about a giant golf ball in space? sadly, what makes the most sense does not necessarily look the coolest on screen.

god, i hope they hire unknown actors. the less baggage they bring, the fresher the vision. and for god’s sake, redesign the bridge. the chair’s need seatbelts and head rests — remember the 60s and those chevy corvairs and impalas with no head rests, whiplash coffins supreme? yes, we’ve learned a thing or 2 about ergonomics in 40 yrs, i’d say. but you still can’t beat a big comfy swivel chair in front of a big flatscreen tv.

Again, I LOVE TOS.
But, we may get whapped in the eyeballs by something BRAND SPANKIN NEW!

Paul McGillion – (Dr. Beckett from Stargate Atlantis) would be a great Scotty. Does a great Scottish accent. And would be the right age , since Scotty is one of the original engineers and builders of the Enterprise from Robert April through Christopher Pike to serving under Kirk

Zachary Quinto: a handsome version of the original Spock… I like the idea.

I also like the idea of Quinto I just hope he has time to do it. I suppose it will depend on working out schedule between Trek and Heroes.

Hey, I just thought of a snag with why Shatner may not be in the movie. The producers want both Shatner and Nimoy in the story. Nimoy says he likes the script and they sign him up first. The producers turn to Shatner and ask, “want in?” He says, “sure, if you pay me a gazillion dollars!” They say, “no, we’re only paying Nimoy this, and with your Favored Nations clause, if we pay you more, we have to pay HIM more. No can do”. Shatner’s holding out for more, but the producers are balking because they’d “take it on the chin” twice, and it’s not worth THAT much to them!

I’ve been thinking about the Shatner situation among similar lines to yours. There seem to be so few of us willing to at least consider the possibility that Shatner’s (possible) absence from this movie could be his own doing. If he wants to play Kirk again, and this is the only project for which he would be paid to do it, he will have to be willing to yield some of his demands.

#23 Shadow6283

I don’t think I care for your tone today. By the way, whenever I use the word “similar” I use it to mean “within a level of SOME recognisability to the original design”, NOT “exactly as it was before”. I realise SOME things need to change in this world.

Third option:


SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY you suggest…would that I could, to get involved, but I’ll have to wait for a few of my horses to come in to get that privilage… However I could quite happily WRITE A VERSION of the thing to content myself, if the finished Movie turns out to be TOO far removed…

Which reminds me… Orbitalic, before “ComicCon” reveals some hotly anticipated facts about this latest TOS-era (?) Star Trek Movie, I thought it would be fun to come up with a speculative version of a full-blown INTRO in response to your own evocative prologue suggestion, which I will repeat one more time for anyone that missed it in the past. Now THAT was a worthwhile and constructive post.

Orbitalic’s nicely thought out imaginary Movie prologue went like this:

Baaa-paa-ba, ba, bum-bum-pa-pa! is heard faintly…

Imagine a tree-lined creek bed in the middle of an Iowa summer. Birds chirp, the water gurgles around a couple of rocks. Our point of view sees a stone being thrown to skip across the water, frightening the deer on the far bank. We see a close up of a black-booted foot using a rock as a stepping stone moving in and out of the frame. The scene steps back to see a gold-shirted man from the back, now standing on the high bank, looking at the water and trees. He now looks to the sky, sighs and opens a communicator. He speaks calmly.
“One to beam aboard”.
We hear the transporter sizzle and the point of view recedes as the man disappears… The image of the creek bed moves back now fields of corn rapidly give way to a patchwork of fields, a nearby town. We start seeing the curvature of the horizon. The POV rotates as we elevate… more Earth, the glow of atmosphere, the glare of the sun and now space. The starscape appears to fill the screen… and we begin to move forward… faster and faster…

Cue the theme… the music swells.

I’m a bit pushed for time today Orbitalic and anyone else remotely curious, so I may need to type my version over a few separate posts here to get it done on this thread, as It’s quite lengthy. But I’ll see how I get on. I will finish it off tomorrow if I can’t manage it all today.

Just so you know, in an ideal world, my own personal wish for this “re-establishing” of the Trek Movies would entail all concerned in it’s making to include a warm and respectful handover of their iconic character roles by BOTH Leonard AND Bill, that doesn’t overpower the rest of the Movie, but keeps us older fans happy enough, while hoping that unaware new fans “get” the handover, and may even check out the original series to enjoy the old “introducers” at the start of the Movie, in their t.v. prime, using an enigmatic lack of explanation about the “Nexus” event conundrum, combined with a lot of the “similar” colour and imagery of CERTAIN TOS-era episodes. Hey, I can ask can’t I ?
Remember, this is only a fun “what if” flavoured with my own selfishly personal preferences, but please indulge me nonetheless :)
As always, please pardon my prose.

Here goes:

The Theatre having darkened…a black Movie screen brightens considerably, and we are introduced to a slow zoom-in on two dark, indistinct, ethereal figures walking at a leisurely pace towards us, their arms behind their backs, against an indistinguishable, dream-like, intensely bright white background, focusing as we close in.
We cut to an in-focus head and shoulder close-up reveal of an elderly Spock beside an elderly Kirk ( as portrayed by the current Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner ), still walking towards us, resplendent in unfamiliar, futuristic tunics.

FIRST continuation:

Kirk is in the middle of a fond appreciation of Spock’s friendship and help during their many missions together over the years. He tells him “You realise that without you and the rest of the crew, that I wouldn’t be where I am today…”, then turns, stops, and gently places his hands on Spock’s shoulders before continuing with amused affection “…but I STILL haven’t quite got used to those wretched ears Spock!”
We cut to Spock who stares at Kirk impassively, arms still behind his back, intoning solemnly “The feeling is mutual…” before raising an eyebrow, then stating with mischievious relish “…and my wretched ears have ALWAYS been greatly misunderstood!”, as he breaks into a broad smile.
We cut back to a close-up of Kirk now, who laughs, and indicates for them to continue walking.
We then cut to a close-up behind them, following as they both walk away from us slowly, arms behind backs again. “Ah, yes…” Kirk recollects wistfully as our viewpoint suddenly halts, “…I’ll always remember meeting those ears for the first time…” he continues, as he gives Spock a gentle pat on the back. We barely hear Spock’s knowing response “Nor will I forget the events that came after, and the lives that we touched…”, as the elderly duo continue to receed further away from us, until they are once again two dark, indistinct, ethereal figures…

A somewhat familiar orchestral Theme begins, as the bright screen fades into blackness again… a deep starfield this time. As the music starts to swell, two much-loved saturated yellow words begin to faze into existence in the middle distance, immediately moving slowly towards us, solidifying as they near us, then returning to semi-transparency, allowing us to see the stars through them, just before they loom large and engulf us totally with a satisfying “swoosh”, before leaving us looking into deep black space once more.
As the extended Main Theme hits it’s stride, smaller light blue lettering now slowly fazes in and out against the starfield, notifying us of various cast members and production personnel until the Theme ends.

As the Main Theme finishes and fades away to silence, we start to hear a steadily rising deep base rumble against the blackness, before the startlingly colourful orange swirls of a huge round spinning Nacelle Dome slowly fills the screen, coming towards us perilously close.
We cut to the oncoming image of the slowly approaching prow of a massive saucer belonging to a sleek and elegant Starfleet Starship. It comes directly at us head-on, filling the screen, but out point of view veers off at the last minute, and we close-in on one of the prow windows, seeing colour and movement ahead as we go. In one continuous movement, we have passed through the window into a corridor filled with the urgent sounds of emergency klaxons and much crew activity.
As an ominous sounding soundtrack starts up again, we cut to a steady distance close-up of long black boots, topped by black shortened trousers, striding purposefully at a steady pace away from us along the curved corridor, as other crewmembers, the females in minis :) , rush past in both directions.
We cut to a steady distance close-up of a gold triangular Starfleet insignia against a blue tunic coming towards us.
We then cut to a steady distance close-up of the back of the strider’s head, revealing a silhouette with unnaturally pointed ears.

SECOND continuation:

As we cut to a final steady distance shot from behind, revealing his whole tall, slime profile, he continues his way along the corridor, where a young female crewmember coming towards him, can’t help staring in awe at the mysterious crewman as she passes him. As the emergency klaxons continue with insistent regularity in the background, we revert to a close-up of the back of the head and shoulders of the tall, still unseen by us, crewman as he suddenly enters an opening.
“Bridge” he states calmly. He is now the occupant of a small turbolift, and we can see it is heading upwards rapidly. It “thrums” as it moves, in a merciful respite from the klaxons. We slowly scan up the side of the enigmatic crewman standing upright in his blue and black uniform, arms behind his back. First, we start at the base of his long black boots, going slowly upwards reveals the flared ends of regulation issue black trousers, upwards yet…a weapon is at his side…a lethal handphaser…we can see gold bands on his blue sleeves, his arms still behind him, upwards still, we come to the gold insignia set against his blue tunic top, then just as we reach his chin and are about to see his face, the “thrum” slows, the lift stops, and we are once again in close-up behind his pointed-eared head, about to leave it, to enter another area.
We see from this point of view that the door “swishes” open in front of him, allowing us our first glimpse of this Starship’s Bridge, it’s vital operations room.
As another mysterious sounding music cue starts up, we finally cut to reveal our first proper look at a young Spock ( as portrayed by a new actor ), as he enters the Bridge through the now open doorway. Without pausing, he turns to his right, and we now follow him along a raised walkway as he heads for his station. We close-in on his unusual face as he scans for information on the unseen menace. As we pan around his predominantly grey, black, and scarlet circular surroundings, we discover it is a technological marvel, brimming with the sounds of multi-coloured gadgetry and alive with lit-up workstations, monitors, and screens. A constant electronic hum fills the air. There are several seating positions, including Spock’s, around the perimeter of the raised walkway, while in the centre, is a larger, raised seat, flanked by two other seated positions just in front of it. These three central seats are facing a huge blue-edged viewscreen which dominates the field of view, and we see that it currently shows the vastness of space, along with a section of a large planetary body, as yet unknown to us.
We see that most of the other Bridge crew have momentarily stopped to stare at their unusual crewmate. We cut to Spock, who sensing this, slowly turns round and raises an eyebrow in their direction. “Our situation is still ongoing gentlemen…and Captain Kirk is on his way here now.” he announces matter of factly. We see that everyone turns back to their stations, including Spock who turns last.
We cut to a front view of the Navigator and the Helmsman looking at each other bemused as they resume their attention to the job at hand. Then we slowly move straight ahead, through the middle of them, and past them, and linger on the empty Captain’s Chair, currently missing it’s occupant.

THIRD AND LAST continuation:

As the latest atmosperic music cue ends, and another begins, we cut to the deep rumble of another Starship exterior viewpoint. We are stationary, at a slightly higher elevation than our last encounter, and as the huge bulk of it’s circular primary hull passed under us, we can make out U.S.S. ENTERPRISE and it’s registry NCC-1701, before the protruding Main Bridge section then disappears underneath us, and we begin to see two glowing Nacelle Domes fronting long Warp Nacelles.
Suddenly, our viewpoint starts to descent downwards between the two slow moving, long Warp Nacelles, continuing down, until we are again through the outer fabric of the Starship itself in one continuous move, to find ourselves in a different corridor full of activity.
We pan past various crewmembers and catch up with Spock and a small welcoming committee who are entering into the Transporter Room. We see that they come to a dead stop just in front of a large raised circular platform, with two low steps leading up to it. The platform has six discs on it, and we can see that above them are six illuminated cylinders coming down directly above.
We move in slowly just as a nebulous shimmering form starts to take shape. We continue moving in on the shimmer to reveal a close-up of a gold triangular Starfleet insignia set against a mustard yellow tunic top, before panning up to reveal a close-up of our first proper look at a young Kirk ( as portrayed by a new actor ).
We cut back to see the full profile of a uniformed Captain standing on one of the discs, now fully and successfully beamed aboard his designated Starship, and acutely aware of the emergency at hand, and the challenges that he now faces with and unfamiliar crew.
It will prove to be a baptism of fire for them all.


So I reckon that’s about the first twenty minutes of my imaginary Movie taken care of… At this point only Leonard Nimoy seems involved in some capacity, and if that remains the case then again I would like to see him only in a prologue at the start as an aged Spock, NOT some sudden, jarring appearance halfway through as some OTHER character please…
Let’s have a little dignity here.

Please note: It should say …tall,slim profile NOT …tall,slime profile ( ! ) in post #41

I hate typos. Thankyou.

Well Done.

He may be the best choice, but he will never be lil spockey wockey in my eyes! :0D

According to today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette webpage, Zach Quinto has confirmed that he is indeed the new Spock, and there will be a big announcement today at Comic-Con.

Leonard is the only true Spock for me…*sighs* Why do people have to grow old?