IDW Planning Alien Series, New TNG Series And More

Focus On... Star Trek cover large IDW Publishing staff laid out some of their plans for Star Trek comics in this week’s Focus On… Star Trek.

When Blood Will Tell concludes this fall, the creative team of Scott and David Tipton, and artist David Messina, will kick off a new six-issue mini-series, Star Trek: Alien Spotlight, with a tale of the Gorn. In each subsequent issue, different creative teams will focus a spotlight on other alien races from the Star Trek universe: Vulcans, Borg, Andorians, Orions (everyone’s favorite green gals, to be precise), and Romulans. IDW promise ‘six different races their own issue in which to see things from their side, no matter how alien the perspective.’

Exploring TNG Relationships
IDW will ring in the new year with another TNG six-issue mini-series, tentatively titled House Call, written by brothers Scott Tipton and David Tipton, with art by David Messina. The series will focus on relationships between TNG characters: Riker and Data, Worf in a command role, La Forge away from the engineering deck, Troi in a tactical situation, and Picard watching over them all. From the IDW summary:

Our aim here is to focus on the relationships between the characters that meant the most to us, and explore them though a series of done-in-one adventures that just may be leading somewhere entirely unexpected.

What if?
Later in 2008, we may see Star Trek: Probability Factor, a proposal made by David Tischman for six "What if?" stories based on TOS and TNG episodes. Instead of a Captain’s Log, each issue will have a Probability Factor of the events in the issue actually happening. Tischman suggests that fans choose the episodes to be factored. Examples provided include ‘What if Q had stayed human?’ and ‘What if Kirk had been found guilty in "Court Martial"? IDW editor Dan Taylor notes that Pocket Books has some similar ideas for a Summer 2008 project, so we’ll see what happens.

Focus On… Star Trek also contains a five-page standalone comic, Captain’s Personal Log, by David Tischman, with art by Len O’Grady. Set immediately after the events of TOS episode Turnabout Intruder, Kirk considers his life and decides that nothing gives him as much purpose as service aboard the Enterprise. We should all be so lucky.

Focus On… Star Trek
Written by: Chris Ryall, Dan Taylor, et al
Cover art by: Kelsey Shannon
In shops: now

Coming from IDW

Star Trek: Year Four #1, July 25
Star Trek: Klingons — Blood Will Tell #4, August 1
Star Trek: Year Four #2, August
Star Trek: Klingons — Blood Will Tell #5, August
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight #1 Gorn, September
Star Trek: Year Four #3, September
Star Trek: The Next Generation — The Space Between TPB, ISBN 160010116X, September
Star Trek: Year Four #4, October
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight #2 Vulcans, October
Star Trek: Year Four #5, November
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight #3 Borg, November
Star Trek: Klingons — Blood Will Tell TPB, ISBN 1600101089, November
Star Trek: Year Four #6, December
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight #4 Andorians, December
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight #5 Orions, January 2008
Star Trek: The Next Generation — House Call #1, January 2008
Star Trek: Alien Spotlight #6 Romulans, February 2008
Star Trek: The Next Generation — House Call #2, February 2008
Star Trek: The Next Generation — House Call #3, March 2008
Star Trek: The Next Generation — House Call #4, April 2008
Star Trek: The Next Generation — House Call #5, May 2008
Star Trek: The Next Generation — House Call #6, June 2008

Coming from Tokyopop

Star Trek: The Manga Volume 2 — Kakan ni Shinkon, ISBN 1427806208, September

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sounds good to me! I like IDW. their Blood will tell is awesome, imo. I love their Transformers series that Simon Furman is doing. Awesome stuff. Can’t wait!


Suit yerself, I’m easy.

apart from the ‘what ifs’

they could be cool done right

i got a star wars one where the Millenium Falcon crashs on earth..and is discovered years later by indiana jones.

They could do a what if kirk & the ent 1701 had never come across the botony bay and it had been picard & the ent D (or E) who had revived khan ? – picard v khan …..

& ‘what if’ kirk and co had encoutered the borg not picard?….lots of very cool ‘what ifs’ could be done

unrelated but hey Cawley – You got competition !

I’m also really enjoying what I’ve read of the Blood Will Tell series. Good integration of different stories with the overall larger plot.

IDW’s TNG series, on the other hand, could be handled better, although I think the series has been improving lately.

him i like the what if idea, i would love to see what esp other star trek fans would want a what if ? done on .

I’m excited!

“What If” they let well enough alone?