Quinto Spock Deal Looks Certain – Will Split Time Between Star Trek and Heroes

More and more reports continue to support the story that Zachary Quinto will be the new Mr. Spock. Moviehole is now reporting that that Quinto has finalized his deal with Parmount. TVGuide.com has also confirmed the story and noted that Heroes exec producer Tim Kring says he is ‘thrilled’ for his star to be the new Spock. One of the big issues for Quinto is how will he fit Trek in with his current job playing the villain Sylar (pictured right) on the NBC hit Heroes (currently shooting). Quinto himself is already dealing with juggling with the publicity. In a new article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Quinto states

I would love for it [the Spock role] to be true. We’ll see what happens. We can only talk about ‘Heroes’ today. I’m under a strict directive from NBC. When I have something to say about ‘Star Trek,’ I will.

The good news for the actor is that the people behind the Heroes seem to be OK with Quinto working two jobs. Last week Universal Television Studios president Katherine Pope told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that they are currently ‘in negotiations’ (presumably with Paramount) to find a way for the actor to work on both Heroes and Star Trek. In addition she said that Universal was committed to find a way to make it work. Show creator and executive producer Tim Kring is also quoted as saying "we’re obviously very excited about Zach’s prospects there. It’s only good for us."

Grunberg still wants to be Scotty
Of course Quinto has the support of his Heroes co-star Greg Grunberg. With J.J. Abrams best friend on his side Quinto had a bit of an advantage for the role he admits to have lobbied for. Grunberg is a shoe-in for some kind of cameo as ‘Abrams good luck charm’ but he still seems to be lobbying to play Scotty. Grunberg tells TVGuide.com about Quinto and Trek

How exciting is that? Now I’ve got to beg, plead and scrape to get in that movie! I mean, what’s wrong with me as Scotty? Down in the engine room, rotisserie chicken



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First…and I will say this is a good choice….still hoping for one last TNG movie though.

well… Grunberg will be able to bring back that hardcore Scotsman that Doohan did so well.

Quinto will make Nimoy proud.

So am I John! Go foward, no remakes Hollywood, nothing’s original anymore, every remake that I get exited about turns out to be crap. There are new ideas out there really!!!

A new TNG movie? I thought one of the points of this film was to try to SAVE Star Trek, and people already want to bury it again.

They’ll probably just add TNA to this reboot to rank in the dough. Hey it worked for Michael Bay!

I’m sure the actors that will be cast won’t have the charisma or the talent the original actors had/have.

Sylar can morph to look like anyone else if I recall right? Problem solved. Paramount will be paying big for this though.

when can we expect news from the Comic Con? – Friday?

Abrams and Co will oviously reveal ZQ as Spock and probably Nimoy as being in it too…Hope thats not all though – I want to know who Kirk is..and some definate news on the era its gonna be PLUS what JJ has to say about The Shat

Comic Con News will be tomarrow.

Just wait a little longer.

– W –
* Who’s waiting for the official word as well *

I hope it is true, he’s a damb good actor, still want the rest of the cast though.

Well, it would be nice if there were more announcements – say, concerning the actor to play Kirk – tomorrow at the convention. OTOH, announcements about Quinto and Nimoy and some overall comments about Abrams intent with the film may turn out to be it.

Leaking starts when people are offered a job or sign – hence the flurry surrounding Quinto this week. There’s been nada about Kirk.

But here’s hoping.

I think he’s a great choice. I saw him in a convention at Orlando, who thought I was looking at the new Spock!

Hope he doesn’t get confused…
Spock: “My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. Your brain to my mouth.”
Director: “CUT! Quinto! Do it again!”

So cool to watch this come together. Can’t wait til tomorrow.

Is it just me, or does there actually seem to be some buzz and excitement in the air over a new Star Trek movie??

Something tells me Abrams had the right idea after all with this reimagining/remake idea of his. The naysayers can complain all they want, but in the end I think people are REALLY going to be curious to see how these new actors play the original characters.


Hope is the last refuge of those who have none, an old saying goes. It ain’t gonna happen, not unless you’re into fanfilm.

Oooo, this movie is going to have some great advertising opportunities. “Fromt the creators of Lost, on Lost…” and “Featuring Heroes Zachary Quinto…” on Heroes. Those are the two biggest sci-fi-ish hits right now. And they’re going to have an immediate connection with a bigger audience.

Interesting. So if we have only Nimoy as Spock, might it be after Kirk’s death? Then older Spock guides us into the story of the film?

And I don’t know of this actor, but hey, he looks good as Spock in the pic from another thread, and if he can act, then I say: great! Let’s do this! I like that the actor is a ‘relative’ unknown, too. It makes it easier for old people to accept new actors in classic roles.

Tomorrow evening I expect we’ll hear the gist of the announcements and get Anthony’s take on the day. If all goes well, we’ll at least know the major casting and a few more tidbits of news.
Then I expect to read the joy, the pain and the whines on the posts. It will be good to get this out of the way. Balloons for some, black arm bands for others and an imaginative few will find a way to blame Berman for something and bash the Trek they hate most.
Ahhh… another day on Trekmovie.com.

Re: #18: Do we know Nimoy is playing Spock? Maybe he’s playing Sarek…

Even though I am a BBKer at heart (as if my handle doesn’t scream that), and I wish Shatner was in the film in some capacity, I’m still VERY EXCITED about tomorrow! As many have already mentioned, this is the first time in a LONG time a Trek film has had this much going for it! I hope Berman LET the door hit him on the ass on his way out.

Abrams, the big budget, Nimoy, the confident release date, and most of all the return to TOS all give me a lot of hope! And I’m willing to give Quinto a chance too. Now does anyone here care to predict how much this film might make? :) I don’t claim to be a box office tracker, but even if it made only $100 m, it would be considered a big success by Trek standards, would it not?

#20…..Steve, sure that’s of course possible, Nimoy could be Sarek. …Just my speculation about Nimoy, because it seems Shatner isn’t in it and because it’s a very simple way to insert him into the movie at the opening and introduce him without having him be all over it. And he’d be his present age representing an older Spock. Of course, it’s debatable that this would constitute an ‘important’ part for Spock as Nimoy as stated previously.

But it would seem cool to open the movie with older Spock doing something after Kirk’s death. You know, “hey look, it’s classic Spock opening the new movie!”, kind of thing.

And if Nimoy is Spock again, with this Quinto guy being young and Nimoy being old and the two kind of looking alike, the two Spocks could mesh pretty well in the story. Who’s to say Quinto Spock couldn’t have ended up being Nimoy Spock. Just say’in…no big deal…

21, agreed. This is probably the biggest and boldest thing they’ve done with Trek since the creation of TNG (yeah I love DS9 but it was still basically an offshoot of TNG).

The only worry I have, is that in an age when you can see giant CG Transformers and mammoth CG spectacles like the Pirates films every summer, are people really going to be wowed by… a starship flying through space anymore? That might have been impressive back in the 70s and 80s, but not today. Abrams is going to have to make this a really spectacular movie to get people’s attention.

DavidJ – Abrams is going to have to make this a really spectacular movie to get people’s attention.

You may be right. Actually, though, I think a lot of fans are hoping for a more personal film that focuses on the characters. Sure, stuff can blow-up. But, unless we care about NeoKirk and NeoSpock, then what’s the point of 3, 4, 5 movies?
I don’t love “STIV” because a turd-and-soccer-ball-probe threatened all life on earth. I love it because Scotty calls out, “Admiral, there be whales here!”
I’d love to see small, intimate Trek with just a dash of phaser fire.
Maybe Kirk and his academy buddies Mitchell and Finney (played by the nebbish Greg Grunberg) can bumble through a few misadventures before meeting Spock. Flash forward to the bridge of the E for events that naturally grow out of the earlier ones.
I dunno. I’m just a hack writer. We’ll all know more tomorrow.

Here’s a new Heroes cast photo. Quinto looks very Spockian in it, I think.


Zachary Quinto (“Keen-toh”) as Spock…

Well, now, we’re getting somewhere.

No idea if he’ll be good in the role, but, he’s not well known, which is a definite plus. And, in the one scene I’ve seen him act – the Heroes clip posted here – I enjoyed his performance.

But, the $64,000 question remains…

Who’s to be James Tiberius Kirk?

My mouth salivates in anticipation of the news.

>>”So if we have only Nimoy as Spock, might it be after Kirk’s death?”

Or before, as long as he doesn’t interact with Kirk on screen.

Kirk died at a specific date and time. Ignore that and risk the wrath of the Canon Police.

>>” …it would seem cool to open the movie with older Spock doing something …”

The bloody obvious way to open a movie about Kirk and Spocks early years is to have either Nimoy or Shatner, in character, frame the movie. It’s been done a zillion times. And, it would be effective.

I opt for Nimoy because I believe Shatner can no long play Kirk with any degree of believability. Even an old Kirk.

If Nimoy says he has a substantial role, then there are ways to get that done, too. But, manyTrek fans would buy tickets just to see Nimoy do Spock again, period. Even for 3 minutes at the opening of the film. That fact cannot be lost on Paramount.

In fact, I’d bet they’ve done polling to see if Nimoy or Shatner would bring in more revenue.

Those bushy eyebrows have GOT to go!

Yeah, I just hope they do a better job w/ the make-up than we see in that awful picture of him in the Spock garb I keep seeing around here.

I just looked at Grunberg on IMDb… he doesn’t look remotely Scottish, with not even a passing resemblance to Scotty.

Nope, he does not. He needs to face it. He’s gonna be Ensign Extra, the redshirt guy who dies after three lines.

19. Xai – July 25, 2007 – I like the wait and see approach too. All will be revealed in time. Look at the hype that is surrounding Star Trek at the moment! This is because of all involved only giving crptic hints.

As for the reactions of fans. Boy I am not looking forward to this. There will be those who will love it and those that will hate it, those who will think it is Berman & Bragga’s fault.

At the end of the day, if everyone just gave this movie a chance and went into it with an open mind and watched it for what it is, an adventure set in space I would be most, even the sceptics, would be surprised. Take each movie and each show on it’s own strengths.

Well, to say that it’s just an adventure set in space and to have an open mind isn’t going to work. This is Trek, and if you just want an adventure set in space then they can call it something else.

I’m taking the wait and see approach too, but if I don’t like what I see after waiting, I won’t go see the movie. Pure and simple. I’m sure there will plenty of others that will do the same.

So far though, I haven’t seen anything to make me not want to see this movie.

I might have been a little dissapointed in not including Shatner, but I won’t boycott the movie b/c of it. I may have wanted a good TNG send off movie, but I’m not going to blame this movie for that. TNG worked great as a TV show, and proved difficult to write for as a movie.

Tomorrow, my opinion may change, for better or worse.

Its gonna be the sexed up version of Trek. Think Michael Bay, not Nicholas Meyer.

This should prove interesting….

I grew up with the original series and Mr Spock was my favorite character on the series, so when I first read they were going do a movie about them when they were younger I was totally off the idea but now I’m very pleased to hear, that is if it is all true that Zackary Quinto will get the part, and it’s not a red herring. I really think he will make a good Spock. Having watched him in various other tv guest roles, as well as playing Syler in Heroes. And just because he’s playing a bad person in that series does not mean he can’t play the part of Spock.

Before Leonard Nimoy, got well know, he had played few nasty characters in other tv shows but that did not stop him been cast as playing good characters either.

Good luck to Zachary Quinto is all I can say.


But can he cock his EYEBROW? Not everyone can, and that is the most fundamental requirement for the part!

(Well, I suppose you can always do a CGI eyebrow so I guess maybe not)

Yes he can do that, I’ve sort seen him do it as Syler.

Since the yellow/blue poster we’ve assumed its kirk and spock…but what if its spocks journey to captaincy and his first command?
What if it doesn’t follow kirk at all?

It just seems strange otherwise, that they’d find such a struggle in fitting in shatner but not nimoy, otherwise they’d do it in the same way.

I for one will honor the boycott of this whole crap of a reimaged movie!

I for one will honor the boycott of this whole crap of a reimaged movie! Forget that Kirk and Spock went to the academy at different time, how to sove this just reimage the who world, if they don’t like what Roddenberry did change it! Screw thw loyal fan that have made them millions, we want their kids now so we can make more millions. Paramount is make another killer move to this whole series and after it is a flop you will watch heads rolls like now other time at Paramount!

You thought Nememis was BAD, Just wait for this pile of CRAP!

Sorry Guys, but this movie according to Paramount is a REIMAGING. This mean all the cannons are going, TNG, VOYAGER, DS9, ENTERPRISE, never happen! they can do anything they want change Roddenberry vision anyway they want. Paramount for years has hate that there was no conflict on Star Trek within the main group, now thay can get it big time. I say BOYCOTT!

This Spock so far more emotional than the original, but I think it’s pretty logical for Spock at that age. However, the trademark lifting eyebrow and “live long and prosper” still somehow lacking