Tabloid Rumor: Robbie Williams as Kirk

RobbieWilliamsKirkThere is a new rumor being floated by the UK’s Daily Star tabloid that singer Robbie Williams (wiki page) is  in "final discussions" to be the new James T. Kirk in the new Star Trek film. According to their report Williams is a big time Trekkie who "jumped at the chance." The Star even claims to have a quote from  director JJ Abrams saying "I think he’d be a good Captain Kirk. The Kirk in my movie is quite young, it’s like the early years…. But I can’t comment on who we are casting just yet. You’ll have to wait." cannot confirm this rumor and has heard nothing about it to date (unlike both the Nimoy and Quinto casting which there were rumblings of for the last couple months).

The 33 year old (recently out of rehab) Williams is an accomplished singer, but has almost no acting experience. At his Comic-Con panel yesterday JJ Abrams announced his new Spock (Zachary Quinto), but did say he was still looking for his Kirk and noted that it was ‘tough’ to cast the role.[see story] Anything is possible, but bear in mind the Star is the same tabloid that claimed Tom Cruise would be playing Spock.

Photoshop of Williams/Kirk by community member Steve Moss (who did our Quinto/Spock image as well) 

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FIRST!!! GOD NO!!!! He looks more like Pike anyway!

I feel a shamed to be in the same country as this tabloid is published what load of horse SH!T.


My gut tells me this is a no go. Star Trek actors typically are chosen for having strong, if somewhat untested, acting skills. A beginning actor, yes, but a non-acting singer hoping to cross over?

P.S. — And this is Kirk we’re talking about… they’d better not be taking any chances.

I for one will honor the boycott of this whole crap of a reimaged movie!

omg no please say it no, still its the daily star who reads that ?a part from twits with no brains! and they only buy to look at the tits!! so no real news in there

Just a story to sell more tabloids. #5 – chill on the boycott until we have more info in November.

Robbie is a great performer, but I just don’t see him as Kirk. And if this really IS a retro Trek movie, you know that there’s gotta be the requisite shirtless Kirk scene… what are they going to do about the tats that cover most of Robbie’s torso?

Now that I’ve seen the source of this rumor, I think it we can safely dismiss it. Meanwhile the REAL new Kirk has been found living in a cave right next to Batboy.

Yeah, right…for some reason this douche bag’s name keeps being dragged out by the British tabloids whenever something big is being cast. Uh, he was also supposed to be the next James Bond.

His Uncle must own The Sun or something.

Pure bullsh*t! Don’t even give it a second thought.

If there is any truth in this, and JJ is reading this, then for gods sake NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
#10- thanks for the metaphorical ‘slap across the face’- I needed that.


Funny thing is some berk brits will read that and then tell all their work mates at the factory ‘ere ave you read that Robbie is gonna be in star wars?’

theres no way that monkey man will be cast in anything.

He is the sort of person who would probably “Moon” you at the red carpet on premiere night. The rumour is absolutely hysterical! lmao

“Funny thing is some berk brits will read that and then tell all their work mates at the factory ‘ere ave you read that Robbie is gonna be in star wars?’”

Do we have any factories anymore?

Anyway, I can’t believe this has even been posted on this site. Waste of space.

At least this Kirk can actually sing. ;)

“Accomplished singer”?!?! Ish. Very ish. This is clearly a very VERY unfunny joke.

And plus, I thought they said they were still “taking names” for Kirk and that he wasn’t casted yet? Oh, and being a UK resident I can vouch for the Star’s word being worth nada-zip-zero-zilch, too.

But maybe they’re just saying this so that when they announce the REAL Kirk it’ll be a huge collective sigh of relief on all our parts, whoever he happens to be!! I mean, how many times has it been said that Shatner definitely wouldn’t be in, and now they’re thinking yes or maybe? Probably just preparing us for the real bombshell…

HE WOULD MAKE A GOOD TRELANE.Cause he’s a dandy who’s foppish.

this just in… justin timberlake to play mccoy… more news soon

Shatner is frickin awesome singer:

#12 sadly BBC Radio2 also gave it air time this morning. I nearly choked on my cornflakes when I heard it. It really blackened my happy mood after having had an early morning read of TrekMovie and seeing Leonard and Quinto were on board.

beyonce for Uhura

Beyonce for Uhura


-or-He could play a crewman who gets his brains scrambled in a transporter accident.(what a stretch)

I say that we stop reporting on rumors, and wait for official Paramount press releases or direct quotes from JJ Abrams that actually have a source instead of “JJ said ‘This would be good’ when I ran into a guy that looked like him on the street”.

Paris Hilton for Rand.(that’s hot).

#23 pmsl!
I’d offer to scramble whats left of this nitwits brain.
thanks guys- I feel better seeing that you lot are treating this rumour with the contempt that I felt on hearing it.

this much is NOT a rumour though – the fact that its a report created by the British media for some unknown stupid reason; probably to get people in the USA to actually take an interest in him and his crappy music.

1st April joke!?


Yeah, maybe they got their Star Trek Captains confused. Not that I’m actually buying this at all, but I could see him as Pike.

JJ says production begins in November. We have a ways yet to ignore reports of idiot-casting like this one.
Still, so GREAT to get this flood of info and mis-info. HA, what a time to be a Trekkie!

#27- absolutely right.

Robbie Williams? OMG NO.

“Get a Life!”

#19. snake
I’ve only seen that a couple of times, it’s very funny. What makes it even funnier is Mr. Shatner talking about it:

I’m kind of feeling my way into an area that I… I’m discovering”



And Mr. Williams will be performing the new Star Trek theme song, too.

Just kidding.

Remember folks, it’s a U.K. tabloid. Most likely a bogus report. Abrams is still looking for the new James T. Kirk, as reported at San Diego Comic Con. Don’t freak out yet.

And for the record, if they went with Robbie Williams, my response would be: “Dear God, NO!!! “

The Star is a national embarrassment – the lowest of the tabloids. This is the rag that gives over 50% of its pages to coverage (or indeed, the lack of coverage of various places) of Big Brother contestants. Total Rubbish.

This just isn’t true.

my response would be..

9mm hollow point in my head

He looks like Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Ice can’t captain a starship.

heres the Daily Star link if anyone wants a laugh:

Not going to happen. If it is, I’ll explode. (It is the Daily Star, which means everything must be read with an entire salt mine.)

yeah i think we are look at the tabloids paper for all our itel on trek daily star the sun( fine if you want page 3)and the daily sport(if you want page 3 on every other page) remind me please which one of them reported that in trek 6 kirk was to become a Preacher or something and spock was going to rape someone one the bridge of the enterprise

that would be the stupidest casting in the history of movies, bar none… i trust JJ Abrams not to make that mistake

Puff Diddy would be a better choice for Kirk than this dipshit.

I can’t see it… but I am beginning to realise we won’t be seeing the Big E (at least as their ship) or the other cast members such as Uhura and Sulu.

This is a pre-Enterprise adventure. Which is a little sad, but to be expected. Maybe we’ll get to see Pike on his ship….

Robbie Williams is a tool.

Plus, nobody in the United States even knows who this guy is.

guys come on ligthen up , there is no way in hell ! he will be kirk ! , we all know that , its nothing to get worryed about , i mean you can understand the matt damon rumours , but this is just a joke, Abrams is not that stupid , i just think its funny , as i know this will never ever happen !

English tabloids – no lie too outlandish to print

Good for a larf though.


Usual cheap tabloid tat. Par for the course in the UK. In any other story, newspapers are ***supposed**** to print the truth. But in the case of entertainment, it seems they’re simply allowed to make it up!

For years, they claimed that David Hasselhoff would be playing the Doctor in Doctor Who, with Pamela Anderson as his companion and the the TARDIS console would have a pair of rap-speaking disembodied lips instead of a time rotor column!!


No, please NO. He’s pop star and no bloody actor. Put him in the part of Kirk and the movie will die for sure. I’m in the UK but I don’t buy newspapers. Looks like Captain Pike, no, more like a prat. You can tell I’m not keen on him can’t you. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this awful rumour.

I don’t know really how they are going put senior Kirk in the story line because as you all know he’s been killed off but a cool way to return him would be he comes back as a ghost while say Spock is meditating.