Trek Producers Behr, Moore and Fuller On Latest Trek News

I ran into three different Trek writer and producing vets today at Comic Con and had quick moments to get reactions on the news Zachary Quinto is the new Spock and Leonard Nimoy will be joining him in the new Star Trek movie. Here is what they had to say.

Ron Moore (TNG, DS9, ST: GEN)

[Quinto] is a great choice…sure why not? I am curious who they pick for Kirk. I think they should go with an unknown…somebody we have never hears of.

Ira Steven Behr (DS9) [who didn’t know the news until I told him]

I dunno…I am glad that Nimoy is doing it, I mean why not? Anytime you see a 75 year old actor working that is a good thing. But I don’t know who Quinto is, you’d have to point him out to me.

[note in my last interview with Behr he pointed out that he didn’t watch a lot of TV and only watched a few select shows]

Bryan Fuller (VOY) [who was just beaming on the news]

I’m so excited I can’t tell you. I just love. Zach is just perfect for Spock

Also at the Heroes panel producer Jeph Loeb (who actually never worked Trek) introduced Zachary Quinto saying "he is rejoining us and will be bringing to the lexicon ‘live long and prosper’ in the new Star Trek." And with that packed hall of thousands of Heroes fans just went wild, probably the loudest ovation of any of the other cast members.

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That’s okay Ira. Zachary Quinto doesn’t know who you are either.

yo creo que quinto puede ser muy buen fichaje para spock, la verdad es que se parece, sobre todo en la foto que colgo trekmovie hace tiempo, ademas para posibles secuelas es importante que no sea un actor con cache.

I’ll say it again. Check out actor Jesse Lee Soffer (Will Munson) on the CBS soap “As the World Turns.” A perfect young Kirk.

Moore. Behr. Fuller.

Big deal.

Anyone involved with Classic Trek involved in that shinding out there? I’d like hearing some of their comments, as opposed to people who had no hand in prodicing it whatsoever.


Why should Quinto care who he is, or vice versa?

The only butt Quinto needs to kiss is the one who hired him, and that ain’t Mr. Behr.

Apparently Behr doesn’t know much.
He doesn’t know Quinto
Didn’t know about Babylon 5

>>>”Jeff Loeb”

Ey, the name of the comic writer, and Smallville & Heroes producer is JEPH Loeb. ;) XD


Behr is a damned fine writer and a damned fine producer. So what if he didn’t recognize an actor who works on Heroes.


In this case, the only “damned fine writers and damned fine producers” whose views matter with this new movie were the ones on the panel with JJ Abrams. Mr. Quinto and no one else, opinions aside, need any stamp of approval from anyone, except from the money-grubbing suits at Paramount. Who, the last time I checked, are the ones calling the shots and writing the checks, unless the names on my Blackberry are incorrect.

If Messrs. Moore, Behr and Fuller were all that imporant in the scheme of things as you seem to think, they be working alongside Abrams and his new team of overpaid, underworked hangers-on in the Star Trek booth, instead offering their views from the floor.

Whoah, Shadow6283… need to just simmer down, there; Commodore Z was not saying anything about Quinto needing a ‘stamp of approval’ from anyone. He just said that (in his opinion) Behr was a good writer and producer. He didn’t attack you, so why are you attacking him? Live and let live, people.

And it’s neat to see so many of Trek’s past greats giving their whole-hearted support for the new film; they may not be involved, but they’ve still contributed a lot to the Trek mythos, and they still deserve recognition.


I am glad you printed comments from those gentlemen, they actually know something.

One from left field, how about Tom Welling as Kirk.



I’m going to make myself perfectly clear on this matter so there’ll never be any misunderstanding on where I’m coming from, and where I intend to go, and where Mr. Abrams and his cronies, with Paramount’s blessing, is charting a course for Trek’s future.

Moore, Behr and Fuller. Glad they’re behind it. That being said, they can get lost already. I think everyone’s heard just about all they need to hear from these Denebian Parasites, and that goes for the rest of them from that group, in attendance or not. Paramount feels the same way, and I guess that’s why they AIN’T involved, and JJ Abrams IS. They’ve got about as much recognition as they need already.

I’m more interested in the opinions of those who were actually involved in the production or subsequent history of Classic Trek, [not the Franchise], as opposed to folks who had no more to do with it than you or the next guy out on the convention floor. Those “past greats” from the glory days of Trek. What are their suggestions? What are their opinions? Who’s out in the hustings interviewing them about this new movie? There are plenty of them out there the last time I hit Hollywood. Let’s hear from them for a change, especially now.

I’d like to hear from them while they remain and not from a trio of people who’ve spent much of the last 2 decades lining their pockets with money, bleeding Trek dry, and warping out when the gravy train jumped the tracks under Rick Berman and went over a cliff, and then blamed everyone but themselves for its demise.


The only “comments” where that movie’s concerned are the ones issued by JJ.Abrams.

#3- ‘fraid not, he looks completely charisma free, I see no Kirk like qualities whatsoever.

#13: “There are plenty of them out there the last time I hit Hollywood.”

When was that, and with what tour group? ;)

I’m no more interested in the input of the people who worked on Trek forty years ago than you are in Moore’s or Behr’s. Let Abrams and company make their movie for the youngsters, and we’ll see what it’s like when it’s released.

#14 –
Moore and Behr are great writers. They’ve had their time in Trek. Behr finished out with the end of DS9, Moore finished up in First Contact. They’re Trek vets. Do their opinions really matter much? No. Is it good to hear that they are supporting the new development? Yes.

There’s a reason why JJ Abrams is doing this movie. Because Rick Berman screwed Star Trek. Behr and Moore moved on of their own free will. I’m not so sure why you’re vehemently opposed to them commenting. So, they were interviewed and made a few statements. It’s not as if they’re standing by the Star Trek table holding up a sign saying “Interview me about Star Trek”.

Off subject. Kirk’s TMP shortsleve white tunic was up for auction on ebay as well as Spocks uniform from TMP. Did anyone here get it?????

#17 Anthony,
I didn’t see your posts while I was typing a response on the Shadow-thing. I don’t see it up now for some reason, but should it pop up later, sorry. I’ll abide by your wishes. Thanks.



Who’s flaming trolling or spamming anyone? I’m just offering an opinion, not running for poster of the year, or membership to any exclusive club. I belong to enough of those already, some from my early days in doing the Hollywood Hustle.

Still, your site, your House Rules. It’s a nice, quaint place. Fun, too. But, worst case scenario, hey, life rolls on, and so do I.

#20 Lord Garth
Were they owned by a private party before or just recently purchased on Paramounts Auction and resold?

Brother Xai,

Not sure the auction is still going on ebay. Lot’s of costumes!! I think the Kirk and Spock TMP costumes must have ended yesterday. The seller is if you want to search the auctions. Ebays home page has a link saying boldly go – star trek auctions. Some neat stuff. Theres some Andrew Probert original Artwork from TMP. Lots of Next Gen, DS9, ect.

I’m really excited for this latest Star Trek film. Everything is looking and sounding great so far.

15. Kahless on Jesse Lee Soffer

He’s playing a different role. on the soap. I think he’s a good actor and deserves a screen test.

#24 Lord Garth, thanks.. I really liked that short sleeve uni of Kirk’s. cool.

No problem. I was going to bid on it myself when I first saw it but I shamefully forgot about it.

Thanks for watching over this Anthony. Having a blast at Comic Con!

#1– I get it!

I like Jensen Ackles for Kirk. (See “Supernatural”, and “Smallville” on IMDb or Wikipedia.)

About the same age as Quinto, too.

I agree with Moore… Kirk should be an unknown. I hearby nominate half the guys I went to High School with.

Anthony… do you hear me? I am not Herbert. Am I under the effects of the neural neutralyzer? Or am I alone in thinking actor Jesse Lee Soffer (Will Munson) on the CBS soap “As The World Turns” is a perfect young Kirk? Have you scanned him on your tricorder yet? Some feedback would be appreciated on this casting suggestion. I

Quinto looks somewhat like Spock but his eyes and nose aren’t right IMHO. His nose is more round than Spock’s was, where as Spock’s was more “pointy.” I’m sure the make up dept will fix that. He certainly could pull it off I’m sure.

Glad to see Nimoy back.

As long as Quinto’s ears are pointy, we’ll be fine. No one’s going to be a dead ringer, nor should they be. The performance will be the only true test.

DeCaprio as Howard Hughes in “The Aviator” made no sense to me on hearing of it — then I saw it and bought him completely.

Casting Kirk is going to be a lot tougher than Spock. Young Shatner’s appeal came not just from a handsome look, but from his swagger, humor, bravado and charisma. A tall order, one that I’ve yet to see filled by any of the names floated so far. Let’s hope a young unknown actor fresh in from Iowa with the proper credentials finds his way to JJ’s desk. Or his agent does at least.

My opinion too, I don’t wish for an exact copy of Mr Spock in the looks department either.

But I do think and feel that Qunito has the right acting skills to play this character from what I’ve seen him and I’m not just talking Heroes either.

Jesse Lee Soffer has the right looks, but never seen him in anything. Still, if I was making the movie, I’d want a screen test based on the pics. Hopefully this chatter gets back to him and/or his agent and they get the ball rolling for an audition.

Same thing for Jensen Ackles, but I did see him in Smallville, and I thought his acting was…… acceptable I guess. (As Kirk said, I’m not a drama critic)

To # 36
“Young Shatner’s appeal came not just from a handsome look, but from his swagger, humor, bravado and charisma”


I still think Nathon Fillion (From Serenity) would make a Great Kirk based on those criteria. What the hell is it with Super Young Kirk? Without some measure of Gravitas for Kirk, would the story be believable/compelling?

You know who’d make a great Kirk? Hayden Christensen!

(Sorry – bad joke.)

The negativity re: those involved in later incarnations of Trek is misplaced. Dislike the spinoffs if you wish — and I, too, have my beefs with some of them — but one wonders if we would even be entertaining a new Trek film if it wasn’t for the various lives of the franchise over the past 28 years. I, for one, am interested in knowing what people like Moore, Behr and Fuller have to say as people who had involvement in and considerable knowledge of Star Trek.

George Takei was at ComicCon, anyone know if he has commented on Quinto’s casting yet? Those 2 are definitely going to have some interesting discussions on the set of Heroes! :) I find it fascinating that the new Spock is already working w/ one of the Classic 7! It’s almost a given that when the movie premieres, Takei will be there on the red carpet. Personally, I think it’d be nice if all five of the surviving cast members of TOS were invited, plus Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

And I think it’s wonderful that this new Trek is going to tap into the large Heroes and Lost fanbases. Very smart on the part of the filmmakers!

Re: 39. mctrekkie – July 29, 2007
“I still think Nathon Fillion (From Serenity) would make a Great Kirk based on those criteria. What the hell is it with Super Young Kirk? Without some measure of Gravitas for Kirk, would the story be believable/compelling? ”

Well, a couple of things….

One: Fillion just does not look anything like Shatner.

Two: He’s far too old to portay the young Kirk.

About Reimagined Trek: just as long as it avoids coming off like the last decade or so of post-TNG Trek, i’ll beathe a sigh of relief…and not have to pop Tylenol from the thought of more Bermanisms (including his cronies) shattering the franchise all over again.

James Franco – book it.

Moore’s comments carry a lot of weight for me. He knows how to feel things out and comment in a manner that always makes sense. Just listen to his hours of comentary for the new Battlestar.


Star Trek isn’t BSG.

I guess what he thinks carries less weight with TPTB.

I’m interested in what these guys think, IMO Moore and Behr were quite possibly the most talented writers to work in Trek. Plus it wasn’t like they said ‘stop the presses, here’s our opinions on the new castings’, they were spotted and an enquirey was made as to what they thought.

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing who Quninto is, but IMO Behr should watch Heroes as it’s really quite good.

Fuller may have been aware of Quinto being cast prior to the official announcement, as he’s an exec producer on Heroes.

To ask former writers and producers from recent Trek series (or even TOS)what their opinions are is not a bad thing, even if they are currently working on another project. We don’t have to be limited solely to the people in Bad Robot or Paramount to gain insight into what they are experiencing.

#44–yep, I can see that. Is there an official James Franco rumor yet? I liked him in Spidey….

The ebay auctions will run well into winter. (I asked, they answered) I won a few neat costumes (so far) and have contacted the obscure actors who wore the outfits, making it extra fun.

Any uniform usually goes for minimum $1000, so I guess that hope is dashed.

Doubt if Majel will make it to the premeire. Sadly, she is in pretty poor condition these days and Rod usually shows up for her appearances. Let’s all pray for her well being. She is a fine lady.