Robbie Williams Rumor Not True

Just an update on the rumor that singer Robbie Williams was the leading candidate to be the new Kirk. Although Paramount policy is to not comment on rumors, a source tells that it is 100% not true, and it seems likely that Williams own people are behind the rumor. So that is enough of that. 

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He’s not playing Kirk? Thank God for small favors!!!

No shit, Sherlock.

Behold…the Robbie Williams “own people” are an example of why the “entertainment industry” is full of CRAP!!!

Didn’t he pull the same thing a few years back when he wanted to play Bond?

Oh wow. Thats too bad. He would have been a great choice for Kirk. I mean, he looks just like Kirk, and totally sounds like Kirk. Heck, he even sings just like Shatner does. Are the people behind the new Star Trek movie mad? Robbie should totally be Kirk.

..Whats that? Oh sorry, the nurse is calling me to go back to my room now…

Now I can eat my pizza in peace. Thanks.

what did i say ! !! , no reason to worry , . only “entertainment industry” people would think he could play kirk anyway . oh well it was funny for a while

I figured it was about as likely as Dom DeLuise.

Thank the lords of Kobol!

Once the dust settles on Comic Con, someone should…

D a new (as of August ’08) flat out, ongoing thread with a who’s in and who’s out list /poll/ vote here on Trek Movie,com

Users should be able to submit their best photo-shopped actor in Kirk era garb and have to explain why they would make a good Kirk based on 4 or 5 standard criteria established by a moderator.

I’ve never heard of this Robbie Williams guy but from what I’ve seen/heard he seems like a real douchebag.

Dom DeLuise as Kirk? Could be…

Glad this is just a stupid rumor. I think you nailed that early, Anthony. Well handled. Actually, I like rumors. I prefer facts, but the wilder rumors are entertaining as long as they are clearly identified as such. In a way, the BS gives us an insight into the workings of this BS movie industry. It’s a miracle you ever get any good movies. (Just watched Pan’s Labyrinth — good one! Can only hope there’s as much imagination in ST.)

Thank God

Thank GOD…! I’d rather watch Nemesis 20 times in a row back to back than watch that noodle play Kirk.

I cannot believe anyone would take that news story seriously…

How about having Dom DeLuise show up on Boston Legal as Denny Crane’s no good, lazy, freeloading “black sheep” brother? Sheer genius!!

here are 2 candidate to play Kirk (not a rumor or anything just thinking of unknowns around 30 that we have seen on tv )

one worked on one of Abrahms show and the other had 2 trek-in-laws

both are the quinto 30 range and both had series end this spring

first is Matthew Davis from abrahms What about Brian

the other played a Kirk as in Kinkirk on 7th Heaven with in-laws Captain Decker and Gillian Taylor

George Stults

don’t know their acting range but they would be better than Robbie Williams

Anthony if you think George has a Kirk look to him, how about an interview with Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks

I hated Williams before- i absolutely detest him now for trying to get himself linked with the role of Kirk. The guy is clearly off his bloody head on drugs..

Well, thank God for that! Even though we knew it was all never really going to be true, there was a tiny tiny tiny bit of apprehension…

I like fellow Brit Robbie…but even as a rumour for the Kirk role?…Good Lord…NO!



Of course it’s not true, how can people be so gullible.


Ask Rick Berman.

I can also confirm that Oprah will not play Uhura.
I am also 100% sure that Billy Connelly will not be Scotty
Nor will Billy Bob Thorton be McCoy.
Craig Ferguson will not be Mr. Kyle.
Yakov Smirnoff will play Chekov -NOT

One more time baby,
British tabloid+entertainment news=fiction

I guess it’s a good sign that people are making up rumors that they’re the new Kirk… it shows people are interested in this movie.

I’m sure that who they pick for Kirk for real will be at least a competent actor. Even if he isn’t a Shatnerian Actor.