August 2007

More TNG and DS9 Toys For 2008

Fans of The Next Generation (and Deep Space Nine) will have much to look forward to in terms of Diamond Select collectibles for the rest of 2008. In honor of TNG’s 20th Anniversary there is a new Art Asylum first season Jean Luc Picard figure with Chair coming out in September (joining the already available Kirk and Pike w/ command chair figures). Plus Diamond has just announced a Nemesis Beverly Crusher, as well as TNG Season 7 Miles O’Brien, a limited Nurse Alyssa Ogawa, and (Diamond Previews Exclusive) Ro Laren [see below]. It is good to see DST has been listening to fan requests for more secondary characters. Those will be are joining other TNG figures becoming available over the next month…

Quinto Ready For Spock – Learning Trek Mythology

In a series of interviews conducted during his visit to New York City as part of the Heroes World Tour this past week, Zachary Quinto talked about getting the role as the new Spock and his preparations to don the ears for the new Star Trek film. "It’s something I gunned for. I mean, I really wanted to play this role," he tells the London Free Press, but noted to the National post “I don’t think I would have gone after it if I didn’t feel ready for it.” Quinto told SciFi Wire that he is "becoming more familiar with the mythology" of Trek, but also still charting his own course: I am going to go about it in my own way, which I am starting to do now. And that is really exciting. I am learning a lot about Vulcans and a lot about Romulans and a lot about really interesting stuff so I am looking forward to more of it

Video Preview of TOS Remastered HD-DVD

The 8+ minute video preview (below) of the Season 1 Star Trek TOS Box Set in HD-DVD has been shown by CBS at some recent cons. It shows some of the cool HD features, previews of the Billy Blackburn behind the scenes footage as well as a glimpse at unseen effects. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

Quinto Still Practicing Vulcan Salute + Lee In Running For Sulu?

The following is a community member written story The Heroes world tour came to New York this week to promote the Heroes – Season One DVDs and the Season 2 premiere. On hand were artist Tim Sale, writer/producer Jeph Loeb along with Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah), James Kyson Lee (Ando), new cast member Dania Ramirez (Maya), and Zachary Quinto (Sylar and the new Spock). All were there (squeezed together on one table) signing DVDs, so chatting and taking pics was tricky.Mr. Quinto was cool and I welcomed him to the Star Trek family with a Vulcan salute. The new Spock quickly returned it with his left hand, but admitted he couldn’t do it with his right yet. Dania Ramirez apparently is a real Trekkie and showed off her Vulcan sign with both hands! (see photos below) I asked if Zach would pose with the gesture and he said "Please no, I’m gonna be doing it for the rest of my life soon enough!"

Anton Yelchin Talks (a little) about “Star Trek” [UPDATED: Rehearsal Required ‘Nuclear Vessels’]

While promoting his new film Fierce People, Anton Yelchin briefly answered a couple questions about his role as Pavel Chekov in the new Star Trek film. “There’s not much to say, actually,” he explained to, but went on to say he was excited the project and about working with director J.J. Abrams. The 18-year-old Russian born actor guessed his age and background may have something to do with his casting, joking “I can do a Russian, [I am] familiar with Russian people. Very, very familiar.” UPDATE: Yelchin talks about audition process (see below)

New ‘Star Trek’ Plot Rumors

[possible spoilers] AICN has posted an article on plot rumors for the new Star Trek film that posits much of the film takes place in an alternative timeline (possibly as a way to avoid canon violations). AICN’s Moriarty (apparently based on a dinner chat with someone at Paramount) describes the film involving Romulans going back in time to kill James T. Kirk and change history with older Spock (Nimoy) doing what he can to fix the timeline. However, it is a little hard to separate what are possible plot rumors from and what is Moriarty’s own speculation. Beyond the notion that the older Spock character is central to the film’s plot, cannot confirm (or refute) any of the details at this time.

Zoë Saldana May Be The New Uhura has another Star Trek casting scoop (remember we were first with Quinto as Spock). Sources close to the production tell that 29-year-old actress Zoë Saldana has been offered the part of Uhura – the USS Enterprise’s communications officer originally played by Nichelle Nichols. Apparently the deal is not yet final and one outstanding issue may be related to her schedule starring in the James Cameron sci-fi mega movie Avatar which is still in production. Sources indicate that Avatar will be doing location shooting starting in October and Star Trek is slated to start shooting in November. Dealing with a busy actor’s schedules is not new to the Star Trek producers – the same had to be done for  Quinto. Insiders tell that casting for other Star Trek characters is still ongoing. UPDATE: Confirmed – Zoe Saldana Is The New Uhura 

TOS Remastered Season 1 HD-DVD/DVD On Amazon Pre-Order – $139 $129 [UPDATE: Final Box Art Released]

It is finally (almost) here. Season One of Star Trek: The Original Series digitally remastered on combo HD-DVD/DVD disk is available for pre-order on (CLICK HERE). The Amazon price is [UPDATE: $129.99]…which is a bit more palatable (retail price is listed as $199.98 and was previously reported to be $217.99) and  Amazon lists the release date as November 20th. UPDATE: Paramount has released interior and exterior box art (see below) 

Quinto Already Practicing His Spock

It seems a day doesn’t go by without a new interview with Zachary Quinto. This time, the actor who will be Spock discussed his relationship with his predecessor and soon-to-be co-star, Leonard Nimoy, with National Ledger. “His involvement and support really mean the most to me at this point,” he says. “To step into a role this iconic and have the actor who created it at your side — it’s a true gift.” He again expressed his hope in getting to know Nimoy “as a person and as an actor,” referring to him as “an incredibly multifaceted and fascinating artist.” Quinto says he is already practicing his own characterization of Spock – in between takes on Heroes.

‘Star Trek’ Producer & Writers On The Two Spocks + New Comic-Con Photos

In their coverage of Comic-Con 2007 Star Trek Magazine talked to Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof and screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci about the introduction of the two Spocks. Lindelof noted the excitement at Comic-Con and said that is what they want for the film: "the pure magic of seeing Zach Quinto and Leonard Nimoy in a room together for the first time is exactly the magic we’re trying to put on the screen. Mr Spock is a character that transcends sci-fi, he’s almost mythic." The writers talked about how important it was to them (and the script) for Nimoy to agree to do the film: We knew the odds that our script would actually lure Nimoy were about a million to one, but it was a gamble we had to take, even knowing that if he said no, the whole thing was for nothing. To have him sign on and then manage to also get Zachary Quinto, who everyone can see is going to be an inspired heir to this legacy, is like winning the lotto twice in a row. For a couple of Trek fans, this is a dream we hope we don’t wake up from. …More in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine. See below for new images from Comic-Con

Majel Roddenberry On New Movie + Gene Roddenberry On Future Treks

There is a great new interview with Majel Barrett Roddenberry in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine, just arriving in the US. The interview is mostly about her time with TNG (for the anniversary), but the magazine also asked what she thought of the new J.J. Abrams film and if she would be open to doing a part. Barrett seemed enthusiastic, saying "They’re going back to the beginning.  And I would love to do the computer voice." But she also noted that she is happy in retirement, saying "I’m ready to step back. I have no feelings of, ‘Oh, I must have another part.’  Nothing like that ever goes through my head."

Quinto On Spock’s Origins in the Prequel + Possible Sequels

Another day, another Quinto interview – this time with The actor, who has admitted that he is new to the franchise now  says he will not necessarily be analyzing old movies and episodes too much: “I think that the key to the success of this character is probably going to be reestablishing a perspective on this character with gratitude and respect for what’s come before.” The new Spock also gives the strongest indication yet as to the setting of the film: The interesting thing is that you meet this character before you ever knew him on the television series and the other movies, so sort of what you know about him and then also an exploration of how he got to that point. All of the characters, not just Spock.

A Message from New Voyages’ James Cawley

Some of you may have noticed that both the streaming site for "World Enough and Time" as well as the main Star Trek New Voyages site are down or having problems. UPDATE: is back up, but MagicTime streaming video site warns that that "World Enough and Time" had to be taken down ‘temporarily.’ While the NV site was down I called James to offer to get a message out to the fans…see below

TNG@20 – Promoting The Next Generation

Exactly 20 years ago today Paramount sent out print, TV and radio spots promoting their new Star Trek The Next Generation series, premiering in September 1987. Take a look at this promo video included on the 1987 VHS release of Star Trek IV (the 1986 hit movie that helped convince Paramount to bring Trek back to TV).

Quinto not daunted by Spock, will be touring with Nimoy [UPDATED]

In a new Interview with Aint it Cool News Zachary Quinto seems ready to take on the role of Spock in the new Star Trek film, saying “I can’t be daunted. I have to be absolutely honored and prepared. There’s no room for daunted.” He noted the courage he feels working with the likes of Leonard Nimoy, producer/director J.J. Abrams, and the film’s writers and producers. “I feel like I can just implicitly trust these guys and I’m so inspired by their enthusiasm, so I’m nothing but excited.” Regarding Star Trek’s “notoriously picky fan base,” Quinto acknowledged that Star Trek is an important part of many people’s lives and that the new film’s creative team were aiming to please the fans while also putting their own spin on the franchise. Their hand in it is going to inevitably influence it and change it and that’s really exciting as long as it’s done with the work in mind and the respect at hand.

Crowe Talks Trek Again

J.J. Abrams and Paramount want an A-Lister to be the villain in the new Star Trek movie and word is that Russell Crowe is on the list. The actor was again asked by ExtraTV if there is anything to the rumors and his reply "Apparently. But I haven’t read anything. I can’t make a decision about anything until I read it so we’ll see what happens" implies that there may be something there. The most likely scenario is that he and/or his agent has been sent something (maybe even a script…although Paramount is keeping a tight lid on those), but that the busy actor hasn’t looked at whatever has been sent. Even IGN who first put his name out there acknowledge that it is unlikely he will be able to do the role. So the big question is…what other A-Listers on on J.J.’s list?

TV Guide Promotes Teenager’s Pirated Star Trek Video Channel

The current issue of TV Guide has an interesting Trek item in their regular ‘Hotlist: Best of the Web’ sidebar. It announces that Star Trek The Next Generation is now available to view online for free at That is big news as TNG is the only Trek series not available online (plus TOS, DS9, VOY and ENT episodes all cost $1.99 at XBox Live, Amazon UnBox and Apple iTunes). But once you visit the channel TV Guide lists it quickly becomes clear that this is not a new offering from CBS (who have an official VEOH channel), but rather pirated episodes being uploaded by a Norwegian teenage girl named Monica (aka ‘Meopic90’ pictured right). In addition to the channel owner clue, each episode is branded with the name and url of an unauthorized torrent site…oops.

Review – New Voyages “World Enough and Time”

In the interest of full disclosure I must say that I have never been a fan of the so-called Star Trek fan films. Sure I can give them credit for good effort and they seem like they are a lot of fun to do, but in the end they usually are no more impressive than community theater…and often worse. The efforts of the Star Trek New Voyages team have so far been the shining star of this lot with very impressive production design, sets, costumes and even some stunt casting, but to date they have still fallen short of being something that I could consider a professional production due to too many weak links spoiling otherwise good work. This is why I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised after watching latest episode "World Enough and Time" starring George Takei. Although it is not without its flaws, this fourth episode from New Voyages is certainly the best Trek fan production ever made and likely the first that could quality as a truly professional production worthy of the name Star Trek.

Inside The TOS-R HD DVD Box + Paramount Drops Blu-ray

TV Shows on DVD has revealed the interiors to the upcoming First Season of Star Trek The Original Series on HD DVD/DVD combo. Each of the 10 disks comes in a sleeve with a description of the episodes and features on the disk. Bear in mind that the disks are double sided (DVD on one side, HD DVD on the other)…so there is no artwork on the disks themselves.

Trek Remastered Season 2 Schedule Released

CBS has released the new schedule for the second syndication season of the remastered Star Trek: The Original Series. All of the remaining 40 episodes (including the original pilot "The Cage") will be aired between mid September and next August. The first episode to air will be the Spock centric "The Galileo Seven" on the weekend of September 15th – which will certainly have a lot of shots of a digital shuttle craft. This will be followed by four more episodes from the original first season of TOS (as expected due to the CBS team having to finish up for the season one HD DVD release in November). "The Ultimate Computer," the most effects laden episode for the upcoming season, will air in the 2nd weekend of February (just as "Doomsday Machine" was in the first syndication season). The project will come to an end on August 2nd 2008 with the airing of (fittingly) of the final TOS episode "Turnabout Intruder." Full schedule available at the TOS-R Season 2 Episode Guide

Quinto Sees Parallel Between ‘Heroes’ and ‘Star Trek’

In an interview with Rope of Silicon, Zachary Quinto discussed his portrayal of Spock in the upcoming Star Trek film, particularly in comparison to his role as the villainous Sylar on NBC’s hit series, Heroes. Quinto found no similarity between the roles (does anyone?), and he still seems to be coming to grips with moving on from Sylar to Spock. "It is just settling into me now and I am just embarking on this preparation and I think it is going to be a pretty epic journey," said Quinto. However, the new Spock does see more than just the growing list of cast connections when comparing the two shows: I think the message of "Star Trek" and the message of "Heroes" is the overwhelmingly optimistic message about humanity and its capacity to evolve and survive and to hold itself accountable considering the state of things. We live in a world where that is imminently necessary. It is nice to be a part of those things.

NY Tabloid Distorting Shatner – Again

The New York tabloids want to get in on the fun that the Brit tabloids have been having with the new Star Trek movie. However, instead of fabricated casting news, they seem to want to focus on William Shatner and his (made up) anger at director J.J. Abrams (remember it was the NY Post that started the ‘Shatner is furious‘ story). Now the New York Daily News is taking Shatner’s appearance at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention (see Con report) and totally distorting it to fit with the Shatner/Abrams feud story.

Classic Book Review – “Vulcan’s Glory”

With the eleventh feature film of the Star Trek franchise on track to possibly deliver a tale of the first adventure of Kirk and Spock aboard the starship Enterprise, one might wonder about Spock’s first mission aboard the storied vessel. Veteran Trek script writer D. C. Fontana attempted to do just that back in 1989 with "Vulcan’s Glory" – recently re-released by Pocket Books. At least a decade before the arrival of James T. Kirk on the scene, Captain Christopher Pike commands the starship Enterprise. Having recently returned to Earth for repairs and upgrades, crew transfers are also effected. Enter one Lieutenant Spock, a young Vulcan scientist who seems to have problems relaxing (according to his former commanding officer), and Lieutenant ( J.G.) Montgomery Scott, an engineering whiz and moonshiner of note. Both are new assignees to the Enterprise, and both are in for quite a ride.