This Side of Paradise Screenshots and Video

SFX Video




New and Old

Heading for Omicron Ceti III

Omicron Ceti III on the viewscreen

Assuming orbit of Omicron Ceti III

In orbit

Omicron Ceti III from space

The Enterprise slides into view

Orbit from the side

Orbit again…

Leaving Omicron Ceti III behind

Moving on




Elias Sandoval — leader of the colony on Omicron Ceti III

Leila Kalomi — hopeless romantic

Spock climbs a tree

Leila and Spock

Kirk alone with a spore plant

Leila realizes Spock has returned to his logical self

Y’all ever had a real, cold Georgia-style mint julep?

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As always, great capture Matt!

Said anything to Mr. Orci on the other thread yet, Matt?

Seriously? Omicron Ceti III changed colors in the original episode? I didn’t remember that.

Leila is still one of my favorite “Star Trek” female characters. I love this episode.

As spiffy as ever, Omicron look like a rather nice planet from orbit but I think they went a bit over the top with the aurora effects, it like that two moons idea, they had to be in every single shot, you can have to much of an interesting idea.

I …… CAN’T…… LEAAAAVE!!!!!!

One of the best Kirk moments of all time where he single handedly fights off the effect of the spores because of his love of command and his ship far outweighing his desire for happiness.

I really liked the additional aurora/Berthold Ray effects they added. Kept it from being just another Earth-clone planet. That late shot of the Enterprise though, in profile against the planet surface, seems to lack scale. It struck me as very “modelly” when I watched the episode, and again here in the screen grabs.

Lao3D in #5 made exactly the same points I was going to about this episode. The large-scale aurora effects fit the plot nicely, but in that one shot of the Big E in orbit the bottom and front of the primary hull look like a cheap plastic model – that insert leaped out at me as I watched the episode. The other planet shots were gorgeous, but that close-up was a clinker.

For those of you who recall our discussion about Shatner’s height and built up shoes last week, you get a good sense of the heels and the lifts in the scene in the video where he is seen sitting in the captain’s chair. 1:18 in the count down.

What…no picture of the empty bridge?

This is the only ep that has a bridge shot empty of people, the one used in the TNG ep Relics.

Another great capture Matt. I always look forward to these here, and I think the CBS Digital team did a nice job with the “aurora” effect.

I think the schedule shows this is the last new ep of Season 1…any news on when Season 2 will start? I hadn’t seen anything yet…


I would argue that he is happy in his misery.

Star Trek V (ugh) had this savant* campfire moment.

Kirk:” Other people have familes, Bones… not us”

So Kirk is holding his 2 buddies in his personal purgatory as well.

*Savant Moment.

Huh. I’m trademarking that.

Star Trek V is the Idiot Savant of the Trek Movies.

Moments of Brilliance in an otherwise dufus of a movie.

Thanks for the captures Matt, I hadn’t really made out the green Bertold efffect. before now.

re: post 8-

I mentioned this in the other thread. The syndicated version cuts that first shot of the empty bridge and the lingering pan across the panels.

But more importantly, they altered this scene by adding a shot of the Enterprise in orbit! No one seems to be noticing this. After the scene when Kirk is talking to Spock and Sandoval in the house and Spock utters the blooper, The Plants acts as a suppository”, Kirk beams up and the scene cuts to the empty bridge. The new Remastered version added a shot of the Enterprise in orbit, between the scene when Kirk leaves the house and walks onto the bridge!

So what happened here? It looks like either a big goof, or the CBS guys or editing house decided to add the orbital shot between the scenes.

Did anyone else see this? I have a recording of it and I compared it to the DVD, they don’t match!

Other then that, yeah, the Berthold rays green glow was a very cool addition to the planet shots.


Nice job.
Aurora stuff was a nice touch.

“Leila Kalomi — hopless romantic”

I assume that’s meant to be “hopeless” – unless its some kind of beer-related pun.

how does kirk beam back up to the empty enterprise? he states later to Spock that once he leaves he can’t come back due to no one running the controls

#16 Thanks, Matt. This is the first time I noticed it. I know that a shot of the Enterprise at warp was mistakenly inserted in one early remastered episode.

I am surprised, but it makes sense if they edit in the show’s new effects in new locations as part of the syndication cuts. It will be interesting to see how the HD-DVD’s look then. I hope the edits and new effects are where they used to be originally.

This is another episode where the new FX really pay off. The Berthold rays, which are mentioned throughout the episode, can now be seen in the atmosphere of the planet.

Adding FX that coincide with the dialogue of the episode really makes every episode seem more complete. Like adding the Antares in “Charlie X” and the planet Beta VI and the Gothos lightning in “The Squire of Gothos” and Klingon ship in “The Trouble with Tribbles”.

I hope there’s more like this in the second batch of episodes coming up.

It’s not a negative, but I’m wondering about the consistency of the impulse engines being lit. I like it. I think they would have done it in the original had they had the $$. But, it seems to play be its own rules. Any thoughts?


The added orbital shot was actually a carry-over from the sydincated version that aired back in the mid 80’s. They used the same extra shot to cut out the “panning the bridge” scene prior to Kirk giving his log speech about mutiny and how “quiet” the ship “really is” for the syndicated version that used to air back then…I remember being surprised by it back then, too, and then annoyed as the whole scene is a favorite of mine.

Back then, they used to only cut out about 3 minutes of footage per episode…that was bad enough, but currently I can’t watch the TOS-R episodes without clenched fists as they must cut out upwards of 3 or 4 times that amount now :( :( …

That wonderful dialogue/exchange between Kirk and Trelane at the end of last week’s show (when Trelane is ready to kill Kirk) was so chopped up that I practically threw something at the TV! But don’t worry…I paid way too much for my HDTV to ever really hurt it :)…

Leila, “hopless” romantic? Yeah, I didn’t see her doing much hopping in that episode! BWAHAHAHAHHA!!!

That one side orbit shot was a nice nugget!!!!!

Anyone else notice that they never illuminate the ship as the model used to be, the windows, the colored lights below the hanger deck? And the rust ring and weathering no longer seem to be a part of the detail.

I do like the variability of some windows being lit that previously never could be, but it would be nice to see the ship with the same details as it once had during some of the episodes….

re: 21- Thanks Jon for that additional bit of info about that orbital shot that was added. I have not watched any syndicated cut of Star Trek in many years since I got the laserdiscs and DVD’s. That’s a really big and bad cut. So many good scenes and powerful moments have been robbed this way!

Last week’s episode had the shuttle bay light back on, even if it was a little dim.

Why is the sun hitting the planet and Enterprise at different directions in the last shot? I thought it would be easy for them to catch that, especially when putting it together in digital.

Clever use of an aurora to depict the Berthold rays, it also gave them a chance to color up a planet a bit!

# 24 Rust ring? The Enterprise is rusty?

Here’s the rust ring:

It’s a sagging old rust bucket! ;-)

Wow they are getting real good with the Enterprise CGI. Except for the first shot which seemed a little off.

Yeah, saw the E at the Smithsonian for the first time back in the 70’s, when it was hanging in one of the galleries, and again recently in the gift shop. Who let the kids get near it with the spray paint? It looks like a NYC subway car from the Koch administration. Sheesh

I liked the close up orbial shot. That was pretty cool.

My thoughts:
~ It’s nice that they made the Berthold Ray aurora the same color as the coloration of the planet in the original version. In fact, they could have made the auroras bigger and gotten away with it. (But I’m not going to complain with the route they took.)
~ Despite any plasticy look it might have, the Remastered Enterprise still fits into its scene better than the blatant black compositing line around the original model did with its scene.
~ Hopless romantic? So much for Rabbit Season, I guess.

Lastly, did CBS-D do anything to the bridge console innards Kirk and Spock fiddled with when setting up the anti-spore sonics?

re: 30- Matt, what I understand is that the Smithsonian never allowed the top of the saucer to be altered, only repaired. So the rust ring is original to the model, as I understand it. Poor Ed Miarecki gets a lot of flake for his restoration. But he never touched the top of the saucer.

Opps, meant to write that Ed Miarecki gets a lot of flak.

#30 Matt, the rust ring was there, I believe during the second season. I have photos of the Enterprise taken during that era. I can assure you that the rust ring was there as well as weathering on the nacelles, etc. I also have photos of the ship taken to document it’s condition, before it was painted, as it was disassembled for that restoration.

During the Smithsonian restoration Ed Marecki wasn’t allowed to touch the paint on top of the saucer section to maintain it’s originality.

And as we’ve all seen, the rest of the ship is over-weathered and over painted as it certainly never was during the series. It needs a new restoration to return it to it’s original condition.

As mentioned above, sometimes the syndication edits would add an establishing shot of the ship if cutting between scenes.

#17: I assume that Kirk beamed up before the last of the crew beamed down.

I still remember an old comic strip based on this episode, from the “mutiny” scene. “You’re all standing in line to see Star Wars? That’s mutiny, mister!” “I guess it is.”

The more I see of the Enterprise remastered, the more I hope this is how it will look in the new film. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

The original Enterprise model should definitely be re-restored to look the way it did in the Series.

The original Enterprise model was extensively altered while at the Smithsonian in a manner than “enhanced” the radial lines under the saucer and which added not only the “rust ring” but which also added a general smudged appearance to the entire model. This was sacrilege in my opinion, as the model never had this appearance in any of the shoots. See some of the views of the original model on my site

The vivid green planet looks way cooler in this comparison.

I hope the contrast isn’t so low on the aired episodes as it is in the pictures.

oh come on!

all the shots are the same! nothing has been done! the ship still flies diagonally! you people are all insane for allowing this worthless waste of time to continue, and especially for approving of it! everybody keeps saying “good job, looks great”, when NOTHING has been done!