Leaked Character Casting Sheet For ‘Star Trek’ – Entire TOS Crew Being Recast

It was long rumored, and has since been confirmed, that the new Star Trek film will recast the Original Series characters Kirk and Spock (with Spock already cast with Zachary Quinto). TrekMovie.reported last October that the film will also have McCoy and Scotty and now (if a new report is to be believed) it appears we will get the whole gang. AICN claims to have obtained a partial character casting sheet for the new Star Trek film which includes Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, Uhura and Sulu (but no Chekov who didn’t join until the second season).  Details below:

[JAMES KIRK] 23-29 Handsome,cocky self assured and earnest. Great physical condition. 6 ft or less

[LEONARD (BONES) MCCOY] -28-32 Medic on the Enterprise. Smart, clever and a bit danger-loving. Dark hair, blue eyes.

[UHURA] 25ish -African American. Brilliant, beautiful, heroic and FUN!, Uhura is almost tom-boyish – as if she grew up in a house full of brothers.

[SULU] 25-32 -Asian American male (preferably Japanese). Helmsman on the Enterprise. Extremely fit, capable and dedicated. A bit of a wildcat.

[MONTGOMERY(SCOTTY) SCOTT] -28-32 a brilliant ship’s engineer. Must be able to do a flawless Scottish accent!

Although TrekMovie.com cannot confirm the AICN report at this time, it is consistent with reports we have made in the past. As noted above we have already reported that McCoy and Scotty were in the film, so what is really new is the addition of Sulu and Uhura. In his TrekMovie.com interview earlier this week, the new Spock, Zachary Quinto, stated the film was about the ‘convergence of all these characters.’ Quinto clarified that he meant more than just Kirk and Spock. The casting sheet and Quinto’s comments along with the report about the film featuring the USS Enterprise makes the TrekMovie.com report (from a year ago) that the film is about the first mission of Kirk’s Five Year Mission on the USS Enterprise seem more and more likely. TrekMovie.com has also reported that the characters of George Kirk (Jim Kirk’s brother and Chris Pike (the captain before Kirk will be featured, but these have yet to be confirmed.

NOTE: I know the picture above doesn’t have Scotty in it…if anyone can find a screenshot with just Scotty, Kirk, Spock, Mccoy, Sulu and Uhura let me know 

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how bout BEYONCE AS UHURA!!!!

Hey, when it comes to casting a new young James T. Kirk, the physical look is one thing, but for gawd’s sake, make sure the new guy CAN ACT!!!

I hope they get the whole re-casting thing right though.

This is excellent news! This means it’s not a young Lt. Kirk or Ensign Spock story or whatever. Although actually I wonder, isn’t there a HUGE gap between TMP and TWOK (2271-2285)? Thats a lot of room to tell a story in, much more than pre-TOS I would say. Since they’re recasting the entire crew anyway…why not? Plus I believes it solves the problem of how do you make those rainbow-brite looking 60’s sets look modern but still true enough to canon; not to mention the Enterprise, which is a classic but it’s not detailed enough for a movie. Heck, 1. They could easily make the bridge/sets/costumes look however they want (i.e. futuristic enough), the bridge changed enough from movie to movie anyway, and 14 years is a lot of time for refits or whatever. and 2. The TMP refit Enterprise is also a classic, but it doesn’t look nearly as dated as TOS Enterprise. After all, its sole purpose was to make detailed enough for the big screen. Sorry for the rambling but I think a post TMP, pre-TWOK direction would be a more logical place to go. 1. It’s a bigger gap in the canon to fill and 2. it solves the problem of updating the 60’s look.

Keep the ORIGINAL TOS Enterprise with modern tweaks. We don’t have to up-grage a 19th Century wooden ship to a WWII era battleship because “classic but it’s not detailed enough for a movie” if making a pic on those times.

I, however, agree that if it is set between TOS and TMP, we should see some more “modern” innovations in the sets. They should still look like TOS sets in terms of demention and scope…but I would say upgrade them to refect the advance of Technology.

I have always maintained that the designs of the TOS Enterprise in the TREK universe was a design ethic of that period to “streamline” and simplify (or you could say consolidate). This has precedent in our times with the PT Cruiser and in the way steam locomotives of the 1940s were smoothed out.

Thus, keep it the same…

Rosario Dawson as Uhura. ‘Nuff said.



Thsi is the best I could find…it’s from the “Mr. Leslie” reference page.

I think Gary Mitchell must feature as well. It might also include the vampire cloud monster as well. Very exciting.

Long time TNG fan, but even I find I am tired of TNG…….looking forward to this movie!

8. Anthony Pascale – August 4, 2007

That is not Chekov, but rather looks a bit like Sean Kenney, the “Pike-look-a-like.”

It is a scene from Arena.

AICN’s a good outfit. I’m pretty much inclined, given my experience with the good folks running it, especially Harry, that this’ on the mark. I look forward to further developments.

If they do it between TMP and TWOK, that’s ok with me, but I think it’s unlikely. But I do love the TMP Enterprise. But hated the uniforms. Hopefully they will use TWOK uniforms, which are my fav.

I still think it’s most likely to be 6 mos. to a year prior to Where No Man Has Gone Before. The only uniform that I really liked in TOS was Kirk’s wrap-around green tunic.


I’m disappointed, particularly if they end up doing a “How The Trek Family First Met” sort of story. I would much rather have had either (a) a “Kirk’s first Enterprise mission” story with Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and otherwise new people, OR a (b) story with the entire TOS character roster, but set during the span of TOS itself. I’m not a canon-obsessed literalist, but I really like WNMHGB as a glimpse at an “early” Kirk, and that would be overridden by a story that had the whole shebang fully formed from the start. I felt that Vonda McIntyre made the same mistake with her “Enterprise: The First Mission” novel way back in the ’80s — she even found a way to cram Chekov into that one!

Anyway, I’m disappointed, but still more excited by the possibilities of this movie than I’ve been about any other Trek-related news in more than 10 years. We’ll see how things develop.

One other thing: Kudos to the new guys for remembering Sam! I mean, even *Kirk* seemed to forget him after the one episode where he appeared.

Aww, Anthony, you beat me to the photo thing. I was just going to suggest you photoshop Doohan’s head over the Yeoman’s behind Kirk. Oh well.

OK, my third post in a row, but I’m looking over the character descriptions and noticing some things.

Namely, since when is McCoy “a bit danger-loving”? He certainly cultivated the opposite persona as far as I can recall — his constant annoyance about the transporter, his response to T’Lar during the Fal Tor Pan ceremony, etc.

And the ages strike me as too close to each other — a maximum of a 9-year spread, with almost of the target ages overlapping?

If McCoy is in it then may I make a rather bold, and perhaps crazy, suggestion.

Daniel Craig as Bones.

I changed it out, the Arena shot seems to be the best bet at getting them all together without resorting to a publicity group photo that has Chekov in it.

If it were between TMP and TWOK why no Chekov? Has to be Pre-TOS. That’s something really exciting because anything prior to the TOS will be uncharted waters. I loved BATMAN RETURN’s they way they presented the past and told us the real story of Batman. I hope STAR TREK is along the same lines.

It will be an early adventure set during the first season, an episode we didn’t see, which is never mentioned again except by Spock in the newest Trek film, now can we quit this supposition?

it has to be Daniel Dae Kim as sulu, his a good actor , is in lost, so the Producers know him , plus he was in an esp of voy , what more do you need.
hmm as for the rest not to sure. I think alot of good actors could play bones and uhura. but its kirk and scotty that i think will be the hardest to cast . hmm i wonder if they will go with a Scottish person for scotty, or at least a British or Irish person . cause to be honest i have not seen to many american or canadian actors who can do a good scot accent (James Doohan was really one of a kind ( even if his accent was cheesy at times it added to the character but i think now days they need someone who is a Scot,Brit or Irish.

#21 – Definitely need a real Scot.

If you want a real Scot for Scotty, how about Paul McGillion from Stargate Atlantis? He looks like a great deal like James Doohan, and the accent is a natural!

16. Cranston ,,, I’m glad I’m not the only one!

McCoy “danger loving”?? Sulu “a wild cat”?? Not the McCoy and Sulu I know! They were recalcitrant and academic, respectively. Both on the conservative side.

That sucks! Honestly, the whole thing is written so childishly (‘Hey look everybody, the chick is FUN! WHOOPEE!!’), it gives me pause. :(

Gary Sinese as McCoy is just such a dead on casting choice. How can this be overlooked? I don’t care if he’s over fifty. He looks younger. He looks like Deforest Kelley so much. And the voice is good. Mission to Mars was very much like a Star Trek story, and I was struck by how much he could play McCoy just from watching this film.
I do think James Doohan’s son (Chris?) would make a good choice as Scotty, based on the photos I’ve seen.
Aye, the haggis is in the fire for sure…let’s get the casting right.
And have I mentioned that actor Jesse Lee Soffer (Will Munson) from the CBS soap “As The World Turns” looks like a young Shatner? I might have said this before.

According to the Star Trek chronology…


James Kirk is promoted to captain of the Starship Enterprise and meets Christopher Pike (for the first time), who is promoted to fleet captain.


Captain James Kirk, in command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, embarks on a historic five year mission of exploration.



“Where No Man Has Gone Before”

1 WHOLE YEAR PASSES (2 years thus far that the Enterprise is on her 5 year mission).


Leonard H. McCoy assigned to duty aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise as ship’s surgeon. He replaces Dr. Mark Piper.

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu accepts transfer from staff physicist to helm officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Uhura joins the crew of the USS Enterprise in 2266 as a lieutenant, serving as chief communications officer under Captain James T. Kirk

“The Corbomite Maneuver” takes place.

There is a one year gap between ‘where no man has gone before” and “the corbomite maneuver.” In this one year gap is where the crew we all know and love finally merge. This movie HAS to take place between “where no man has gone before” and “the corbomite maneuver.” If Abrams doesn’t he’ll be screwing up history. I hope he or the writers are reading this or that they have the star trek chronology on hand.

::thumbs up::

If this is Kirk’s first mission as captain then you can’t have sulu, mccoy, or uhura. They don’t meet until 2 years after Kirk gets command. According to the Chronology anyway.

::thumbs up::

No already-famous actors. They don’t need the work, and if there’s one resource this country has in abundance, it’s talented (and unemployed, hungry actors.) It’s simple numbers…somewhere out there, there’s people who need the work more than Beyonce (blech) or Gary Sinise (ugh), and could also do a better job for less $.

In fact, I think every time a movie is made (be it a sequel or not) there should be an entirely new and unknown cast. Then people would have to spend more time considering the content of the story, and less time memorizing the names and faces of actors.

Phillip Baker Hall as Dr. Mark Piper.

YES WHOOOOoooooooo No stupid academy crap! Thank god.

Please be real.

Oh and I don’t mind someone like Beyonce as Uhura, it would go along way to getting a certain audience in who wouldn’t give Trek a chance otherwise, because the annoying thing about the whole geek/nerd stereotype is these folks would actually enjoy it if they watched it !

I have a comment and a question I would like everyone to ponder.
This question would be an interesting thread all in its own. (Anthony?)

I am so looking forward to this movie, time can’t pass quick enough. The last 2 Trek movies left a real sour taste in my mouth. I believe most true Trek fans would probably agree. A lot of us have an insatiable desire to try and “virtually” speed of time and get whatever little tidbit of information possible, NOW!?

My first though when I seen the word “Leaked” to start this thread was should I read any of it? I have a conflict between wanting to get to 12/25/08 sooner with leaked information, and not reading any of it to enjoy every scene of the movie with a type of virgin discovery.


If you had a chance to read the entire “Leaked” script before the movie came out, would you read it? (I would not)

Great news can’t wait for casting news.

I know already that they’re going to miscast Uhura.


Remember guys this is a Reboot, so anything in the old time line can change, Characters like Kelso, and Gary Mitchell may not even appear which if it’s the first mission(before “Where No Man has Gone Before”)they should. Hell Mitchell was Number 1. Let’s give the Team a chance to get us something new instead of a remake.

Was it now stated somewhere that Kirk took command of the Enterprise at the age of 30?

Fellow Trek Fans,

I think we need to prepare ourselves for this movie taking certain liberties with established canon. So, while Leonard McCoy may not have joined the Enterprise crew officially until after the “second” pilot, you should ask yourselves whether its more important to keep up the chronology or to include McCoy in the new movie, where we can see him along with Kirk and Spock, doing their “classic” schtick? While I would love to see a canon-tight movie, something like McCoy being in this film (pre-WNMHGB) is fine with me as far as the big picture is concerned. So, be prepared for changes like this in other areas as well. I believe they’re being done to make this the best film possible.

Oh, and #33, I would absolutely read the script– without any hesitation. Scripts and actual movies seldom match up perfectly. Unless there’s a major twist that gets ruined by reading the script (like if one read “The Sixth Sense” before seeing it) I don’t see the problem.

I think Sanaa Lathan from Alien vs Predator would be a pretty good Uhura. And I really do think they should cast a Japanese/Japanese-American to play Sulu. I know people tend to mix up Asian ethnicities (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc) but they are all very different.

And regarding the chronology posted by “The Wild Man of Borneo” (26.), Is that really official canon? I don’t recall a definitive timeline ever being laid out in the series or any of the movies.

Thank you folks!!
This site is absolutely awesome!!

There is nothing in WNMHGB and Corbomite Maneuver that declares that Doctor Bones McCoy is not all ready aboard the Enterprise ..except what’s written in the Chronology. There’s a dozen reasons that can be “facted up” to explain that he was on Holiday’s, in bed sick, off on a humanitarian mission.

If it ain’t been on screen it ain’t Canon … isn’t that the way it goes? “Facts” in a book can be simply updated. I am a 40 year Star Trek veteran and whilst I know that McCoy didn’t APPEAR in WNMHGB, I didn’t know there was a year between it and the next episode. I even own the ST Chronology and have never read that!

So how many people really are going to be upset with McCoy, Scotty, Uhura etc, being in this movie? I think everyone will be devastated if as many characters as possible are not included.

PS Thanks for a great site Anthony – I love the weekends because that seems to be the best time to get a comment on. My trouble is I live in Australia, so you guys get your comments on early and by the time we’re up downunder and I get to it there’s a 100 or so ahead of me.

This seems rather dubious to me. I don’t think it’s real. The character descriptions don’t match up to the Original Series and movies (Danger-loving McCoy? Wildcat Sulu?). Now, before anyone says “Oh well then it’s real and Orci & Kurtzman are messing with teh characterisations blah blah blah” I’d like to point out one thing: LEONARD NIMOY LIKES THE SCRIPT. And I doubt he would like it if the characters were being screwed with.

Also, there are lots of little things. Sulu and Uhura are both much older than they should be – McCoy and Scotty’s ages make sense when compared to Kirk’s, but Sulu and Uhura are listed as being older than Kirk and (in Sulu’s case) possibly as old as Scotty. Also, the point that Kirk’s in his 20s and McCoy & Scotty in their 30s suggests the movie takes place before Kirk’s captaincy, but it would be odd and unlikely for them all (except for Chekov) to have met each other before serving on the Enterprise together. And finally, this contradicts the creative team’s hints that McCoy at least may not even be in the movie – something which would be consistent with the “Kirk-assumes-captaincy” theory.

This movie has had quite a few bad rumours and hoaxes attached to it – such as the Damon-Brody-Sinise casting rumour (which if you remember was said to have come from a “studio insider”). This is probably one of them.

I’m a little surprised by the age requirements on Bones and Scotty. I always got the impression they were a good bit older than Kirk, somewhere in their 40s. Scotty always came off as a lifer who had been in Starfleet forever, and Kirk benefited from his experience. And Bones, certainly seemed like an older trustworthy doctor, reminding you of the old doctors from westerns that used to make house calls. I really hope the screen isn’t full of young, fresh faced 20-something Ken dolls. Scotty and Bones were much older with character and experience in their appearence as well as their actions, I think the age requirements for those two characters is all wrong.

I thought maybe I could photoshop the photo to eliminate Chekhov but it had an unfortunate side effect in changing the dynamic between Kirk and Spock. Oh well!


Well, I’m a little surprised by this, as I suspected the new movie would be taking place before the entire gang got together. On the other hand, I feel a little relieved, because if this really is the course the movie is taking, it seems like it’s really not about the Academy…a concept I didn’t love.

I reminded of, during the production of the TOS cast movies, the use of props that had unique identifiers to allow the production staff to ‘trace back’ leaks to those on the set who either inadvertently or deliberately allowed material into the hands of fans.

I’d heard about script-looking material similarly treated.

The group in the info sounds like the cast of “Gidget, In Space”.

#42 Recall what was written for Sulu in “The Naked Time”, after being infected.

I don’t envy the casting staff.

Paul McGillion would be great as Scotty, but he’s 38, so he misses the age allowance by 6 years.

Geez, this is a site dedicated to Star Trek and people don’t even know what Checkov looks like? Uhm, Arena took place in season one, folks, and even with Khan “recognizing” Checkov, he made no season one appearances. It IS the correct picture to use. Geez!!!!!

Paul McGillion as Scotty is a very good choice. He looks a lot like a young James Doohan. The fact that he is on Star Gate Atlantis is another plus, as sci-fi fans of that series could be drawn to Trek because of him.

Uhura… definitley Beyonce… but I worry about her “star power”. Being as famous as she is, she could be quite pricey. Nevertheless, she would be my first choice.

Kirk… Not many actors come to mind. One who does is CHRIS EVANS. Evans (Torch from Fantastic Four) has the right looks and humour for the role.


I agree, Rosario Dawson for Uhura.

I think Michael Landes (of Lois & Clark) would make a *great* Bones!