Damon Still Too Old To Play Kirk

Another Star Trek movie rumor that seems hard to kill is the Matt Damon as Kirk rumor. A few readers have sent in links to a long MSN Movies article on Matt Damon that had a paragraph about him playing Kirk, starting off with the line "After "The Bourne Ultimatum," Damon has agreed to play Captain James Kirk." Although some thought this was confirmation it was actually just a bit of rumor inertia working its way into the article. In the last couple of days MSN has updated the article and the paragraph on him playing Kirk is now gone. Damon recently denied the rumor and now in a new interview with the Australian AP he repeats he is too old to play Kirk, saying…

I actually finally called JJ Abrams, who’s directing and said ‘Dude, what going on?’ He’s like, "You’re way too … old, you’re like 15 years too old to playCaptain Kirk in this movie"

Damon (who turns 37 in October) is 3 years older than Shatner was when he started his mission on Trek. He is also seven years older than Zachary Quinto (Spock) and about 10 years older than the median age range for Kirk on the rumored casting sheet. Of course in Hollywood actors ages are often not the same as character ages. For example Brandon Routh was a year younger than Christopher Reeves (when he filmed Superman II) even though Routh was playing the same character 5 years later. 

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If Matt Damon is “way too… old” then I’m Methuselah.

The real crunch is WHEN the movie is set.

We can make some educated guesswork, but we can’t read the producers minds ;-)

He is too old. He could probably play Bones though, with dark hair.

too old to play a young kirk.
once this thing is done (sequels or whatever), Damon will be prime for a movie or two between TOS and TMP.

Damon’s age isn’t really that far off but still a little too old. If memory serves, Kirk states he is 34 years old in “The Deadly Years”. That was a second season episode. So, if this movie is indeed the start of the five year mission than Kirk age will be around 31 or 32? The casting sheet calls for an actor in the 23-29 range. Hopefully they aim toward the higher end at 29.

Too old? I’d think perhaps too expensive or too risky.

There have been 5 Batman movies, and four different actors who have played Batman: Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, Bale.

I for one would like to see it stabalized for at least a trilogy of Trek movies and not risk have a different actor play Kirk each time. You have to know Paramount have this on their mind too.

Anthony, by any chance has Zachary Quinto mentioned anything of a recurring Spock roll?

506 dtst

#6, I would hope that Quinto is signed on for at least a trilogy.

Other than the square jaw, I never really saw how Damn could play Kirk. He’s way too modern, and even though he’s proven with Bourne that he can kick ass, he still doesn’t strike me as a military leader type.

Well, Kirk finished starfleet academy in 2254, after that he worked there as a teacher and became a young Lieutenant on the USS Rebublic. The same time Spock served on the Enterprise under Captain Pike – it was the year the Talos storyline of the first pilot began. In 2257/58 Spock had Pon Farr (think of the Jennifer Garner tumor) and Kirk serves on the USS Farragut when this incident with the energy cloud happened, killing the whole crew plus captain. The second pilot was set in 2265, the 5-year mission began in 2264 and 1st season started in 2266 when Kirk was 33 and Shatner 35. So 37 year old Damon would be a cool 3rd season Kirk (2269), but 15 years earlier Kirk must be 21-22 years old, and I guess it’s the year 2254!!! It’s logical because the first pilot was set in 2254!! It all fits together!
So what’s the story all about? The films shows us Kirk’s and Spock’s life in the 50’s and 60’s of the 23rd Century. Flashbacks and Flashforwards! An older Spock from the late 24th century remembers on one big happening in that time span in several sequences – that’s what the story of the film will focus on. And in the end of the movie we will see the change of command from Pike to Kirk in the year 2264! That would be a great exposition for some more sequels… (Trek XII, Trek XIII etc….)

Although I like Damon as an actor, I don’t think he’s a good fit for the role. I really don’t think that age should be a huge factor. He doesn’t look over 30. We’ve had people playing teenagers on tv and movies that are way past thier teenage years. Take a look a Tom Welling. He’s ten years older than the Clark Kent he’s playing.

Still, I don’t find him to be a great fit for the part.

9. Trekmaster

Nice entry. Based on what little info we have so far I’m thinking along the same lines you are.


It’s “Reeve”. Christopher Reeve. Not “Reeves”. Common mistake.

I still love what you do!!

I like that Headline “Damon Still Too Old to Play Kirk”

You know he’s not getting any younger here right?

Maybe he has been told to say this to purposely throw us off… I reckon he might still end up as Kirk.

He’s not too old to be Gary Mitchell.

I think Damon’s voice is a little squeeky…

” 7. Ro-Dan – August 7, 2007

#6, I would hope that Quinto is signed on for at least a trilogy.”

You have to be kidding, the movie has not come out yet. It could be awful, and you are already hoping for 3 movies.

If he is older than new Kirk, so Damon could play Pike.

Damon is one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood. They just mentioned on the SPACE channel today that for every dollar he is paid, he brings in $29 for Hollywood. Thats some big money. He may be 37, but he is a very young 37. If this is the start of the 5 year mission, he would be perfect for Kirk. If its years before, he might be less perfect, but jeeze… how hard would it be to make him look younger?

What if he plays a villain? I don’t know what the script is about. But there has to be an antagonist. Since I heard some mention of terrorism, I doubt that it will be a giant ameba or a horned space monkey.

Wouldn’t a big name star playing the role of the villain be just as good for box office numbers as playing the hero?

Kirk is 34 in TOS Season 2, which is established in “Court Martial” I believe. Damon is 37 and this is a prequel story. I’m glad Abrams seems to know this, at least.

Correction — Court Martial is Season 1.

All I know is that this movie needs credibility in front of the screen as well as behind. Matt Damon is a legitimate actor, and resembles shatner. If “cool” actors are in this movie, it’ll get the general public to go. I don’t care if the actors are relatively unknown, but I do not want this movie to bomb. HIRE DAMON ALREADY!

hey i have an idea!

Hey Abrams!….lets make this star trek ….into a comedy!

like galaxy quest was !

and just use the REAL actors from the original series who are still alive, and put in cardboard stand ins for the ones who arent!

iit will be a smash hit!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Back to normal programming

As I remember, the blue book (series bible) states that JTK was 32 when assumed command of the Enterprise- the youngest starship commander in Starfleet (I don’t think it says “ever’).

I wouldn’t mind a good actor playing Kirk for a change.

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yes Al you are alive, and your presence is desired by all in attendance…for your wit..and charm!


yes Al, I see you just fine

Then watch when my posts vanish, as they have been for several days. Quite a trick. I don’t know how I do it.

Mat Damon as Pike perhaps ?

– W –
* Shrugs *

Who’s Al?… what posts?

15 years too old? Is this going to be about a 5 year mission before “the” 5 year mission? Call the canon police!

sorry…canon went out and thrrough tthe window after Star Trek 6 Tuc.


AFTER STAR TREK 6!? Maybe like the rest of us you blocked out ST V.


sorry…canon went out and thrrough tthe window after Star Trek 6 Tuc.

Tell me about it! Pots and pans in the galley? And the phaser alarm? A lot of things were wrong with that movie!

17. David Alkemers

It’s standard practice to hire actors in a three movie deal. And just for the record, I’m not one of those naysayers that’s out here to bash a movie that hasn’t been made yet. I’m supportive of this project and I do indeed hope that Quinto is signed on for a multi-picture deal. So to answer your question, no I’m not kidding.

Regarding talk of three picture deals and so forth, I’m not a basher and I’m also hoping the movie will be terrific. But I think talking about sequels and three picture deals (even if the actors are in fact contractually so obligated) is premature. But keep in mind, there hasn’t been a foot of film shot for this movie yet. Abrams, et al, have to make a good movie first, and it has to be successful, and there’s no guarantee that either will be the case, especially given the track record of the last few Trek projects and audience reaction to them.

So, having said that, I’d much prefer everybody focus all their efforts and energies on “Star Trek” (the motion picture) being the best picture it can be and, if so, then there will be plenty of time to talk about sequels and contracts and options and all that ‘inside the business’ stuff. Remember, Ang Lee’s “Hulk” looked like a sure-fire winner at one point and in spite of the talent behind and in front of the camera, it was almost a franchise-killer.

I still think RYAN REYNOLDS would be PERFECT for the role of Kirk. The guy can act. He has teh look.. he has the cockiness.. he is Jim Kirk. Check him out and you tell me!

Damn it. I really think he would look good as a young Kirk. Dude…no offense but I’m kinda mad that it looks to be centered around the TOS…I mean…I dunno…I just hope that when the movie’s out then the original cast isn’t going ballistic and what not. But anyways, coming back to the young Kirk…why not? I mean, like someone else said, they got someone new to play Superman (Brandon Routh) and you know, he’s younger than Christopher Reeve so…Uhh…I say it could work. It sounds to me as though he wants to do it anyhow. I mean, look at what he did in the Bourne trillogy…good lord, he has the action packed moves, he can really act cool in tough situations…I dunno…you catch my drift though? I like Matt Damon…he…he somewhat looks like a Kirk to me too…having him would really boost the audiences interest in the film…..you know? Matt Damon…Capt. Kirk….one badass character…just like Daniel Craig and James Bond……can I not make this any clearer…we just need to see Star Trek up and running again. I’m anxious to see where this goes. Oh by the way, I believe J.J made a really smart move in casting the original Spock, Lenard N. It makes sense. But tell me this guys, do you think past and present are going to collide like in some of the sories perhaps?? After all isn’t it to boldly go where no man has gone before…not go back…?? Live long and prosper everyone…..good luck with the film J.J. I hope it knocks me off my feet…so to speak. :)

He probably looks right and is a good actor, but we don’t want him as Kirk in the movie… because then, a new tv series with the actors from the movie would be extremely expensive. You can’t risk using famous movie actors in a franchise movie, because you may very probably find yourselve not having them in season 2 (or simply in the jump from the movie to the pilot)

They are not making any more TNG movies because the cast is too expensive. Do you really want that to happen again right after the first movie?

I would guess this is a one film deal. I really can’t see them making a ‘part 2’
to this one. Aside from the novelty of the idea of showing the adventures of young Kirk & Spock on the silver screen, there is very little room for a dramatic story arch in successive films that wouldn’t trip over into the time line of events form the original series.

In fact, I’d guess the selling point of this film will be that THIS FILM is the Coda to Star Trek. The Closing Chapter.

We’ll most likely see a very old Spock, far after even the time of Picard, telling his story in flash backs as the Federation comes to an end, making way for a new galactic order.

In other words, taking into consideration of the age not only of the original cast, but also TNG (Stewart is approaching 70, Spinner near 60 etc..) and that there have been 10 films, 5 TV shows, hundreds of books and comics etc… well, it may be time to turn out the lights and pay our final respects to an Epic that has spanned nearly half a century.

This will give this Star Trek film the epic and emotional depth that will draw in both fans and non fans alike.
Much like the last episode of a long running TV show. Many people who have never watched the show will tune in to see that last episode, to participate in cultural milestone.

I’m mid-40’s and love Trek. Read about every novel that comes out, built every model into college. Love continuity. Bet lots of you folks are like that.

But this whole continuity obsession is getting out of hand. It’s reboot time, or at least time to quit harping on these detailed timelines. Best Batman movie? “Batman Begins”, which didn’t exactly start the character in the 1930’s, or even the 60’s or 80’s. Best BSG? Moore’s. While the latest Bond may not have been the “best”, he saves the franchise.

So who cares if Damon is 37? He is an easy pass for 30. Assuming he’d take it, he’s perfect. He has that perfect balance of seriously focused badass and playful fratboy to pull it off. Ever seen his lopsided smile?

I also know that we complain that ST foundered because B&B forgot who the real fan base was. No way. We nerds are always going to be here, and we always want to be noticed for how smart we are. ST tanked because it lost mass appeal and cultural relevance.

It’s kinda like saying that the Democrat party will only succeed if it pays attention to its “core” (i.e. the die-hard radical elements), or the Republicans only if they cater to the evangelicals. Wrong. I bet many of us who hate ST-V, Voyager and Enterprise still bought the DVD’s. We’re hooked baby. It’s that statistical middle 1/3 that you must romance to succeed.

Let’s just let this thing happen. It it is a retcon or a reboot, then fine. I know JJ said he’ll respect continuity, but I really don’t care if he takes liberties as long as it’s good. And a risk is necessary.

Please, God, not another ongoing-flashback movie. That was what I hated about the last episode of Enterprise. Just let Nimoy look wise for a bit, as if he’s blessing the new movie, and then BAM, knock our socks off. Learn from Moore.

I’m with Darth Caedus on this one. Too OLD?!?!? WTF?!?!? So damon is not the “exact same age” Shatner was when he played Kirk. Who freakin’ cares?!?! Tobey Maguire did Spiderman in 2002 at the age of 27 playing a character who was about 17-18. I don’t remember anyone complaining!

Hey guys.

I’ve been reading a lot of peeps promoting Jensen Ackles as a young Kirk. I decided to whip up a quick photoshop manip, and I have to say… of all the actors that I’ve photoshopped as Kirk – he certainly has “the look”. If he can act the part, I say sign him up…

Here’s the link to the image, Anthony – feel free to use it if the need arises.


Are you seeing the same “urban collector” add for a TOS Kirk bust on this page? Compare it to the pic of Damon at the head of the page. You simply will not ever find a closer match. Nope, I don’t want him doing a Shatner imitation, but capturing the look would go a long way to accepting his particular spin on the character. And yes, James T. Kirk is a character.

If Abrams is “close” to casting CHEKOV – then Matt Damon would be the right age to play Kirk. Again the right look.

Besides if Matt is according to what Abrams “told” him that he was 15 years older, then Chekov has to be 15-17 years old. Think about it, since we thought Chekov was roughly 20 or 21 when he got on the Enterprise in TOS.

If say there is a transition of command on the Enterprise of the captains, wouldn’t the Federation send in an Ambassador to observe the ceremony, say Robert April ,the first captain of the Enterprise,who according to Treknology, had become Earth’s Ambassador to the Federation? Star Trek fan Tom Hanks could do that role. I vote for Ray Liotta for the Christopher Pike role. and on another note, totally aside from this , Shame on the old UPN for cancelling ST Enterprise, when it was really starting to get interesting